Agriculture MBA Programs: Overview of Programs

An MBA in Agriculture is also referred to as a Master of Agribusiness or Master of Agricultural Economics. These programs teach students high-level business and finance management skills and how they're applied to the agricultural sector.

Animal Science Graduate Programs: Overviews by Level

Animal science graduate degree program options include a Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Professional Studies (MPS) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), all of which focus on sustainable production methods for milk, eggs and meat.

Equine Science Master's Degree Program Information

Master's degree students who want to focus on horses in their study can pursue a degree in animal or agricultural science with a concentration in equine science or enroll in one of the few U.S. programs that focuses specifically on equine science.

Food Science Graduate Program Overviews

If you want to study food science at the graduate level, there are master's and doctoral degree programs available. Learn more about these programs and future opportunities for students after graduation.

MBA in Agribusiness: Degree Program Overview

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program focusing on agribusiness can teach students how to participate in and advance the food and farming market.

Master Gardener Degree and Training Program Overviews

A master gardener degree doesn't exist, but there are certificate programs for students who want to increase their gardening knowledge. Students will increase their skills and prepare to help others with common gardening issues.

Masters Degree in Golf Course Management: Program Summary

Graduate degree programs in [golf course management|], or turfgrass management, are typically flexible programs for current course managers to further their...

Sustainable Agriculture MBA Program Information

Some Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in sustainable business may offer courses that specifically address sustainable agriculture. However, MBA programs that focus only on sustainable agriculture courses are rare.