Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Best Biophysics Undergraduate Programs & Colleges

Biophysics is a concentrated program that deals with biology and physics at the cellular and molecular level. This article contains information about biophysics undergraduate programs and some of the colleges that offer them.

Bioinformatics Course and Training Program Overviews

Bioinformatics programs are available predominately at the graduate level, although some schools offer undergraduate coursework in the field. Read on to learn more about the courses of study and training available in bioinformatics.

Biology 1: Summary of Coursework

The coursework for a Biology 1 class covers the basic principles of many aspects of biology. Biology 1 is usually taken as part of a full undergraduate degree program.

Biophysics Major & Course Description

Biophysics major degree programs can prepare students for careers as biochemists, biotechnicians, and others. Read the article to learn about degree programs, admission requirements and coursework.

Conservation Biology Degree Program and Course Information

Individuals aiming to work in biology research, conservation areas or environmental research may consider a conservation biology degree. Explore the program options, common courses and employment outlook.

Dog Behavior Studies: Program and Course Information

Dog behavior studies can be offered as part of a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree program in animal behavior, or be contained within a program in a related life or behavioral science field offering an animal behavior focus.

Epidemiology Degree Program and Course Information

Master's and doctoral programs in epidemiology provide students with advanced skills in the study of disease. For more info on program requirements, common courses and career possibilities, keep reading.

Food Microbiology Courses and Classes Overview

Education in food microbiology focuses on detecting and controlling microscopic organisms in order to make food safe for human consumption. Individuals interested in this area can enroll in food microbiology courses, which are offered at many...

Forensic Pathology Courses and Classes Overview

Forensic pathology courses focus on the investigation of unnatural or sudden deaths. Most forensic pathology programs are part of postgraduate education for doctors. However, a few colleges offer courses in forensic pathology and related areas as...

Genetic Engineering Courses and Classes Overview

A college education in genetic engineering typically takes students on a long and winding path, from genetics and cell biology to biochemistry and recombinant DNA. Those interested in genetic engineering often enroll in the courses profiled in...

Lifespan Development Courses and Classes Overview

Courses in lifespan development, also referred to as human development or developmental psychology, are often offered within undergraduate and graduate degree programs in psychology. These programs can be interdisciplinary in nature and include...

Medical Biophysics Courses

This article discusses medical biophysics as an undergraduate degree program and lists some subjects and admission requirements included. Career outlook and median salary information are also highlighted in this article to provide further...

Medical Examiner Courses and Classes Overview

Most prospective medical examiners take elective courses in pathology or forensics while earning their medical degrees. Residents also conduct research later in their tenure and work in a medical examiner's office.

Molecular Biophysics Training Programs

Molecular biophysics training programs focus on the practical aspects of biophysics. These programs help researchers and students studying biophysics to be ready for the demands of their careers.

Neurobiology Course and Training Program Information

Neurobiology, also called neuroscience, is the study of the nervous system, its biological properties, and processes and the ways in which these relate to behavior, cognition, and disease. Students of neurobiology can pursue careers in a variety...

Overview of Biostatistics Lectures and Courses

Biostatistics is the study of the concepts and applications of statistical science to biomedical research. Individuals interested in large-scale public health, medical or scientific themes may benefit from the biostatistics courses and lectures...

Plant Biology Courses & Lectures Online

An online degree in plant biology involves studies across multiple scientific disciplines and can open the door to many different career paths. Find out what you'll study as a plant biology major!

Plant Biology Degree Online

Plant biology is an uncommon subject to find online; however, there are a few programs that offer degrees in this area. Students can expect to take courses in plant physiology, ecology, organic chemistry, and other areas. Graduates can pursue...

Systems Biology Course and Class Information

Systems biology uses computer modeling programs to analyze the components of biological systems on the cellular, molecular and organism level. Systems biology courses are usually offered within a doctoral degree program in the field, or in...

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