911 Operator Advancement Opportunities

911 operators work at call centers to provide immediate assistance in emergency settings. These professionals may wish to seek career growth in other emergency or prevention positions.

Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Those interested in law and the justice system may be drawn to a career as a lawyer, but there are a few related career options that might be worth considering. Learn about five of these careers, and get details about their education requirements...

Alternative Careers for Paralegals

People interested in working as a paralegal often have strong communication and research skills, traits that can be utilized in many other fields. Read on to learn about five alternative careers that may appeal to paralegals.

Annual Giving Officer: Job Description & Salary

A career as an annual giving officer may be a good choice for individuals interested in managing fundraising campaigns for organizations. This article will cover the primary job duties, educational requirements, and job outlook for this position.

Best Jobs for People with a Criminal Record

There are several good career options available to individuals with a criminal record across various job fields, including technology and art. Find out about some of these jobs and get information on each position's median salary.

Career Info for a Degree in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

Degrees in criminal justice and law enforcement are geared towards those looking to crack down on crime. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for criminal justice and law...

Career Info for a Degree in Legal Administrative Assisting

Degrees in legal administrative assisting typically cover legal vocabulary, administrative support skills and communication skills. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for...

Career Info for a Degree in Legal Research

Legal research and professional studies degree programs can prepare individuals for careers in a number of settings, such as law offices, businesses and libraries. Continue reading for an overview of the program, as well as career and salary info...

Career Info for a Legal Administration & Law Enforcement Degree

Legal administration and law enforcement degrees prepare individuals for careers in the criminal justice system. Continue reading for an overview of legal administration and law enforcement programs and career options.

Career Information for a Degree in Corrections, Probation and Parole

A degree in corrections, probation and parole provides a foundation for careers that work with police and other security officers to practice crowd control and prevent crime. Continue reading for an overview of programs, as well as information on...

Career Information for a Degree in Criminal Justice or Safety Studies

Degrees in criminal justice and safety studies typically cover criminal law, corrections and ethics. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for criminal justice and safety...

Career Information for a Degree in Health Law

Health law is a field that is generally found at the graduate level. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Law Enforcement Administration

A law enforcement administration program generally leads to a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree. Continue reading for an overview of the program, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Legal Support Services

Learn about careers in legal support services. Research job duties, education and licensing requirements to make an informed decision about starting a career in legal support services.

Career Information for a Degree in Police Science or Law Enforcement

Degrees in police science or law enforcement typically cover criminology and investigation methods. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for police science and law...

Career Information for a Degree in Security

Learn about the education and preparation needed for a career in security. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about the different degree options and careers available.

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Court Reporting

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a court reporter. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about training, job duties and licensure to find out if this is the career for you.

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Legal Assisting

Legal assisting requires some formal education. Learn about the degree programs, job duties and requirements to see if this is the right career for you.

Careers Involving Forensic Science

Have you watched a TV show that involved the use of forensic science and thought about what it would be like as a real career? Many fields utilize forensic science as part of the job, from evidence gathering to lab analysis!

Careers Involving Psychology & Criminal Justice

Because human psychology is very important to understanding why crimes occur and how they could have happened, there are a number of different careers that combine the fields of psychology and criminal justice.

Careers Involving Writing & Criminal Justice

People who are interested in combining writing and criminal justice as a career have a wide range of options. They could choose a writing career with a focus on crime, or a career in criminal justice that involves writing reports, judgments or...

Careers for Former Police Officers

There are a number of jobs in security, technology and education where former police officers can take advantage of their skills and training. Continue reading to learn more about ideal careers for former police officers.

Careers in Social Justice

A career in social justice may be a good fit for anyone who believes that equal opportunities should be afforded to all and who has a desire to advocate for the underserved. There are a wide variety of careers in this field, and this article will...

Careers with Job Security

Job security is an important factor to consider when choosing a career path, as it provides income and stability for individuals and families. We discuss a handful of careers that are more secure than other positions.

Chief Academic Officer: Job Description & Salary

Chief academic officers are administrative professionals who help manage educational institutions. Continue reading to learn more about what chief academic officers do, what they earn and how to become one.

Chief Brand Officer: Job Description, Salary & Duties

Branding plays a significant role in influencing the decisions consumers make about products and services. Chief brand officers are responsible for branding, and this article explains their occupation as well as the training needed for this career.

Chief Creative Officer: Job Description, Responsibilities & Salary

Chief creative officers are reshaping how companies develop their brand and communicate with their audience. They use a range of media platforms to help develop a company's image and promote its objectives. Read on to learn more about this career.

Chief Digital Officer: Job Description & Salary

A career as a chief digital officer may be a good choice for individuals interested in utilizing their technical and creative skills to assist organizations with their digital identity. Read on to learn the key job duties, educational...

Chief Listening Officer: Job Description & Salary

A career as a chief listening officer may appeal to individuals interested in consumer engagement. This article will cover the education and skills needed to become a chief listening officer as well as the job outlook and salary.

Chief Quality Officer: Job Description & Salary

A chief quality officer is ultimately concerned with ensuring that their facility provides the highest level of service to clients in a safe environment. Read on to learn more about what they do and the training required to enter this career field.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Careers

Conflict resolution and mediation are vital components of professions in protective services, management, education, social services, business and the legal field. Continue reading to learn more about jobs involving conflict resolution and...

Correctional Officer vs. Police Officer: Salary & Career Information

Two of the most common kinds of officers are correctional and police officers. Both have very similar roles and responsibilities but in different domains.

Crime Scene Investigator Advancement Opportunities

Crime scene investigators review evidence at crime scenes. After working in this field, these professionals may wish to grow their careers in other positions within criminal investigations.

Criminal Justice Jobs in the Military

If you are interested in criminal justice, the military is a great place to work and obtain valuable professional experience. This article provides job descriptions and the education required to work in criminal justice in the Armed Forces.

Difference Between Crime Scene Investigator & Forensic Scientist

The tasks of forensic scientists may overlap with those of crime scene investigators. This article explores the detailed similarities and differences between the responsibilities that come with each of these careers.

Disaster Management Specialist: Role, Salary & Jobs

Disaster management specialists help prepare populations, companies, and organizations for potential threats and risks. This article explores the type of work they do, their typical duties and the education and skills needed to work in this field.

Entry-Level Legal Jobs: Salary & Positions

There are many career options in the legal field that do not require previous work experience. This article looks at some options for those interested in seeking work in this career field.

Firefighter Opportunities for Advancement

Becoming a firefighter means you are on-call for fire emergencies and must be compassionate, physically fit, courageous, communicative. This article discusses the requirements for entry-level firefighters to move up the ladder.

Forensic Science Jobs for People Without a Degree

Police departments depend on forensic scientists to help in their investigations. Many of these jobs do not require a degree. This article can help identify some of these positions and give you information on each.

Highest Paying Jobs with a Criminal Justice Degree

A criminal justice degree qualifies graduates for many high-paying careers that vary in their particular job duties. Learn about some of these jobs, their expected job growth rates, median salaries and any additional education requirements.

Highest Paying Legal Jobs

Many legal professions pay salaries that are considerably higher than the median salary for all occupations. This article specifically looks at the legal professions that offer the highest median salaries.

Information Security Engineer: Certification, Training & Degree

Information security engineers play an important role in keeping sensitive data protected. This article details the required education, certification and training info for an information security engineer.

Jailer Career Information: Becoming a Jailer

Learn how to become a jailer or correctional officer. Research the education requirements, training information, and experience required for starting a career in the correctional field.

Jobs for Enneagram Type 5 (The Investigator)

There are careers in social and life sciences, engineering, business, communications and law that emphasize skills that Enneagram Type 5 personalities favor. Read on to learn more about this personality type and their ideal careers.

Jobs for Retired Police Administrators

A career as a police administrator provides individuals with expertise that can be applied in other jobs. Examine some of these job opportunities, including overlapping skills, responsibilities, and salaries.

Jobs in Law for People Without a Law Degree

Although many people think of lawyers and judges when they think about law careers, there are a number of other careers in law that do not require a law degree. Continue reading to learn more about these career options.

Jobs that Involve Science & Law

Science can be used to develop legal evidence, and it can also form the basis of environmental laws and regulations that apply to a number of career fields. Occupations that involve both science and law are discussed further here.

Jobs that Require Homeland Security Certification

Many different fields now encompass some form of homeland security and certification in the subject may be required for some positions. Explore a few of these careers, their median salaries, education requirements and more.

Law Careers for Extroverts

Careers in law typically require working with people in some way, which is likely something an extrovert would desire. We discuss some of the possible law careers for extroverts, as well as each position's median salary and education requirements.

Law Enforcement & Police Jobs for People Without a Degree

It is possible to pursue a law enforcement career without earning a degree. There are many career options that only require academy training or a high school diploma. Continue reading for more information about those employment opportunities.

Law Enforcement Jobs in the Military

Those interested in law enforcement jobs in the military will find a wide range of options, which are comparable and can lead to civilian jobs for veterans.

Lawyer Opportunities for Advancement

Lawyers fresh out of law school often gain experience by working with seasoned lawyers within law firms or government agencies. As a lawyer's career progresses, advancement can take several forms, including working with in-house counsel,...

Lawyer vs. Doctor

Lawyers and doctors both need analytical, communication and problem-solving skills, but they apply these skills to different types of issues. Read on to learn more about the aspects of these professionals' roles that are similar, as well as how...

Lawyer vs. Mediator

Lawyers and mediators work in the same field but the focus of their work is different. This article looks at some of the common duties these professionals perform and also explores some of the distinctions between lawyers and mediators.

Lawyer vs. Paralegal: Difference & Salary

Lawyers and paralegals are both legal professionals, but lawyers have more training, more authority and higher salaries. This article explores some of the key differences in their roles in greater detail.

Master's in Fire Protection Engineering Programs

Students with a background in engineering who are interested in fire safety and protection may pursue a master's in fire protection engineering. Explore the degree program and see some common admissions requirements.

Most Lucrative Law Careers

Individuals interested in working in the legal sector will find there are many lucrative careers. Explore the key educational requirements, job duties, and outlooks for several careers.

Police Officer Advancement Opportunities

Police officers have the opportunity to progress into more involved roles, such as detective, U.S. Marshal, and FBI agent. In this article, we will explore their potential career ladder.

Security Jobs that Require Travel

Do you enjoy hours on the road and potentially adrenaline-inducing situations? Learn about several jobs involving travel and the security of people and communities, and get details such as salary figures, job growth, and education requirements.

Security Operations Manager: Salary & Responsibilities

If you are considering a career as a security operations manager, the following article provides important information about the job description, education requirements, median annual salary, and career outlook.

Surveillance Specialist: Job Description, Training & Salary

If your idea of a rewarding career involves preventing or investigating crime, a surveillance specialist position could be of interest to you. Working either for the government or in the private sector, catching crooks and intercepting illicit...

Tax Attorney vs. CPA

Both tax attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs) work with clients to minimize financial liability, but their education and interaction with the federal government are different.

Well-Paid Security Jobs

Security jobs play very important roles in public safety and offer a variety of well-paid positions. Here we discuss a few of these positions, their median salaries, expected job growth rates and education requirements.

What is the Difference Between Correctional Officers & Bailiffs?

There are different types of law enforcement officers than just police. Correctional officers enforce regulations in prisons and jails, while bailiffs maintain a safe environment in courtrooms.

White-Collar Crime Investigator Jobs

It may be most common to associate white-collar criminal investigation positions with law enforcement, but there are also careers in the fields of science, finance, communications and education that relate to investigating white-collar crimes.

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