Communications and Journalism

19th-Century Russian Literature Courses and Programs

Russian literature courses are available at colleges across the country at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Broad survey courses about 19th-century Russian literature can be found, as well as those focusing on one or more authors. Continue...

2D Art and Animation: Coursework Overview

Students can study 2D art and animation as part of certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree programs in animation or the visual arts at art schools, community colleges, technical schools and four-year universities. Some schools also offer...

3D Animation Principles and Techniques: Coursework Overview

Coursework in 3-D animation teaches students the necessary techniques to create animated characters and sequences. Training programs may be found at the certificate and diploma levels, as well as through associate's, bachelor's and master's...

Animation: Coursework Overview

Coursework in animation is available through both non-degree and degree programs at community colleges, art schools and universities. Courses in these programs prepare students to create animations, design 3-D models and develop characters.

Certificate in Digital Health Communication

A certificate in digital health communication can help students develop successful strategies that incorporate contemporary social platforms to succeed in this industry. Find out more about program admission requirements, common courses, and...

Children's Writing Courses and Classes Overview

Courses on writing for children can provide valuable training in the genre, and these courses are often available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Full degree programs in writing for children are generally available at the master's...

Chinese Language Course and Class Information

Educational programs in Chinese language or Asian studies often offer various levels of Mandarin or Cantonese, history, culture, and calligraphy courses. Read on to learn about each of these common courses.

Comic Animation Course and Training Program Information

Undergraduate and graduate programs in graphic arts, animation and comic book arts all feature coursework in comic animation. Read on to learn about some of the topics covered by comic animation classes.

Communications Courses and Classes Overview

Communication courses cover various methods of human communication, from face-to-face interaction to television broadcasting to social media. Keep reading to learn about the most common communication courses.

Computer Animation Classes and Courses Overview

Students enrolled in computer animation classes often learn to create functional characters and environments, use digital technology, and edit videos. Read on for more information about computer animation courses.

Digital Communications Certificate Online

This article explores options for earning a digital communications certificate online. It provides a basic overview of digital communications certificates, admission information and coursework. Additional information about how to choose the right...

German Language Class and Training Program Information

A major world language, German is taught broadly in colleges and language training institutes. Read below for a greater understanding of German language courses.

Grant Writing Classes and Courses Overview

Grant writing courses are available through continuing education programs, workshops and graduate degrees. Read on to discover more about the classes offered in this field of study.

Graphic Communications Courses and Classes Overview

Graphic communications is an incredibly vast field that utilizes graphic elements to advertise, translate or market a product, idea or message to an audience. Examine the most commonly offered courses in graphic communications.

Italian Language Courses and Training Programs

Italian courses and degree programs are readily available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as through continuing education courses, cultural center classes and study abroad programs. Read on to learn more about some of the...

Japanese Interpreter Training Program and Course Information

Individuals wanting to become Japanese interpreters may train through bachelor's and master's degree programs. Some are general programs in reading, writing and speaking, while others focus on professional interpretation and translation.

Learn Effective Communication: Classes and Courses

Classes that focus on effective communication can be found in undergraduate and graduate programs. The coursework typically covers a broad range of related subjects, from communication theory and communicating in different cultures to persuasive...

Learn French Translation: Course and Training Program Information

Individuals who are interested in careers as French to English translators can enroll in a bachelor's degree program or a certificate in French translation. Graduates can pursue careers as oral and literal interpreters or educators.

Literature Degree and Course Information

Colleges and universities across the U.S. offer literature degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs offer different levels of study of literature and develop critical thinking, research and writing skills.

News Production Training Program and Course Information

In news production training programs, students learn the various technologies and techniques utilized in the field through traditional coursework and direct experience internships. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum...

Overview of Courses for Communication Technicians

Courses for aspiring communication technicians are available at colleges and technical schools. Required coursework usually includes instruction in understanding and building electronic devices and various types of communication technology....

Overview of Writing Courses for Aspiring Children's Authors

Writing courses for aspiring children's authors may be part of the curriculum for undergraduate or graduate degrees in creative writing, English or children's literature. Other options include continuing education and/or online courses. Read on...

Professional Writing Degree Program and Course Information

Professional writing programs are available at the bachelor's and master's levels and provide the practical skills needed for employment. Learn more about the program requirements and possible options after graduation.

Publicity Degree and Course Information

There are numerous degree levels and majors for aspiring publicity professionals, including associate, bachelor's and master's programs in journalism, communication or public relations. Learn about specific degrees at each level, and get job...

Publishing Classes and Courses Overview

Many colleges offer publishing courses through English and publishing bachelor's and master's degree programs. Students can choose from a variety of subtopics within these programs. Standalone courses in publishing are also quite common through...

Rhetoric Degree and Course Information

Degree programs in rhetoric focus on the persuasive utilization of spoken and written language. Many colleges offer degrees in rhetoric at the undergraduate and graduate levels through English or communication departments.

Romanian Language Course and Class Information

Students can learn to speak Romanian, as well as learn about Romanian culture, through courses available through Slavic language and literature, English and foreign language departments. Options for studying Romanian exist at both the...

Sign Language Degree and Course Information

Sign language is the use of facial expressions, body language and hand gestures to convey words and thoughts to the hard of hearing. American Sign Language degree programs are offered at the associate's and bachelor's degree levels.

Sign Language Interpretation Training Programs: How to Choose

Because American Sign Language (ASL) is the most widely used sign language in this country, most American schools teach ASL-English interpretation. Programs in ASL-English interpretation are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Web Advertising Classes and Courses

Web advertising, also known as digital marketing, is a method for reaching and attracting consumers via the Internet. Read about an overview of the most common web advertising classes and courses.

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