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AAS in Digital Media Communications: Degree Overview

Associate's degree programs in digital media communications provide basic training in the field. These programs can prepare students for entry-level positions or bachelor's degree programs.

AAS in Television Production: Degree Overview

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs in television production provide training in studio, video and field production techniques and equipment use. Find out about program curriculum and future options for graduates.

Associate Degree in Advertising: Program Information

Those who have an interest in the field of advertising should consider associate's degree programs in advertising art. Learn about the program, see common courses and explore job opportunities.

Associate Degree in Digital Media: Program Information

Associate's degree programs in digital media train students in digital video and web editing technology. Students also learn development skills for the various broadcast and multimedia fields.

Associate Degree in English: Program Information

Associate programs in English provide students with an education in both English literature and writing. Learn about the program, coursework and employment opportunities for graduates.

Associate Degree in Journalism: Program Information

High school graduates with hopes of working in the media industry can apply to an associate's degree program in journalism to prepare for entry-level work. Learn about common courses in the program as well as career outcomes.

Associate Degree in Public Relations (PR): Program Information

Individuals who complete Associate of Arts in Communication with a public relations concentration can pursue further education to advance in the field. Learn about the programs available, common courses, and job outlook.

Associate Degree in Tech Writing

Technical writing degree programs focus on writing competency and style, as well as graphic design, visual representation and document design so students can gain skills for a broad spectrum of business communication needs.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): Digital Film Degree Overview

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs in digital film provide basic training in the field alongside general education requirements. They prepare students for careers in media or further education in related topics.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): Digital Media Degree Overview

Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media programs offer training in topics including website design, advertising and marketing, among other studies. Students learn about production of content for a range of media outlets.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): Interactive Media Degree Overview

Students in Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Interactive Media degree programs can learn to create animations, design graphics and develop special effects. Learn about the curriculum and your options after graduation.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS): Radio Broadcasting Degree Overview

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs in radio broadcasting provide students with general education and specialized training in radio broadcasting. Find out more about these programs, career options and continuing education.

Associate of Arts (AA): Visual Journalism Degree Overview

Associate of Arts (AA) programs in visual journalism are uncommon, but interested students can pursue an AA in journalism with a concentration in the field. These programs prepare students for work in the media industry or further education.

Associate of Closed Caption Reporter: Degree Overview

Closed captioning reporter degree programs train students to transfer oral communication into written communication for hearing-impaired individuals. Learn about the program, common courses and job outlook.

Associate of Congressional Reporting: Degree Overview

There are no associate degree programs offered in congressional reporting, but students who are interested in the field may earn an associate degree in court reporting.

Associate of Educational Reporter: Degree Overview

The term 'educational reporter' can refer to someone who transcribes classes for hearing-impaired students or who works as a journalist and covers topics on education. Read on to learn about associate's programs in both transcription and journalism.

Associate of Freelance Reporting: Degree Overview

Though degrees in freelance reporting are not available, associate degree programs in journalism provide a similar education. Students may be able to find online courses and programs at some schools.

Associate of Interactive Media Design: Degree Overview

Associate's degrees in interactive media design teach students how to produce graphics and design interactive DVDs and videos. Students also acquire the skills needed to develop websites and various multimedia content.

Associate of Internet Multimedia & Design: Degree Overview

Associate's degree programs in internet and multimedia design can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to create web pages that combine 3-D images, animations and video clips. Learn about the program, courses and job outlook for multimedia...

Associate of Media Reporter: Degree Overview

Aspiring reporters can pursue an associate's in journalism, which exposes students to the techniques and forms of reporting in multiple mediums and settings. Learn about common classes and current job outlook.

Associate of Multimedia Development and Management: Degree Overview

Multimedia development and management associate's degrees teach students about the various skills and techniques utilized in managing programming, web design, and more. Learn about courses, job options, and continuing education for this field.

Associate of Multimedia Technologies: Degree Overview

Associate's degree programs in multimedia technologies teach students the technical and creative skills applicable to a variety of digital design environments. Learn about the programs, careers and continuing one's education.

Associate of Multimedia: Degree Overview

If you are interested in undergraduate studies that integrate technology and design, you may consider an associate's degree in multimedia. Get more information about the program and future prospects for graduates.

Associate of Music Business or Audio Production: Degree Overviews

If you're interested in working behind the scenes in the music industry, you may want to pursue an associate's degree in music management or audio production. Learn more about these programs and your options after completion.

Associate of Photographic Technology: Degree Overview

If you dream of becoming a photographer, you can start by earning an associate's degree in photographic technology. Find out what these programs entail and what students may do when they finish.

Associate of Political Reporter: Degree Overview

While an Associate of Political Reporter degree program isn't available, an associate degree program in journalism prepares students for future careers as political reporters. Learn about the different courses and job options.

Associate of Public Reporting: Degree Overview

Public reporting allows companies to show transparency in their business practices. Associate's degrees in accounting and healthcare management provide students training in proper record keeping and reporting techniques for these specific fields.

Associate of Publishing Transcriptionist: Degree Overview

Associate degree programs related to publishing transcription careers prepare students to turn spoken-word speeches or recordings into typed documents. Students can apply their skills in various settings, including legal, medical and business.

Associate of Science (AS): Animation Degree Overview

Associate of Science degree programs in animation teach students how to create graphics, 3-D animations and other multimedia visuals. Explore common coursework and program requirements, learn about popular career options and continuing education...

Associate of Science (AS): Digital Production Degree Overview

Associate of Science degrees in digital production are rare, but students who are interested in production-oriented careers can choose from related degree options. Find out program information, courses offered and other options available.

Associate of Science (AS): Interactive Media Degree Overview

Associate of Science in Interactive Media degree programs combine training in the artistic techniques and technology needed to make digital art. Students learn skills in multimedia production, animation and graphic arts.

Associate of Science (AS): Multimedia Degree Overview

Associate of Science in Multimedia degree programs combine traditional design concepts with emerging technology. Learn about careers you can enter with a multimedia associate's degree, as well as details about transferring into a bachelor's program.

Associate of Video and Radio Production Technology: Degree Overview

Associate degree programs in video and radio production technology may also be called radio and television production, audio and video production, or broadcasting production technology. Learn more about the program and see job information.

Associate's in Communications & Public Relations: Degree Overview

Associate's degrees in communications and public relations focus on consumer/investor relations, event planning, and writing news and press releases. Most of these programs include general education courses and hands-on training.

Associates Degree in Audio Engineering: Program Information

Audio engineers produce and record sounds for music labels, broadcasting companies, and other organizations. Audio engineers can begin their education by enrolling in an associate's degree program in audio engineering or production.

Associates Degree in Photojournalism: Program Information

An associate's degree in photojournalism helps students learn about the history of photography and the reporting side of journalism through pictures. Explore the program, common courses and employment outlook.

Associates Degree in Writing: Program Information

Through associate's degree programs in writing, students develop the knowledge and skills to begin a writing or editing career. Explore the program options, coursework and job outlook.

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