Computer Sciences

Active Server Pages (ASP) Tutorials and Courses Overview

An Active Server Pages (ASP) tutorial or course can provide skills in server-side scripting technology that is used to create interactive Web applications. Students interested in Web development may take an ASP tutorial or course. The tutorial is...

Advanced Microcomputer Applications: Coursework Summary

Students can complete advanced microcomputer applications courses individually or as part of a full certificate or degree program. Keep reading to learn more about coursework options and descriptions.

Application Software Specialist: Coursework Overview

Application software specialist coursework is most often completed as part of a certificate or diploma program, but there are related undergraduate degree programs available. Take a closer look at the following article for more information.

Automated Data Processing Training Programs and Courses

A bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in computer science provides a pathway to a career in automated data processing. These jobs are found in many industries, such as healthcare, national defense, and business management.

Business Computer Applications Courses and Training Programs

Basic computer applications courses and training can be found in various postsecondary programs at all levels. Continue reading for more information about business software courses.

Classes for Aspiring Technical Support Professionals

Courses for aspiring technical support professionals typically focus on developing a student's skills in networking services and computer operations, and they can lead to a position as a technical support specialist. Read on to learn about some...

Courses for Aspiring Certified Internet Webmasters (CIW)

Training for certified Internet webmaster's (CIW) can be found through stand-alone courses or certificate programs that prepare individuals for CIW certification.

Data Communications Course and Class Overviews

Students enrolled in data communications courses learn about wireless and wired networks, programming, data transmission and more. This article provides an overview of the most popular types of data communications courses.

Data Management Courses and Classes Overview

Several colleges currently offer courses for those interested in becoming data management professionals, and these courses are offered as part of both certificate and degree programs. Read on to explore some of the course topics covered.

Data Modeling Classes and Courses Overview

Data modeling is a method used to determine the best way to organize and structure data based on information provided by the user, typically a business or large corporation. Many students typically have at least one course related to data...

Data Processing Courses and Classes Overview

Data processing courses provide students with knowledge and skills related to the processing, administration and management of computer system databases. They cover both basic computer and technical abilities as well as management skills related...

Decoding Courses and Classes Overview

Elementary and reading teachers offer instruction in decoding in order to help students learn phonics, spelling, reading and writing. It is closely related to etymology, linguistics and phonetics. This article provides a summary of some common...

Game Technology Course and Class Overviews

Game technology is used in the creation of video games as well as other interactive media arts. Courses and degree programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Read on to learn more about how to get an education in game...

Graphical Programming Courses and Education Options

Graphical programming, also called computer graphics or computer graphics design, deals primarily in using computer programs and algorithms to create visual virtual characters and environments. The coursework for these programs is extensive and...

Health Data Analyst Courses and Classes Overview

Health data analyst courses train students to prepare and analyze medical data for use by health care professionals. This analysis can be used to improve health education programs, develop public health policies and enhance medical research. Keep...

Help Desk Analyst Courses and Classes Overview

A computer help desk within an organization plays an important role in assisting employees or customers with computer and network issues via the telephone, e-mail or in-person. Courses are offered through a variety of means and at many different...

IT Management Classes and Courses

Information technology (IT) management courses cover both computer science and business concepts. Continue reading to learn about some common IT management course offerings.

Information Architecture Course and Class Overviews

Information architects enable users to find and navigate complex information via technology such as shared information systems, the Internet and computer software. They apply architectural and design concepts to creating organized, systematic and...

Information Technology Courses and Classes Overview

Information technology (IT) courses often combine hands-on instruction with lecture components, and some programs prepare students for industry-standard certification examinations. Read on for a summary of the courses and classes most commonly...

Network Management Course and Class Information

Network management courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Continue reading to find out about the most commonly available network management courses.

Network Security Course and Class Information

Network security courses cover strategies for protecting computer networks from viruses, hacking and spoofing. Individuals taking network security courses learn how to establish secure connections and provide encryption programs. Read on to...

Network Technology Classes and Courses Overview

Network technology courses prepare students to install, repair, test and maintain computer network systems. This article profiles the most common network technology classes and courses.

Overview of Computer Networking Classes and Courses

Many two- and four-year colleges and universities offer courses in computer networking. This article provides an overview of the most commonly offered courses for those interested in the field.

Overview of Refresher Courses for Microsoft Excel, Access and Word

Most Microsoft Office refresher courses focus on the most recent versions of specific programs, including Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2010, and Microsoft Word 2013. As a result, students typically choose the course specific to the program...

Relational Database Design Course and Class Information

Relational databases enable users to easily access, sort and reorganize specific information. Web developers and computer system managers implement relational data modeling systems to organize financial, medical and manufacturing information on a...

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Certifications and Classes

The Sun Certified Java Programmer certifications no longer exist; however, similar credentials are now available from Oracle. This software vendor offers several on-site and online courses that can prepare individuals to earn the Oracle Certified...

System Analysis and Design Course and Training Program Info

System analysis and design courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels in information technology and computer science programs. Keep reading to learn about the most common system analysis and design courses and training programs.

Systems Administrator Courses and Classes Overview

Students enrolled in systems administrator courses learn the essentials of computer and network system development and database management, along with security problems and policy implementation. This article provides an overview of the most...

Systems Analyst Classes and Courses Overview

In systems analysis classes, students learn to evaluate the computer information system needs of businesses and how to design IT solutions to meet those needs. Continue reading to learn about the most common types of courses in this complex field.

Visual Basic Classes and Courses Overview

Many colleges offer classes and training programs in Visual Basic or VB 10.0. This article summarizes the most commonly offered courses in Visual Basic, which includes computer programming and .NET Framework classes.

Web Development Course and Class Information

Aspiring web developers seeking to effectively create and manage various types of websites for business or networking will learn their trade through web development courses. Read below to learn more.

Website Coding Classes and Courses Overview

Website coding classes are for those interested in careers as Web designers or programmers, as well as those who create websites for personal or business use. Continue reading to learn about some of the most commonly offered classes.

Website Design Courses and Classes Overview

Website design courses provide students with the skills necessary to conceptualize and construct websites. This article discusses some of the most commonly offered courses for aspiring website designers.

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