Computer Sciences

Accounting with Data Processing: Vocational School Diploma Overview

Accounting diploma programs often include courses in data processing, alongside basic training in finance and office skills. Get more information about these programs and future options for graduates.

Electronics and Network Technology: Career College Diploma Overview

Through a combination of lecture courses and hands-on training, students in electronics and network technology diploma programs learn about the basics of electrical theory as well as computer hardware, software, and networking systems.

Email Administration and Support: Vocational School Diploma Overview

In email administration and support courses, students learn how identify and solve issues in email networks, computers, user accounts and other related computer components and devices.

Graphic Web Design: Career School Diploma Overview

A diploma program in graphic arts with a concentration in Web design can provide students with the computer and graphic arts skills needed for creating websites and Web pages in almost any professional setting.

Help Desk Analyst: Diploma Summary

Diploma programs for help desk analysts are rare, but many community colleges and technical schools offer related certificate programs. These programs train students to provide entry-level maintenance services for computer users.

IT Solutions Developer Career Diploma: Program Summary

Very few schools offer diploma programs specifically in information technology solutions development, but similar diploma options, such as a Computer IT Technology Diploma or a Software Developer Diploma, are more common.

Information Technology (IT) Hardware: Career School Diploma Overview

A diploma program in information technology trains students to select and install the computer hardware and software that will be most beneficial to an organization.

Information Technology (IT) Hardware: Diploma Overview

Individuals interested in learning the hardware side of the information technology (IT) field may want to pursue a diploma in information technology with a specialization in IT hardware.

Information Technology (IT) Software: Diploma Summary

While diploma programs in IT focusing on software are scarce, many community colleges and vocational schools offer certificate programs in this field of study. Find out about courses, job outlook and salary statistics, and learn about continuing...

Information Technology (IT) Software: Vocational School Diploma Summary

An information technology software diploma program allows students to specialize in software support, software development, or software applications. Training may cover computer programming, computer business applications and more.

Information Technology (IT) Solutions Developer: Diploma Summary

Students who enroll in a diploma program in IT with an emphasis on developing solutions gain the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to assess and solve a company's computer problems. Check out information regarding courses, careers, and...

Internet Programmer: Career Diploma Program Overview

Diplomas in internet programming prepare students to use software and computer coding languages to create web sites and web applications. These programs typically go by titles like web programming or web design and development.

Internet Security Specialist: Career School Diploma Program Summary

Internet security degree programs are designed to train students on the best practices in securing networks online. Students in these programs may learn about Microsoft server infrastructure, information security, Unix/Linux servers and more...

Internet Solutions Developer: Trade School Diploma Program Overview

Though diploma programs at trade schools covering this discipline aren't likely to exist, there are a variety of undergraduate and graduate certificate programs available that focus on web programming and development.

Internet Specialist: Trade School Diploma Program Overview

Internet specialist programs are rare, but students interested in this field can pursue certificates and diplomas in related areas such as website design and development.

Internetwork Engineering: Trade School Diploma Program Summary

The trade school diploma program for internetwork engineering serves to ensure employers that applicants have acquired the specific knowledge necessary for positions in the field.

Internetworking Technology: Career Diploma Summary

Diploma programs that focus on internetworking technology can prepare students to configure, install, maintain, and troubleshoot a variety of operating systems and computer networks.

Intranet Programmer: Vocational School Diploma Program Summary

Intranet programming is not generally available at the diploma level. However, many community colleges and technical schools offer different certificate programs that include intranet programming in the curriculum.

Java Programming: Trade School Diploma Program Overview

Java computer programming is more commonly found in certificate programs, although a few diploma programs are available. These programs are offered by community colleges, technical schools and 4-year universities.

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