Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Bachelor of Biomedical Informatics: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in biomedical informatics can provide students with computer skills, as well as medical and biological research capabilities. Learn about program requirements, coursework and job outlook.

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior: Degree Program Overview

A bachelor's program in animal behavior is interdisciplinary, meshing studies in biology and psychology to explore animal biology, evolution and animal society structure. Programs typically examine the behavior of aquatic animals, mammals and birds.

Bachelor of Science in Bio Medical Technology

B.S. programs in Biomedical Technology teach students about applied biochemistry, advanced sciences and basic biomedical concepts. There are many opportunities for practical experience in laboratory settings.

Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science: Program Information

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences programs cover a wide variety of biology-related subjects, such as cells and molecules, genetics and evolution. Read on for details about concentration areas, the curriculum and job opportunities after...

Bachelor's Degree in Biological Therapy

Schools don't offer a biological therapy bachelor's degree. For students who want to pursue a career in immunotherapy, they can major in immunology, biochemistry or general biology at a four-year university.

Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Science: Program Outline

A bachelor's degree in biomedical science is commonly pursued by undergraduates who intend to become doctors, dentists, chiropractors or public health officials. This program provides a background in biology, chemistry, and medical terminology.

Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology

Bachelor's programs in biotechnology teach students to explore and manipulate living organisms for the purpose of inventing or improving products. Undergraduate biotechnology degrees typically lead to a Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Science: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in wildlife science are readily available and teach application of principles of biology to conservation and management issues. Students can find jobs in the government or nonprofit organizations.

Best Colleges for a Biology Major: List of Schools

Read about some of the best colleges in the nation for biology majors. Obtain school rankings, program possibilities and location info, and compare similarities and differences to find the school for you.

Biometric Security Bachelor's Degree Program Information

Baccalaureate programs in biometric security are rare, but bachelor's degree programs in computer science may offer courses in the field. Students can also pursue graduate certificates in biometrics.

Colleges with a Zoology Major: How to Select a School

Zoology is the study of the structure, behavior, evolution and function of animal life. Universities across the nation offer bachelor's degree programs in the field of zoology. Prospective zoology students might want to check a school's research...

Ethology Major: Information and Requirements

There are a few colleges that have ethology bachelor's degree programs. These programs provide students with hands-on experiences and a knowledge base in psychology and biology that prepares them to work directly with animals and animal habitats.

Major in Genetics: Program Information and Requirements

Genetics is a sub-field within biology that is concerned with organism changes and trait transmissions. Bachelor's degree program students can focus their studies on a genetics subject, such as genomics or evolutionary or molecular genetics.

Salary Scale for Biotechnology Majors with a 4-Year Degree

Learn what you could expect to earn in different career paths when you earn a biotechnology bachelor's degree. Take a look at the different career options and specialties.

Scholarships for Biology Majors: How to Find and Apply

Federal financial aid and private student loans make up a large part of a student's college funding. Students may also receive assistance through grants, scholarships and fellowships. Several of these options specifically target students...

Schools with Bachelor Degrees in Biochemistry

Biochemistry combines the studies of biology, chemistry and physics to research how science affects living organisms. Students interested in becoming researchers, physicians or scientists may benefit from schools with advanced facilities and an...

Universities with Majors in Forensic Pathology: How to Choose

Forensic pathology is a medical specialty concerned with identifying the cause of death during an autopsy. Universities do not offer undergraduate majors in forensic pathology, though there are related degrees that can prepare students for...

What Classes Do You Need To Get A Bachelor's Degree in Biology?

The classes required for a biology major depend on a number of factors, including the type of bachelor's degree program being offered and the electives that must be chosen. Additionally, some bachelor's degree programs in biology require more...

What Job Can You Get With a Major in Biology?

Employment opportunities for biology majors depend upon a number of factors, including area of specialization and degree level. Graduates holding a bachelor's degree tend to find work in quality control and environmental consulting, while those...

What Jobs Can You Get With A Bachelor of Science In Zoology?

Employment opportunities for zoology professionals holding a bachelor's degree exist at a number of facilities, including zoos, pharmaceutical companies, museums, laboratories, and hatcheries. Job titles tend to vary, however, depending upon area...

Wildlife Biology Major: Information and Requirements

Wildlife biologists study the behavior, health, and life histories of animals. Entry-level wildlife biologists may work with government fish and wildlife agencies, environmental consultancies, or conservation organizations.

Zoology Major: Bachelors Degree Program Overviews

Students who are passionate about animal science may want to consider a bachelor's degree in zoology. Find out more about this program and future employment and educational opportunities for graduates.

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