Corporate Accounting: Adult Education Program Overview

Accounting is a popular field of study. Corporate accountants prepare financial statements and tax documents, analyze financial information, generate budgets, and are often involved in strategic planning for their companies. Among their other...

Executive MBA Programs in Alabama

Working professionals in Alabama looking to grow their business knowledge and advance their career may consider pursuing an Executive MBA program from various institutions throughout the state. Get details for some of these programs, including...

Executive MBA Programs in Missouri

Students in Missouri can earn an Executive MBA in 20-21 months and participate in a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. Compare and contrast a few of the available programs and learn how to apply.

Graduate Degrees in Accounting in Washington

Students interested in preparing for their CPA exam or pursuing careers in accounting research can earn a graduate degree in accounting from several institutions in Washington. Learn about the programs and what makes them unique.

Graduate Degrees in Human Resources in Texas

Texas has many institutions that offer graduate degrees in human resources. Interested students can learn about the programs and curriculum for five available programs.

HR MBA Programs in Oregon

Students interested in studying HR can earn their MBA in the subject from several universities throughout the state of Oregon. Find out how these programs compare in length, coursework, and the application process.

Human Resource MBA in California

California has MBA in Human Resources programs available in online, on-campus, and hybrid formats that prepare students for leadership positions in the field. Learn about some of the schools and their specific programs, as well as how to apply.

JD-MBA Programs in Georgia

Several opportunities are present within the state of Georgia for students wishing to pursue a law and business graduate degree simultaneously as part of a dual degree program.

JD-MBA Programs in Illinois

The worlds of law and business are growing ever closer. Those who wish to pursue careers that combine these disciplines might consider earning a dual JD/MBA.

MBA & MDiv Dual Degree Online

Individuals interested in business and religion can combine both topics in an MBA/MDiv dual degree program. Find out more about online options, courses, and admissions requirements.

MBA & MHA Dual Degree Programs Online

Discover some basic information about online MBA/MHA dual degree programs. Check out some common course and admission requirements typically found in these programs to see if this is the right choice for you.

MBA & MS in Finance Dual Degree Online

Prospective graduate business students can refer to this article to learn about common program requirements, courses, and what must be submitted for admission to online dual MBA/MS in Finance graduate programs.

MBA & MSE Dual Degree Online

If you want to pursue a career in the field of engineering administration or management, a dual MBA & MSE degree program could be the right choice for you. Several online MBA & MSE dual degree options are available.

MBA & MSIS Dual Degree Online

The joint MSIS/MBA degree combines topics in information systems and business administration. Discover more about this innovative program, including online availability, common courses, and admissions requirements.

MBA Marketing Programs in Georgia

Georgia students interested in managing products, working with customers, developing marketing campaigns and more may pursue one of the state's MBA in Marketing programs. Learn how to apply and what to expect with these degrees.

MBA Programs in Alaska

Students who wish to pursue an MBA in the state of Alaska have several school and program options. Find out more about the programs at Alaska Pacific University, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, and the University of Alaska at Anchorage.

MBA Programs in Arizona

There are a variety of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs available in Arizona. This guide will provide students with an overview of the programs they can choose from, including admissions criteria.

MBA Programs in Idaho

Idaho offers MBA programs for the traditional student and the working professional that are available in a range of formats. Compare and contrast some of the MBA options in the state and find out what is necessary to apply.

MBA in Accounting Online in Oklahoma

Find out what schools in Oklahoma have online MBA programs with an accounting concentration or track. See how long the programs take and what requirements must be met.

MBA in Accounting Programs in Florida

Students in Florida can earn their MBA in Accounting in cities like Jacksonville, Boca Raton, and Miami Gardens. Find out how to apply to these programs, as well as some of the courses available in the concentration.

MBA in Marketing in Florida

Those who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in marketing have many options from which to select in the state of Florida.

MBA in Operations Management in Florida

Students wishing to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in operations management will find flexible programs in Florida. Get detailed information on the programs available.

MBA in Supply Chain Management in Florida

Within the state of Florida, there are a range of options for graduate students and business professionals who wish to earn a Master of Business Administration focused upon supply chain.

MBA in Supply Chain Management in Illinois

If you are interested in earning an MBA with a focus in supply chain management there are many options at Illinois schools. Read on to find out more about programs, curriculum, structure, and admissions information.

MSN & MBA Dual Degree Online

A combined MSN & MBA program allows you to earn two degrees: a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration. Learn more about the common coursework and entrance requirements for this type of online program.

MSN-MBA Programs in Illinois

Several cities in Illinois, including Chicago, offer dual MSN/MBA degree programs for students interested in management and advanced positions in healthcare. Discover some of the basic requirements for a few of these programs and how to apply.

Management Training: Overview of Adult Education Mgmt Training Programs

If you're interested in working your way up the corporate ladder to become a business manager, then you can pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in management. Learn about the types of programs available, as well as career information.

Manager Training Programs: Overview of Adult Education for Managers

A number of adult education programs exist in order to train managers or potential managers within a corporate setting. You can receive training at a seminar or you can choose to earn a degree in management at a college or university. Read more...

Marketing Adult Education Programs: An Overview

Whether you're interested in learning marketing techniques that will help you to promote your business or would like a career in the corporate world, you can find on-campus and online marketing courses and programs for fit your needs. Read about...

Online MBA Programs in Missouri

In this article, prospective students of MBA programs can learn about what kind of online program options exist in the state of Missouri. Students can learn about what types of admissions standards these programs have, as well as details...

Real Estate Graduate Degree Programs in California

Within the state of California, there are varied opportunities for students to pursue graduate studies in real estate. Prospective students should consider their career goals when deciding upon a degree program.

Typing: Overview of Common Adult Education Typing Courses

Typing, or keyboarding, is a fundamental computer skill and a requirement for many jobs. Basic and advanced courses in computer keyboarding are available, as well as certificate programs that cover typing in combination with more advanced word...

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