Computer Sciences

BBA in Telecommunications Management: Degree Overview

BBA degree programs emphasizing studies in telecommunications management help students understand how businesses work while teaching them how to manage information in databases, develop networks, secure information and design database systems.

BFA in Game Design & Development: Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Game Design and Development can educate students in the technological, conceptual and artistic aspects of the gaming industry.

BS in Applied Technology Management: Degree Info

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Technology Management degree program should prepare students for careers in the industrial engineering or industrial technology management fields.

BS in Computer Networking & Security: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in computer networking and security, also called computer and network security, can prepare students to manage and secure linked systems of computers and devices.

BS in Electronics & Information Security: Degree Overview

Individuals who want to study electronics and information security might consider a BS in Information Security or a BS in Electronic Technology or Electronic Engineering Technology.

BS in Information Technology Management: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in information technology management typically combine business administration coursework with computer-related classes. Graduates are prepared to support the IT needs of businesses and other organizations.

BS in Network Design & Administration: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in network design and administration provide comprehensive training in the field of information technology (IT), alongside more general education.

BS in Technology Management & Telecommunications: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in technology management and telecommunications teach students to use information systems to solve business problems. Curricula may require students to gain relevant professional experience through internships, which...

BS in Technology Management: Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management (BSTM) programs in computer information systems (CIS) focus on providing students with the in-depth project management and technical skills they need to manage large-scale IT projects for businesses.

Bachelor in Database Management: Program Information

While database management isn't often offered as an undergraduate major, Bachelor of Science degrees in either computer information systems or information technology may have a database management specialty or minor.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology: Degree Info

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology (IT) programs train students in data security and management, preparing them for computer-related jobs or graduate-level studies.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Game Design Degree Overview

Most Bachelor of Arts in Game Design programs offer information and build skills in game design theory, technology and programming, general art and storytelling. See common coursework, job outlook and continuing education options.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Degree

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology degree program educates students on the modern technologies that are used in office environments. Get more information about the program and future options for graduates.

Bachelor of Business in Information Technology

Students interested in working in help desk support, security administration, or database maintenance can pursue a bachelor's degree in information technology. Students can learn the function and maintenance of computer databases as well as...

Bachelor of Computer & Digital Forensic: Degree Overview

Students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs in computer and digital forensics explore basic computer forensic techniques used to investigate unethical and illegal activity. Learn more about these programs' availability and career outcomes.

Bachelor of Computer Information Science: Degree Overview

Bachelor's-level programs in computer information science are widely available through colleges and universities. These programs teach the fundamental skills of computer operations and systems management.

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS): Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BCIS) programs provide students with computer and organizational skills essential for many careers in business.

Bachelor of Computer Network Management: Degree Overview

In computer network management bachelor's degree programs, students learn to design, configure, install and maintain enterprise-wide networks. Find out more about these programs and future possibilities for graduates.

Bachelor of Computer Networking: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in computer networking teach students the skills needed to operate a network system. Learn about degree requirements and courses along with continuing education and career information.

Bachelor of Computer Programming & System Analysis: Degree Overview

In a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program, students learn how to use programming languages, code software applications and administer IT systems. These skills prepare graduates for a career in computer programming or analysis as...

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS): Degree Overview

Many private and public universities, colleges and technology institutes offer 4-year computer science programs leading to either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Learn about the program, employment outlook, and salary.

Bachelor of Computer Technology: Network Engineering Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Technology with a networking-related concentration teaches students a variety of skills useful for many jobs. Learn about the requirements of this degree as well as career and continuing education information.

Bachelor of Cyber Security: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Cybersecurity degree programs teach students how to protect computer systems, networks, and online data from attack and infiltration techniques.

Bachelor of Digital Arts: Degree Overview

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts. These programs offer coursework in design principles such as motion, composition, story structure, sound design and color theory.

Bachelor of Digital Design: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in digital design may be offered as a digital media or graphic design program. Regardless of the name, students learn to use sophisticated graphic software while developing a portfolio of their work.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Computer Graphics Degree Overview

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs in computer graphics teach students to create and edit images through classroom learning and hands-on studio projects. Graduates are prepared for graphic design and animation careers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Game Design Degree Overview

Those who wish to design video games may be interested in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design. The program can provide students with the skills they need to enter the field of video games and interactive communications.

Bachelor of Game Software Development: Degree Overview

At the bachelor's degree level, game software design or development might be offered as its own major or as a concentration within a computer science degree program. Find out what these programs entail and what prerequisites are needed.

Bachelor of Game and Simulation Programming: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in game and simulation programming teaches students about programming languages, artificial intelligence, industry-standard software packages, and visual design fundamentals. See coursework and job outlook.

Bachelor of Information Systems Security: Degree Overview

Through a combination of classroom theory instruction and hands-on training, bachelor's degree programs in information systems security teach students how to safeguard data, information and systems assets from unauthorized access or disruption.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT): Degree Overview

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degrees teach students to use technology to recognize and solve problems and manage information within the workplace.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT): Programming Degree Overview

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) programs provide students with a general overview of IT principles, including programming. Learn more about these programs and what students can do when they finish.

Bachelor of Information Technology - Computer Systems

Bachelor's degree programs in information technology prepare students to create, analyze and manage computer systems and information databases. These programs are available at most 4-year colleges and universities.

Bachelor of Information Technology - Network Management Degree

In a BS in Information Technology program, students may specialize in network systems or network and system administration in order to study network security-related technical problems and issues with wireless networking protocols.

Bachelor of Information Technology in Cyber Security: Degree Info

A Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) gives students overall knowledge of information technology concepts such as programming languages, operating systems and the structure of networks.

Bachelor of Network Administration Security: Degree Overview

Network administration security bachelor's degree programs teach students about security operating systems, project management, network defense and other related topics. Learn about common coursework, program requirements, career options, job...

Bachelor of Network Communication Management: Degree Overview

Students interested in network and communication management may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Network Management or in Communications Networks and Security. These programs provide training in designing, installing, and overseeing networks.

Bachelor of Networking Technology: Degree Overview

Studies in networking technology focus on understanding wired and wireless technologies, as well as network design. Learn about the courses and features of this program along with employment information and further degrees to earn.

Bachelor of Networking: Degree Overview

Undergraduate networking degrees are available as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Networking or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Systems.

Bachelor of Programming Technology: Degree Overview

A bachelor's in programming technology explores concepts related to programming and different kinds of computer networks. Learn about the courses associated with this degree along with career and continuing education information.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Computer Science Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science degree program offers a broad education in the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science, computer engineering and mathematics.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Computer Systems Security Degree Overview

In a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Systems Security program, students gain an understanding of security risks and detection techniques, as well as current regulations and laws.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Database Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in database are rare; students more often find B.S. in Information Technology programs with a concentration in database management.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Database Technology Degree Overview

A BS in Database Technology program may not be available, but students can enroll in BS in Information Technology programs, which provide courses in database administration and technology. Learn about the program, courses and job outlook.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Game Design Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Game Design programs, or game design and development programs, teach students programming and design skills for gaming platforms, consoles and mobile devices.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Information Technology Degree Overview

Students in a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program can develop skills across several IT areas, such as networks, database structures, operating systems, Web development, and security management.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Internetworking Technology Degree Overview

Not many schools offer B.S. degree programs in the specific field of internetworking technology. However, many schools offer B.S. programs in computer science and information technology that feature concentrations in networking and internetworking.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Networking Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in networking explore concepts in computer systems architecture, control systems, routing, and enterprise network management. Graduates are prepared for entry-level employment or more advanced education.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Programming Degree Overview

While bachelor's degrees specific to programming are rare, students may consider a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science. These programs provide students with training in computer information systems, including computer programming.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Technology Degree Overview

Individuals who want to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in technology can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Learn about these...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Technology Management Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Technology Management can help a student learn the necessary skills to become an information technology (IT) manager. Get more information about the program and what graduates can do when they finish.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Telecommunication Management Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management programs offer multidisciplinary curricula that address general education foundations, as well as theories in telecommunication systems and computer networks.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Web Development Degree Overview

Bachelor's of science degree programs in web development may emphasize concepts like marketing, e-commerce or telecommunications. Depending on the school, a capstone experience or final project may be required.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: IT Degree Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA): IT degree gives students an in-depth understanding of information technology and its connection to the fundamentals of business.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS): Degree Overview

A bachelor's program in computer science trains students to design and manage computer infrastructures, networks, and software. For details on the curriculum and potential careers after graduation, keep reading.

Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance: Program Info

Many institutions offer bachelor's degree programs in information assurance, covering such topics as computer security, hackers and information ethics. Graduates are prepared to manage risks in information transmission, processing and storage.

Bachelor of Science: Information Technology Degree Overview

In Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in information technology (IT), students learn about website design, database management and computer programming. Get details on the curriculum and career opportunities for graduates.

Bachelor of Technical Management: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree in technical management are not often available. Get more information about a similar alternative: a bachelor's degree in technology management.

Bachelor of Web Design and Multimedia: Degree Overview

Web design and multimedia bachelor degree programs introduce students to the tools and approaches commonly used in the development of websites and other media applications.

Bachelor of Web Design: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Web Design degree programs teach students how to structure websites, design web pages and produce multimedia projects. Students are trained in a broad array of software tools, protocols, and more.

Bachelor of Web Development (BWD): Degree Overview

Bachelor of Web Design (BWD) programs train students to create online content to increase visibility, information accessibility, and interactivity for individuals and organizations.

Bachelor of Web Site Development & Management: Degree Overview

Instruction in website development and management is offered in various bachelor's degree programs. Students receive training in creating, operating and maintaining websites for businesses and individuals.

Bachelor's Degree Programs for Webmasters: Overview of Options

Bachelor's degree programs in web design and development emphasize the creation and administration of interactive content for computers and mobile devices. Often these programs can train aspiring webmasters.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree prepares students to understand and utilize technology in solving commercial business problems.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking & Security

Programs specifically in information technology (IT) with a networking and security emphasis are rare but there are degree options available. Relevant coursework can be found in bachelor's degree programs.

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Technology: Program Info

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems or a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) helps students learn how to perform computer network administration, systems analysis, computer programming and database management...

Bachelor's Degree in Internet Systems Development: Program Overview

Internet systems development programs cover topics about design, systems maintenance, installation and troubleshooting. Most graduates are capable of conducting presentations about new projects and writing systems progress reports.

Bachelor's Degree in Network Engineering: Program Overviews

Students earning a bachelor's degree in network engineering learn to manage local and wide area networks. Discover information about the program, employment, and advanced degree options available.

Bachelor's in Computer Engineering & Network Technology

Studying computer engineering and network technology is most commonly done at the bachelor's degree level. These programs vary in concentration options depending on the school, as well as several other majors that incorporate these topics.

Bachelor's in Networking & Security Technology: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in technolgy management allow students to specialize in networks and security. Students in these programs learn about network data and management.

Bachelors Degree in Computer Programming: Program Overview

Colleges may not offer bachelor's degrees specifically in computer programming, so individuals looking to specialize in computer programming typically earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Explore the program and see employment...

Bachelors Degree in Network Administration and Security: Program Info

A bachelor's degree program in network administration and security teaches students to develop and install computer networks and implement defenses against security threats. The coursework in this program focuses on information technology topics.

Bachelors Degree in Network Systems Administration

Students in network administration bachelor's programs learn how to build, maintain and manipulate the different parts of a network, both for security and communication.

Bachelors in Computer Security: Program Overview

Undergraduates looking to focus on computer security may major in information technology security, information assurance, or computer and network security. Learn about these programs' courses and the careers that graduates might pursue.

Bachelors in Information Science Technology: Program Overview

Students in an information science bachelor's degree program work to understand, then develop, new technologies. Individuals may have an option to specialize in a specific area for a more personalized educational experience.

Computer Forensics Bachelors Degree Program Information

Computer forensics bachelor's degree programs prepare students for careers tracking down computer-related crime by showing them how to search computers for evidence and prevent them from falling victim to scams and illegal activity.

Computer Science Major: Information and Requirements

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a generalized program that offers essential training in the computer technology field, teaching the basics of computing processes, computing systems, software engineering, and information processing.

Information Security Bachelors Degree and Major Information

Bachelor's degree programs in information security offer students extensive training in the prevention and elimination of intrusions of networked systems. Students learn about security verification principles and cryptography, among others topics.

Information Systems vs. Information Technology Degree

This article differentiates between an information systems and information technology degree as well as outlining admission requirements. Some courses are described as part of both curricula, and a career outlook is provided with prospective jobs...

Information Technology - Network Administration Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology (IT) degree with a concentration in network administration offers both theoretical instruction and practical training in computer-related topics.

Internet Systems Development Bachelor's Degree Overview

A B.S. in Information Systems Development provides students with the skills they need to develop and manage communication systems and is more readily available than an internet systems development degree. Students in this program are prepared to...

Internet and Website Development Bachelors Degree Program Info

Web development bachelor's degree programs are available for students interested in this field. Learn more about coursework, requirements and current salaries for graduates.

Job & Salary Info for a Computer Applications Programming Bachelor's

Graduates of a bachelor's degree program in computer applications programming, sometimes called software engineering, may find employment as computer applications software engineers or computer programmers.

Jobs You Get With a Bachelors Degree in Web Design and Development

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in web design and development are prepared for a variety of jobs associated with websites. Some career options may include web development, web producer or web design.

Network Security Bachelor's Degree Program Info

Students looking for training in network security can earn a B.S. in Information Systems Security. A bachelor's degree in information systems security prepares students to assume responsibility of system-wide security, installation and...

Salary and Career Information for Information Technology Majors

Information technology is generally offered as a four-year undergraduate degree program. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Universities for a Bachelor's in Computer Information Technology: How to Choose

Computer information technology degree programs include a variety of computer-based skills and techniques essential to careers in the information technology industry. Classes instruct students in operating systems, computer security, network...

Video Game Design Bachelors Degree Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in video game design will help students develop their creative abilities and teach them how to create engaging characters and games. Learn about these degree programs and possible career paths in the video game industry.

Visual Basic .NET Programmer: Online Diploma

Learn about online certificate programs with Visual Basic .NET programming courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements and course descriptions available for this field.

What Classes Will a Computer Studies Major Take?

Computer studies courses are usually offered at the undergraduate level, and may result in a degree in computer studies, computer science, or management information systems, to name a few. Keep reading for an overview of some of the course...

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