Accounting - Payroll Administrator: Career School Diploma Summary

An accounting diploma program may teach aspiring payroll administrators or bookkeepers how to prepare and process payrolls for a variety of companies and organizations.

Accounting Applications Clerk: Trade School Diploma Summary

Diploma programs for accounting applications clerks teach students topics in bookkeeping and tax preparation through hands-on practical experience and classroom learning. Students may also be required to master accounting software programs.

Accounting Assistant: Trade School Diploma Overview

In an accounting assistant diploma program, students learn how to assist bookkeeping and accounting professionals. Keep reading to learn about program requirements and find out what graduates can expect as they enter the career field.

Accounting Technician: Career School Diploma Overview

Accounting technician diploma programs are commonly offered by community and technical colleges. These programs teach students to manage such financial matters as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and expenditures.

Administrative Accountant: Career School Diploma Program Summary

Career school diploma programs in accounting typically prepare individuals for positions as accounting clerks or bookkeepers and not administrative accountants. Students will learn to prepare and maintain financial records.

Administrative Applications Specialist: Trade School Diploma Overview

In administrative applications specialist diploma programs, students are introduced to the fundamentals of modern office management, which prepares them for work in business environments.

Administrative Assistant: Vocational School Diploma Program Overview

Aspiring office workers may pursue an administrative assistant diploma from a vocational school. Get more information about the curriculum and the job outlook for program graduates.

Computer Applications Accounting: Trade School Diploma Program Summary

Computer applications-focused accounting diploma programs highlight principles of accounting and their relationship to traditional and computerized applications. These programs are typically offered by trade schools.

Diploma in Record and Bookkeeping: Program Overview

A diploma program in bookkeeping prepares graduates to handle the financial records of a company or organization in entry-level positions in the field.

Economics: Career Path Program Overviews

Students interested in earning a degree in economics may do so at the bachelor's, master's, and/or doctorate levels. Students learn to about the field and subfields of economics at all three levels.

Entertainment Business Management: Career Diploma Info

A formal education through an entertainment business management certificate program can provide students with advantages such as credibility and networking opportunities. Learn about the courses needed in the program, salary information, and more.

Executive Admin Assistant Diploma Program Overview

Students in an executive administrative assistant diploma program learn the skills necessary for the smooth operation of an executive manager's office. Learn about common courses, career options, and continuing education.

Executive Office Administration: Trade School Diploma Program Summary

Diploma programs in executive office administration are not typical. Instead, students may find associate's programs in executive office administration that focus on office technology, office record keeping, data management and communications.

Executive Office Assistant: Career Diploma Program Summary

Executive office assistant programs can prepare students to perform a variety of administrative and executive duties. Participants may specialize in a specific area, such as legal or medical executive office assistant.

Fashion Marketing: Career College Diploma Summary

Diploma programs in this field are rare, but some schools do offer certificate programs. These programs typically focus on concepts and theories behind marketing certain fashion trends to prepare students for advanced degrees or entry-level careers.

Fashion Merchandising College Diploma Overview

Diplomas in fashion merchandising are rare, but students can earn an associate's degree in the field. They can learn about the various aspects of the fashion world as well as retail principles and strategies to prepare for careers in the field.

Financial Accounting: Vocational School Diploma Summary

Vocational school diploma programs are usually offered in accounting rather than financial accounting. Keep reading to learn what these technical and community college programs have to offer in terms of the curriculum and employment outcomes.

Financial Services Customer Service Representative Career Diploma

Diploma education options for prospective financial customer service representatives are available as banking and finance programs. These programs provide fundamental knowledge in accounting, banking, and lending systems.

Hotel and Restaurant Management: Diploma Program Summary

Diploma programs in hotel and restaurant management are available through technical and community colleges. Along with coursework emphasizing hospitality management skills, hands-on training is often part of the curriculum.

Human Resources Accounting: Career Diploma Overview

Accounting isn't a typical part of human resources diploma programs, but generalized programs in human resources may include related coursework in employee compensation.

Human Resources Management: Diploma Program Summary

A Human Resources Management Diploma program prepares students to coordinate employee relations for government, businesses or other organizations. These 1-year programs focus on specialized HR coursework, though a few core business classes may be...

Human Resources Management: Trade School Diploma Program Summary

Students can earn a diploma in human resources (HR) management in multiple ways, but all HR programs will focus on developing the skills necessary to improve employee performance and morale in the workplace. Explore coursework in a trade school...

Information Systems: Diploma Overview

In an information systems diploma program, students learn about various operating systems, software applications, programming languages, networking, database management and the Internet. Also, learn about employment information and certification.

Information Systems: Vocational School Diploma Overview

Information systems diploma programs are designed to prepare students for careers in the information technology (IT) industry, in which they can possibly find jobs as information security analysts or network and computer systems administrators.

International Hospitality Operations: Program Overview

Individuals interested in international hospitality operations may pursue degree options in hospitality management. These degrees give graduates an avenue for successful careers in the food and beverage industry, the hospitality industry, and the...

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