Accounting: Program Coursework Summary

Accounting programs can prepare students to classify, record and analyze financial actions of a business. Both certificate and degree programs in accounting are available. Common course topics include principles of accounting, managerial and cost...

Accounts Payable Classes and Courses Overview

Accounts payable courses are usually part of an associate's degree program in accounting or an undergraduate certificate program in accounting or accounts payable and accounts receivable. In addition to specialized training, associate's degree...

Administrative Assistant: Summary of Coursework

Administrative assistants are essential to carrying out daily office functions. Coursework in administrative assisting is normally completed as part of a standalone certificate program or a degree program. Read on to learn more about...

Advanced Negotiations: Summary of Coursework

Professionals working in fields such as human resources, supply chain management, or law can enhance their skills by completing an advanced negotiations course. Such coursework can be taken alone or as part of a full certificate or degree...

Automotive Supply Chain Management Courses and Education Programs

Automotive supply chain courses are usually available in graduate degree programs in automotive engineering and automotive manufacturing systems. However, some graduate-level supply chain management programs also offer courses that focus...

Bachelor's Degree in Service Management: Program and Course Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in service management prepare graduates for leadership positions in the hospitality industry. Students learn about business management, staff development, legal issues and customer service through the courses.

Bookkeeping: Coursework Overview

Bookkeepers are responsible for recording the financial life of a business, keeping financial data updated and ensuring it's accurate. Courses on bookkeeping are most often part of a full certificate program. Keep reading to get more detail on...

Business Accounting: Summary of Coursework

Because it is a core function of any business, accounting is taught as part of business degree programs. Business accounting coursework topics can range from the basic concepts of bookkeeping to the study of complex taxation strategies.

Business Administration Classes and Courses Overview

Business administration courses are available at most 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities. The versatility of business administration skills can provide the backbone for careers in areas such as law, finance, management and marketing....

Business Administration: Accounting Coursework

Accountants keep track of a company's financial records, deal with taxes and monitor financial statements for compliance, among other duties. Business administration programs are often available at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree...

Business Administration: Bachelor Coursework Summary

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration can pursue a general degree or select a concentration. Coursework covers topics in a variety of business areas, as well as any specialization chosen.

Business Administration: Marketing and Sales Coursework Overview

Marketing and sales coursework is often completed through degree programs in business administration. Schools offer such programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Business Analyst Courses, Classes and Training Overview

Bachelor's and master's degree programs in business-related fields may prepare graduates to work as business analysts. Certificate programs in business analysis are also available and provide the most specialized training for the field. These...

Business Communications Courses and Classes with Training Info

Business communications courses train individuals to express their thoughts clearly and concisely when communicating on behalf of an organization. Read more about some of the most commonly offered classes and training programs in business...

Business Economics Course Descriptions

This article highlights the coursework and requirements of a business economics program as well as providing information on different career outlooks and possibilities for graduates.

Business Economics Major Online Courses

This article discusses an online business economics degree program and its admission requirements, illustrates several courses that are part of the business economics curriculum, and provides information on the potential career outlook. The...

Business Leadership Courses and Classes Overview

These courses are offered in standalone format as well as through continuing education, undergraduate, and graduate-level programs. This article provides an overview of the most common classes offered in business leadership.

Business Management (Major): Summary of Coursework

Business management programs are most commonly offered at the bachelor's level. Find out what kind of courses and opportunities are available, as well as continuing education and career information.

Business Management (Minor): Coursework Overview

A business management minor is comprised of core business subjects. These courses are designed to give future managers a broad understanding of key business concepts and their impact on managerial decision making.

Business Office Manager Classes and Courses Overview

Courses in business office management cover the multiple facets of business operation and prepare students for office management jobs in various industries. They are offered at a variety of schools in certificate, associate, and bachelor's degree...

Business Operations: Coursework Summary

The business operations function within a company focuses on improving the bottom line to deliver quality goods and services for customers. Research where this field can be studied, and see course descriptions to get a better idea of what you'll...

Business Strategy Course Overviews

Business strategy courses provide students with the background, concepts and techniques needed to gain a competitive advantage in the domestic and international marketplace. Read on to learn about some common business strategy course offerings.

Business: Coursework Summary

Business courses are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and many of these courses are part of full certificate or degree programs. Get a summary of the available coursework by reviewing this article.

Call Center Management: Coursework Summary

Call center managers are involved in the deployment of call center personnel, operations and customer care. Coursework in call center management is usually taken as part of a complete certificate or degree program.

Certified Administrative Professional Courses and Training Programs

The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designation is offered through the International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP) and is achieved by passing a certification test. Most individuals attend a training program to...

Claims Adjuster Classes Overview

Claims adjusters typically work for insurance companies as intermediaries in dealing with clients who have submitted insurance claims. They gather information to determine if a claim is legitimate and negotiate a settlement with the claimant....

Computerized Accounting Courses and Classes Overview

Computerized accounting courses expose individuals to accounting software programs that enhance and simplify traditional accounting practices. Read on to learn about some of the most popular types of computerized accounting courses.

Computerized Bookkeeping Courses Overview

Computerized bookkeeping courses help students develop entry-level skills in general accounting, payroll and accounts receivable. Certificate and associate degree programs are available at many schools. Read on to learn more about this program.

Contract Management Courses Overview

Contract managers are employed across the spectrum of business, academia, government and industry to oversee the acquisition and use of goods and services, control risks and maintain good customer and supplier relationships. While certificate...

Contract Specialist Degree Program Information

Bachelor's and master's degree programs focusing on contract management can prepare students to become contract specialists. Check out some employment outlook and salary statistics for this job.

Corporate Finance Course and Class Overviews

Corporate finance courses provide the education needed to begin a career as a financial officer, investment banker, portfolio manager or financial consultant. Read on to learn details about some of the typical courses offered.

Cost Accounting Classes and Courses Overview

Cost accounting is one approach to managerial accounting that involves the cost, budget and profitability of numerous types of products, services and activities and future cost accountants should complete an academic program with courses focusing...

Cost Estimating Courses with Training & Degree Program Info

Cost estimating involves predicting the expense, length and magnitude of various manufacturing and construction projects. Businesses utilize cost estimators to carefully examine determining factors, such as locale, work force, materials and...

Courses and Classes in Accident Prevention

Safety in the workplace is an important part of any business operation, and preventing accidents not only protects the health of employees but also the property and assets of a company. Accident prevention courses are particularly important in...

Courses for Aspiring Customer Service Professionals

Customer service professionals are found in every industry, with job titles ranging from retail associate to call center worker to bank teller. Courses for aspiring customer service professionals are available at numerous postsecondary...

Courses for Aspiring Executive Assistants

Executive assistants are valuable staff members for upper-level managers. Their role includes more responsibilities and demands more initiative and training than entry-level secretarial positions. Keep reading to find out what kinds of courses...

Currency Trading Training Programs Overview with Course Info

Currency trading education is available in bachelor's and master's degree programs that include business administration and finance coursework, as well as specialized non-degree training programs. Students are prepared for careers as sales agents...

Database Marketing Courses and Classes Overview

Database marketing professionals analyze and maintain information collected from current and potential customers. They also establish direct contact with customers for the purpose of promoting a product or service. These marketing tactics urge...

Differences Between Economics Degree vs. Business Degree

This article will explain the difference between an economic and business degree, provide information on career outlook, and also clarify the requirements of undertaking either field of study.

Distribution Management Courses and Classes Overview

Distribution management courses explore the principles and issues encountered in managing a supply chain domestically and internationally. Students are taught the fundamentals of the distribution industry, including terminology, market...

Executive Administrative Assistant Degree Programs with Course Info

An associate's degree program is the most common educational path to becoming an executive administrative assistant. These programs are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of all elements of office and administrative functioning.

File Clerk Classes and Courses Overview

File clerks perform many clerical duties in a variety of office settings. Those interested in this profession can enroll in classes that teach basic skills for entry-level office positions. Continue reading to learn about some popular types of...

Financial Accounting Courses and Classes Overview

Financial accounting classes are available through many business schools as undergraduate- or graduate-level courses. Keep reading to find out about the most commonly offered financial accounting classes.

Financial Consultant Course Information

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs for aspiring financial consultants are available at many universities. Courses for prospective financial consultants are offered through bachelor's and master's degree programs in areas such as finance,...

Financial Examiner Course and Class Reviews

Financial examiners analyze company records to ensure compliance with laws and to detect possible fraud. Explore the most common courses for financial examiner training.

Financial Management Course Overviews

Those interested in studying financial management can enroll in courses that examine investment tools, financial planning techniques and global markets. Continue through this article to find information on some of the most popular courses in...

Financial Planning Classes and Courses Overview

Courses for financial planners may be part of bachelor's or master's degree programs in finance or business. Some schools also offer professional certificate programs in financial planning. Continue reading to learn about some common courses for...

Forensic Auditing Courses and Certification Programs

Forensic auditing courses teach individuals how to investigate businesses and individuals for fraud, corruption or other crimes. This article summarizes the most common types of forensic auditing courses and programs. It also provides information...

Forex Trading Courses, Seminars and Training Programs

Training in how to trade in the Forex market is primarily offered through bachelor's and master's degree programs in finance, international finance and global finance. Other options include certificate programs or online training modules, which...

Fraud Management Courses and Classes Overview

Fraud management classes are offered as part of degree and certificate programs at the bachelor's and master's degree levels in various fields. Keep reading to find out more about fraud management courses.

Free Online Business Economics Courses

This article provides information on free online business courses for students who are keen to learn these subjects and gives a brief overview of different subjects and what they encompass.

Global Business Strategy Classes and Courses

Students in global business strategy classes learn how to market and manage products in different countries, and they learn how to lead in a global business culture and negotiate with their foreign counterparts. Read on for detailed overviews of...

Health Economics Course and Class Information

Health economics courses explore the business of providing health care. From health insurance and managed care to regulations and policies, students gain an insight into the issues facing our health care system. Continue reading to learn about...

Horticulture Business Management Course and Training Information

Horticulture businesses include florist shops, plant nurseries, greenhouses and landscaping firms. Many horticulture businesses want workers with associate's or bachelor's degrees that combine business courses with plant science. Those interested...

Hotel Management Courses Overview

Courses in hotel management cover everything from the front desk and housekeeping to facility maintenance and finance. Keep reading to learn about some of the most commonly offered hotel management courses.

Human Capital Management Courses Overview with Degree Program Info

Human capital management courses are designed for experienced human resources executives seeking to further their education and knowledge in the field. Graduate degree programs and certificates are available.

Human Resource Management: Coursework Overview

Human resource management programs are available at the certificate, associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. This article gives you an in-depth look at some common coursework in an HR program.

International Business Courses and Classes

International business courses and classes provide students with the required knowledge and tools to compete in the global business market by operating and managing multinational business companies. Read on to see the courses offered for...

International Business and Economics Degree Program

International business and economics degree programs comprise the best of both worlds. Here, you will learn the theoretical aspects of economics as well as the practical side of business. This degree will prepare you for a career in global...

Internet Marketing Degree Programs with Course Information

Educational programs in marketing often contain specific coursework in internet marketing principles and techniques. These programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels.

Inventory Management Classes and Courses Overview

Inventory management courses may be found in production and operations management programs. These programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels, usually through the business schools of colleges and universities. Read on for...

Investment Advisor Courses and Training Program Overviews

Corporations, banks and individuals ask investment advisors for money management recommendations. Those interested in this job have several training options, including degree and certificate programs.

Leasing Consultant Classes and Training Programs

Courses for aspiring leasing consultants are available through undergraduate and graduate programs that deal with residential property management (RPM). Common subjects include economics, property management and maintenance.

List of Free Financial Accounting Courses and Training Resources

Enhance your accounting knowledge with free online financial accounting courses offered by top academic institutions. By exploring our list, you can learn what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

List of Free Import-Export Courses and Classes

This list offers a comprehensive overview of free import-export courses and classes. Learn what courses are available, find out what topics they cover, and determine which is the right one for you.

List of Free Online Banking Courses, Training and Tutorials

Several real schools offer free online access to courses covering a variety of banking concepts. Explore this list to learn which banking courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

Loan Processing Classes and Training Information

Loan processors prepare documents, interview loan applicants and verify loan application forms for major purchases, such as boats, vehicles and homes. Loan processors generally receive on-the-job training, but employers may prefer applicants who...

Materials Management Courses and Classes Overview

Courses in materials management are offered in diploma, certificate, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs in logistics and supply chain management. Continue reading to learn more about course content and common concepts related to...

Medical Underwriting Courses and Classes

Courses in medical underwriting are usually offered through professional organizations in the field, either individually or as part of a series, and lead to certification. Programs prepare professionals to access applicants for health insurance...

Mortgage Underwriting Classes and Courses Overview

Mortgage underwriting courses examine the guidelines and procedures used by lenders to thoroughly evaluate the financial qualifications and creditworthiness of real estate loan applicants. Read on to learn about some of the most common college...

Nightclub Management Degree Programs with Course Info

In nightclub management degree programs students learn business operation and hospitality principles, such as management and food service, through traditional coursework and internships.

Non-Profit Management Courses Overview

Students can find courses in non-profit management through a number of programs. Options include a non-profit management certificate and Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Public Affairs and MBA programs in non-profit management....

Office Assistant Courses and Training Programs

Office assistant training programs often stress communication, organization, record keeping, computer and basic accounting skills. Read about some of the most commonly offered office assistant courses, and find out what topics they cover.

Operations Management Courses and Classes Overview

Operations management courses typically discuss the quantitative, qualitative and supply chain methods that allow managers to produce materials for consumers. Courses are typically taught as part of undergraduate and graduate level degree...

Organizational Management Courses and Training Programs

Organizational managers are leaders who solve problems, manage staff and communicate effectively to keep businesses and institutions running efficiently and orderly. This article covers some of the most common organizational management courses...

Overview of Appraisal Classes and Courses

Appraisers determine the value of various kinds of property, such as real estate and jewelry, in preparation for sale, estate planning or tax purposes. Learn about the training to appraise real estate. Read on to find out about some of the...

Overview of Business Information Systems Classes and Courses

Individuals can major in business information systems at the bachelor's degree level, but there are courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Read on to learn more about these technology courses.

Overview of Classes for Activities Directors

Activities directors manage programs that promote social interaction, mental stimulation and physical exercise, typically for the elderly population. Learn about some common classes that aspiring activities directors take.

Overview of Courses for Clerical Coordinators

Clerical coordinators manage and oversee administrative duties in medical settings, such as answering phones, obtaining referrals and scheduling appointments. While a formal degree isn't required for employment, completing a medical office...

Overview of Merchandise Display Classes and Courses

Merchandise displays are typically set up in retail locations to help promote and sell products. Continue reading for a summary of some of the most common classes that teach students methods for merchandising and display design.

Professional Secretary Degree and Certificate Program Information

Students who want to become secretaries or administrative assistants can find associate's degree and certificate programs in the field. These programs help students build general office skills, and some provide training that is specific for the...

Project Management Classes and Courses Overview

Students enrolled in project management classes learn how to effectively coordinate projects, lead teams, make important decisions and more. Those interested in this field can pursue a degree at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

Real Estate Accounting Courses and Classes Overview

Individuals interested in real estate accounting can enroll in a real estate degree program at the certificate, undergraduate or graduate level, in some cases through online programs. Real estate training often includes real estate accounting and...

Real Estate Appraisal Courses Overview

Real estate appraisal is a key component of the real estate industry. The valuation of properties, particularly of residential real estate, determines the market value for similar properties, which in turn drives market sales. Read on for...

Real Estate Degree Program Options

Real estate degree programs focus on how to buy and sell commercial and residential properties. Anyone interested in a real estate education can seek degrees from institutions with specialized business or architecture departments.

Real Estate Development Course Overviews

Real estate development programs teach students to shape urban settings by listening to people's needs and creating living and working spaces accordingly. Courses in real estate development examine how projects are funded, explore design...

Secretarial Science Degree and Certificate Programs

Individuals considering secretarial careers can enroll in secretarial science certificate or associate's degree programs in office administration. Students learn business communication and administrative skills and utilize office technology, such...

Service Management: Coursework Overview

Service management is a broad term that can be applied to numerous careers. Schools may offer degrees in service management, but it's more common to find business management programs with a concentration in service management.

Shipping and Receiving Classes and Courses

Shipping and receiving courses explore topics such as warehouse management, inventory control, transportation requirements and domestic and international shipments. Safe transport and receipt of hazardous materials is also discussed.

Supply Chain Management Courses and Classes Overview

Supply chain management classes cover logistics, sourcing, forecasting, quality control and inventory management. This article summarizes commonly offered courses in supply chain management.

Tax Accounting Courses and Classes Overview

Accountants oversee the finances and taxes of individuals and corporations. In order to gain the necessary skills and comprehension in all areas of tax accounting, students should enroll in a number of tax-related courses. These courses are...

Tax Specialist Courses and Classes Review with Career Information

Tax professionals may come from a variety of financial backgrounds, including accounting and/or auditing. Tax courses are available in certificate, degree and continuing education programs, and cover such topics as individual and business tax...

Team Building Courses and Classes Overview

Courses in team building differ greatly from one to the other. While some are theoretical in nature, others are hands-on and interactive. Some are available for those interested in becoming a team leader, while others exist for the motivation and...

Title Examiner Courses and Classes Overview

Title examiners usually work for real estate and title insurance companies, researching records and documents to verify the legal status of land and whether it can be bought or sold. Keep reading to explore some of the courses that aspiring title...

Vertical Analysis Accounting Training Programs and Courses

Vertical analysis accounting courses can be found within associate and bachelor's degree programs in accounting and business administration. Students in these programs also take courses in other areas of accounting, such as financial and...

Warehouse Management Classes, Courses and Training Programs

Warehouse managers oversee the handling and storage of a company's supplies and goods as well as track supply requests and forecast future material needs. Read on to learn about some of the most common classes and training program offerings in...

Wedding Planner Courses Review

Courses in wedding planning teach individuals the skills needed to plan, organize and execute weddings. This article reviews the most commonly offered courses for prospective wedding planners and key concepts learned during programs.

Worker's Compensation Classes and Courses Overview

Workers' compensation is a government-mandated, employer-funded program designed to provide fixed compensation to employees who become injured or ill on the job. Read on to learn about who can benefit from training on the workers' compensation...

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