Computer Sciences

A+ Networking Certificate: Program Summary

A+ networking certificate programs prepare graduates for entry-level positions as computer support specialists and help desk associates. In these programs, students receive training in a broad range of computer skills and topics.

ASP Programming Training, Certificate and Degree Program Options

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a programming language used in website design, and it's a predecessor to ASP.Net. While ASP degree programs no longer exist, certificate programs in ASP.Net are available.

Application Architecture Degree and Certificate Programs

Application architecture programs prepare students to understand how computer software applications are designed and organized. This education is available in the form of graduate certificate, master's and doctoral degree programs.

Business Computer Application Certificate: Program Summary

Business Computer Application certificate programs are offered to those who have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. With this certificate, students gain proficiency in the basics of computer systems and specific computer skills.

Business Intelligence Certificate Online

Students interested in learning how to obtain helpful information from data to apply to real-world problems can pursue an online certificate in business intelligence. Explore the requirements and coursework for these programs here.

CCNA Certificate and Certification Information

There are training courses and non-credit certificate programs to prepare individuals for the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification exam to install, manage, and administer Cisco networks.

Certificate in Computer Programming Languages: Program Info

Students interested in exploring basic computer programming languages can do so through a Computer Programming Certificate program at a 4-year university or community college. Find out about coursework, credit hours, and certification available.

Certification Options for Aspiring Systems Analysts

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, the Information Systems Analyst Certification and the Certified Picture Archiving and Communicating System Analyst Certification are a few of the systems analyst certifications offered. Explore the...

Certified Cisco Network Administration Certificate Program Overview

In a Cisco Network certification program, students learn data network theory and become knowledgeable about core internet technologies through theoretical and hands-on experience.

Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certificate Program

Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certificate programs are designed to prepare students to take the CWNA certification exam. Learn about courses, careers, and other certification related to this program.

Cisco Certified Network Professional: Overview of Certificate Program

The Cisco Certified Network Professional certificate train students to install, maintain, and troubleshoot LAN and WAN for systems with anywhere from 100 to over 500 nodes. Learn about courses, requirements, careers, and more related to this...

Cisco Networking Certification and Certificate Program Summaries

Networking certifications available from Cisco include Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

CompTIA A Plus (A+) Certification: Program Overview

Earning the CompTIA A+ certification can prepare participants for a career in computer support, with various courses available to provide the training necessary. Find out what kind of requirements, courses, and careers are related to this field.

CompTIA Certification: Program Overview

CompTIA offers certifications in many areas of computing, such as computer and network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Learn about some of these programs, associated courses, and career and education information.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification: Program Overview

CompTIA Linux+ certificate programs can prepare individuals to install, maintain, secure and troubleshoot computer systems running the Linux operating system.

CompTIA Network Plus Certification: Program Summary

The CompTIA Network+ certification allows for a career setting up and maintaining computer networks. Learn about courses, careers, and more associated with these programs.

CompTIA Project Plus T Certification: Program Outline

The CompTIA Project+ certification covers the entire project management process, including project initialization, planning, execution, control, and closure. Learn about courses, requirements, careers, and continuing education related to the...

CompTIA Security Plus T Certification: Program Outline

CompTIA Security+ certification programs instruct students in computer, network, and internet security. Learn about requirements, courses, job options, and continuing education for the program.

Computer Application Specialist Certification: Program Summary

Certification as a computer application specialist demonstrates knowledge and expertise in computer applications software and concepts to prospective employers.

Computer Applications Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

A computer applications training program provides students with a wide range of skills, including the fundamentals of commonly used computer applications and information on how they are used in an office setting.

Computer Graphics Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

Computer graphics programs involve learning about the translation of fine art into digital art and other forms of multimedia design, such as animation. Programs are available at the certificate, associate's, and bachelor's level of study.

Computer Information Management Degree and Certificate Programs

Computer information management is the integration of business computing and information technology. Programs in computer information management are offered at the certificate and associate's degree levels.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Certification Program Overview

Information systems management programs teach students how to plan and coordinate information systems, computer systems, and system analysis development. Discover program levels and courses, as well as employment information and continuing...

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Certification: Certificate Overview

Students pursuing a computer information systems certificate learn skills that apply to numerous technology occupations, including Web development, network administration, and programming. Learn about courses, careers, and continuing education.

Computer Information Systems Certification Program

There are numerous computer information systems (CIS) certification programs available for those who are interested in this field of study. Learn about several certifications available from different companies.

Computer Information Technology Certification: Program Overview

Computer information technology certificate programs are available with a variety of specializations, such as networking, computer support, programming, and Web development.

Computer Network Administration Certificate and Training Programs

Many technical or community colleges offer computer network administrator certificate programs that teach entry-level skills and qualify you to take vendor certification exams. Training programs are also available directly from certification...

Computer Network Operations Degree and Certificate Programs

Certificate, associate's degree and bachelor's degree programs are available in computer network operations. Students in these programs learn local area networking and computer science fundamentals in order to become support specialists, repair...

Computer Network Systems Degree and Certificate Programs

Students in computer network systems degree programs explore programming languages, multiple operating systems and network hardware, including cabling and server setup. Read on to check out program and career options.

Computer Network Technician Certificate: Program Summary

Computer network technician certificate programs combine classroom instruction with hands-on experience in computer labs. They may also incorporate work-based learning opportunities, such as internships.

Computer Network Technology Certificate: Programs Summary

Computer network technology certificate programs can teach students about designing, configuring, and maintaining computer networks. Learn about program requirements and courses along with career and continuing education information.

Computer Networking Certificate: Program Summary

A computer networking certificate program teaches the basic data communication concepts and skills required to manage networks. Programs are generally comprised of 32-40 hours of coursework and include lecture courses and computer lab sessions.

Computer Systems Analyst Certification and Certificate Programs

Computer systems analyst certificate programs are designed for IT professionals who want to hone their skills, expand their knowledge and possibly attain professional certification.

Computer Technical Security Certificate: Program Overview

Certificate programs in computer technical security provide education in methods of security for computer systems and data. Topics covered include web and network security, among other relevant areas.

Computer Technical Support Certificate: Program Overview

Computer technical support certificate programs prepare students to help customers who are having difficulty with computer systems, networks and peripherals. In addition to classroom instruction, programs typically include hands-on training in...

Computer and Network Administration Certification: Program Outline

Network administration programs involve a number of skills, including software coding and network security along with hardware maintenance and repair. Learn about the program, salary information, job growth, and information on higher education.

Computer in Education Certificate: Program Overview

Teachers wishing to further their knowledge in computers and technology can do so by earning a certificate in computer education. These programs are geared toward current teachers and often fulfill coursework requirements toward a master's degree.

Cyber Security Degree, Certificate and Training Programs

Degree programs with coursework in cyber security can be found at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and graduate certificate levels. Common topics include computer literacy and network security protocols.

Data Analysis for Management Online Certificate Courses

There are several online certificate programs in data analysis for business managers and leaders. This lesson will look at program requirements and course descriptions.

Data Analyst Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Students seeking a career in data analytics can pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science, a master's in information science or a graduate certificate in applied statistics. Programs verse students in math, statistics and data analysis.

Data Security Degree, Training and Certificate Program Overviews

Depending on which type of information security program is chosen - associate's, bachelor's, or graduate certificate - students can gain experience in computer network administration, data security, and programming languages.

Database Administrator Certification: Certificate Program Overview

Database administrator certificate programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through careful study and completion of these programs, graduates are qualified for careers like database managers or architects, and systems...

Database Design Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

At the undergraduate level in database design, students can pursue certificate, associate's, and bachelor's degrees. Graduate programs are also available, though an undergraduate education is typically sufficient for applied careers in database...

Database Development Certificate and Degree Program Summaries

Database development certificate programs and Associate of Science in Database Development degrees are available through community colleges and technical schools. Either program may prepare students for voluntary, related certifications.

Database Technology Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Those who study database technology may work in database administrator positions, as database managers or in related areas. Education programs in database technology are available at the associate, bachelor's, and master's degree levels.

Executive Graduate Certificate Program in Information Technologies

Executive certificate programs in information technology, which are specifically designed for professionals already working in mid- to high-level management or executive positions, are rare. However, graduate certificate programs in information...

Game Design Certificate Online

There are a few online game design certificate programs available at the undergraduate level. Learn about the different courses and graduation requirements for these programs here.

Game Design and Development Degree and Certificate Programs

Game design and development programs train students in interface design, modeling, graphics, animation and scripting for video games. Game design and development programs are most commonly offered as certificate, associate and bachelor's degrees.

Game and Simulation Programming Degree and Certificate Programs

Individuals who are interested in designing video and computer games can pursue varying levels of degrees ranging from certificates to a bachelor's degree. These programs provide instruction in areas such as animation, illustration and...

Graphic Web Design Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Certificate and associate's degree programs in graphic web design teach students about concepts like programming, design and development. Learn about career options and continuing education information.

HTML Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Individuals who are interested in mastering HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and becoming website designers should enroll in a website design and development certificate program. Explore the program, job outlook and certification options.

IT Auditor Certification and Certificate Program Summaries

Students in an IT auditing certificate program learn about various standards and regulations, and their applications to security assessments and internal controls.

IT Management Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Information technology (IT) management programs are available at the certificate, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Coursework in these programs covers areas such as multiple operating systems, databases and wireless networks.

IT Networking Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Programs in IT networking are available at the certificate, associate's degree and bachelor's degree levels. Common course topics include programming languages, networks and communication systems.

IT Project Plus Certification and Certificate Program Options

There are courses available to prepare for the Project+ certification by the information technology (IT) industry association CompTIA. Students will develop the technical and business skills associated with project management.

IT Systems Analyst Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Systems analyst certificate programs allow individuals currently working as database developers and project managers to upgrade their skills and address enterprise-wide IT needs.

Information Assurance Degree, Certificate and Training Program Info

Professionals in the information assurance field work to maintain the integrity of data stored on various systems. A bachelor's degree can prepare graduates to work as information security analysts, or to work as computer technicians and...

Information Science Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Bachelor's degrees, graduate certificates and master's degrees are all available in the field of information science. These degrees will focus on how information is stored, shared, and retrieved.

Information Systems Security Degree and Certificate Programs

Undergraduate programs in information systems security teach how to protect computer systems and data from security threats. Graduate-certificate programs focus more on managerial practices, forensics and security administration.

Information Technology Certification and Certificate Program Info

An information technology (IT) certificate program provides students with a broad understanding of computer operating systems, information systems, programming, and computer software and hardware. Learn more about program details, career options,...

Information Technology Security Certificate Programs and Courses

Certificate programs in information technology security teach students how to protect networks and computer systems from harmful digital threats. Graduates can work as Information technology (IT) security professionals.

Internet Technology Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Programs in Internet technology can award undergraduate degrees and certificates. In general, these programs include courses in web programming, web design, software engineering, and other IT topics.

Internetwork Engineering Programs: Degree and Certificate Programs

Internetworking engineering programs provide students with the skills needed to design, install and troubleshoot computer networks, servers and systems. Programs are available at the certificate, associate's degree, and bachelor's degree level.

Internetworking Training and Certification Program Options

A certificate or certification preparation program in internetworking provides trainees with the hands-on experience necessary to develop and secure local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) technologies.

Java Programming Degree & Certificate Program Info

Java is a programming language used in software engineering and computer programming. Students interested in studying Java can enroll in programs leading to a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree.

Linux Certified Professional Certification & Degree Program Info

Some colleges offer certificate and associate's degree programs in UNIX and Linux system administration that prepare students for professional credentialing examinations. Learn about the training programs, job outlook and certification options.

Linux Plus Certification and Training Program Information

Certificate programs provide training in Linux Plus installation, customization, networking, and security. Explore the training program, employment outlook and certification information.

MCSA Certificate: Program Overview

A Microsoft-certified systems administrator (MCSA) certificate program can prepare students to manage complex Windows server environments and networks. Programs focus on preparation for the four exams necessary for earning certification.

MCSE Certificate: Program Summary

Students who want to prepare for the Microsoft Certification Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification exam can enroll in either a credit program or a non-credit program.

Medical Decoding Certificate and Diploma Program Information

Students interested in medical decoding might consider enrolling in a Medical Coding Certificate or Medical Coding Diploma program, where they can learn medical terminology, as well as ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding procedures.

Microsoft Access Certification Options

Certification in Microsoft Access is offered under the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program, which is administered by Certiport. MOS certification candidates must select the version of Access for which they will be certified. Learn about...

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) Certification Program

While the MCAD certification is obsolete, there are both non-degree and associate's degree programs that prepare students for Microsoft certifications. Learn more about these options so you can decide if one of them meets your educational needs.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDA) Certification

Microsoft certifications are generally optional credentials used to demonstrate proficiency in specific areas for career enhancement purposes. Continue reading for an overview of the requirements for certification, as well as job growth and...

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certifications and Certificates

Though the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential is retired, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications are available to information technology (IT) professionals who'd like to demonstrate their skills through tests.

Microsoft Desktop Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Desktop support technician certificate programs instruct students in a variety of installation, repair and configuration methods related to personal computers (PCs).

Microsoft MCDBA, MCDST and MCP Certification and Training Programs

Microsoft offers a wide range of certification options. Get more information about the different programs that are currently available to professionals seeking designations relevant to their careers.

Microsoft Network Certification Program Options

Microsoft network certification preps students for expert exams given by Microsoft Learning, including the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Microsoft Network Engineer Certificate: Program Overview

Microsoft offers a designation for network engineers and other network professionals referred to as the MTA certificate. Some community colleges and universities offer MTA certificate programs that prepare students for MTA certification exams.

Microsoft Office Professional Certification and Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in Microsoft Office technology teach students how to use the basic software programs included in Microsoft Office suite, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office User Specialist: Certification & Training Info

Certifications as a Microsoft Office User Specialist are earned at the specialist, expert, or master level, and candidates must pass exams at each tier. These certifications demonstrate knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft SQL Certification and Training Options

Microsoft SQL is a database management software used across public and private sectors. Certification programs are offered at two levels, MCSA or MCSE.

Microsoft Security Certification and Certificate Program Options

Non-credit programs and graduate certificates in information technology (IT) security help prepare students for Microsoft certification exams in related fields.

Network Administration Degree, Certificate and Training Programs

Certificate and associate's degree programs are available in network administration. Students who complete these programs receive the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure, and maintain computer network systems.

Network Design Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Programs in network design train students through the technical and problem-solving components of the coursework. Graduates are prepared to undertake jobs in various fields requiring communication and information systems.

Network Engineering Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Students enrolled in a network engineering certificate program gain the technical skills necessary to design and test various network systems, including intranet, wide area, switched or fiber optic networks.

Network Information Systems Certificate: Programs Overview

Certificates in network information systems are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Network information systems certificate programs teach students a variety of key concepts related to information systems.

Network Management Degree and Certification Program Overviews

Programs in network management are offered at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. These programs train students to design, install and maintain computer network systems.

Network Specialist Certificate: Program Summaries

Undergraduate network specialist certificate programs introduce students to the fundamentals of computing and networking systems. Learn about these programs' courses, requirements, and employment outcomes.

Network Systems Administration Degree and Certificate Programs

Network systems administration students learn to provide computer networking services to public and private organizations. Aspiring network systems administrators may choose to enroll in a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree...

Networking Degree, Certificate and Training Program Overviews

Students interested in computer networking programs are trained in installing and maintaining a variety of computer networks. Many schools offer certificate programs in this field, as well as associate's and bachelor's degree programs.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certification Requirements

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) designations are available to IT professionals who want to improve their career prospects. Keep reading to learn about the training options and certification requirements.

PC Networking Certificate: Operations and Support Program Overview

Students in a PC network certificate program learn how to install and troubleshoot local area networks, translate technical jargon for network users, and configure network routers.

Programming Degree and Certificate Program Overviews with Course Info

Associate's degrees, undergraduate, and graduate certificate programs are widely available in computer programming and are usually adequate for those seeking employment in this field.

Robotics Programming Degrees and Certificates: Program Overviews

Robotics teaches students the engineering and programming skills needed to create mechanical solutions to human problems or dangerous situations. Degrees in robotics or mechanical engineering with a specialization in robotics are found at the...

SQL Development Degree, Training and Certification Program Options

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special-purpose programming language which is used for database management purposes. Individuals who wish to become trained in the use of this language may complete a training class or pursue an associate's...

SQL Server Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Pursuing an SQL server certificate is a way for established IT professionals to expand their database knowledge and expertise. Explore the program, job outlook and certification information.

Security Certified Program (SCP) Certification and Certificate Options

Information technology professionals can earn a security certified network certificate. Learn about the training program, certifications and employment opportunities.

Software Programming Degree and Certification Program Info

Degree programs in software programming are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. These programs teach students the skills necessary to design. test and operate various software.

Solaris Certification and Certificate Program Summaries

Students enrolled in a Solaris certification program learn about the Solaris operating system environment, command-line features, standalone installation, user administration, file permissions, backup procedures and the VI text editor.

Sun Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

A certificate program in Java programming gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) or a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP). Learn about the program, job outlook and certification process.

Technology Application Certification and Certificate Programs

In Texas, teachers can pursue additional certification in the field of technology applications. Applicants will need to have a bachelor's degree, and to have or be in the process of earning teacher certification. Learn about career information...

Technology Management Degree and Certificate Programs

Technology management degree and certificate programs prepare students for several careers in information technology (IT). A bachelor's degree or master's degree is necessary for a job in technology management.

UI/UX Design Certificate Programs Online

Aspiring UI/UX designers have many online certificate programs to choose from. This article discusses how these courses are delivered and what online facilities are available to help users throughout the program.

Visual Basic Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Certificate programs in visual basic programming provide deep immersion in the capabilities of the Visual Basic .NET platform and its use in the development and deployment of web applications. Learn about the program and job outlook.

Web Administration Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Certificate and associate degree programs are available for aspiring web administrators. These programs discuss subjects like web site design and web software and can help students earn certification in the field.

Web Design Certificate: Program Summary

A web design certificate teaches students the skills required for entry-level positions in the field, while a graduate certificate can help current professionals upgrade their skills for career advancement.

Web Server Certificate and Training Program Overviews

Web server maintenance and administration training is primarily available through certificate programs, although associate programs in information technology or network security may include coursework in web server maintenance.

Webmaster - CIW Certificate Programs

Webmaster certificate programs offered through technical schools and colleges allow individuals to qualify for the Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) designation. Webmaster programs can teach students how to design, maintain, and develop...

Website Design Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Individuals interested in a career designing websites may enroll in associate's, bachelor's or graduate certificate programs in Web design or graphic design. These programs combine lecture-based courses with hands-on training using computer...

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