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Advertising vs. Marketing Majors: What's the Difference?

Advertising and marketing are related majors with key differences, though advertising is a part of marketing. The various majors available in marketing and advertising reflect these important differences.

Animation Major: Information and Requirements

Students in an animation bachelor's program explore the computer software used to create 2-D and 3-D images for television shows, films, computer games, and video games.

Audio Recording Major: Information and Requirements

A bachelor's degree in audio recording offers students a comprehensive overview of the recording process and the music business. Find out what is involved in taking this major and what career options and advanced studies are available to graduates.

BS in Communication & Technical Writing: Program Info

Bachelor's degree programs in technical communications prepare students to write in a professional environment. Explore program details, coursework, and employment opportunities.

Bachelor in Organizational Management Communications: Program Info

Organizational management communications programs focus on how communications can affect the structure and change within a business. Read on for the program requirements, curriculum description and careers available.

Bachelor of Advertising: Degree Overview

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Advertising program explore methods for learning what customers want and how to develop advertising campaigns that reach and persuade those populations. See common courses and job outlook.

Bachelor of Animation: Degree Overview

There are several degree options for students who want to study animation at the bachelor's level. Find out more about the curriculum and future options for graduates when they finish.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Journalism Degree Overview

Most Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs in journalism, or journalism and mass communications, offer students fundamental training in all areas of the field. Learn about the program, coursework and job opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Literature and Culture Degree Overview

A literature and culture bachelor's degree can be used in many occupational fields. With a B.A. in Literature and Culture, students can explore careers in everything from science to business, or continue their education at the doctorate level.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Professional Writing Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts program in professional writing combines liberal arts studies with courses in rhetoric, language use, and writing. Learn more about the curriculum and the career possibilities for graduates.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Visual Journalism Degree Overview

Within a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Journalism program with a visual journalism emphasis, students learn to convey ideas and notions through visual communication using traditional journalistic methods. Students are required to participate in...

Bachelor of Arts in English: Professional Writing Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Professional Writing allows English majors to focus on developing their writing and publishing skills. Get more information on this degree and the possible careers it can prepare you for.

Bachelor of Audio Production: Degree Overview

In a bachelor's degree program in audio production, students learn to use professional sound recording equipment for live and studio recording, mixing, and editing. Learn more about program requirements, the course curriculum, and options after...

Bachelor of Broadcasting: Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Broadcasting Degree program offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience through campus media and internships. Find out what degree programs are available to those who want to major in broadcasting and what could be...

Bachelor of Digital Media Production: Degree Overview

A digital media production bachelor's degree program offers students the chance to explore video work in television, film, sports and news, and to become proficient in requisite skills.

Bachelor of Digital Recording Arts Technology: Degree Overview

Digital recording arts bachelor's programs cover the basic principles of audio recording and engineering. Programs in digital recording arts offer courses on topics like music history, film audio and more.

Bachelor of Digital Visual Media: Degree Overview

Programs comparable to a bachelor's degree program in digital visual media include programs in Visual Media or Digital Media Arts. Students focus on fundamentals of design, content, and digital artistry.

Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA): Computer Animation Degree Overview

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation degree programs give students a working knowledge of animation techniques and software. Students learn about design techniques for motion picture and video, gaming and other projects.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Communication Design Degree Overview

In a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design program, students can refine their talents in graphic art, digital photography, multimedia design and other communication design courses. Get a glimpse of the program requirements, the course...

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Computer Animation Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation typically combines knowledge in computer animation history and theory with skills in framing, compositing and visual effects. See program requirements and coursework as well as the job outlook for...

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Interactive Media Degree

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media program integrates studies in fine arts, graphic design and computer technology with studio lessons in drawing, illustration and animation. Get program requirements, see coursework and explore job...

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Multimedia Production and Design Degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs with concentrations in multimedia production and design educate students about 2D and 3D media design fundamentals and digital art formats. Learn about program requirements and possibilities after graduation...

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Recording Arts Degree Overview

BFA in Recording Arts programs are rare, but Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Music programs with a major in recording arts or technology are more readily available. These offer similar curricula that focus on the production and marketing of...

Bachelor of Interactive Media Design: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in interactive media design teaches students how to communicate ideas through a wide array of digital media. These media directly engage users in the process.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Communication Studies Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies program explores communications strategies for media, businesses and other organizations. For curriculum details, program requirements and career options tied to this degree, keep reading.

Bachelor of Science (BS): English Degree Overview

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in English learn critical writing skills that they can apply to things such as technical writing or writing grants. They will also learn about literary criticism and assess the works of many famous authors.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Multimedia and Animation Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Animation degree program may have titles like multimedia studies, digital media, or information technology with concentration options in animation. Students may be asked to complete a portfolio in order to...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Technical Writing Degree Overview

A B.S. in Technical Writing program provides students with the skills necessary for scientific and technical communication jobs within media companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management

Advertising management bachelor's degrees teach students to become both good leaders and good advertisers. Numerous different skills are honed and taught throughout this program, from copywriting and media planning to cultivating a business persona.

Bachelor of Sound Arts: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degrees in sound arts are generally offered as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. These degree programs look at recording techniques used in professional music production.

Bachelor's Degree in Communications: Program Info

Bachelor of science degrees in communications offer students knowledge in communications theory and practical applications. Many programs may require an internship and a senior project in order to graduate.

Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature: Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in comparative literature offers students the opportunity to study written works across diverse cultures. Learn about program requirements, common courses and job opportunities.

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media: Program and Course Overview

Digital media programs draw from courses in virtual communications, computer science, and graphic design. Learn more about the program requirements, career choices, salary information and advanced degree options available after graduation.

Bachelor's Degree in English Language: Program Overview

Students enrolled in an English language bachelor's degree program can focus on many areas, such as linguistics, literature or education. Learn more about common courses of study, plus career, and continuing education opportunities for degree...

Bachelor's Degree in Health Communications: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in health communications are designed to teach students about public health issues, medical news, and communicable diseases. Students learn how to convey that knowledge in an effective way to raise awareness.

Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media: Program Overview

In a bachelor's degree programs in mass media students study the production of media, which may include television, sports broadcasts, music, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, photojournalism, advertisements, documentaries, and websites.

Bachelor's Degree in Media and Communications: Program Info

A bachelor's degree in media and communications teaches students about newspapers, magazines, websites, television and radio. Students take courses in media history, ethics and broadcast production.

Bachelor's Degree in Translation: Program Information

A bachelor's degree in translation is designed for individuals desiring a career as an interpreter or translator. Aside from fluency in language, topics covered in this degree program include linguistic technologies, liaison translation and text...

Bachelor's Degree in Writing: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in writing teach individuals to spin narratives, report breaking news or show people how to use their new electronics. The most appropriate program will depend on the specific area of writing students are interested in.

Bachelor's Degrees in Organizational Communications: Program Info

A bachelor's degree program in organizational communication teaches students about negotiation techniques and professional speaking and other communication skills that enhance the productivity in the workplace. Learn more about the program...

Bachelor's Degrees in Spanish: Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs in Spanish provide students with fluency in the Spanish language and an understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures. Learn about common program requirements as well as career outcomes and continuing education options.

Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication: Degree Info

A journalism and mass communication bachelor's degree program allows students to learn the skills needed for careers in reporting, news analysis and public relations. Read on for the program requirements, course curriculum and options after...

Bachelor's in Music Production: Degree Program Summary

A music production bachelor's degree program involves the study of production techniques, audio recording and music software design. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum, and possibilities after graduation.

Bachelor's in Professional Communication: Degree Info

Bachelor's degree programs in professional communication teach students to effectively use various means of communication in professional interactions, marketing, management and public relations. Keep reading to explore the career fields open to...

Bachelors Degree in Audio Production: Program Summary

A bachelor's degree program in audio production is designed to provide a comprehensive education in all aspects of sound production, including producing, recording, mixing and mastering sound. This degree is for individuals who are interested in...

Bachelors Degree in Music Recording: Program Overview

Undergraduate programs in music recording fall under a variety of degree titles including Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology and Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. Read on for the program requirements, the course curriculum...

Bachelors Degree in Television Production: Program Overview

A bachelor's degree program in television production teaches students the history, economics, and cultural impact of television as well as production techniques. Take a look at the program requirements and the options after graduation.

Colleges with Audio Engineering Majors: How to Choose

Audio engineering is the term for recording, processing and reproducing sound, particularly in a studio setting with musicians. Bachelor's degree programs in audio engineering are available through music schools or as part of some engineering...

Colleges with a Computer Animation Major: How to Choose

Undergraduate computer animation degree programs provide instruction in the use of computer hardware and software to design and create animated graphics and movies. Computer animation bachelor's degree programs are available at select schools...

Communications Technology Bachelors Degree Program Information

Graduates of communications technology bachelor's programs acquire technical knowledge and skills that can be put to use in various organizations. They also have the option to continue their education after the fact.

Creative Writing Bachelors Degree Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in creative writing teaches students to write original works in verse and prose. Take a look at the program requirements, the course curriculum, and the possibility of further studies after graduation.

Electronic & Computer Communications Bachelor's Degree: Program Info

Bachelor's degree programs in electronic and computer communications teach students how communications signals are managed, transmitted and processed. Read on for more about programs, courses and the job outlook for the field of communications.

English Language and Literature Major: Information and Requirements

Bachelor's degree programs in English language and literature promote skills in literature interpretation, writing and critical thinking. Find out what students can expect while enrolled and learn about popular career choices for graduates.

Interactive Media Bachelor's Degree Program Options

Students in interactive media bachelor's degree programs learn media design, flash animation, and design for the web. Learn more about the program requirements and career options available.

Interactive Media Design Major: Information and Requirements

Bachelor's degree programs in interactive media teach students about the fields of multimedia and web design. Students in these programs may specialize in design or technical development of digital media, with a focus on building their own...

Linguistics Majors: Information and Requirements

Linguistics majors study the social, physical and cognitive development of human language skills. Read more about the program requirements, coursework, and career options after graduation.

Recording Arts Technology Major: Information and Requirements

Recording arts technology majors learn the theories and practical elements behind audio engineering and recording. Find out more about bachelor's degree programs in recording arts technology, and get details about popular careers, job outlook,...

Salary and Career Info for a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting

A Bachelor of Science in broadcasting offers courses in journalism, communications, and the liberal arts such as history, English, math, economics and political science. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, career choices, and salary...

Schools that Offer a Public Relations Major: How to Choose

Universities across the U.S. offer public relations (PR) majors. The curriculum often includes classes in journalism, communication, advertising and marketing to fully prepare students for careers in all areas of PR work. Degrees conferred are...

Schools with a Photojournalism Major: How to Choose

Photojournalism is the use of photography as storytelling technique in a journalistic setting. Many U.S. colleges offer undergraduate photojournalism programs.

Sound Recording Bachelors Degree Program Overviews

A sound recording bachelor's degree program can provide individuals with the training necessary to work as audio production engineers and recording engineers for music, television, film, and radio.

Sound Recording Technology Major: Info for Aspiring College Students

Bachelor's degree programs in sound recording technology combine the study of two seemingly diverse subjects: technology and music. Students wanting to enter this program are expected to be musically talented and have an aptitude for technology.

Speech Major: Information and Requirements

The study of speech at the baccalaureate level involves subjects like sociology and literature and is often included within a comprehensive communications major. Learn more about program requirements, coursework and possibilities after graduation.

Sports Broadcasting Major: Information and Requirements

While there are no undergraduate degree programs that focus entirely on sports broadcasting, students can enroll in a journalism, sports management or communications program to learn about the medium.

Sports Communications Majors: Information and Requirements

Sports communications programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and career options.

Sports Journalism Major: Information and Requirements

Bachelor's degree programs in sports journalism are available to students who want to learn how to broadcast or report sports. Students in these programs learn about the principles of sports journalism in print, broadcast or electronic media.

Top Colleges for Communications Majors: School List

Continue on to learn about some of the top colleges for communications majors. Get school rankings, location info and degree possibilities, and compare similarities and differences to find the right educational path for you.

Visual Effects Major: Information and Requirements

A degree in visual effects offers the training needed to design and implement the effects for movies, television and commercials. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and possibilities after graduation.

Why Should I Major in Advertising?

Advertising is the art and business of enticing consumers to purchase a product or service. There are many reasons to major in advertising, including the skills one acquires, the diversity of employment opportunities and the various...

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