Technology - April 2011

10 Useful Twitter Apps for Bloggers, Working Professionals and Students

Twitter is one of the hottest new social media tools on the Internet. Twitter is so popular that hundreds of applications have been developed to streamline your Twitter experience and help you write more effective tweets that reach more 'tweeple.' Check out our favorite Twitter apps below.

20 Web Apps to Help You Learn More and Study Less

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to study everything you need to know to ace a class. Fortunately, there are tons of web apps that can help you learn more without putting in too much study time. Here are 20 apps to try throughout the school year.

3 Privacy Settings Tips Google+ and Facebook Users Need to Know

How many times has Facebook changed its privacy settings without letting users know that they would be affected and their private posts and pictures exposed? While friends may enjoy the embarrassing picture from last weekend, it is unlikely that admissions officers or prospective employers will. Learn about new features on Facebook and Google+ and a few simple tips to avoid having the wrong person see the wrong thing.

5 Blogs That Make You Want to Read

Since the advent of the Internet blogs have exploded onto to the scene and have become a central part of many people's browsing experience. Here are some blogs in areas such as literature, technology, comics and pop culture, child literacy and reading and literature instruction.

Adapting Social Media to the Classroom

Social networking resources can sustain student engagement and encourage peer-to-peer interaction. While boosting class participation and connecting students with other researchers, sites like Facebook can increase discussion beyond the classroom.

Admissions Offices Turn to Social Media to Connect with Prospective Students

Be careful what you put online: Studies show that college admissions offices are turning to social media sites to connect with, and evaluate, prospective students. This is the second article in a two-part series on college admissions and new media.

All About Cars: 10 Top Blogs for Car Mechanics

Need help with DIY car repair? Looking for the latest auto industry news? How about tales from a female NASCAR mechanic? Check out these blogs for everything automotive, from useful maintenance tips to beautiful vehicle photos.

All Business About Technology: Profile of a Computer Information Systems Student

Computer science and information technology are hot fields. They offer many exciting academic programs, as well as a seemingly endless list of career possibilities, from systems analysts all the way up to Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). Read on to learn more about studying CS and IT in this profile of a computer information systems (CIS) student.

Can You Get Fired for Complaining About Your Job on Facebook?

It's not unlikely for news stories to focus on social media activities. Whether it's changes on Facebook or inappropriate Tweets from celebrities, social media has a major cultural impact. And on an individual level, social media can cause big problems as well. But a new legal finding may make some employees breathe easier when they complain about their jobs on Facebook.

Can You Text Your Way Into College?

St. Mary's University in Texas has found a new way to connect to students interested in attending - by texting them. If their success is any indication of things to come, it's highly likely that more schools will soon incorporate texting into their own admissions processes.

Catch Some Tunes in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Music Blogs

Whether you're looking for the hottest pop celebrity gossip or breaking news from the indie underground, the music blogosphere has you covered. Check out these blogs for new songs, album reviews, musician interviews and even user-submitted music from every imaginable genre.

Classrooms Are So 20th Century: Mobile Learning Is Here

It's amazing the things our mobile devices can do for us. They can grant us on-the-spot access to almost any tidbit of information we want. They can deliver nearly every song, movie or television show that's been created directly to us in minutes. They could also revolutionize the way we learn. How can mobile technology alter what we think of as a classroom - and has it happened already?

Computer Literacy in the Workforce

Our world has undergone a technological revolution over the past few decades that has affected virtually every aspect of life, not least how we work. With these changes has emerged the need for evolving computer skills. Find out how being tech savvy can set you up for professional success in the Information Age.

Connected Colleges: New Study Suggests Using Social Networking Tools to Engage Students

A recently released study from the Center for Community College Student Engagement explores a key issue for 2-year institutions: retaining students who are typically part time, taking evening or online classes, or otherwise less engaged than individuals at 4-year universities. Their solution? Use social media to make connections.

Cyberbullying: Where's the Line?

A week that began with media outlets examining how cyberbullying led to Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi's suicide is ending with news of another Internet scandal. Duke graduate Karen Owen's fake thesis is a hot topic of discussion among bloggers, newspaper columnists and television analysts. Some wonder whether the salacious PowerPoint presentation is yet another example of cyberbullying.

Dig into Education Policy: 10 Top Blogs on Education Policy

Do you rave about reform? Go into a tizzy over testing? If you're an ed policy wonk at heart, then don't miss these 10 interesting, insightful and often controversial blogs on education policy in the U.S.

Dig into Geology: 10 Top Geology Blogs

It's a rocky road out there - get some hard science guidance from the geology blogosphere. Learn about dinosaurs, volcanoes, Martian rocks, the environment and all the latest news and discoveries in the world of geology with these 10 essential geo-blogs.

Everything eBooks: Libraries Look to the Future of Reading

Libraries were once filled primarily with physical print and audiovisual materials. Today, libraries also provide access to ebooks and a wide range of other electronic resources. Learn how increased demand for these digital products is affecting libraries.

Explore Children's Literature in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Children's Lit Blogs

Whether you're a teacher, parent or young person, the blogosphere is bursting with useful reviews and heartwarming tales of children's literature for all audiences. Learn about award-winning books, classic books, beginning reader books, middle grade books, young adult fiction and a whole lot more with these 10 excellent children's lit blogs.

Explore Early Childhood Education in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Early Childhood Education Blogs

Parents, preschool teachers and even expectant mothers can all benefit from the wealth of information in the blogosphere about early childhood education. These 10 useful blogs teach classroom (and life) learning tips, explore the philosophy of early childhood education (ECE) and even consider how you can start educating your child before birth.

Explore Statistics in the Blogosphere: Top 10 Statistics Blogs

Do you need help with your stats homework? Have you ever wondered what those statistics that are always quoted in the news actually mean? Or are you just a fanatical sports fan or uber info geek? Check out this essential stats blogs that cover everything from how to run a multivariate analysis to tracking streakiness in sports.

Explore World Cuisine in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Food Blogs

As food culture has exploded, so has the culinary blogosphere. There are hundreds of cuisine blogs out there, featuring food news, restaurant reviews, recipes and, of course, mouth watering photographs. Check out 10 of our favorites below, which range from the spices of India to gluten-free baking and everything in between.

FGV Looks to Expand Education to Low-Income Regions of Brazil

FGV is an open education leader in Brazil, where they were the first institution to offer OpenCourseWare (OCW) in the country's official language. In just a few years their OCW program has grown rapidly, offering full course sequences to millions of people - and a valuable piece of paper to back it up.

Get into Shakespeare: 10 Top Shakespeare Blogs

Do you dream in iambic pentameter and express your love in sonnets? Are you happy to watch Hamlet, or crazy for King Lear? Don't miss these 10 essential online Shakespeare resources, from the scholarly blog of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to a compendium of Shakespeare-inspired YouTube videos and an annotated online collection of Shakespearean works.

I, Robot: Robots Teach English in South Korean Schools

Robotic voices and educational computer programs are relatively old news in our modern world so filled with innovative technologies, but what about robot teachers? In one South Korean city, robots with lifelike, virtual human faces are helping teach English classes to young students.

Improve Your Teaching: 10 Best Blogs for Teachers

The discipline of teaching has benefited as much from technology as the classroom itself. All over the country (and the world!), teachers and educators are sharing experiences, resources, insights and anecdotes from the blogosphere. From cool classroom science projects to daily links for English teachers, these blogs offer everything you need to improve your teaching - and get the occasional good laugh.

Is Online Learning the Answer for At-Risk Students?

While it may be in many cases too late to save those students who have already dropped out of school, many districts are seeking ways to keep at-risk students from failing to earn their high school diplomas. Many agree that online learning can help keep these students engaged as this method provides a new way of approaching the material. In this way, online learning seems to be the answer when it comes to those who are struggling and frustrated enough to consider dropping out.

JISC's Film & Sound Think Tank: The 21st Century AV Club

The Film and Sound Think Tank, a research project from the U.K.'s JISC, recently released their final report on the use of audiovisual media in culture and education. Although they found the current state of affairs to be lacking, the report's authors offer a series of recommendations that will help higher education evolve along with the dizzying pace of new media.

Kindle Found Lacking as Study Tool

Several schools, including Princeton University, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, recently finalized their analyses of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader as a study aid. The general consensus is that this device is 'not quite ready for prime time.'

Learn About Construction in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Construction Blogs

Whether you're a layperson looking for a little advice for that DIY home repair project or a construction professional interested in the latest industry news, the construction blogosphere has something for you. Learn about construction marketing, LEED and green building, landscape design, architecture, home repair and a whole lot more with these 10 critical construction blogs.

Learn about Journalism in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Journalism Blogs

The blogosphere is a natural outlet for journalists, whose mission is to share information about news and events around the world. These 10 essential blogs provide news analysis, media criticism and journalism resources for the digital age.

Learn about Literature in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Literature Blogs

Calling all book lovers: Add these blogs to your reading list! You'll find book reviews from both world-renowned and living room critics, news and gossip from the literary world and a more than occasional dose of humor.

Learn Anthropology on the Web: 10 Top Anthropology Blogs

Anthropology is a vast field that spans ethnography, genetics, media studies, culture studies, linguistics and even photography and film. These 10 blogs offer essential insight and information on all these topics and more from student and professional anthropologists.

Learn Archaeology in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Archaeology Blogs

Dig deep into your passion for ancient artifacts and cultural heritage with these 10 fascinating archaeology blogs, covering subjects from current legal and political issues in the discipline to Lego models of ancient wheels.

Learn Carpentry in the Blogosphere: Top 10 Woodworking Blogs

Whether you're a hand tool purist studying classical carpentry or a home improver trying to learn your way around a miter saw, these blogs have all the info you need to become a DIY master woodworker.

Learn Computer Programming in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Computer Programming Blogs

Need coding help quick? Never fear, the blogosphere is here! Check out the following blogs for useful advice - and hilarious commentary - on web development, C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, SQL, JQuery, mobile apps, Django . . . need we go on?

Learn Computer Repair in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Computer Repair Blogs

Need computer help quick? Whether you've just spilled a drink on your laptop or find yourself fighting viruses, these computer repair blogs have your back. You'll also find reviews of the latest tech products and essential tips for security, networking and more.

Learn Genealogy in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Genealogy Blogs

Following your family tree can be a fascinating and complicated endeavor. These blogs offer tips and tricks from the experts, as well as insider news and gossip from the genealogy world.

Learn History in the Blogosphere: 10 Top History Blogs

Whether you're gaga for the Greeks, fascinated by the Far East or simply excited about the many twists and turns of human history, you'll find something to love in these blogs from historians, travelers and history buffs around the world.

Learn Marketing in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Marketing Blogs

Now that the Internet is a central part of most consumers' daily lives, it's also become the center of the marketing world. There are hundreds of PR and marketing bloggers out there vying to get your attention - here are 10 that offer genuinely useful tips, news, commentary and humor.

Learn Math in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Math Blogs

Whether you're a numbers novice or a math master, the math blogosphere has something for you. Learn to compute complex formulae, get interactive basic math training, explore the math behind social issues or just enjoy a few math cartoons with these 10 essential mathematics blogs.

Learn Psychology in the Blogosphere: Top 10 Psychology Blogs

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about thinking? Are you curious about the brain, passionate about mental health or just interested in learning how to 'hack' your mind? Check out these top psychology blogs covering topics ranging from the latest psych research to forensic psychology and child psych and situationism.

Learn Writing in the Blogosphere: Top 10 Writing Blogs

Whether you're looking for help with your freelance writing business or just need some 'quick and dirty' grammar tips, the blogosphere has you covered. Don't miss these ten essential blogs by writers for writers.

Master Digital Photography in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Digital Photography Blogs

Whether you're just buying your first DSLR or looking for a few pro tips on off-camera lighting, the blogosphere has everything you need to take digital photography to the next level.

Maybe Technology in Schools Isn't the Answer

Packing classrooms full of the latest technology has become one of the hottest trends in education across the country. It seems that new stories about schools getting iPad libraries or touch-screen Smart Boards pop up all the time. But perhaps too few are asking the question of whether or not that technology really helps students in the first place.

More Than One in Four College Students Take Courses Online

In 2009, the Sloan Consortium found that more than one in four college students were taking at least one course online. A year later, the survey reflects unprecedented growth in online education with nearly one million new students enrolled in Internet courses.

National Day on Writing Webcast Today

The National Day on Writing will be observed on October 20 (today) by writers from all walks of life. You can join the celebration by taking part in the live National Day on Writing Webcast between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EDT.

Net Neutrality: Will the FCC's New Rules Benefit Students?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will be exploring new regulations on net neutrality during their October, 2009 meeting. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has proposed that the organization add two new principles to their current guidelines and make the whole list into a firm set of rules. There's been a lot of controversy about network neutrality - Is this good for the public? Bad for business? Will the FCC's proposals make any difference? This blogger thinks that no matter what the pundits say, protecting the open Internet can only be beneficial for students.

New Online Tool Helps College Women Choose a Major

In March, the Forte Foundation launched the Forte Career Gal Road Trip, a free, interactive online game that helps college students choose a major. New grads can also use the innovative new game to test drive and explore various career paths.

Online Learning from A to Z

Online learning is an increasingly popular alternative to earning a degree in a traditional classroom setting. With this relatively new form of education comes unique vocabulary students should know before enrolling in online classes. Here are some terms you should know.

Philosophers in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Philosophy Blogs

Let's face it: There's nothing philosophers are better at than talking. Or, in this case, 'talking' on the Web through blogging. Get a philosophical take on contemporary news and events and learn about ancient philosophy, modern philosophy, Eastern philosophy and much more on these 10 hot philosophy blogs.

Scholars Grow More Comfortable with Online Research

A recent study found that American faculty members are becoming increasingly reliant on digital forms of scholarly materials. However, many are still influenced by conservative attitudes governing promotion and tenure when it comes to sharing and publishing their own research.

Stay Contemporary on Culture: 10 Top Art World Blogs

Want to learn about the latest shows, hottest artists and biggest news and events in the world of arts and culture? Check out these 10 essential art world blogs for insightful commentary, news and reviews from the visual and performing arts.

Step into the Renaissance through the Blogosphere: Top 10 Renaissance Blogs

From scholarly studies to exciting reenactments, the blogosphere has everything you need to be a modern Renaissance scholar. Check out these blogs on early modern literature, science, arts and culture.

Surprise! Banning Facebook at School Actually Hurts Learning

With cyber-bullying, the possibility of inappropriate teacher/student discussions and what some feel are distractions resulting from the use of social media websites, many schools across the country have or are seeking to ban Facebook and similar sites from academic halls. But Education Insider wonders, Is banning Facebook and other social media sites in schools detrimental rather than beneficial to learning?

Tap Your Inner Poet: 10 Top Poetry Blogs

Not every blogger's a poet, but many poets are bloggers! The blogs below offer poetic commentary, tips for poetry writing, poetry reviews, classic poems, poetry news and even poetry made from numbers.

The African Virtual University is Training Teachers Across Africa

For more than a decade, the African Virtual University has worked with countries throughout Africa to increase access to higher education through e-learning and shared resources. They recently launched a multinational e-learning project that is improving teacher education in the continent through degrees, certificates and open education.

The Hard Job of Making Us Information Literate

In a time when Google can tell us almost anything we need to know - and lots of things we don't - the ability to analyze, organize and accurately use information has become more crucial than ever. Several schools have begun to embrace this challenge head-on by appointing faculty specifically for that purpose. One such institution is Alabama's University of Montevallo. We spoke with reference librarian and assistant professor Dr. Andrew Battista to get the scoop on information literacy.

The People at Intelligent Television Want You To Watch More TV

Other than the occasional educational program or channel, TV used to represent a distraction from learning. But as the availability of informative media content has grown, so too has educational video. Enter Intelligent Television, 'video for culture and education.'

The Ultimate Writers Guide to Improving Your Blogging Skills

The best way you can improve your blogging skills is to blog. There are many free tools online available to help you write a better blog. This writer's guide offers tips and tools for writing blog posts, publishing and promoting your blog and increasing blog traffic.

Too Much Technology?

Computers, smart phones and other gadgets are ubiquitous in our lives. Ever-easier to carry around with us, it's a rare moment that we're separated from our electronic gear. But new studies suggest that we could benefit from downtime from these devices.

Top Five Mobile Educational Apps

Imagine having your classroom in your pocket - all the tools for learning, teaching, conducting research and collaborating on-demand and on-the-go. Check out these mobile apps to start building a portable learning environment.

Travel the World in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Geography Blogs

In the geographic blogosphere you can virtually visit beautiful locations around the globe, discover strange and beautiful maps, explore both local and exotic cultures and learn all about GIS and geospatial technologies. Start your journey with these 10 top geography blogs.

UC Students Can Take Online Courses - Finally

The University of California (UC) has started to test a program that would let undergraduate students complete some of their credits through online courses. Education Insider takes a look at the potential benefits of this project.

Where to Create Online Presentations for Education

It isn't always possible to visit conferences, classrooms and other locations just to make a presentation. But that doesn't mean you can't share your ideas with people around the world. There are plenty of free services that make it easy to create online presentations and host web-based meetings. Here are 10 no-cost services that would work well for any student or teacher.

YouCollege: Video Becomes the Next Big Thing in College Applications

With prospective students constantly seeking new ways to impress admissions officers and colleges trying to stay on the cutting edge to connect with students, new technologies are constantly cropping up in the admissions process. Read on for the first article in a two-part series on college admissions and new media, starting with: The video essay.