Communications and Journalism

Advancement Opportunities for Journalists

Working as a journalist can logically lead to other jobs within the field of media. Positions that allow one to persistent and creative in their pursuit of storytelling are where journalistic skills will be best utilized.

Advertising Account Coordinator: Salary & Job Description

A career as an advertising account coordinator may be for you if you are creative and possess strong communication skills. Take a look at the job duties and potential salary for this career here.

Advertising Jobs for People Without a Degree

Advertising is a creative career field that often requires a degree of some kind. There are some jobs available in advertising that do not need an undergraduate degree. This article addresses some of those ad careers.

Advertising Manager vs Marketing Manager

Advertising managers and marketing managers both work with an organization to gain public interest in a product or service. Read about some differences and other important career information.

Alternative Careers for Writers

A writing career may be of interest to some, but writing can also be a skill that a professional utilizes in another career. Many fields offer opportunities to write or work with written material regularly.

Arabic Language Careers

When an individual has a specific skill, like speaking a foreign language, they may want to use that skill professionally. Those who speak Arabic may be interested in considering professions such as the ones referenced here.

Brand Communications Manager: Job Description & Salary

Brand communications managers help develop and communicate a message intended to shape their company's image and attract customers. This article explores what they do and how to prepare for a career in this field.

Brand Designer: Job Description & Salary

A brand designer can help businesses convey a mood, tone or image. Through this article, you'll explore the education brand designers need, their responsibilities, and their salary and potential job growth.

Career Info for a Broadcasting - Digital Communication Degree

Degree programs in broadcasting and digital communication typically cover media design, news writing, computer animation, television and radio production topics. Find out about about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career...

Career Info for a Degree in Communication Technology

Communication technology training is generally offered in certificate and degree programs with hands-on preparation. Continue reading for an overview of these programs and some of the careers available in communication technology.

Career Info for a Degree in General Technical & Business Writing

A degree in general technical and business writing provides a foundation for careers that utilize communication, research and writing skills. Continue reading for an overview of programs, as well as information on career options and job outlook...

Career Info for a Multimedia & Digital Communications Degree

Multimedia and digital communications is generally an undergraduate program. Continue reading for an overview of the program, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Animation

Animation degree programs typically cover multimedia design, 3D modeling, animation and character design. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for animation graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Audio Visual Technologies

Audio visual technology degree programs typically last two to four years. Learn about the curricula, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Celtic Languages and Literature

Degrees in Celtic languages and literature are designed to teach students how to write and read Celtic languages. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for Celtic language and...

Career Information for a Degree in Communications Technologies

Degree programs in communications technologies are broad and offer several different concentrations and specialties, and as a result career options are diverse. Read on to find out about the requirements of these programs as well as the career...

Career Information for a Degree in Communications and Journalism

Communications and journalism are generally found in bachelor's degree programs, though master's programs are also available. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Communications or Media Studies

Degrees in communication and media studies generally cover writing, reporting, editing and production across a variety of media formats. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info...

Career Information for a Degree in English

Degree programs in English typically cover written and verbal communications. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for English graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in English Language and Literature

English language and literature is a great program for those who love the classics and want to spend their college years studying them. Graduates of a degree program in English language and literature might find work in the following career...

Career Information for a Degree in Foreign Languages

Some people have a knack for speaking foreign languages and are able to remember vocabulary and tenses with little trouble. If this sounds like you, a degree program in foreign languages might prepare you to begin a career using your talent. Read...

Career Information for a Degree in Graphic Communications

Degree programs for graphic communications cover all aspects of visual design, including marketing and art. Explore the requirements of a degree in graphic communications and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for graphic...

Career Information for a Degree in Journalism

Degrees in journalism typically cover news reporting, broadcasting, or freelance writing. Find out about the requirements for these programs, and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for journalism graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Photojournalism

Training in photojournalism typically covers digital and conventional photography, media studies and artistic aesthetics. Find out about the curriculum of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for...

Career Information for a Degree in Public Relations

Public relations is usually offered as a four-year degree program. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Public Relations or Advertising

Degrees in public relations and advertising typically cover mass media and multimedia design, communications theory, branding, marketing, consumer behavior and public opinion. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career...

Career Information for a Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting

Degrees in radio and television broadcasting typically cover editing, news production, and media proficiency. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for broadcasting graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Recording Arts

Degrees in recording arts typically cover production, engineering and mixing techniques. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for recording arts graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Speech Communications and Rhetoric.

Speech communications and rhetoric programs typically teach the theory and physiology of spoken communication. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for speech communications...

Career information for a Degree in Technical or Business Writing

Technical and business writing careers can be pursued by students who major in fields such as journalism, communications and graphic design. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career options and salary info for graduates.

Careers Involving Music Engineering

There are a few different creative positions that allow professionals to incorporate music engineering into their work. Learn about these jobs, their median salaries, education requirements and expected job growth rates.

Careers Involving Poetry

Whether you just enjoy reading poetry or love to manipulate language into different forms, working with poetry can be a rewarding career experience. In some jobs, you may write some form of a poem. In others, you may work with what others have...

Careers Involving Research & Writing

Many career fields combine research and writing as part of their regular duties. This can include the collection of data, filling out paperwork or creating and publishing written documents.

Careers Involving Writing & Art

There are jobs available for workers experienced in writing and art. Many of these jobs need strong writers while others stress illustrative talent. This article will address some of these positions along with career statistics.

Careers Involving Writing & Editing

Writers and editors are involved in the production of a wide variety of material, including news broadcasts, movies, books, television shows, advertisements and curriculum guidelines that teachers use to prepare lesson plans.

Careers Involving Writing & Travel

Some jobs require travel and writing, and luckily there are people who enjoy doing both. These careers involve writing in many different forms while traveling a variety of distances.

Careers for Former Journalists

Anyone wishing to leave the journalism field can take their experience with them to a new career in areas like writing, editing or production. Discover what these jobs involve and how they fit a former journalist's skills.

Careers for People Who Hate Public Speaking

There are a number of different careers available for people who hate public speaking. We will discuss educational requirements for these jobs as well as what each career entails.

Careers for Persuasive Writers

Persuasive writers work to provoke a desired reaction from readers. There are many careers that involve persuasive writing, some of which can be found in this article.

Careers for Writers & Editors

Writers and editors can find work across many different disciplines and in different media formats. Learn about some of the available careers for writers and editors, as well as the education requirements for each.

Careers in Culture and Communication

For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in culture and communications, there are a number of factors they may want to consider before making a decision, like their interests, educational goals, and skillsets.

Careers in Music Production

Individuals interested in music production will find there are distinct career options. Read on to discover the educational requirements, key job duties, and job outlooks for several unique positions in music production.

Careers in Research Writing

Research writing is incorporated into many different careers as people work to study, learn and make advancements in their particular field. Here are some possible careers in research writing that vary in job duties and education requirements.

Careers in Social Networking

People interested in social networking will find there are a variety of career options. Find out more details on the educational requirements and key job duties for several positions.

Careers in Translation & Interpreting

Those interested in a career in translation or interpreting need fluency in at least two languages. Read on to discover a few examples of careers that will allow you to utilize your language skills in a variety of settings.

Careers in Writing That Pay Well

If you love to write and are good at it, you don't have to spend your career as a starving artist. This article highlights some writing careers that pay well, and includes job descriptions, salary information and necessary education.

Careers in the Hindi Language

There are a number of different jobs and career pathways that an individual who is fluent in Hindi may want to consider. They could use their language skills to be a more competitive applicant.

Careers in the Japanese Language

Jobs for Japanese speakers often involve translation and teaching, but there are also other opportunities. This article provides an illustrative, but not exhaustive, overview of further career possibilities for speakers of Japanese.

Careers in the Sanskrit Language

Though considered a dead language by some, there are a few job possibilities for people who speak and understand Sanskrit. We will discuss a number of them in the article.

Careers that Involve Creative Writing

Several careers are available that involve creative writing in some way. We discuss a few of the options in the fields of education, business and more, as well as the education requirements for each.

Careers that Require Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are a necessary tool for many jobs that are available these days. People with good communication may be interested in this article that discusses some communication fields they may not have considered.

Chief Communications Officer vs. Chief Marketing Officer

Chief communications officers and chief marketing officers are high-level executive positions in organizations that require excellent management and communication skills. Learn details about these positions, including salary, responsibilities,...

Christian Writing Jobs

Writing has been an important part of culture and society for millennia. If you have a passion for the Christian faith and writing, you may want to combine them with one of the following career options.

Content Writer Career Growth

Content writers offer well-written information regarding a variety of topics. To advance their careers, some content writers may consider expanding into other writing careers, such as that of editor, fundraiser or creative director, or using...

Copywriter vs. Journalist: What's the Difference?

Copywriters and journalists are both communications professionals; however, these professionals have different job duties and education requirements. A copywriter often majors in advertising or marketing, while journalists typically earn a degree...

Difference Between DJ & Music Producer

Have an ear for music and the desire to create something sonically pleasing? This describes both DJs and music producers. While producers craft the sound of a recording, DJs take these recordings and curates or reworks them in a way that best...

Difference Between Marketing Manager & Public Relations Manager

Love communications? If so, you might be considering a career as either a marketing manager or a public relations manager. While both positions require similar skills, responsibilities vary greatly. Learn more about the duties of each position.

Difference Between Music Producer & Audio Engineer

Music producers and audio engineers often work together to create pleasing musical recordings. Their roles and skills, however, differ a bit. Find out more about how these musical careers relate to each other.

Difference Between Music Producer & Music Director

Music directors and producers both work with musicians but have different responsibilities. Learn more about these two career options and how their jobs differ and relate.

Difference Between Social Media Manager & Community Manager

Looking for an engaging career in social media? Although social media managers and community managers are often thought to perform the same daily tasks, the goals of each position differ greatly.

Difference Between Songwriter & Composer

Songwriting and composing are very similar occupations, though songwriters often work with individuals, while composers tend to work with larger groups. Find out the similarities and differences between these very musical careers.

Difference Between a Publicist, Manager & Agent

Publicists, managers and agents all work in the best interests of their clients, and help them to secure lucrative work throughout their careers. There are similarities in these three professions, but also differences in the work they do to...

Digital Producer vs. Project Manager

Digital producers and project managers market company brands and products, but they do so in distinct ways, and their degree requirements, salaries, and career outlooks are also divergent.

Editor vs. Publisher

Publishing companies develop the writing the public reads on a daily basis. Publishers oversee these companies, planning the type of content that will succeed for the business, while editors have another important role.

Entry-Level Communications Jobs: Salary & Positions

There are a number of entry-level careers that individuals without extensive professional experience can pursue in the field of communications. Here, we'll examine the salaries, outlooks, and responsibilities of several of these positions.

Entry-Level Publishing Jobs: Salary & Positions

Publishing careers cover tasks that range from collecting money to producing artwork to developing a marketing plan for a book's release. This article explores entry-level occupations in the publishing industry.

Filmmaker vs. Videographer

Filmmakers and videographers both aim to capture messages or emotions. We'll explore the similarities and differences between their responsibilities, salaries, and career outlooks.

Food Critic vs. Food Blogger

Food critics and food bloggers are similar positions in some ways, but have key differences, primarily in the structure and flexibility of the employment arrangement. Learn details about the requirements and daily work for these careers, and...

Food Critic: Job Description & Salary

Food critics get paid to eat. Their job is to help their audience decide which restaurants to spend money in by providing information about and assessments of dining establishments. Learn more about this career, including its education...

Food Critic: Requirements, Training & Education

A career as a food critic may be a good choice for individuals who want to translate their love of food and writing into a profession. Read on to discover the key job responsibilities and job outlook for food critics.

French Language Job Opportunities

Speaking French may be required or considered an asset in careers in law, transportation, protective services, management, communications and education. Read on to learn more about careers that can involve French language skills.

Government Relations Specialist: Job Description & Salary

This article looks at the role of government relations specialists and how people can prepare for this career. Government relations specialists may work in fields such as finance, education, healthcare and environmental sciences.

High-Paying Editing Jobs

When you're interested in becoming an editor, but you want to ensure that you will be paid well, you need to choose a job that can offer you that. Read on to uncover the editing areas that pay the most.

High-Paying Public Relations Jobs

Public relations is a field that has many applications to several different careers, many of which offer high median salaries. Explore some of the available careers, their salaries and expected job growth rates.

Highest Paying Jobs with a Communications Degree

If you are currently earning a communications degree, one of your top career goals might be to work in a lucrative position in the field. Explore some of the highest-paying jobs that can be attained with a communications degree.

Highest Paying Jobs with an English Degree

The most common fields for individuals with an English degree to enter are communications and education. A number of career options in these fields offer individuals with an English degree strong salaries of up to $107,230 per year.

How to Become a Chinese Teacher in Massachusetts

Discover what it takes to become a Chinese language teacher in Massachusetts. Read about what degree to pursue, which MTEL tests to take, and how to complete the application process.

How to Become a Writing Coach

A writing coach combines a passion and talent for writing. This article will provide an overview of this career and include information such as the salary and job responsibilities.

How to Get Certified to Teach Speech in Texas

Prospective speech teachers in Texas must demonstrate their capacity in this field before they can gain certification. Here, we'll look at the test and education needed to become a certified speech teacher in Texas.

Interactive Media Coordinator: Job Description & Salary

The internet has changed the way that people do business and many new internet-related careers. The role of internet media coordinators is explored in this article, which also provides information about how to become one.

Jobs Involving English Literature

When you have a passion for English literature, you may want to embark on a career path that allows you to stay connected to your interest. Read on for details on the jobs that can help you to do that.

Jobs Requiring Chinese Language Skills

There are a number of jobs that require a high level of Chinese language skills, especially in the educational and business worlds. Individuals who have this ability could have an advantage when being considered for these roles.

Jobs Requiring German Language Skills

Having German language skills is useful in many capacities, whether you translate documents or teach this language to students. If you are skilled in German, whether you learned it or are a native speaker, there are many jobs out there for you.

Jobs Requiring Russian Language Skills

If you have mastery in Russian, you may be looking for a job that utilizes this skill. Whether you learned Russian or are a native speaker, having Russian language skills is useful in many occupations.

Jobs Requiring the Portuguese Language

With an ability to fluently speak Portuguese, there are a number of interesting job positions you could be qualified for that may be of interest, depending on your educational background and career goals.

Jobs That Involve Reading Fiction

There are several career opportunities that involve reading fiction as part of the job requirements. For individuals who enjoy reading books, some of these careers may be worth considering.

Jobs for Ex-Military Radio Operators

Communicating messages that direct the movement of military troops is the work performed by a military radio operator. We will discuss civilian jobs that use and build on that foundation, such as 911 dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and...

Jobs for Introverted English Majors

There are many careers that may appeal to introverted English majors. These jobs involve research, independent study or small group work, and assessing text and writing.

Jobs in Writing for People Without a Degree

There are a lot of talented writers out there, but not all have completed a postsecondary education. If you have the skills, there are job options out there for writers without degrees, both freelance and in office settings.

Jobs that Do Not Require Writing

If you want to avoid writing in your job, there are many options to choose from. You can choose to work in a position requiring manual labor, among other different choices.

Jobs that Involve History & English

Those who are interested in history and enjoy reading and writing may be specifically interested in exploring career option that incorporate both history and English. Read on to learn more about careers that regularly involve both content areas.

Jobs that Involve Language Arts

Language arts skills are required to perform regular duties in a wide range of careers. This article focuses on occupations that involve using language arts skills but do not require applicants to have a degree in English.

Jobs that Involve Reading & Writing

Reading and writing are two important skills that are used in a range of professional fields. Read this article to find out about some careers you could pursue that specialize in reading and writing, including their required education and salary...

Jobs that Involve Sign Language

There are many exciting career options for people who know or want to learn sign language. Requirements may include licensing, and preparation ranges from non-degree programs to doctoral degrees. The careers listed here are only a few of the...

Jobs that Involve Social Media

Learn about some of the jobs across several fields that involve some form of social media to connect with other people. See the median salaries, expected job growth and education requirements for each.

Jobs that Involve Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth, and in the U.S. the number of Spanish speakers will continue to increase rapidly. This article provides job descriptions, educational requirements, salary information and projected job...

Jobs that Involve Writing & Music

Creative people are drawn to telling stories, and some use both words and music to express themselves. There are several careers available to people with a background in writing and music.

Jobs that Involve Writing Stories

Jobs that involve writing stories can be diverse, from being a college professor to working for a newspaper. It all depends on what kind of stories you like to write and what education you have entering the field.

Jobs that Require Strong Communication Skills

In any job that involves constant interaction with people, good communication skills are considered both a plus and a necessity. If you possess strong communication skills, you might be interested in several jobs and career options listed below.

Jobs that Require Writing Skills

Having a strong interest in writing doesn't mean that being a writer is your only career option. There are many different industries that value skilled writers, including public relations, web development, and advertising, among others.

Marketing Director vs Communications Director

Marketing and communications directors have similar roles within an organization. However, their daily tasks differ in some ways. Find out more about how these occupations that involve leading other people are similar yet different.

Media Jobs for People Without a Degree

There are a few options for individuals without a degree that are interested in a career in media. Take a look at the information provided to view career options, salary and growth statistics.

Media and Culture Careers

If you would like to pursue a career in media and culture, there are a number of distinct options to choose from, depending on your interests, skills, and educational background.

Online Writing Jobs for People Without a Degree

Looking for a flexible way to begin your writing career? If so, check out five online writing positions that do not require a college degree, what their job duties are and how much these positions pay.

Online Writing Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms who want to continue earning money can pursue online writing jobs if they have the right skills. Read this article for ideas about the kinds of online writing jobs available to stay-at-home moms.

Personal Image Consultant: Job Description & Salary

Personal image consultants help people and companies conduct themselves in a way that will create a favorable impression. This article looks at their specific duties and the type of training that can prepare individuals for this career.

Photonics Technician: Job Description, Outlook & Salary

Camera equipment, lasers, microscopes and other types of equipment that have things like lenses in them are developed and maintained by photonics technicians. The duties of photonics technicians are explored further here.

Political Media Strategist: Job Description & Salary

A political media strategist will need to understand the inner workings of political campaigns. Continue reading to find out some highlights of this career.

Public Relations Entry-Level Jobs: Salary & Job Description

There are a number of different entry-level positions available for individuals interested in working in the field of public relations. We will discuss a few of them in greater detail by exploring salaries and job requirements.

Public Relations Opportunities for Advancement

Professionals in public relations play an important role in ensuring that a business is maintaining an appropriate public image. Those employed in public relation careers have many options available for advancement. Read on to learn about some of...

Publisher vs. Author

For those who have a talent for working with the written word, many exciting career opportunities await. Learn more about how publishers and authors get to use their talents in this area on a daily basis.

Publisher vs. Editor-in-Chief

If you are looking to break into the publishing industry, it is crucial to see what positions best fit your individual strengths and education level. Learn more about what it takes to work as a publisher and as an editor-in-chief.

Right Brain Media Careers

There are a number of diverse career options for individuals who are right-brain dominant and want to pursue a career working in the media. We will discuss a few of these options.

Science Careers Involving Writing & Editing

How much do you enjoy writing and editing? If you have ever thought about crossing science with the idea, you're in luck, because many career opportunities exist that involve scientific writing and editing!

Social Media Account Executive: Job Description & Salary

Social media account executives oversee client accounts and attract new clients, as well as produce material for promotional campaigns. Learn more about specific duties, required education and needed skills, and get job outlook and salary...

Social Media Consultant: Salary & Job Description

A social media consultant career requires an understanding of marketing in the digital age. If you have a flair for social media, then read on to determine if this career is a good fit for you.

Social Media Copywriter: Job Description & Salary

The popularity of social media sites such as Facebook has prompted companies to hire social media copywriters to target potential consumers online. Read on to learn more about what social media copywriters do, what they earn and how to become one.

Social Media Designer: Job Description & Salary

Social media designers play an important role in producing web-based content for companies. Continue reading to learn about this career option, the skills required and the typical income for social media designers.

Social Media Editor: Job Description & Salary

Social media editors are specifically involved in creating, revising and monitoring online content, though their specific tasks may vary based on where they're employed. Learn more about this occupation here.

Social Media Marketing Careers

Social media platforms continue to bloom. For those with a background in marketing, this growth offers many careers to explore, such as those described in this article.

Social Media Marketing Manager Job Overview

The popularity of the Internet has spurred demand for professionals that promote companies and products online. Social media marketing managers combine social media and marketing skills to distribute web-based advertising materials.

Social Media Strategist vs. Community Manager

With the many career positions now available in social media, it is crucial to understand the differences between each role. Take a look at the key distinctions between social media strategists and community managers.

Technical Writer Career Growth

Technical writers work to make complex information truly understandable to end users. Technical writers who have worked in the field and honed their communications skills may wish to seek other employment in communications-based careers.

Types of Creative Media Jobs

There are numerous careers in media, and many of these jobs involve creativity, art or design. Explore a handful of the creative careers in media, as well as their education requirements and median salaries.

Videographer vs. Photographer

Videographers and photographers work to capture subjects and engage audiences, but they differ in the artistic medium they utilize, as well as their salaries and degree requirements.

Web Content Manager: Education, Courses & Training

Web content managers determine how websites are presented and ensure that the sites and their applications work properly. Read on to learn more about what web content managers do and the training required to pursue this career.

What is a Content Writer?

Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for use online. They're Internet-savvy individuals who create articles, blog posts, and other forms of written Web material.

What is the Difference Between Authors & Editors?

Becoming an author or an editor is a strong choice for those who are talented with the written word. To learn more about these two roles, explore the key similarities and differences between these careers.

Writer vs. Editor: What's the Difference?

While both writers and editors do their share of writing, the day-to-day tasks performed in their jobs differ significantly. Writers develop and research original written material, while editors guide, review and revise content.

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