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Associate Degree in Child Development: Program Summary

Associate's degree programs in child development focus on various physical, psychological and behavioral aspects of the growth and development of young children. Read on for program requirements, the course curriculum and what to expect after...

Associate Degree in Christian Ministry: Program Information

A student who would like to work in a church might consider an associate degree in Christian ministry. Students develop an understanding of what it means to lead a Christian life and provide Christian-centered service to others.

Associate Degree in History: Program Overview and Information

An Associate of Arts (A.A.) in History degree is available at many community colleges and universities as both online and on campus programs. These 2-year programs typically include courses that cover multiple periods in history.

Associate Degree in Home Economics

Associate degree in home economics teach students how to navigate family and interpersonal dynamics. The programs feature a broad range of courses meant to prepare students for family life or careers.

Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Program Information

An associate degree in interdisciplinary studies allows a student to create a unique curriculum that meets his/her future educational and career plans. There is ample opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the arts and sciences.

Associate Degree in International Relations: Program Information

Associate's programs in international relations examine world affairs from interdisciplinary perspectives. Explore the program, common coursework, as well as different job opportunities.

Associate Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies: Program Overview

Many schools offer associate's degree programs in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary studies for students who can't find an area of study that fits their goals. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum, and the...

Associate Degree in Public Administration: Program Summary

An associate's degree in public administration is designed to teach students about various public sector institutions, including local, state, and federal government agencies as well as non-profit organizations. Learn about the program, careers,...

Associate Degree in Social Science: Program Overview

Associate's degree programs in social science cover various interdisciplinary topics related to human interactions in society. Students also gain an expanded historical awareness of human interaction.

Associate Degree in Textile Production

An associate's degree program in textile production can provide hands-on technical training in apparel design, construction and tailoring. Explore the program and common coursework, as well as see job and higher education options.

Associate in Arts Degree (AA): General Studies Degree Overview

Associate of Arts in General Studies degree programs give students the opportunity to explore a range of fields. By taking a variety of courses, students become better prepared to enroll in a bachelor's degree program.

Associate in Arts Degree (AA): Liberal Arts Degree Overview

An Associate in Arts (AA) degree program in liberal arts is designed to expose students to a wide variety of subjects and perspectives at the postsecondary level. Students have the option to concentrate in one or more areas, like fine arts or...

Associate in Science (AS): Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview

Associate of Science (A.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies programs offer courses from several academic fields and are designed for students who need a flexible curriculum to meet their unique educational needs.

Associate of Arts (AA): General Studies Degree Overview

An Associate of Arts in General Studies program provides instruction in a wide range of subjects. Explore program details, common coursework, employment options and continuing education opportunities.

Associate of Arts (AA): Human Services Degree Overview

Associate of Arts in Human Services programs provide an introduction to social services programs. Get program details, see common coursework and explore job opportunities.

Associate of Arts (AA): Liberal Studies Degree Overview

Associate of Arts programs in liberal studies prepare students to pursue a generalized education. This allows students to build a foundation of general education so they can explore specific education routes at a later time.

Associate of Child Care: Degree Overview

Associate's degrees in child care teach students about the practical aspects of running a child care business. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and the possibilities for graduates.

Associate of Child Care: Management Degree Overview

A child care management associate's degree program covers methods for managing child care programs and facilities and for teaching and caring for children at various stages of development. Learn about common coursework and job information.

Associate of General Studies: Degree Overview

Associate of General Studies (AGS) programs are often designed for the student who plans to transfer to a four-year degree program. Know more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and the possibilities for graduates.

Associate of Retail Merchandising: Degree Overview

Associate's degree programs in retail merchandising include instruction in business topics related to selling and buying. Continue reading to learn about program information, coursework, and job outlook for this degree.

Associate of Science (AS): General Studies Degree Overview

Associate of Science in General Studies programs allow students to earn general education credits in math, composition, the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences that can transfer towards a four-year degree.

Associate of Science (AS): Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview

Associate's degree programs in interdisciplinary studies allow students to design a personalized education plan. Programs typically offer a solid liberal studies education that prepares students for work in different sectors.

Associate's Degree in Christian Studies: Program Overview

Christian studies associate's degree programs focus on the history and doctrines of Christianity. Students also learn about ministerial applications and biblical interpretation.

Associates Degree in Divinity: Program Summary

Divinity refers to the study of a particular religion or theology. Learn about program requirements, coursework, job outlook and continuing education options.

Associates Degree in GIS: Program Summary

An associate's degree program in geographic information systems (GIS) provides students with a background and broad-based skills training in capturing, collecting and analyzing spatial and digital geographic data. Find out about salary and...

Associates Degree in Youth Ministry: Program Overview

Associate's degree programs in youth ministry teach students how to provide spiritual counseling, ministerial, and educational services to adolescent and child parishioners. Learn about the interdisciplinary program, courses and job outlook.

Associates Degrees in Humanities: Program Info by Specialization

Associate's degree programs in humanities are typically transfer programs for students who intend to complete a bachelor's degree in the field. These programs may have specializations like history, literature and social science.

Associates in Human Services Management: Program Summary

An associate's degree in human services management involves issues pertaining to human relationships and problems that may arise in people's personal lives. Read on for the program requirements, the course curriculum and possibilities after...

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