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Hawaii Job Outlook: Overview of the Fastest Growing Careers

With a labor force of 648,800, which ranked 43rd in the nation in 2013, Hawaii had an unemployment rate of only 4.8%, as compared to a national rate at the time of 7.4%. By December 2015, according to the State of Hawaii Department of Labor and...

Horticulture Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs

A degree program in horticulture gives students knowledge about fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants and how to manage them. Learn about some of the careers this knowledge can be applied to, as well as each position's median salary.

Houston, TX Career Guide: Fastest Growing Houston Careers

With a population of about 2.1 million, the City of Houston is the 4th most populous city in the United States. The Houston Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA) consists of 11 counties and covers an area a little smaller than...

How Do Modern Apprenticeship Programs Work?

Apprenticeship programs have evolved and are no longer vocational training programs for boys and young men. Many occupations offer modern apprenticeship programs.

How to Get an Oncology Fellowship

Get information on education prerequisites for an oncology fellowship. Find out what admission committees are looking for and learn what it takes to get into these three-year programs.

Human Service Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs

For those interested in serving others in various ways, a master's degree in human services can open the door to many careers in the field. Learn about some of the available jobs for those with a master's degree, as well as their median salaries.

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Idaho Career Guide: Fastest Growing Idaho (ID) Careers

As of 2013, Idaho's labor force was over 775,000 strong. In 2012, the median household income was $47,900. The fastest growing areas of employment are in the skilled construction trades and healthcare.

Illinois Careers: Top Growing Career Opportunities in Illinois (IL)

With a labor force over six million strong, Illinois was the state with the fifth most employees in the country in 2013. The per capita income for the state in 2012 was $45,800, the 16th highest in the nation. Unemployment was at 5.7% in 2015.

Indiana Career Outlook: Overview of Hot Careers in Indiana

Indiana (IN) had the fifteenth largest labor force in the United States, as of 2013. Jobs that are set to take off in the next few years are medical and physician assistants and other healthcare workers, dentists, and social and human service...

Indianapolis Career Outlook and Fastest Growing Careers

Located in the center of the state in Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana is the county seat and state capitol. With an expanding population of over 800,000, it's the largest city in the state. The interesting variety of job openings in the...

Information Assurance Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs

Graduates of a master's degree in information assurance have a variety of career options available. These might involve working with computer networks, ensuring cybersecurity, analyzing risk, or handling other computer security issues.

International Business Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs

A master's degree in international business is a very versatile degree and one that may even be preferred for various business careers. Find out about some of the available careers and their median salaries.

Iowa Career Guide: Fastest Growing Iowa (IA) Careers

In 2013, Iowa had a labor force of over 1.6 million. In 2012, the median household income was $53,400. Fast growing careers in Iowa at the moment include those in the healthcare and communications industries.

Is a Career in Finance Right for Me? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

If you have an interest in business and money management, you may be considering pursuing a career in finance. Take a look at the questions below and find out if this career path will be a good fit for you!

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Jacksonville, FL, Career Guide & Fastest Growing Careers

Area-wise, Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States. Located in northeast Florida, it is also the county seat of Duval County. In 2015, Forbes ranked Jacksonville as the 5th best city in America in which to find work....

Job Coaching vs. Career Counseling: What's the Difference?

While the two professions might sound similar, job coaches and career counselors perform different tasks. The two jobs also require unique educational backgrounds and training.

Job Outlook of the Fastest Growing Careers in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii's thriving capital, is a city on the rise. With its ultra-low unemployment rate, diverse economy, and faster-than-average job growth, this tropical paradise is a great place to live, work, and study. Learn more about the hottest...

Job Outlook of the Fastest Growing Careers in Portland, Oregon

Hunting for jobs in Portland, Oregon? Whether you're a new resident in the city or simply a local ready to change careers, this overview of the are, list of the fastest-growing occupations in the area and training and salary information for each...

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Kansas Career Guide: Overview of Hot Careers in Kansas (KS)

In 2013, the labor force in Kansas was 1,483,700, which made it the state with the 31st-largest labor force in the country. In 2012, the median household income was $50,000. In KS, the fastest growing occupations through 2022 are in the areas of...

Kansas City Job Outlook: Fastest Growing Kansas City Careers

Thinking of moving or relocating to Kansas City? There are plenty of jobs for individuals in the Kansas City area. Many jobs for nurses, retailers, truck drivers, and other occupations will be added in the near future.