Advancement Opportunities for Architects

Architects, who design and plan building projects, may wish to grow their careers by focusing on specific areas of architecture, such as architectural history, urban design, or naval architecture, or they may manage others as sustainability...

Advancement Opportunities for Landscape Architects

Landscape architects work on projects designed to feature the outdoor, natural landscape. After working in the field, landscape architects may wish to seek positions focused on various aspects planning, constructing, managing, and mapping the...

Alternative Careers for Architects

There are a number of different paths that architects can consider if they want to make a career change. Career alternatives are discussed in detail along with educational requirements.

Ambulatory Systems Architect: Definition & Salary

Ambulatory systems architects are required to have vast technical knowledge. This article details the required education and skills and salary info for an ambulatory systems architect.

Career Information for a Degree in Architectural Studies

A degree in architectural studies generally involves coursework such as computer aided design and drafting, math, architectural history and geology. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as job and salary information for...

Career Information for a Degree in Architecture

Programs in architecture typically cover topics in design, drafting and construction. In this lesson, you'll learn about career options, job growth and salary info for graduates of an architecture program.

Cloud Architect vs. Cloud Engineer

Cloud architects identify their company's computing needs and create cloud-based system designs for them. Cloud engineers also work on cloud-based system design and they may work on cloud system security and cloud-based programs as well.

Cloud Architect: Degree & Career Path

A career as a cloud architect may appeal to individuals with strong technical skills and an interest in the latest technology solutions. Read on to discover the details for this profession.

Cloud Architect: Job Description & Salary

A career as a cloud architect may be a good choice for an individual who possess a high level of computing and technology skills and enjoys working in a field that evolves quickly.

Difference Between Architect & Interior Designer

Architects and interior designers rely on some of the same skills to develop their design plans, but they use their skills to perform different design functions. Explore these careers further in this article.

Difference Between Architectural Technologist & Technician

The construction of a building requires very intricate planning which is handled by both architectural technologists and technicians. Read on to learn about the responsibilities in the design process within these two careers.

Difference Between Landscape Architect & Architect

Landscape architects and architects can affect how a neighborhood or region looks, but they focus on designing different things. Continue reading to learn more about the similarities and differences between landscape architects and architects.

Difference Between Landscape Architect & Landscape Designer

Becoming a landscape architect requires more education, and may involve working on larger scale or public projects. Working as a landscape designer typically requires more specialized knowledge of plants, an artistic eye, and oftentimes projects...

Difference Between Landscape Architect & Urban Planner

Landscape architects and urban planners need to have some creative talents and familiarity with environmental and building regulations, but the type of work they specifically do is different. This article looks at the responsibilities for each of...

Difference Between Urban Planner & Architect

Urban planners and architects may work together at times. While architects focus on designing buildings, urban planners design communities. Continue reading to learn more about the similarities and differences in these professions.

Difference Between Urban Planner & Urban Designer

This article compares two very similar career options: urban planning and urban design. Degree requirements, job outlooks, and salary are all compared, as well as daily tasks for each job.

IoT Architect: Salary & Job Description

IoT technologies are expected to be a part of our lives even more in the future, making the demand for skilled workers in this field even greater. This article details the required education and skills and salary info for an IoT architect.

Jobs in Architecture for People Without a Degree

Are you interested in an architectural job, but you don't currently have a degree in the field? No sweat! You might be surprised at the career opportunities that are available to you in the architectural field. Find out more about these careers...

Landscape Architect vs. Civil Engineer: What's the Difference?

Both landscape architects and civil engineers make designs and may even work together on certain projects; however, the type of work they do varies greatly.

Lead Architect vs. Chief Architect

A lead architect manages building design, while a chief architect works with information technology and computer programming within a company. This article will address how these two professions compare, annual salary, and job outlook for the...

Residential Designer vs. Architect

Residential designers and architects complete many of the same tasks, but there are subtle differences between the two that matter a great deal. Learn more about the distinctions between these careers.

Systems Architect: Degrees & Certification

Learn all about the systems architect, including education and training requirements for this position. Also, find out about the job duties, required skills, salary details and job growth prospects.

Systems Architect: Salary, Job Description & Responsibilities

A systems architect designs and develops solutions to an organization's applications, system administration, or network concerns. This article explores the salary and job outlook of a systems architect and the education and skills required to be...

Truss Designer: Job Description & Salary

If the design portion of the construction process interests you, a truss designer could be an interesting position to pursue. Read on to learn more about what this job entails and some of the required skills and education for employment in this...

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