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2019 List of Best Colleges & Universities in Florida has ranked the 20 best colleges in Florida for students interested in going to school in the Sunshine State. This resource provides information on programs, outstanding faculty, and other characteristics of the top universities in Florida.

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50 Best Christian Colleges & Universities

Reference this resource of the top 50 Christian colleges and universities to help you find the right school for you. Get info on the quality of these schools' academics, extracurricular offerings, and faith-based services to help you make your...

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APCU Presbyterian Colleges

The Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU) has over 50 member schools in the United States, as well as ones in South Korea and Puerto Rico. Five of the member schools in the United States will be explored.

Accelerated Graduate Education Programs

Learn about a variety of accelerated graduate programs in education. These include master- and doctoral-level degrees that can be completed more quickly than their traditional counterparts.

Accelerated Graduate Programs in Social Work

Accelerated graduate degree programs in social work are available at a number of universities around the country. Here, you can find information on how you can apply to these programs as well as what courses you may encounter during your studies.

Accelerated Master's Nursing Programs in California

Students interested in a master's in nursing can choose from several accelerated programs in California. Explore the eligibility criteria and curriculum for three accelerated programs.

Accelerated Psychology Graduate Programs

Schools around the country offer accelerated psychology graduate programs that allow students to earn master's degrees in significantly less time than traditional programs. Interested students can learn more about whether these programs are a...

Accelerated Public Health Graduate Programs

Accelerated public health graduate degree programs allow students to gain advanced skills and knowledge in the field of public health in half the time of traditional programs. This article discusses course requirements and admission standards to...

Accessory Design Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Aspiring accessory designers can find design programs at traditional universities or may choose to attend fashion or design schools. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees in accessory design are available. Important considerations for selecting...

Accounting Graduate Programs in California

Accounting graduate programs are offered throughout California and typically prepare students to take the Certified Professional Accountant exam. Here we discuss some of the program options in depth, including graduation and admission requirements.

Accredited Apostolic Colleges

Students interested in an apostolic education can pursue their degree at an accredited institution. The programs and environments at several schools throughout the U.S. will be outlined.

Acoustic Engineering Schools and Courses: How to Choose

Students can complete acoustic engineering programs or mechanical engineering programs with an acoustics focus. Students interested in acoustic engineering programs can find them at 4-year colleges and universities, though they may not be as...

Acrylic Nail Technician School and Course Information

Acrylic nail technicians offer manicures, pedicures and maintenance services. A number of public and private schools offer certificate programs in nail technology and associate's degree programs in cosmetology.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Schools: How to Choose

Acute care nurse practitioners care for patients with chronic and critical conditions. They work in a team with physicians and other nurses to identify, treat and restore a patient's health. The field is open to experienced and registered nurses....

Adelphi University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Research the degree programs offered at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. Learn about its academics, and get admission and financial aid info to decide if this is the right school for you.

Adventure Education Degree Programs

Adventure education programs are an exciting combination of outdoor skill-building, leadership, and education studies. This article provides information about these programs, as well as potential career options in this field.

Advertising Design Colleges and Universities: How to Choose

Students in advertising design programs learn about the creation, production and presentation of visual sales materials. Degree programs in this field can be found at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels. Bachelor's and master's degree...

Aerospace Engineering Graduate Schools & Programs

Individuals who would like to learn more about graduate programs in aerospace engineering can do so in this article, which provides prospective students with information concerning admission requirements and common courses of these programs.

Affordable Christian Colleges in the Midwest

Although private institutions often come with high tuition costs, there are a number of affordable Christian colleges across the nation. Here, we'll take a look at some of the affordable Christian-based colleges in the Midwest.

Affordable Online Christian Colleges

An online Christian college provides students with a different experience than an on-campus education. The schools included in this guide are relatively affordable, with tuition under $31,000.

African American History Graduate Programs

This article provides information about graduate programs in African American history for prospective students, focusing on general curriculum information and what a student must do in order to be accepted into one of these programs.

African History Graduate Programs

African history graduate programs usually result in a doctoral degree and cover theories, research methods, and issues of interest to historians. Read on for details on the admissions processes and academic requirements common to these programs.

Agricultural Business Colleges and Programs: How to Choose

With the advancement of agriculture from subsistence farming to the business of using science and technology for optimum plant and animal production, many colleges now offer degree programs in agricultural business. These programs educate...

Agricultural Law Schools: How to Choose

A few law schools offer specialized programs in which students take courses in a specific area, such as constitutional law, intellectual property law and agricultural law. At these schools, students can take a specialized curriculum within their...

Agronomy Schools and Training Programs: How to Choose

Degrees in agronomy are available at every level, from the associate's to the doctoral level. Such degrees are offered at select colleges and universities around the country.

Air Conditioning Repair Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Air conditioning repair technicians, more commonly called heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration or HVAC/R technicians, install, maintain and safeguard air conditioning equipment. Schools across the U.S. offer certificates,...

Aircraft Avionics Schools: How to Choose

In an aircraft avionics program, students learn to work with the electrical systems that facilitate communications and navigation during flight. Programs in aircraft avionics are available at the certificate, associate's, bachelor's and master's...

Airframe and Power Plant Technology Schools: How to Choose

Airframe and Power plant (A&P) technicians calibrate, align, adjust and inspect aircraft systems. Some technicians learn through on-the-job training, but most employed A&P technicians and mechanics have completed a certificate or degree program.

American History Graduate Programs

Individuals interested in completing an American history graduate degree have their choice of programs across the country. Prospective students can learn about the admissions criteria and general coursework offered for such degrees.

American University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Research the degree programs offered at American University in Washington, DC. Learn about its academics, and get admission and financial aid info to decide if this is the right school for you.

Anabaptist Colleges and Universities

Anabaptist colleges and universities provide a faith-based environment for students to undertake higher education programs. Some of the most important information for these institutions, like tuition, location and programs, is covered here.

Ancient History Graduate Programs

Ancient history graduate programs usually focus on the Greco-Roman period and are available at the master's and doctoral levels. Find out more about each degree level and how to apply to the programs.

Animal Massage Therapy Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Prospective animal massage therapists learn to heal injured animals, as well as promote healthy immune systems in animals. Schools throughout the U.S. offer training programs suitable for aspiring animal massage therapists.

Animal Studies Colleges and Schools in the U.S.

A program in animal studies allows students to combine the humanities and biological sciences in order to study the interactions of animals and humans. While programs are rarely offered in this emerging field, students may also consider...

Animal Technician Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Veterinary and animal technicians may assist in surgery, perform laboratory tests, administer injections and monitor sick and injured animals. Continue reading to see what you should consider when choosing an animal technician program, and to...

Animatronics Schools and Courses: How to Choose

Those interested in studying animatronics should be looking at programs in robotics engineering or technology. Read on for more information on colleges and universities that offer degrees and courses in robotics engineering.

Anthropology Graduate Programs in Florida

Graduate programs in anthropology are available from several Florida universities. Read on for details on the subfields these programs include and specific degree requirements.

Anthropology Graduate Programs in Washington State

The study of other cultures at the graduate level is possible in a few locations throughout the state of Washington. Whether you want to work in the private sector or become an educator yourself, you can turn anthropology into a career after a...

Apostolic Bible Colleges Online

If you desire an apostolic education, you may be interested to learn that you can pursue your degree online. Learn about the distance learning programs available at five schools.

Apostolic Colleges

You are unlikely to find a college listed as an Apostolic college. Instead, consider any of the following colleges that are strongly related the Apostolic denomination.

Apostolic Colleges in Texas

There are several colleges in Texas that have Apostolic missions and stands. All of them offer a wide range of courses and different faith opportunities for their students. This article serves to detail information about three of these colleges.

Applied Sociology Graduate Programs

Students in applied sociology graduate programs are equipped with the research skills needed to help improve communities. Compare and contrast available graduate programs in the field and learn about common admission requirements.

Arborist Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Arborists specialize in tree health, structure and maintenance. While there aren't degree programs specific to arborists, schools offering programs in forestry, urban forestry or forest science are a viable option.

Architectural History Graduate Programs

Architectural history graduate programs can be found at institutions of higher learning around the country. These programs are designed to prepare students for a number of different careers through diverse coursework, which will be discussed in...

Arson Investigation Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Programs are usually offered at the certificate or associate's degree levels, but some specialized training programs exist for firefighters to become certified investigators. Students may earn a certificate or 2-year degree to advance their...

Art History Graduate Programs

There are two main kinds of graduate degree programs in art history that prepare students for different kinds of careers. Learn about some of the requirements, possible careers and admission standards for each degree.

Art History Graduate Programs in California

If a graduate art history degree interests you, California has several schools that offer such a program. Learn about program admittance requirements and coursework at five schools.

Art History Graduate Programs in Chicago

Chicago is home to a vibrant arts community, and if you are considering a graduate program in art history, you can find multiple choices within the Windy City. All you need to do is determine what kind of degree you wish to earn.

Art History Graduate Programs in New York City

If you are interested in an art history graduate degree, New York City has several institutions from which to choose. Take a look at the programs and admissions criteria for five schools within the city.

Art History Graduate Programs with No GRE Requirement

There are a number of art history graduate programs that don't require students to take the GRE to gain admission. This article provides prospective students with information about a few of these schools, as well as general information about the...

Art Therapy Graduate Programs in Florida

Students can pursue art therapy graduate degree programs in Florida that vary in length from 2 to 5 years. Learn about two schools' art therapy programs and some of the specific admission standards these programs require.

Art Therapy Graduate Programs in New York

The state of New York provides a unique artistic environment and hands-on learning opportunities for students pursuing graduate programs in art therapy. Learn about the variety of available programs, admission standards and academic requirements.

Arts & Media Colleges and Programs: How to Choose

Students can pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts media field. Numerous concentrations are available in this field, such as Web design, graphics and even music. Keep reading to learn about your school and program options for...

Ashland University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Learn what degree programs Ashland University offers. Research its academics, and read about its admission and financial aid info to make an informed education decision.

Asian Art History Graduate Programs

This article provides prospective students of Asian art history programs with pertinent information about these programs, including what students must do in order to gain admission, what types of topics are covered in courses, and what kinds of...

Assembly of God Colleges

Consider some of the following colleges if you are looking for a university affiliated with the Assembly of God church. This article highlights the programs, tuition and spiritual life at several institutions across the country.

Astrobiology Degree Programs

Astrobiology sets out to answer the age old question of where do we as a species come from? This article gives details about this young scientific field as well as some financial information.

Athletic Training Graduate Programs in New York

Master's degree programs in athletic training are available from a few schools in different cities around the state of New York. Learn about the length of these programs, some course topics and other details for each school.

Athletic Training Graduate Programs in Texas

Students can pursue a graduate program in athletic training in Texas cities like Houston, San Marcos and Arlington. Learn how these programs prepare students for their careers with hands-on learning and research skills.

Audio Engineering Graduate Schools & Programs

Students can earn master's or doctoral degree programs in audio engineering and receive hands-on training in the field. Get some details about available degree programs, graduation requirements and common admission standards.

Audio-Visual Communications Schools: How to Choose

Audio-visual communications programs combine studies of radio, film, television and interactive media. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in audio-visual communications can be conducted in traditional classroom settings, online or a...

Audiology Graduate Programs in New York

The state of New York is home to multiple doctoral degree programs in audiology that prepare students for national certification. Find out about the admission process for these programs and hands-on learning opportunities they provide.

Audiology Graduate Programs in Texas

Several schools in Texas, including those in Austin and Dallas, offer graduate programs in audiology with hands-on learning. Learn details about some of these programs, graduation requirements and admission requirements.

Auditing Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Accounting programs at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels usually have auditing courses. Although programs that concentrate exclusively on auditing are less common, many business and accounting schools design options for aspiring...

Auto Design Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Relevant bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs for students interested in auto design are available in automotive, mechanical and industrial engineering. Individuals strictly interested in the artistic aspect of the business may...

Auto Fabrication Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Students wishing to work in auto fabrication can find training through certificate and associate's degree programs offered at various 2-year colleges. These programs offer students the chance to work hands-on with auto technology and choose areas...

Auto Glass Technician Training and School Information

Schools provide programs to train aspiring automotive glass technicians to work in the collision repair field in body shops. Across the U.S., colleges and universities offer glass technician certificate programs in addition to associate and...

Automotive Engineering Graduate Programs & Schools

Automotive engineering graduate programs are offered by a number of universities around the country as different types of degrees. This article explores what these programs have in common by looking at typical coursework and admission standards.

Automotive Engineering Technology School and Training Program Info

Automotive engineering technology training is available at a wide variety of program levels, from certificate programs to master's degree opportunities. Education at lower levels focuses on learning the automotive trade and engine repair, while...

Automotive Machinist Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Automotive machinists repair and rebuild small and large internal combustion engines in cars. They also recondition engines and maintain automobile braking systems. Learn about how to select a machinist school, as well as the programs available...

Automotive Product Design Schools and Colleges

Automotive product designers create models of interior and exterior car components. Designers must have knowledge of the materials and processes used in automotive manufacturing as well as a strong background in art and design. Associate's,...

Autopsy Technician Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Education for autopsy technicians is available in the form of associate and bachelor's degrees offered at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities throughout the nation. Depending upon the path they wish to take, students can undertake degrees in...

Azusa Pacific University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Research Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. Learn about its admission info, degree programs and financial aid to make an informed education decision.

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