Architectural Building Engineering Technology Bachelor Degree

Bachelor's degree programs in architectural building engineering technology merge the art of designing buildings with the basics of engineering and the technical aspects of construction.

Architectural Design Major: Information and Requirements

Architectural design is a broad program that can include any field that requires an expertise in spatial and material design theories. A variety of specific concentrations are offered within the area of architectural design.

BA in Avionic Engineering: Bachelors Program Overviews

Avionics refers to the electronic equipment on aircraft, including that found on airplanes, helicopters and space vehicles. Interested students can enroll in electrical or electronic engineering programs that include avionics courses.

BA in Component Engineering: Bachelors Degree Program Info

While bachelor's degree programs in component engineering are not typically available, the study of other engineering fields, like electrical engineering, can be appropriate preparation for careers in this field.

BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

Bachelor's programs in mechanical engineering technology center on designing, producing and manufacturing machines, and teach how engineering principles integrate with technology to create products. Learn more about the program and job options.

BS in Software Engineering - Security: Degree Overview

The Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering typically focuses on areas such as software design, quality assurance, software security, project management, software development and software maintenance.

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

A Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering technology allows students entrance into the biomedical engineering field. Explore the program requirements, common coursework and job outlook.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

The bachelor's degree program in computer engineering technology helps students develop expertise in computer hardware, software and network systems. See coursework and employment outlook.

Bachelor of Drafting Technology: AutoCAD Degree Overview

Students interested in product design and drafting careers can enroll in drafting technology bachelor's degree programs to learn the CAD software used in the fields of architecture, engineering and product development.

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in electronics engineering technology trains students in the design of electrical and communications systems. Graduates can pursue careers or additional education in the IT field.

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering: Degree Overview

A Bachelor's degree program in electronic engineering or electronic engineering technology provides extensive technical training and prepares graduates for advance industrial work in a variety of electronics fields.

Bachelor of Engineering Management: Degree Overview

Students in engineering management bachelor's degree programs learn how to apply business management principles to the engineering field. Learn about these programs' coursework alongside career options and licensing requirements for graduates.

Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering: Program Information

Most Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering degree programs give students a foundation in the general sciences, technology and engineering, and specific areas of manufacturing. Review program information, salary, and employment outlook.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Computer Engineering Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program focuses on the relationship between computer hardware and software systems. Graduates are prepared to evaluate systems and design efficient IT solutions.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Electrical Engineering Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Electrical Engineering program provides a solid foundation for students interested in mathematics, science, electrical circuits and engineering. Electrical engineering graduates can specialize in digital systems...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Environmental Engineering Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering programs offer students training in both the prevention and correction of negative effects on the environment. Learn about job options, program details and common courses.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Mechanical Engineering Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in mechanical engineering instruct students in the development, manufacturing, research and maintenance of mechanical systems. Get program details and see common courses and job information.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Quality Control Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Quality Control program focuses on statistical quality control by teaching quality management and organizational quality control standards.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Safety Engineering Degree Overview

Alternative options to degree programs in safety engineering include a Bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health, and a bachelor's degree in fire protection and safety engineering.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Software Engineering Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in software engineering teach students to evaluate, design and implement software applications. Graduates are prepared for IT jobs or enrollment in graduate degree programs.

Bachelor of Science in Bio Engineering

A Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering program includes courses in science, engineering, and medicine. Concentrations may be offered in areas such as rehabilitation bioengineering or bio-electronics.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Structural Engineering: Program Overview

Universities and colleges generally offer a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering. These programs often include coursework in construction engineering techniques and the sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers

Bachelor of Science programs in mathematics for secondary teachers generally prepare students for educating middle and high school students and often culminate in state-specific teaching certification.

Bachelor of Science in Robot Technology

Students interested in robotics can pursue a bachelor's degree in robotics engineering, mechatronics engineering or robotics engineering technology. Students may also find relevant coursework within electrical engineering programs.

Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering

A robotics engineering bachelor's program involves interdisciplinary studies in computer science, software programming, mechanical design, and electrical engineering. Those who earn a degree in this field have a variety of engineering career...

Bachelor of Science in Software Development: Program Info

The BSSE is the most common undergraduate program that emphasizes software development as a main component. It's common for most BSSE degree programs to be mutually offered through computer engineering and computer science departments.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE): Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering programs provide students with the skill sets to build and maintain computer software systems. Students learn to design and verify software and to work effectively in team environments.

Bachelor of Science in System Engineering

In a bachelor's degree program in systems engineering, students learn to analyze client needs and design equipment, networks and devices that enable industries and businesses to work more efficiently.

Bachelor of Software Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in software engineering technology focuses on math, programming languages, operating systems and advanced data structures.

Bachelor of Yacht & Marine Design: Degree Overview

While a bachelor's degree specifically in yacht design is unavailable, students can complete a bachelor's program in naval architecture and/or marine engineering to learn how to design, build, and maintain all types of sea vessels.

Bachelor's Degree in AC Engineering: Program Overview

Programs dedicated to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are not common at the bachelor's degree level, although this topic may be covered within other engineering programs. Learn about program options, common course topics...

Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering: Program Info

Bachelor's degree programs in aeronautical engineering prepare students for careers designing, modifying, and manufacturing new aircraft and flight vehicles. Learn more about common coursework and job outlook.

Bachelor's Degree in Boat Architecture and Naval Engineering

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Boat Architecture and Naval Engineering program can learn to design, manufacture and maintain marine ships and structures. These 4-year programs are offered at a variety of colleges and universities...

Bachelor's Degree in Boat Engineering

Boat engineering bachelor's degree programs can be offered as naval architecture and marine engineering programs. Check out available programs, relevant courses and requirements, and career information.

Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Systems Engineering: Program Info

Students can develop the skills necessary to enter the field of broadcast systems engineering through four-year bachelor's degree programs. Broadcast systems engineering can be considered a specialization of electrical or computer engineering.

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering: Program Overviews

Students can earn their bachelor's degree in this field to work as civil engineers. Undergraduate study covers the basic engineering practices used to design roads, bridges, dams, public sanitation projects and other infrastructure.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems: Program Summary

Students learn the fundamentals of computer systems when enrolled in bachelor's degree programs in computer information systems or computer science. Both programs prepare students for entry-level positions in the field or for graduate study.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer-Aided Architectural Design: Program Info

In computer-aided architectural design (CAAD) programs students learn how an architecture project is designed from start to finish. There are only a few bachelor's degree programs in CAAD, but associate's degree programs typically offer CAAD...

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics: Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in electronics provides a basic foundation in electronics design, repair, and troubleshooting. Discover program information, employment outlook, and salary to help make an informed decision.

Bachelor's Degree in Math: Program Overviews

Both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs in math are available, with the main difference between the two being the type of elective courses chosen by the student.

Bachelor's Degree in Naval Engineering

Bachelor's degree programs in naval engineering train students to design, construct, and maintain naval craft, in addition to preparing them as professionals in the marine industry. Learn more about the program, common courses and the job outlook...

Bachelor's Degree in QA Engineering

Quality assurance (QA) engineering is not typically found as a bachelor's degree program. Instead, students could consider bachelor's degree programs in quality engineering technology or quality assurance technology.

Bachelor's Degree in Software Design: Program Overview

Software design curricula at the bachelor's degree level are typically available as a concentration area within a software engineering program. These programs are interdisciplinary, covering topics in mathematics, engineering and computer science.

Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications: Program Overview

Telecommunications refers to the process of sending signals across distances to communicate information. Bachelor's degrees in this field offer several concentrations of study. Info on undergrad and graduate programs, as well as on careers, follows.

Bachelor's in Computer Aided Drafting: Degree Overview

Most computer-aided drafting and design programs are only available at the certificate and associate's degree levels. However, students interested in studying CAD at the bachelor's level may consider bachelor's programs in technology management...

Bachelor's in Land Surveying: Overview of 4-Year Degree Programs

Undergraduate programs in land surveying provide individuals with the education and training necessary to map out areas of land using geographic information systems. Students will learn to accurately map land formations using specialized tools.

Bachelor's in Software Engineering - Network Management: Degree Overview

In four-year bachelor's degree programs in software engineering, students learn to apply engineering approaches to the design, implementation, deployment and maintenance software systems.

Bachelors Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design

Students seeking an architectural drafting and design bachelor's degree can enroll in a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Professional Studies program in architectural technology. Explore these programs' requirements and career outcomes.

Bachelors Degree in AutoCAD: Program Overviews

Computer-aided design and drafting bachelor's programs have two areas of required core courses in addition to general education courses. The technical core is more predominant than the management core.

Bachelors Degree in Construction Technology: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in construction technology provides students with the training and education necessary to plan and build residential and commercial facilities. Review the degree program, requirements, career options, and salary...

Bachelors Degree in Quality Management: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in quality management allow students to learn about quality control and how to implement new ideas to increase productivity. Graduates have a variety of job opportunities depending on their field of interest.

Bachelors Degree in Robotics: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in robotics are not common, but robotics is often covered in a class or offered as a concentration in an engineering program. Review information on the programs available and get employment info for engineers.

Bachelors in Computer Drafting: Degree Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs in computer drafting train individuals in such areas as technical drawing and product development. Students practice the utilization of these skills to prepare for careers related to manufacturing, engineering and...

Best Engineering Majors for Achieving the Highest Starting Salary

As of 2015, students who completed bachelor's programs in a variety of engineering disciplines were among the highest paid entry-level college graduates in the country. Some popular sub-fields are petroleum, computer, and chemical engineering.

Classes a Chemical Engineering Major Will Take

Students attending school as chemical engineering majors generally earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in chemical engineering. This article discusses the typical classes a chemical engineering major will take.

Computer Electronics Bachelors Degree Program Overviews

Enrollees study the principles of designing circuits and how to apply those designs to computer systems. They also explore ways of analyzing computer systems such as analog and digital; they may also practice building actual hardware systems.

Course Information for a B.A. in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves the design and creation of large-scale projects, such as bridges, roads, dams and tunnels. Students can take civil engineering courses to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Read on to learn more...

Electrical Engineering Majors: Information and Requirements

Students in a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program study how electricity can be used in power systems, control systems, electronics and telecommunications. Such programs should be accredited by ABET.

Engineering Design Major: Information and Requirements

Learn about engineering programs that offer engineering design coursework. Find out about specialization options in the field of engineering, the engineering design process, engineering curriculum and employment trends in this field.

How to Choose a College for a Mechanical Drafting Bachelor's Degree

Mechanical drafting bachelor's degree programs train students in technical drawing, design, modeling and descriptive geometry. Though they are available, bachelor's degree programs in mechanical drafting are rare; more often than not, students...

Laser Technology Majors: Information and Requirements

In undergraduate programs in laser technology, students learn how lasers are designed and used in various ways, ranging from device implantation in computers and cell phones to medical treatments and warfare.

Marine Engineering Major: Information and Requirements

The most common type of bachelor's degree in this field is the Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. This program provides students with a strong overview of operating systems in boats, yachts, ships, submarines, and other offshore structures.

Math and Science Bachelors Degree Programs: Overviews by Field of Study

Students interested in studying math and science have several options, including bachelor's degree programs in mathematics, chemistry or biology. These degree programs are designed to prepare students for related careers and graduate degree work.

Mechanical Engineering Majors: Information and Requirements

Mechanical engineering students study mathematics and science, applying this training to the field's key focus of engineering design and innovation. For more details about the curriculum, admission requirements and possible occupations for...

Prerequisites and Requirements for a Biomedical Engineering Major

A bachelor's degree program in biomedical engineering provides students with a quantitative background in bioelectronics, modern medical practices, biomechanics and biotransport. Students learn how to identify and solve biomedical problems.

Schools with Bachelor of Drafting Technology Programs: How to Choose

Students who wish to pursue careers in drafting technology may want to consider a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Industrial Technology. These programs commonly offer concentration areas in drafting and design. A bachelor's degree program in design...

Universities with Aircraft Engineering Bachelor's Programs

Though bachelor's degree programs in aircraft engineering do not exist by that name specifically, students can obtain the knowledge and qualifications they desire through a bachelor's degree program in aeronautical or aerospace engineering. These...

What is a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology?

A Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology program offers students the chance to acquire the electronics testing, troubleshooting and repair skills needed to work as engineering technologists, applied engineers or technicians.

What is a Telecommunications Major?

Telecommunications technicians play integral roles in delivering Internet, phone, and digital services to customers. Students who major in telecommunication as part of a bachelor's degree program can consider jobs in broadcasting, marketing,...

Glossary of Bachelor's Degree Programs - Engineering Related Articles

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    There are many jobs that individuals who are mechanically inclined may be drawn to. This article specifically looks at mechanical careers...

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