Liberal Arts and Humanities

Archaeology Major: Information and Requirements

A B.A. in Archeology from an accredited college or university is required of individuals interested in becoming an archaeologist. Degrees are offered at the Master's and Ph.D. levels and prepare students to work in the field of archaeology.

BS in Business - Public Administration: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degrees with a public administration specialization provide students with a background in public bureaucracy and administration processes. Check out employment outlook, salary information, and ways to continue your education.

Bachelor Degrees in the Humanities

Bachelor's degree programs in humanities offer cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural educational opportunities. Learn about this program, as well as salary information and employment outlook for various career options.

Bachelor Degrees in the Social Sciences

Many colleges and universities offer social sciences bachelor's programs. These programs teach the historical, cultural, political and theoretical aspects of human behavior. Learn more about careers and salary information for graduates.

Bachelor in Sports and Recreation Management: Degree Overview

Sports and recreation management is the comprehensive study of athletics in collegiate, professional, business and recreational contexts. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sports and Recreation...

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Applied Ministry Studies Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in ministry studies or applied ministry can help students develop a thorough understanding of the bible. These programs prepare graduates to work in support ministries.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Pastoral Christian Studies Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in pastoral ministry, Christian ministry or a closely related field typically offers classes focused on biblical studies, theology, ministries, history and leadership. Learn about program and job information.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Youth Christian Studies Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts degree program in youth Christian studies provides an academic framework for Christian study, theology and the principles of youth ministry. Learn about common coursework and job information.

Bachelor of Christian Ministries: Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in Christian ministries educate students in Bible studies and theology. Some schools offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science options in Christian ministries. Find out more about coursework and career options.

Bachelor of Divinity: Degree Program Information

There are no Bachelor of Divinity programs accredited by the Association of Theological Schools; the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) has replaced it. Courses often cover the bible, church history and laws.

Bachelor of Fashion & Retail Management: Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in fashion and retail management prepares students to design clothing, make purchasing decisions for retailers and market products.

Bachelor of General Studies: Degree Overview

Bachelor of General Studies programs are interdisciplinary. Continue reading for an overview of the programs and review the career options, employment projections and salary statistics for some graduates.

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies: Degree Overview

Bachelor's of Interdisciplinary Studies programs typically enable students to meet general education requirements and individualize the remainder of their education to satisfy more than one main interest.

Bachelor of Public Administration: Degree Overview

Bachelor's of Public Administration programs give students the directorial, research and hands-on experience and skills needed to impact social and public institutions.

Bachelor of Religious Systems Management: Degree Overview

Religious systems management degree programs train students how to manage financial and other obligations required of a place of worship. Learn about common courses and get important job and continuing education information.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Human Services Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science programs in human services typically cover counseling principles, applied human services and counseling research. Find out about potential outcomes, including career options, job growth and salary info, for Bachelor of Science...

Bachelor of Science (BS): Human Services Management Degree Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in human services management offer students extensive training in effective personnel and business management to prepare them for careers with human and social service organizations.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview

What is interdisciplinary studies? Bachelor's degree programs in interdisciplinary studies give students the freedom to design courses of study tailored to their goals and interests.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Public Administration Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree program in public administration can offer students a broad liberal arts education with a focus on developing management skills. Get information about the program, typical coursework and job outlook.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Sociology Degree Overview

In a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology program, students are introduced to a sociological perspective: a certain way of looking at the world, its societies, and the changes that take place. Learn about the common courses, prerequisites and...

Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies: Program Info

Multidisciplinary studies bachelor's degree programs incorporate the study of many diverse subjects. Most colleges offer some form of undergraduate education in multidisciplinary studies, opening the door to further education or a number of careers.

Bachelor's Degree for Managing Child Care Facilities

Bachelor's degree in child care management programs provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in the field while learning how to construct and maintain safe learning environments for children.

Bachelor's Degree in American Studies: Program Overview

American studies is an interdisciplinary field focused on the study of the history, culture and literature of the United States. Discover information about a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in American Studies program and graduate level options.

Bachelor's Degree in Archaeology: Program Summaries

A bachelor's degree program in archaeology introduces students to past societies and cultures through a blend of social science, humanities and natural sciences, such as geology. Explore program requirements and career outcomes in the article below.

Bachelor's Degree in Asian Studies: Program Information

Asian studies programs focus on the histories, cultures, and politics of Asian nations and civilizations. Students interested in this major can find a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Asian Studies at many universities and colleges across the country.

Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies: Program Information

A bachelor's degree in biblical studies focuses on the Bible and its content. Some programs may have special courses so that students can enroll in a seminary after they graduate.

Bachelor's Degree in Child Care Mgmt

A bachelor's degree program in child care management provides students with child development knowledge and administrative skills. The program provides knowledge necessary for working with children, parents and staff.

Bachelor's Degree in Child Studies: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in child studies explore the rights, welfare and development of children. Specializations within the degree programs are available, and, upon graduating, students can join the workforce in a variety of fields or pursue...

Bachelor's Degree in Christian Studies: Program Overview

Bachelor's degree programs in Christian studies provide students with a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian history and can prepare them for entry-level positions in the church or for transfer to a master's degree program in divinity.

Bachelor's Degree in Christianity Studies and Theology

Christian studies and theology programs teach about all aspects of the church, helping students form a strong academic and personal connection to theology. At the bachelor's degree level, they give a thorough overview of the Bible and Christianity.

Bachelor's Degree in Community Development: Program Information

A community development bachelor's program is designed to teach students how communities are formed and how land use can be improved. Learn about these programs, courses, career options, and continuing education information.

Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Production

Bachelor's degree programs in fashion production combine a liberal arts general education with business courses relevant to the fashion industry. Learn more about the program and likely coursework, as well as job information.

Bachelor's Degree in History: Program Overviews

Students in a bachelor's degree program in history study historical topics from around the world, preparing them for careers in a variety of fields, some of which may require continuing education.

Bachelor's Degree in Humanity Studies

A bachelor's program in humanity studies, or more commonly humanities, focuses on multiple disciplines, and offers a flexible degree that caters to students multiple academic interests and career choices upon graduation.

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations: Program Information

A bachelor's degree in international relations is an interdisciplinary degree in which students study international politics, diplomacy, and global relations. Students often have the chance to specialize their studies by choosing an area of...

Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Studies

Bachelor's degree programs in leisure studies combine the study of fitness and recreation to prepare graduates for jobs ranging from leisure services programmer to park ranger.

Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts: Program Information

Students interested in gaining a broad foundational knowledge in subject areas such as humanities and social sciences could pursue a bachelor's degree program in liberal arts.

Bachelor's Degree in Rec Studies

Bachelor's degree programs in recreation studies focus on the history, philosophy and operation of sports and leisure events. Learn more about the program, common courses and job options for graduates.

Bachelor's Degree in Religion and Christ Studies

Students enrolled in a bachelor's degree in religion and Christ studies will learn about the practices, tenets and beliefs of the major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but focus their studies specifically on Christianity.

Bachelor's Degree in Theology: Program Overview

A bachelor's degree program in theology allows students to take a close look at Christianity and other religions and how they affect the world. Decide whether this program is for you based on program information and career options.

Bachelor's in International Affairs: Degree Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs in international affairs provide fundamental knowledge in international politics, economics, culture and geography. It is required that students become proficient in a foreign language as part of their studies.

Bachelor's in Philosophy: Degree Program Information

Many schools offer 4-year bachelor's degree programs in philosophy, in which students learn to examine issues related to a number of disciplines, including science and religion. Learn about the degree, possible careers and continuing your education.

Bachelor's in Women's Studies: Degree Program Information

Interested students can obtain a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Women's Studies to explore the lives and experiences of women in order to understand how they are affected by issues such as race, sexuality, class and gender.

Bachelors Degree in Child Development: Program Summary

Bachelor's degree programs in child development provide fundamental knowledge and practical experience in early literacy and reading. Read on for program requirements, course curriculum and career possibility information.

Bachelors Degree in Criminology: Program Summary

A bachelor's degree program in criminology focuses on criminal justice theories and practices. Students learn the sociological dynamics of criminal behavior, methods of crime prevention, and a broad overview of the U.S. legal and penal systems.

Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Development: Program Information

A bachelor's degree in early childhood development is for students who are interested in childhood development and working with young children but don't wish to pursue a teaching certificate.

Can You Become a City Manager With a Bachelor's Degree?

City managers, also known as chief executives, are responsible for implementing government policies and executing activities required by laws, rules and regulations. While someone can become a city manager with a bachelor's degree, an advanced...

Colleges with a Major in Social Services: How to Choose

Social work schools and colleges offer associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. The Bachelor of Science in Social Work is the minimum requirement for a social worker. The Master of Social Work allows for more specialization...

Consumer Science Major: Degree Overview

Degree programs in consumer science are available at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral levels. These programs teach a variety of subjects including apparel design, hospitality management and merchandising.

Course Requirements for a History Major: Overview of Core Courses

An undergraduate history program provides students with a comprehensive world-view of the recorded past and its effects on the present and future of human civilization. Read on to learn more about some typical topics of study for a history major.

Difference Between a Political Science and International Relations Degree

Political science and international relations programs challenge students to grapple with the most pressing problems in modern society. Despite a variety of similarities, there are important differences to consider when deciding which program is...

European Studies Major: Information and Requirements

A major in European studies gives students a chance to examine the philosophies, economic structures, cultural environments, languages, business models and histories of European nations. Learn more about the program requirements, job options and...

Home Economics Major: Information and Requirements

In home economics bachelor's programs, students explore life management approaches, from parenting to personal finance, to help families maintain structure and health. Know the program requirements, the course curriculum, and the career options...

International Studies Major: Information and Requirements

International studies bachelor's degree programs provide interdisciplinary instruction on how nations interact with each other politically, culturally, and economically.

Liberal Studies Major and Bachelor's Degree Program Information

Liberal studies degree programs offer courses in a range of topics. Some programs allow students to choose a specialty area of study, while others prevent students from choosing too many courses related to the same subject.

Philosophy Major: Information and Requirements

Bachelor's degrees in philosophy teach students how to scrutinize and question accepted areas of thought including ethics, metaphysics and logic. Read about prerequisites, courses and continuing education options for a philosophy major below.

Political Science vs. Criminal Justice Degree

Although similar in certain ways, the differences between a political science degree and criminal justice degree can impact your career path. This article discusses the major differences, typical coursework and topics included, as well as related...

Political Science vs. Law Degree

Students with aspirations of applying to law school or pursuing careers related to politics and the legal system may want to consider majoring in political science or law, which is typically offered as pre-law at the undergraduate level. Learn...

Religious Studies Major: Information and Requirements

Students in a bachelor's degree program in religious studies learn about the impact, application, development and history of the world's major religions and faiths.

Schools with Bachelor's Degrees in Anthropology: How to Choose

Students may choose to earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at several 4-year colleges and universities throughout the country. These programs are usually available through the schools' anthropology, social sciences and...

Social Services Bachelors Degree Program Overview

Social services bachelor's degree programs educate students on how to help to individuals and groups of people dealing with life's challenges. Programs teach methods of assisting people with disabilities, mental illnesses, criminal backgrounds,...

Sociology vs. Political Science Major

Sociology and political science are closely related disciplines. Learn commonalities, distinctions, and points to consider when choosing between these two majors.

What Can I Do with an Interdisciplinary Bachelors Degree?

Graduates of interdisciplinary studies programs may embark on a variety of career opportunities. Some students enroll in undergraduate interdisciplinary programs strictly for educational purposes, while others seek to advance or change careers....

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