Accounting Certificate: Summary of Certificate Program

Accounting certificate programs can range from the clerical level, for people looking to become bookkeepers or accounting clerks, to advanced programs for those preparing to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Accounting Controller Certificate and Degree Program Information

Accounting controllers are executives responsible for overseeing financial reporting, auditing and accounting functions. Individuals can pursue bachelor's degrees, post-bachelor's certificates and master's degrees in accounting or accountancy.

Accounting Specialist Certificates: Program Summaries

An accounting specialist certificate program offers students a foundation of basic accounting courses along with practical experience using current accounting software programs.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Certificate: Program Summary

Accounting and bookkeeping certificate programs provide students with a fundamental understanding of financial principles and practices. Students can expect to learn about data interpretation, general accounting transactions, and financial reports.

Accounts Payable Certification and Certificate Program Info

Although many accounts payable managers either learn their skills on the job or earn associate's degrees in accounting, some choose to take advantage of accounts payable and receivable certificate programs.

Acquisition Management Degree and Certification Information

Acquisition management students learn about the acquisition, storage, and distribution of supplies. These degree programs often include studies in purchasing, sales, supply chains, inventory, and distribution.

Administrative Office Technology Certificate: Program Overview

An administrative office technology certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions as administrative assistants and office specialists in a variety of professional settings.

Administrative Professional Certification and Degree Program Options

An administrative professional associate's degree or certification can provide training in topics including common business software, office procedures, bookkeeping, and business writing.

Administrative Specialist Certificates: Program Summaries

Administrative specialist certificate programs help students thrive on office-related interactions and record keeping. There may be internships available for students depending on the program or school they pick.

Advanced Management Strategy Certificate: Program Summary

A certificate program in advanced management strategy can be useful to corporate managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives who want greater expertise in the field of strategic management.

Applied Organizational Leadership Certificate: Summary of Program

Certificate programs in applied organizational leadership teach students the skills required for acquiring executive-level and managerial positions. Graduate certificates may suit those who want business training without enrolling in an MBA.

Asset Management Degree and Certificate Program Information

Students wishing to pursue a profession in asset management can consider a bachelor's degree program in finance with an investment management focus. Graduate level certificates and master's degrees are also available.

Auditing Certificates and Certification Programs Overview

Certificate programs in auditing teach students to evaluate an organization's financial, management and control systems to ensure effectiveness and compliance with necessary regulations.

Bank Auditing Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Although there are currently no certificate programs available in bank auditing, there are degree programs that prepare students for careers as bank auditors. Many students choose to enter a bachelor's or master's degree program in accounting.

Benefits Administration Certification and Certificate Programs

Payroll certificate programs are commonly offered by junior colleges and university extension departments. Students will learn to use payroll software, update employee information, calculate and process wage transactions, monitor employee...

Benefits Manager Certificate and Degree Program Options

A benefits manager is responsible for handling the payroll, health benefits and retirement plan details for employees at a particular company. While there are not specific degree programs in the field, individuals can earn a benefits and...

Bridal Consultant Degree and Certification Programs

Bridal consulting certificate programs prepare students to be successful wedding planners and business owners, as they learn event procedures and gain management skills.

Budget Analyst Certification and Certificate Programs

Graduates of bachelor's programs who wish to further their education and career opportunities might choose to pursue a graduate certificate in finance. Explore program and career information with the information below.

Business Administration - Marketing Certificate Program Outline

Marketing is a competitive field and the techniques used to capture consumer attention are always changing. Learn about courses and career options related to a business administration certificate with an emphasis in marketing.

Business Administration Certificate: Overview of Certificate Program

Certificate programs in business administration are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Get more information about both of these certification options.

Business Administration Certification in Acquisitions: Program Outline

A business administration certification with a specialty in acquisitions teaches students the techniques of bargaining and negotiating a lower price. Learn about courses and careers for this field.

Business Administration Certification in HR Management

Many business administration departments at universities offer human resource (HR) management certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn about the coursework offered at both program levels.

Business Administration Certification: Program Outline

A business administration certification with an emphasis in management prepares students to be in a leadership position within a business or organization. Learn about common courses and career options.

Business Certificate: Program Overview

Business certificates are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Find out more about these programs to decide whether one of them meets your educational needs.

Business Communications Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Business communications involves a variety of subjects, including conventional management and marketing strategies, promotions, entrepreneurial development and business writing. Students can pursue certificates, bachelor's degrees and master's...

Business Essentials I Certificate: Program Overview

Business Essentials I Certificate programs immerse students in business management theory and applications. These courses are typically offered as the first part of a larger continuing education program.

Business Essentials II Certificate: Program Overview

Business Essentials II is traditionally a course of study that follows Business Essentials I. Both are post-baccalaureate, graduate-level programs that aim to improve the skills of current business executives, managers, and corporate climbers in...

Business Finance Certification and Certificate Programs

Colleges offer graduate certificate programs in business finance to help professionals learn what goes into sound financial decision-making. Students learn the principles of raising capital, investing funds, and managing assets for an organization.

Business Management Certifications and Certificate Programs

Business management certificate programs are designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of relevant skills. Students can expect to learn about financial, legal, and human resource issues as they pertain to business management.

Business Office Specialist Certificates: Program Summaries

Business office specialist certificate programs cover basic office skills, administrative procedures, database management, and other relevant topics for secretaries.

Business Systems Analyst Certificate and Degree Program Information

Business systems analysts act as intermediaries between business pursuits and information technology (IT) solutions. As such, they require sufficient knowledge of the needs and operations of business departments, as well as an understanding of...

Certificate in Management Accounting: Program Info

A Certificate in Management Accounting is a common certificate program that can be completed independently or alongside degree programs in business administration.

Certificates and Diplomas in Economics: Program Overviews

Economics is a social science and academic field that explores the management, distribution and production of goods and services. It is commonly offered at the bachelor's, master's and/or doctoral degree level.

Certificates for Call Center Professionals: Program Overviews

Very few not-for-profit schools offer educational programs specifically geared at call center employees. However, a vocational customer service certificate program can enhance the skills and knowledge of a current or aspiring call center employee.

Computer Business Systems Certificate: Summary of Certificate Program

Students who want to earn undergraduate and graduate certificates in computer business systems can explore separate and related programs. Learn about the requirements and courses for these programs, as well as job and education information.

Computer Office Assistant Certificate: Program Summary

Computer office assistant certificate programs train students to utilize computer software and programs for business tasks, such as spreadsheet organization and document formation. Learn more about this program, career options, and salary.

Computer Office Specialist Certificate: Overview of Certificate Program

Computer office specialist certificates are offered at the undergraduate level. However, they might be named Microsoft computer office specialist programs since they prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist series of certifications.

Computerized Accounting Technology Certification: Program Overview

Students in a computerized accounting technology certificate program learn to use computer software to provide bookkeeping and accounting services through hands on work. Discover the courses, careers, and continuing education options associated...

Computerized Accounting: Certificate Program Overview

Students who enroll in a Computerized Accounting Certificate Program have the potential to learn to work with accounting software, database systems and spreadsheet programs in order to provide bookkeeping and accounting services. Learn about this...

Computerized Bookkeeping Certificate: Certification Program Overview

A certificate in computerized bookkeeping shows employers that students have been trained to use the latest bookkeeping applications. It can help them enter the bookkeeping profession or update their skills as a bookkeeper.

Computerized Business Management: Certificate Program Overview

Several certificate programs can provide students with the basic skills necessary to earn an entry-level position related to computerized business management. These programs focus on using computer technology to perform business functions.

Computerized Office Assistant Certification: Program Summary

Computerized office assistant certificate programs teach students how to use computers in the office. Learn about courses and career options for these programs.

Contract Administration Certification and Degree Program Info

Contract administrators manage the contracts related to the sales and purchases of an organization. Those interested in this work may pursue various educational programs at the certificate, bachelor's and master's levels in contract administration.

Corporate Governance Certificate: Program Overview

Certificate programs in corporate governance focus on legal and ethical responsibilities of business. company directors, board members, and corporate secretaries, among others often choose to enroll in these certification programs.

Database Marketing Certification: Certificate Program Overview

Students seeking training in database marketing could consider certificate programs in areas like marketing, integrated marketing communications, digital marketing and data mining. There are graduate and undergraduate options available.

Degree and Certificate Programs in Negotiation: Program Overviews

Negotiation is a skill used for conflict resolution, from arguments among family members to labor relations issues to disputes between countries. Education is available through bachelor's degrees, post-bachelor's certificates, and master's degrees.

Desktop Underwriter Certification and Certificate Program Information

Desktop underwriting involves the federal government's Fannie Mae system and is used by most loan originators. Loan interviewers or processors earn desktop underwriter or mortgage banking certificates at community colleges and technical schools.

Enterprise Solutions Developer Certification: Program Summary

Some schools offer courses or certificate programs that prepare students for Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification. These educational offerings train you to use Microsoft tools and technologies to develop and design...

Escrow Officer Certification and Degree Program Information

Prospective escrow officers need at least a certificate of completion from a professional training program, but many escrow officers have a bachelor's degree in real estate or business.

Estate Planning Certification: Certificate Program Summary

Although certification in the field is optional, estate planning certificate programs provide supplemental knowledge to those with undergraduate or graduate degrees in related fields.

Event Coordinator Degree, Certificate and Certification Info

Certificates of completion, associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees are available for event coordinators. Students learn to organize corporate meetings, social activities and other business functions.

Executive Assistant Certificate: Program Overview

Executive assistant certificate programs typically consist of a series of courses that are offered over a few days or months. These programs are generally available at two-year colleges.

Executive Coaching Certificate: Program Overview

Executive coaching certificate programs help students develop the tools necessary to coach another individual in their field of expertise. Management and communication skills are principal in such programs.

Executive Graduate Certificate Program in International Management

International management can be studied in executive and graduate certificate programs; both typically address advanced issues in the global business place. They often include courses in leadership, marketing, and global trade, as well as a...

Executive Graduate Certificate in Accounting - Controllership

There are plenty of graduate certificate programs in accounting, although not many focus specifically on controllership. However, graduate certificate programs in accounting do provide controller training and include estimating costs, managing...

Executive Leadership Training and Certification Program Information

Top executives can earn an executive leadership certificate, executive development certificate, or Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Development. They wear many titles while developing organizational goals and policies.

Executive Negotiation Certificate: Program Overview

Executive negotiation certificate programs are generally non-credit options open to individuals with professional work experience. They are often used by professionals to further their careers into leadership roles.

Executive Secretary Certification and Degree Program Information

Aspiring executive secretaries can enroll in a 2-year degree program, such as an Associate of Applied Science - Executive Assistant program. These programs are designed to provide students with a broad overview of communications and office...

Fashion Buyer Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Fashion merchandising degree and certificate programs provide students with an overview of general business practices as well as a focus on the skills and knowledge necessary within the fashion world.

Fashion Merchandising Certificate: Program Overview

Fashion merchandising is where the runway and retail come together. Vocational and post-baccalaureate certificates in this subject area teach students how to identify, market, and promote apparel-related products that will sell.

Finance Certificate: Program Overview

Finance certificates are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs usually offer concentrations within the broader field of finance.

Financial Consultant Certification and Degree Program Information

No certification or degree is required for financial consulting, but they can be helpful for seasoned professionals and individuals wanting to establish themselves in the profession. Certification options and requirements vary, and a master's...

Financial Management Degree and Certificate Program Information

Financial management programs train students to help clients to choose investments and estimate financial risks and returns. Many programs are designed for entry-level accountants, personal finance specialists, or general business managers.

Global Management Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Global management programs are offered at the certificate, bachelor's and master's level. In some cases, these programs are available in both campus-based and online formats.

Graduate Certificate in Accounting: Program Summary

Graduate accounting certificate programs teach students fundamental accounting techniques and cover topics such as cost accounting, tax accounting and tax software.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management: Program Overview

In graduate nonprofit management programs, students learn leadership techniques in areas such as marketing, fundraising and financial management. Opportunities exist for students to acquire knowledge of human resource strategies and legal issues...

Graduate Certificate in Taxation Studies: Certificate Overview

Graduate certificate programs in taxation studies are geared toward practicing tax professionals. Students in these programs learn about the complexities of the tax system and evolving tax issues.

Hospitality Management Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Hospitality management education is offered through certificate and undergraduate programs. Programs range from offering introductory coursework in the hospitality industry to more advanced lessons in management that include field training.

Hospitality Marketing Certificate Program Information

Individuals interested in promoting hospitality-related businesses can pursue education in the field of hospitality marketing. Certificate programs are available to students through community schools and four-year colleges and universities.

Human Resource Leadership Certificate Program Information

A certificate program in human resource leadership or human resource management can help current or aspiring human resource professionals gain the knowledge necessary to pursue management-level positions in the field.

Human Resource Management Certificate: Program Overview

A human resource management certificate program provides professionals with advanced skills in their field. Students learn methods for lowering employee risk and ensuring employee satisfaction while considering the well-being of the company.

Import-Export Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Many import-export certificate programs are offered through the continuing education and workforce development departments of community colleges and four-year universities.

Insurance Underwriting Certification and Education Program Information

Insurance underwriters work for insurance companies to determine the risk of taking on a client. There is no specific educational path leading to a career as an insurance underwriter; however, there are degree and certification options that allow...

International Business Certificate: Program Overview

An international business certificate program may be available as a course of study for both undergraduate and graduate students. Find out what kind of courses/topics are included in each, as well as educational options and career facts.

International Management Degree and Certificate Program Options

International Management degree programs prepare students to enter the global business management industry by teaching them the necessary marketing, finance and human resource management skills.

Inventory Management Degree and Certification Programs

An inventory manager maintains accurate information regarding the production of supplies and finished goods stored within businesses and warehouses. Although inventory management skills are often learned on the job, there are several degree...

Labor Relations Degree and Certification Program Information

Labor relations refers to employer and employee relationships and interactions. Students looking to pursue a career in labor relations should consider a bachelor's degree program in industrial and labor relations or a master's degree in labor...

Leadership Certificate: Program Overview

Certificate programs in leadership are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Almost all programs help students build existing skill sets in order to advance their careers.

Loan Processor Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Community colleges and vocational schools offer loan processing certificate programs, which equip students with the skills needed in dealing with loan applications. Individuals who meet education and experience requirements may opt for...

Management Information Systems (MIS) Certificate: Program Overview

A management information systems (MIS) certificate program is typically designed for individuals seeking to gain, update, or enhance their information technology (IT) skills. These certificate programs are offered at the graduate level.

Marketing Certificate: Program Overview

Undergraduate and graduate marketing certificate programs provide intensive instruction in marketing topics like communication, sales, research, and strategy. Discover more information about these programs and career information.

Mortgage Underwriting Training and Certification Program Information

Students can find training in mortgage underwriting through mortgage brokering, banking and finance, economics and real estate programs. Learn more about the required training needed to enter this financial field.

Office Administration Certificate: Program Overview

An office administration certificate program allows individuals to gain basic office skills that can prepare them to perform clerical duties in various settings. Learn about career options and salary information for students who complete one of...

Organizational Behavior Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Students interested in studying organizational behavior can find both undergraduate and graduate program options. Organizational behavior explores the role of the individual within the context of a company.

Professional Accounting Certificate - Information Systems

Certificate programs in accounting information systems are designed to help students learn how to properly use information systems within the professional accounting field. Learn about common courses, careers, and continuing education.

Professional Accounting Certificate: Taxation Program Overview

Specialized accounting certificate programs are designed as a post-baccalaureate supplement for individuals with degrees in accounting or related fields. These programs may also benefit professionals in the financial services field who wish to...

Receptionist Certification and Certificate Program Information

Receptionist certificate programs are offered for students looking to run a front office. Take a look at the courses, employment outlook, and salary information.

Resource Development Certificate Program Information

Graduate certificate programs in HR development are commonly offered through the continuing education or business departments of universities. Students learn to hire, train and develop personnel for business, government and non-profit organizations.

Retail Management Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Retail management certificate programs prepare students to manage operations at various types of retail establishments. Find out more about the program, courses, requirements, and employment information.

Scheduling Coordinator Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

No schools offer degree programs specifically related to scheduling coordination but students might learn the skills they seek from a certificate program in project management and scheduling.

Stock Broker Certification and Certificate Program Information

Several schools offer personal financial planning certificate programs that develop the investment and financial planning skills beneficial to a stock broker.

Strategy and Economics Certificate: Program Overview

Certificates in strategy and economics are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs provide education in strategic management, economic development and other relevant topics.

Supply Chain Management Certificate Program Outline

A supply chain management certificate program improves employment marketability and educates students on principles of supply chain management by providing hands-on training.

Tax Preparer Certification Requirements

Tax preparers can seek voluntary certification with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Get some quick facts about typical education and certification requirements.

Utilization Management Certification and Certificate Program Info

A medical case management certificate program can prepare individuals to begin careers in health utilization management. They are typically designed for currently licensed healthcare professionals who are looking to advance their careers.

Warehouse Management Degree and Certification Information

Those interested in the technical skills for warehouse inventory distribution and storage, or those building up a current career, can acquire them in either an associate's degree program or a bachelor's degree program.

Wedding Planner Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Wedding planning certificates offer training specifically in organizing a wedding. For a more comprehensive education, students can pursue associate's and bachelor's degrees in hospitality and tourism with an emphasis in event planning.

Glossary of Certificate Programs - Business Related Articles

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