Communications and Journalism

Advertising and Public Relations Masters Programs

There are several master's degree options for students who are interested in advertising and public relations. Find out what you will learn if you enroll in one of these programs and what you can do after you graduate.

Animation Graduate Programs: Options by Degree Level

Several degree programs are available for students who are interested in studying particular aspects of animation. A Master of Arts in Animation is often what is available at the graduate level.

Best Communication Graduate Programs: List of Top Schools

Learn about some of the best schools in the country to offer graduate-level communication programs. Go over program details for these universities and see a list of other top schools in the field.

Best Writing Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Learn about some of the best graduate writing programs in the country. Read about two top schools offering programs of study in this field, including their rankings and course details, so you might make an informed decision.

Career and Salary Info for a Masters Degree in English

A master's in English includes advanced classes in writing, editing and communications. Find out about the curricula for the master's program, and learn about career options, job outlook and salary information for English major graduates.

Children's Literature Masters Degree Program Overview

If you are passionate about children's literature, you may consider pursuing a master's degree in the topic. Learn more about degree options, program requirements, coursework, and future options for graduates.

Forensic Linguistics Graduate Program Options

While there are no graduate programs in forensic linguistics, students might choose to pursue a master's or doctoral degree in general linguistics and complete elective courses in forensic linguistics.

Graduate Degrees in Spanish Language: Program Options

In graduate Spanish language programs, students develop advanced grammar skills and the ability to understand Hispanic literature within the context of cultural influences and historical periods.

Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics: Program Outline

Applied linguistics students explore cross-cultural linguistic tools, gain an understanding of the nature of language and analyze ethnographic research methods. Graduates might work as educators or consultants, or they could go for a doctoral...

Graduate English Courses and Classes Overview

Master's degree and Ph.D. programs in English offer graduate courses in a wide variety of areas. Students typically concentrate in literature or writing, although foundation courses are similar for both areas. Read on to take a closer look at the...

Graduate Schools for Photojournalism: How to Select the Right School

Several universities across the U.S. offer graduate-level programs in photojournalism. Keep reading to learn more about the schools and programs available.

Graphic Communication Graduate Program Options

Master's degree students in graphic communication are prepared to lead projects and manage the creation and distribution of communication materials that incorporate visual images. Learn about the program requirements, coursework and the career...

How to Get an MFA in Fiction: Program Overview

Students in a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Fiction or an MFA in Creative Writing program typically work on writing fiction under the guidance of experienced mentors with the goal of honing their craft and achieving publication.

Interactive Media Masters Degree Program Information

A master's degree in interactive media integrates advanced concepts of art and design with modern technology. Learn more about program requirements, course options, and future opportunities for graduates.

List of Schools with the Best English Masters Programs

Prepare for a graduate degree in English by learning about English programs at three leading schools. Find out about degree concentration areas and school and program rankings.

MA in Business Communication - Project Management: Degree Overview

Master of Arts in Business Communication - Project Management degree programs equip students with the necessary management skills to hold senior-level positions in public and private companies. Find out what you'll learn in this program.

MA in Communication & Media Entrepreneurship: Degree Overview

Master's degree programs are available for potential candidates interested in communication and media entrepreneurship. Course topics focus on business and entrepreneurial skills that students will need as they move forward through their education.

MBA in Communication & Quality: Degree Overview

Many schools offer communications or quality assurance concentrations within a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program. The two areas are different, so students interested in both need to pursue separate programs or credentials.

MBA in Digital Media Management: Program Overview

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs with concentrations in entertainment or digital media management prepare students to provide behind-the-scenes leadership in the development and production of digital media projects, such as...

Master Control Operator: Salary and Career Info

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a master control operator. Get a quick view of the details about schooling, career information, job duties, and salary statistics as well as voluntary certifications to find out if this...

Master of Arts (MA): Advertising and Public Relations Degree Overview

A Master of Arts (M.A.) in Advertising and Public Relations program commonly focuses studies around advertising strategies, ethics and management skills. Find out what you need to apply, what to expect from the curriculum, and what you can do...

Master of Arts (MA): Journalism Degree Overview

Master's degree programs in journalism are available to aspiring and experienced journalists alike. Students explore topics such as the role of media in society and a reporter's ethical responsibility. Program details and career info follow.

Master of Communication: Degree Overview

Master of Arts and Master of Science in Communication programs are found more often in the United States than a Master of Communication program. Learn about the requirements and coursework for each of these programs as well as the career paths...

Master of Computer Animation: Degree Overview

A master's degree program in computer animation is designed to teach advanced skills to people wishing to pursue a career in this specialty. These programs provide hands-on training in computer graphics, along with courses in art history, theory...

Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Special Effects Animation Degree Overview

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Special Effects Animation program teaches students how to use computer graphics and animation to create visuals effects in film and media. Explore common courses and job opportunities.

Master of Professional Writing Degree Overview

Master of Professional Writing programs focus on a variety of areas of writing, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and scriptwriting for screen or stage. Earning a Master of Professional Writing can lead to careers in education, writing or...

Master of Science (MS): Communications Technology Degree Overview

Throughout their master degree programs, information and communication technology students participate in hands-on technical learning and build a working portfolio to highlight their abilities to possible employers.

Master of Science (MS): Public Relations Degree Overview

Master of Science degree programs in public relations teach students to meet client needs through effective communications, media relations and marketing campaigns.

Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics: Program Information

Applied linguistics is the study of how individuals view language at a cultural level. Students analyze the importance of language, as well as how language is learned, taught, used, impacted or developed among cultures and individuals.

Master's Degree in Interactive Communications: Program Overview

There are no master's degrees in interactive communication. However, it is often a specialization option within broader master's degree programs in mass communications and similar fields.

Master's Degree in Mass Communications: Program Overview

Mass communication master's degree programs teach students about media innovations, cultural issues and managerial responsibilities among others. Learn more about the program requirements, course curriculum and options after graduation.

Master's Degree in Media Design: Program Information

Although a master's degree in media design is not typically labeled as such, individuals interested in studying media design can pursue a master's degree in digital media arts. Learn about the program and career options.

Master's Degree in Media Psychology: Degree Program Information

Media psychology is the study of how media, technology and communication impact human behavior. Individuals in a media psychology program will learn about topics such as contemporary issues in psychology, culture and psychology, among others.

Master's in Health Communication: Degree Program Information

A master's degree program in health communication typically includes interdisciplinary curricula that prepare graduates to disseminate information on health issues to the public. Learn more about the program, common coursework and employment...

Master's in Strategic Communications: Degree Program Overview

Master's degree programs in strategic communications train students in analyzing businesses and organizations in order to become proficient in understanding society's demands. Learn more about the program description, and career options available.

Masters Degree in 3D Animation: Program Summary

Master's programs specializing in 3D animation are rare. Students interested in learning about 3D animation may apply to a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Digital Arts program, and choose a specialization in 3D animation.

Masters Degree in Animation: Program Overview

Students looking to continue their education in film and media may be interested in a master's degree in animation. Learn more about this master's program, the curriculum, and possible career options for graduates.

Masters Degree in Audio Production: Program Overview

A Master of Arts in Recording Arts program provides students with the opportunity to learn advanced technical skills and further their careers in the field of audio production. Find out more about this program and future opportunities for graduates.

Masters Degree in Copywriting: Program Information

If you want to become a professional copywriter, there are several master's degree programs that offer relevant training. Find out about degree options, program requirements, coursework, and future prospects for graduates.

Masters Degree in New Media: Program Overview

Students who are artistic and tech-savvy may be interested in a pursuing a master's degree in new media. Learn more about application materials, program requirements, and career options for graduates.

Masters in Communication Design: Program Overviews

If you dream of a career that combines principles of artistry and marketing, you may consider enrolling in a master's degree program in communication design. Find out more about program specifics and post-graduation job options.

Masters in Public Relations Management: Program Information

Although master's degree programs in public relations management are rare, they provide students with advanced training in the field. Find out about application materials, program requirements, and future options for graduates.

Masters in Publishing and Editing: Degree Program Overview

A Master of Science in Publishing introduces students to the traditional publishing industry as well as new media forms. Concentrations in specific areas include magazine publishing, newspaper publishing, book publishing and new media.

Masters in Recording Arts: Program Overviews

Recording arts is an interdisciplinary field that integrates studies of music and technology. Find out more about master's degree options, program requirements, and post-graduation opportunities.

Masters in Television Production: Degree Program Summary

If you want to work in television production, a master's degree can boost your knowledge of the industry and practical skills. Get information about program requirements, aspects of the curriculum, and career options for graduates.

Music Production Masters Degree Program Overviews

While there are no master's degree programs specifically in music production, Master of Science programs in Music Technology cover the basics of production, as well as other important concepts in the music industry.

Sports Broadcasting Graduate Program Options

At the graduate level, sports broadcasting is most commonly offered as a specialization option in a journalism program. Find out about program requirements and career prospects after graduation.

Sports Broadcasting Masters Degree Program Information

There are several master's degree programs that train students in the field of sports broadcasting. Get more information about application requirements, curriculum and future job prospects for graduates.

Sports Journalism Graduate Programs by Level

Sports journalism programs teach students how to report on sporting activities across all forms of media. General aspects of journalism, such as methodology and ethics, will be covered, as well as research skills specific to sports journalism.

Sports Journalism Masters Degree Program Information

Graduate degree programs in sports journalism are rare, but they can provide just the edge a journalist needs to get noticed in this highly competitive field. Learn more about program specifics and see the job outlook for graduates.

Technical Writing Graduate Program Options

In a graduate program in technical writing, students learn the fundamentals of technical writing, like information design, editing, software and production.

Top Communication Studies Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Communications is a popular subject; see a list of the top schools in the nation to offer graduate programs in the field. Explore in depth two of these top schools, including their program details and ranking information.

Top Creative Writing Masters Programs: School List

A master's degree in creative writing is a practical degree that helps students develop advanced writing skills. Get rankings and program details for the top creative writing master's programs in the country.

Top Graduate Schools with PR Programs

Graduate programs in public relations (PR), which may also be referred to as strategic communication, can typically be found as either stand-alone degrees or as concentrations within a university's communication or professional studies school....

Top Media Studies Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Find out about the top media studies graduate programs in the United States. Learn about degree options and the research areas graduate students can pursue at these schools.

Top Rhetoric Graduate Programs: School List

Find out which schools have the top graduate programs in rhetoric. Discover school rankings and information about each school's program requirements and expectations.

What are the Best Animation Graduate Schools?

Discover three of the top graduate schools for studying animation in the United States. Learn about the programs, courses, and requirements that make these schools great for studying animation.

What are the Top Broadcasting Graduate Schools?

Learn about some of the top schools in the country to offer graduate-level programs in broadcasting. Go over program and ranking details specific to three of these top schools, then see highlights of other standouts in the field.

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