HVAC Controls Schools and Certification Options: How to Choose

Students wishing to work in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control systems can pursue a few academic and training avenues and can choose to seek professional certification. Because there are different control models, and the...

Hair Design School and Training Program Information

In hair design school, students learn to style, cut and treat hair for both men and women. They typically learn manicure, pedicure and skin-care techniques, as well. To gain experience, many work evenings and weekends in salons and barbershops.

Hampton University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Learn about Hampton University. Read about its admission requirements, financial aid, and degree programs to make an informed education decision.

Harding University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Learn about Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Read about its admission requirements, financial aid and degree programs to make an informed education decision.

Hawaii Pacific University: Academics, Admissions & Tuition Info

Research Hawaii Pacific University. Learn about its admission info, degree programs and financial aid to make an informed education decision.

Health Law Schools: How to Choose

Programs in health law prepare graduates to conduct research or practice health law in academic and courtroom settings. There are several educational options offered through law and medical schools at colleges and universities throughout the...

Health Systems Engineering Graduate Programs

Health systems engineering helps address methods and issues with the management of and implementation of changes for healthcare systems. Learn about a few of the graduate programs in this field, including graduation and admission requirements.

Heavy Equipment Repair Schools and Training Programs: How to Choose

Heavy equipment repair technicians and mechanics are responsible for cleaning, repairing and installing equipment on large machinery and vehicles. Aspiring mechanics can pursue certificates, associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees in heavy...

Heavy Machine Operator School and College Information

Aspiring heavy machine operators maintain, operate and repair equipment such as backhoes, dump trucks, tractors and excavators through completing apprenticeship programs, on-the-job experiences or academic training. Diploma, certificate and...

Helicopter Flight School and College Information

Helicopter pilots are highly skilled individuals who complete many hours of training to earn their licenses. Potential pilots typically attend helicopter flight training school, although it's also possible to become a helicopter pilot while...

Herpetology Colleges and Schools in the U.S.

Herpetology is a branch of zoology having to do with amphibians and reptiles and their relationship to the environment. Students interested in studying in this field will find relevant coursework in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree...

History Graduate Programs

Graduate degree programs in history are very diverse to allow students to specialize in a particular region, time period and/or topic in the field. Learn more about 3 specific graduate degree programs in history and their admission requirements.

History Graduate Programs in California

History programs are available at the master's and doctoral levels from several institutions throughout California. Learn about the available concentrations, culminating experience requirements and admission standards for these programs.

Home Appraisal Schools: How to Choose

Appraisal education requirements and certification are governed by state laws and a federally approved association. Associate's degrees are available in the field, but most schools offer certificates of completion for appraisal trainees and...

Hospital Equipment Repair Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs) maintain and repair electric and hydraulic hospital equipment. Those interested in hospital equipment repair may consider programs in biomedical equipment technology or biomedical equipment repair.

Hospital Equipment Repair Training and Education Program Overviews

Students who are interested in repairing hospital equipment should consider schools that offer programs in biomedical technology. These programs provide training in how to maintain and troubleshoot the technology commonly found in healthcare...

Hospitality Graduate Programs in Florida

Students in Florida can pursue graduate certificate, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy programs in hospitality. Learn about program formats, requirements and admission standards.

Hospitality Management Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

Hospitality management programs are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Choosing a school and degree program depends on the student's career goals, the school's reputation and the amount of real-world experience it offers.

Hot Rod and Custom Motorcycle Fabrication Schools

Hot rod and custom motorcycle fabrication programs are available for students at various levels. Students can look for schools that provide access to modern equipment and facilities, job placement assistance and experienced teachers.

How to Choose Schools with Behavior Therapy Programs

Behavior therapy requires a minimum of a master's degree to work with patients, though a bachelor's or doctoral degree may fulfill the academic requirements for some occupations in the field. Aspiring behavioral therapists have a variety of...

How to Choose Schools with Bioethics Programs

Bioethics, sometimes called medical humanities, is an interdisciplinary field that uses science, medicine, ethics, philosophy, religion and other humanities to analyze ethical questions brought about by the advances in medicine and biology....

How to Choose Schools with Fire Safety Programs

While no formal education is required to apply for a firefighter position, fire departments do offer extensive training to employees. Also, some colleges and universities offer 2- or 4-year programs in fire science or fire engineering.

How to Choose Schools with Health Law Programs

Health law is the study of various legal issues concerning the medical industry. Certificate programs, as well as master's and doctoral degree programs, are available to medical and legal students throughout the U.S.

How to Choose Schools with Interior Design Programs and Courses

Programs in interior design are offered at the associate and bachelor's degree levels at many colleges and universities across the country. Future interior designers learn fundamental design principles, color theory and textiles, among other topics.

How to Choose Schools with Litigation Programs

Schools with litigation programs teach civil law, criminal law, and courtroom litigation. Prior to choosing a litigation program or school to enroll in, there are several factors students must consider.

How to Choose Soldering Courses and Schools

Individuals who take courses in soldering learn industrial metalworking techniques by which hot metal is used to fuse materials together. Soldering courses are available in conjunction with programs in electronics, construction and other...

How to Choose a Bartending School

Bartending schools can assist students with compliance with state or local laws that affect alcohol sales and service, as well as gain practical, hands-on experience in the field.

How to Choose a Behavioral Science School

Behavioral science is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the interactions between people in communities. Examples of these cross-disciplinary fields are women's studies and public policy. There are many training levels available in this...

How to Choose a Bioengineering School

Bioengineering is the broad study of the life sciences where technical engineering principles are used to develop theories, techniques, instruments and software to solve biological, engineering and biomedical problems. Graduate certificate...

How to Choose a Biomedical Equipment Technology School

Community colleges, technical schools and 4-year colleges and universities offer biomedical equipment technology programs. When choosing a program, there are several factors to consider.

How to Choose a Boat Building School

For an education in the underlying concepts of naval architecture, marine engineering and boat design, students might want to consider a bachelor's or master's degree in naval architecture or marine engineering, offered at select colleges and...

How to Choose a Botany School or College

Botanists are scientists who study plants, their ecology and the environment. Bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in botany are available in this field.

How to Choose a Broadcast Communications School

Broadcast communications degree programs prepare students for careers in radio, television and other media industries. Programs are available at the certificate, associate degree and bachelor's degree levels. Important considerations for any...

How to Choose a College for a Pediatric Cardiology Program

To become a pediatric cardiologist, students must successfully complete medical school, a pediatrics residency, and a fellowship program that provides specific training in pediatric cardiology.

How to Choose a College for an Aspiring Perfusionist

A perfusionist is a medical professional who supplies life support to the lungs and heart of a patient who is undergoing an operation, which requires that the vital organs be stopped, such as open-heart surgery. Training for this career involves...

How to Choose a College with a Marine Science Program

Marine science programs involve the study of the sea and its creatures. Students in this field may encounter coursework in oceanography, marine chemistry, marine biology and geology. Ecology plays an important role in these programs, so students...

How to Choose a Copywriting School

Very few schools offer degree programs in copywriting; however, related programs are widely available and offer a way into the field. Advertising, marketing, public relations, English and communications degree programs are a few options for...

How to Choose a Custom Fabrication School

Several schools offer certificate programs in custom fabrication that provide basic and advanced training. Graduates are typically prepared for entry-level positions in automobile manufacturing, restoration and repair.

How to Choose a Divinity School

Divinity schools are graduate institutions that prepare students for lives as religious and community leaders. Many colleges and universities offer Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) programs, in both urban and rural...

How to Choose a Fashion Journalism College

Although there are no fashion journalism colleges per se, many fashion and art schools offer related degree programs. Generally, would-be fashion reporters are encouraged to seek a degree in fashion communication or fashion marketing.

How to Choose a Hardware Engineering School, Course or Training Program

Prospective hardware engineers may consider bachelor's, master's or doctoral computer engineering programs, which can be found at 4-year colleges and universities. Some programs offer 5-year joint degrees.

How to Choose a Health Science School

Health science as a field of study provides students with a foundation in healthcare topics such as health promotion and disease prevention, and it can include specific areas of study as preparation for higher levels of education. Continue...

How to Choose a Hospital-Based Nursing School

Hospital-based nursing programs are an alternative to university-based education. Advantages include extensive, hands-on clinical training and a shorter time period to graduation. In addition, some hospitals offer benefits such as loan...

How to Choose a Kitchen and Bath Design School

Kitchen and bath designers focus primarily on interior design and decorating while in school but also have a background in building and construction materials. Students will learn about the construction and remodeling industry, along with...

How to Choose a Lawn Mower Repair School

Lawn mower repair can be a useful skill for professionals involved in landscaping and small equipment maintenance. Certificate, diploma and degree programs that provide mechanical training in the repair of lawn mowers, small engines and outdoor...

How to Choose a Marine Engine Mechanics and Repair School

Students who want to become marine engine mechanics can consider degrees and training programs in marine technology. These are offered by 2-year technical and vocational colleges and by industry organizations. Various programs result in a...

How to Choose a Mortgage Underwriting School

Since mortgage underwriting is only one aspect of mortgage loan processing, programs at most schools train students in other fundamental mortgage banking skills besides mortgage underwriting. Students can earn certificates, associate's degrees or...

How to Choose a Motorcycle Maintenance School or Program

Students can learn about motorcycle maintenance through certificate, diploma and associate's degree programs in motorcycle maintenance or small engine technology. Postsecondary education is not typically required but is preferred by some employers.

How to Choose a Music Composition School

In music composition programs, students learn how to write and structure pieces of music in preparation for performances. Keep reading to see what you should consider when choosing a music composition school, and view some schools with music...

How to Choose a Performance Art School

While most schools don't generally offer programs specifically in performance art, programs in performing arts, interdisciplinary art and fine arts sometimes offer performance art concentrations. A wide variety of undergraduate and graduate fine...

How to Choose a Physical Therapy Technician School

Associate degree and non-degree programs in physical therapy assisting exist to prepare graduates for a supporting career in the physical therapy field. These programs can be found at community colleges, technical schools and vocational institutes.

How to Choose a Precision Welding School

Precision welding includes, among other techniques, gas metal arc welding (GMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). Diploma, certificate and associate degree programs in precision welding are available...

How to Choose a Radio Communications School

Media outlets are constantly evolving, and radio communications students work behind-the-scenes to drive new applications and content for radio broadcast media. A student studying radio communications might enter a program called broadcast, mass...

How to Choose a School for Aspiring Mental Health Technicians

Students may explore mental health technology through certificate and associate degree programs in the field. These programs are commonly available at community colleges and technical schools.

How to Choose a School for Becoming a Cashier

Cashiers have good communication skills and handle a variety of monetary transactions. Though most cashiering jobs only require a high school diploma, those interested in additional training can find associate's degree programs in accounting,...

How to Choose a School for a Dietetics Program

Dietetics programs are generally offered as part of a nutritional science education curriculum. Schools featuring dietetics and nutrition education are accredited through professional associations and may provide on-site training laboratories.

How to Choose a School for a Pediatric Neurology Degree Program

Those interested in becoming pediatric neurologists will have to complete medical school, a pediatric residency and a pediatric neurological residency. Schools and residencies must be accredited by the LCME.

How to Choose a School for an Aspiring Behavioral Specialist

Degree programs for aspiring behavioral specialists are designed to prepare them for situations encountered in the classroom and other academic settings. A master's degree is generally required, but some jobs may only require a bachelor's degree....

How to Choose a School for an Aspiring Radiology Therapist

Programs in the growing field of radiation therapy are available as associate degree, bachelor's degree and postbaccalaureate certificate programs, many of which prepare graduates to obtain the professional certification required to obtain a job.

How to Choose a School for an Emergency Medical Services Career

A program in emergency medical services will prepare students to treat and assess individuals undergoing trauma or medical emergency. This training often will lead to licensure as an emergency medical technician (EMT) or a paramedic. For students...

How to Choose a School of Communications Arts

In addition to broad courses in mass communication, programs in this field often offer training in specializations like broadcast, digital media, photography and writing for the media. There are many schools that offer both undergraduate and...

How to Choose a School or Program for Addiction Counselors

Prospective addiction counselors can find education programs at the associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels; some certificate programs are also available.

How to Choose a School with Echocardiogram Technician Programs

Certificate and degree programs exist through traditional and online learning options which train students for careers as echocardiogram technicians. Certificates are often more focused on only EKG techniques, while degree programs typically...

How to Choose a School with a Glass or Metal Engraving Program

Glass or metal engravers, also called etchers, work in gold- or silversmithing, gunsmithing, jewelry or glass trades. Engravers must be detail-oriented and able to perform systematic and meticulous work. Read on to learn more about how to choose...

How to Choose a School with a Music Therapy Program

Music therapists are credentialed professionals who work with individuals using music within a therapeutic relationship. Bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as certificate programs, can prepare students for the American Music Therapy...

How to Choose a School with a Musical Theatre Program

Musical theater programs combine aspects of dance, acting and song to form entertaining dramatic performances. Hopeful musical theater students may audition to study their craft in programs at the associate, bachelor's or master's degree levels.

How to Choose a School with a Nuclear Medicine Practitioner Program

Programs in nuclear medicine technology are available at community colleges, technical schools and universities. Certificate, associate degree and bachelor's degree programs are all options for aspiring nuclear medicine technologists.

How to Choose a School with a Nursing Administration Program

Nurse administrators must have skills in nursing, financial management and organizational management. There are a number of accredited Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs with a focus on nursing administration available in the U.S.

How to Choose a School with a Recreation Therapy Program

Colleges and universities across the U.S. offer bachelor's and master's degree programs in recreational therapy. Continue reading to learn more about school and program options for recreational therapy.

How to Choose a Shoe Repair School

Although there are no postsecondary programs offered specifically in shoe repair, relevant studies are available through undergraduate fashion or accessories design programs. Read on to learn more about relevant educational options in this field.

How to Choose a Small Appliance Repair School

Many community colleges and vocational schools offer technical degrees and certificates to aspiring repair technicians. Some programs are even available online.

How to Choose a Transmission Mechanics School

Transmission mechanics or technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining the hydraulic pumps, couplings and gear trains of transmission systems. Training programs are available at many 2-year vocational and technical colleges. Read on for...

How to Choose a Video Graphics School or Course

Students who are interested in video graphics can find relevant coursework within undergraduate and graduate programs related to media and design. Read on to learn more about educational options in this field.

How to Choose an Aerospace Technology School

Programs with aerospace technology specialize in the science, engineering and maintenance of airplanes and spacecraft. At the associate degree level, aerospace technology programs are designed to train prospective technicians, while bachelor's,...

How to Choose an Aerospace or Aircraft Engineering School

College degree programs are available in both aerospace and aeronautical engineering. Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs can be found at specialized schools or departments at 4-year colleges and universities.

How to Choose an Airplane Technician School

An airplane technician school will educate the student how to repair, maintain, inspect and prevent malfunction in aircrafts. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that any unsupervised individual repairing an aircraft must be...

How to Choose an Allied Health School

Allied health colleges and graduate schools are typically comprised of several medical and health care departments. At the undergraduate level, students may earn a diploma, certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree in a variety of allied...

How to Choose an Architectural Landscaping School

Landscape architecture programs teach students how to incorporate art, science and technology to create sustainable natural and built outdoor environments, from parks to reclaimed mining sites. Students who earn a degree in this field can work in...

How to Choose an Electronics Technology School

Electronics technology programs supply students with the educational foundation for a wide variety of career paths in electrical maintenance, repair, sales, installation, instrument manufacturing and security. Diploma, certificate, associate...

How to Choose an Endocrinology School

Several options exist for those interested in studying endocrinology. Medical doctors who wish to specialize in the endocrine system can complete a fellowship program in endocrinology. Students who don't wish to become doctors can also earn a...

How to Choose an Engineering Design School

Students interested in engineering design can complete an undergraduate degree in design technology or civil engineering, along with a graduate degree in engineering. Engineering design programs are available at technical colleges and 4-year...

How to Choose an Industrial Design Engineering School

Students in industrial design engineering programs learn to combine art, business and engineering to design structures or manufactured goods. They can work in a range of industries, designing everything from automobiles to toys, while ensuring...

How to Choose an Instrumentation School or Course

Instrumentation commonly refers to devices used in an array of machines and electronic mechanisms that control and operate systems efficiently and safely. Learn how to select the right school, programs available and typical coursework.

How to Choose an Ultrasonography School or College

Ultrasonography programs place an emphasis on anatomy, sonographic physics and the various uses of sonography. Public and private colleges and universities across the nation offer associate degrees and bachelor's degrees in ultrasonography, which...

How to Choose and Find a Dog Grooming School

Prospective dog groomers learn how to brush, trim and shape a dog's coat and nails using specific tools and techniques. Oftentimes, groomers choose grooming patterns specific to a dog's breed, proportions or per owner instructions. Several...

Human Computer Interaction Bachelor's Degree Programs

Human computer interaction programs blend psychology and computer science to design and improve usable technologies. Learn about the admission requirements, coursework and career information for these programs.

Human Computer Interaction Graduate Degree Programs

Human-Computer Interaction graduate programs combine information from a variety of fields to train students in creating usable and interactive computing systems. Explore different degree options and learn about some of their requirements.

Human Resources Graduate Programs in Maryland

Maryland provides graduate programs in human resources that primarily focus on human resource management or human resource development. Learn about the different program types, admission requirements and available program formats.

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