BBA in Legal Studies: Degree Overview

If you are looking for an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that combines concepts of business and law, a BBA in legal studies may be right for you. Here, you can find program specifics and learn about what students can do after graduation.

BS in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Alternative Dispute Resolution programs provide training in conflict and mediation in order to prepare students to work as arbitrators for many organizations.

BS in Business Security & Assurance: Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (BS) program in business security and assurance prepare students to protect information and assets with cutting-edge technological tools.

BS in Criminal Justice Administration: Degree Overview

B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration programs often focus on community police work, the U.S. court systems and correctional institutions. Students can learn how to obtain proper evidence, filing legal documentation and supervising criminals.

BS in Criminology & Criminal Justice: Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice programs are generally based around social sciences, looking over the skills necessary to work in law enforcement or rehabilitation.

BS in Homeland Security & Public Safety: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in homeland security and public safety will equip participants to pursue occupations providing security and protection to the public. Students will learn how to secure facilities and computer networks in this program.

BSLS Degree Program: Info for Aspiring Legal Studies Students

Sometimes offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree, a BSLS program is a relatively new major that gives students a well-rounded general education as well as specific training in legal writing, research, procedure and case preparation for various...

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Criminal Justice Degree Overview

In a Bachelor of Arts program in criminal justice, students learn to assess the effects of crime on communities, evaluate methods of crime prevention and design community programs that promote safety and lawful behavior.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in criminal justice offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with multiple specialties available. In the program, students will explore law enforcement techniques, court processes and criminal justice theory.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice: Homeland Security Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a homeland security emphasis gives students a solid introductory understanding of how the United States criminal justice system functions and Constitutional law.

Bachelor of Homeland Security: Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security provides students with training for responding to terrorism, natural disasters and/or other large-scale emergencies.

Bachelor of Paralegal Studies: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree in paralegal studies trains students in how to complete a wide range of legal work under the supervision of an attorney. It also equips graduates with essential communication skills and legal background needed in law schools.

Bachelor of Paralegal: Degree Overview

Within paralegal studies bachelor's degree programs, students develop interpersonal and oral communication skills as well as the administrative skills needed to manage law offices.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Administration of Justice Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice programs provide an introduction to the criminal justice system. Students gain an understanding of justice systems, management procedures, criminology and social control.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Corrections Degree Overview

Corrections is often a concentration or track in a criminal justice degree program. These bachelor's degree programs typically offer students the chance to get hands-on practice through internships but some programs may offer online courses.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Criminal Justice Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program provides courses related to police, courts and corrections systems, as well as a background in humanities, science and mathematics. Learn about the program and career information.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Economic Crime Investigation Degree Overview

Through a Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation program, students gain insight into business fraud and computer crime with a combination of classes and lab work. See common coursework and important job information.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Justice Studies Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies programs allows students to investigate crime in society and ways to work towards social change while examining the court system and criminal law.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Law Enforcement Degree Overview

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement prepares an individual for a career in the local, state, or the federal justice system. Professionals who are currently in the field can pursue the degree to further their specialization in law...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Paralegal Studies Degree Overview

If you want to become a paralegal, you can enroll in paralegal studies bachelor's degree program to learn about law office administration and how to help lawyers prepare for trial. Find out more about the curriculum and opportunities for program...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Personal Injury Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs in personal injury are rare, but students can acquire much of the same training through bachelor's degree programs in paralegal studies or applied legal studies. Explore career options and salary.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Private Security Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in private security are uncommon so students typically earn a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety instead. This degree covers courses such as organizational behavior, homeland security, and emergency management planning.

Bachelor of Science in Corrections Administration and Management

A Bachelor of Science in Corrections Administration is uncommon; the more common degree program is a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Students are trained in criminology, intelligence operations, criminal law and forensics.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice program prepares students for entry-level positions in law enforcement, corrections, private security and juvenile detention programs.

Bachelor of Science in Investigations and Policing: Program Overview

Those interested in investigative police work can enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program, which explores the nature of crime, law enforcement structure and the justice system.

Bachelor of Science in Juvenile Probation and Corrections

Bachelor's degree programs specifically in juvenile probation and corrections are rare; students who want to focus on these topics typically earn a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Learn about courses, careers, and continuing education.

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management

The B.S. in Organizational Security Management and B.A. in Security Management cover all aspects of the security profession. Graduates may become security professionals with technical competence in both the national and international arenas.

Bachelor's Degree in Economic Crime Investigation: Program Info

Solving money-targeted crimes requires a unique set of skills. Individuals can learn those skills by enrolling in an economic crime investigation bachelor's degree program.

Bachelor's Degree in Homeland Security & Public Safety

A Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety (BSHSPS) with a focus on law enforcement helps students learn about crime prevention at the federal, state and local level. Students should expect to pass a criminal background check...

Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies: Program Info

Students interested in learning about the history, theory and practice of law may choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in legal studies. These programs discuss how laws are created and how they govern society.

Bachelor's Degree in Police Administration: Program Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration program explores the administrative side of police work. In this program, students can also learn about crime analysis and policy development.

Bachelor's Degree in Police Science: Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs in police science - also found as police studies programs - offer training in criminal justice, leadership, law and psychology. Students will train to create safe neighborhoods by managing resources and addressing the...

Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety and Emergency Management

Programs engineered for public safety are typically 4-year degree programs and are structured as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Arts programs.

Bachelor's Degree in Security Management: Program Overview

Undergraduate security management education involves the study of physical and computer security and risk management. It often coincides with criminal investigation, small business management and fraud detection.

Bachelor's Degrees in Cyber Crime: Program Information

Individuals who want to study cyber crime at the bachelor's degree level can apply to cybersecurity programs. Students in cybersecurity programs learn about different types of cyber crimes, how to prevent them and how to protect individuals and...

Bachelor's Degrees in Emergency and Disaster Management

Students earning a bachelor's degree in emergency and disaster management typically receive training in a disaster prevention and recovery, emergency preparedness, public safety, and counter-terrorism. Fieldwork and internships can help prepare...

Bachelor's in Homeland Security & Public Safety: Degree Overview

In Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Homeland Security and Public Safety programs, students learn how to prevent, handle and recover from crises like natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Bachelor's in Police Management: Degree Program Information

Students can earn a four-year bachelor's degree in police management to begin or advance their careers in law enforcement. Get coursework details and program requirements, and check out job outlook and salary stats for graduates.

Bachelors Degree in Criminal Investigation: Program Summary

Bachelor's degree programs in criminal investigation cover the practical and theoretical background in crime control, police regulations, court systems and law. Students learn about various justice, correctional and law enforcement agencies.

Bachelors Degree in Fire Science: Program Information

A bachelor's degree program in fire science is for individuals interested in advancing to leadership or management positions within a fire service organization. Review program coursework, prerequisites and employment information.

Bachelors Degrees in Environmental Policy: Program Overview

At the bachelor's degree level, environmental policy is often a concentration within an environmental studies degree program. Students in this program are trained to understand the many aspects involved in environmental issues, carry out...

Best Colleges for Criminal Justice Majors: List of Top Schools

Learn about some of the top universities that offer criminal justice majors. Read about the schools' rankings, program options and locations, and compare differences and similarities to choose the right school for you.

Crime Scene Investigation Bachelor's Degree Program Overview

Students interested in a crime scene investigation career can complete a bachelor's degree program in forensic science, which features a combination of criminal investigation and criminology courses. Explore the program, career and graduate...

List of the Best Schools for Bachelor's Degrees in Forensics

Get information on the best schools for studying forensic science at the undergraduate level. Ranking and other institutional details are outlined below, along with degrees offered and unique opportunities within each program so that you can...

Security-Related Bachelor Degrees: Program Options

Security is a broad term relating to a range of concepts in safety, political science, and criminal justice. Bachelor's degrees in security-related subjects often focus on specific areas, such as information technology and national security.

Terrorism & Counterterrorism Studies Bachelor's Degree Info

Students interested in terrorism and counterterrorism studies can pursue a bachelor's degree in either homeland security or criminal justice with a terrorism and homeland security concentration. Keep reading to compare these two programs and...

What Jobs Are Available with a Fire Science Major?

While a degree in fire science typically prepares graduates to work only in firefighting, there are a number of jobs and occupational titles within that field. Fire science majors receive the education and training they need to advance to...

What is a Business Law Major?

A major in business law incorporates both legal and business education at the graduate level, emphasizing areas where the two fields cross over, such as contracts, mergers and acquisitions.

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