July 2007

The Dirty Secrets of the Privatized Student Loan IndustryJul 30, 2007

Thanks to the privatization of student loans, college students and their parents are at the mercy of an $85 billion industry that is all too content to make students pay dearly for a college education. The problems with the system are appalling,...

Top 5 Schools to Get a Free College EducationJul 27, 2007

Tuition costs are on the rise, but there are still some good deals to be had. In fact, if you attend the right school, you may be able to get a free college education! To find out where you need to go, check out this list of the top 5 schools...

The Fight Over Sex Education in Public SchoolsJul 25, 2007

According to Mitt Romney, Barack Obama is calling for sex education in kindergarten. Obama supporters accuse Romney of misinterpreting Obama's views. What's the real scoop?

Bush's No Child Left Behind Law Leaves Certain Children BehindJul 18, 2007

Is the five year old ''No Child Left Behind Law'' leaving some children behind? A new university study says yes and explains why.

Top 10 Hottest College DegreesJul 17, 2007

Getting a good job after college is what earning a degree is all about. If you want to make sure you have the skills that current and future employers need, check out this list of the top 10 hottest college degrees.

Iraq War Spending vs. Education SpendingJul 16, 2007

The Iraq war is costing the nation's taxpayers an astounding $186,000 per minute-every minute of every day. If the money had been spent on education versus warring, here's what your hard earned tax dollars could have bought.

US Supreme Court Rules: Schools can Limit a Student's Right to Freedom of SpeechJul 16, 2007

In what is being called a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court decided last month that schools have the right to limit a student's right to freedom of speech. Does this mean that students' rights are not co-extensive with adults'?

8 Out of 10 People Agree Students Borrowing Too Much for CollegeJul 15, 2007

College costs are rising faster than ever. Eight out of ten people now agree that students are borrowing too much for college, and the concern has sparked debates across the country. Does our higher education system need a fundamental overhaul?

Lack of Mandatory PE is Making Our Kids FatJul 13, 2007

Budget restraints have led to many different educational programs being dropped from schools, and PE is no exception. Only one state has mandatory PE classes for grades K thru 12, and according to some activists and educators, the lack of PE is...

The Plot Thickens: Students at 921 Colleges Choose the Same LenderJul 10, 2007

Scandal after scandal rocked the $85 billion student loan industry over the last year. The latest news: students at over 900 colleges chose the very same student loan lender. Coincidence? The Department of Education says no and has finally...

Top Ten Reasons Why Merit Pay for Teachers is a Terrible IdeaJul 10, 2007

The Bush Administration has spent some $80 million since November to promote a performance-based compensation program for teachers. But many educators and others are not willing to stand behind this merit pay system. Here are ten good reasons why...

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