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Aboriginal Cultural Studies Degree and Certificate Programs

Programs and certificates in Australian Aboriginal culture are unavailable in the U.S., but U.S. students can major in anthropology and participate in student exchange or study abroad programs that concentrate on Aboriginal studies in Australia.

Activities Aide Certification and Training Program Information

An activities aide plans & implements activities for senior living, adult daycare & community centers. Many organizations prefer to hire holders of voluntary certification from the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP).

African Studies Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

African studies degree programs examine the traditions and experiences of Africans and individuals of African descent. Curricula in African studies are offered as both bachelor's and master's degree programs, as well as certificates.

American Government Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

An American government concentration is often offered through political science degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Coursework covers government organization and functions as well as politics and legislation.

American History Education Options: Degree and Certificate Program Info

American history is offered through bachelor's, master's and post-master's certificate programs. Studies mainly consist of the country's involvement in both national and foreign wars, first American settlers, democracy and politics, and...

American Studies Degree Program Summaries by Level

American studies is an interdisciplinary exploration of American history and identity through cultural, political, technological, economic and social perspectives. Degree programs in American studies are offered at the undergraduate and graduate...

Behavioral Economics Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Behavioral economics programs integrate aspects of business, economics, and psychology, to give an in-depth view of this relatively new field, focused on making better economic decisions. This field is most commonly offered at the graduate level...

Biblical Studies Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Biblical studies programs at the certificate, associate's and bachelor's levels teach students to examine the Bible as a guide to Christian practices, as well as to look at its history and influence.

Canadian History Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

There are no Canadian history degree programs in the United States, but many schools offer Canadian history curricula within a bachelor's Canadian Studies program. Learn about such programs, career prospects and options for advanced study.

Case Management Certificate: Program Overview

Case management certificate programs prepare nurses and other healthcare professionals to assess and monitor the quality of patient care in hospitals and medical facilities. Programs can also prepare aspiring case managers for industry...

Caseworker Degree, Licensure and Certificate Information

Prospective students who want to become caseworkers can enroll in an undergraduate certificate program in case management or an associate or bachelor's degree program in human services.

Certificate in Gender Studies: Program Information

Certificate programs in gender studies are typically designed to complement an undergraduate or graduate program in a field such as sociology, psychology or history. Learn about the programs and coursework, and what you can do after graduation.

Certificate in International Relations: Program Information

Certificate programs in international relations are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Programs may enhance a current degree path like business, and many students extend their professional expertise to the global arena.

Certification Options Related to Childcare

Childcare workers can earn voluntary certifications to demonstrate their competence to possible employers. They typically take care of children who are pre-kindergarten age and monitor their safety, playtime and meals while parents are away....

Chicano History Programs: Degree and Certificate Information

Individuals interested in Chicano/Latin studies can enroll in a certificate, bachelor's or master's degree program. These programs often provide students with opportunities to participate in internships as well traditional coursework. Graduates...

Child Care Director Certification and Certificate Program Summaries

A certificate program in childcare administration provides students with the training and knowledge necessary to supervise early childhood programs. Students learn the various responsibilities of childcare directors, managers and supervisors.

Chinese Philosophy Degree and Certificate Program Information

Find out about Chinese philosophy degree and certificate programs. Learn about courses and education paths for this topic, as well as popular career choices, employment outlook and salary information for experts in Chinese philosophy.

Clinical Case Management Certification Program Overviews

Clinical case management certificate programs are for nurses who wish to learn the skills necessary to manage patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health care facilities and long-term care facilities. These programs are also available...

Diversity Studies Certificate and Degree Program Overviews

Diversity studies programs cover racial and gender issues from a multicultural perspective. Certificate and graduate degree programs can prepare students for a variety of careers in research, education, public policy and law.

European History Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Graduate degree programs in European history allow students to concentrate their interests on specific subjects or time periods, such as the Renaissance, women's studies or military history. These degrees prepare individuals to enter into careers...

Family Advocate Certificate and Degree Program Information

Family advocate programs prepare students to work in social service agencies and other non-profit organizations. Students can receive training through certificates in family advocacy or degree programs (bachelor's or master's) in family studies.

Family Resource Management Studies Degree and Certificate Programs

Degrees in the field of family resource management fall under a variety of names, including family and consumer sciences and family life education. Programs are generally available at the bachelor's, graduate certificate, and master's degree levels.

Fashion Studies Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

Fashion studies programs are offered at the certificate, bachelor's and master's levels through a number of colleges and universities in the U.S. Graduates often go on to become fashion designers.

Forensic Social Work Certificate: Program Overview

Graduate students enrolled in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program and/or active social work professionals may obtain a certificate in forensic social work. When students complete their certificates, they must still meet licensing requirements...

Geriatric Case Management Certification and Training Programs

A variety of educational programs exist in geriatric case management. These range from certificates that allow people to work in the field after very targeted training, to graduate programs for those interested in a specialization or management.

Human Growth and Development Degree and Certificate Programs

Those interested in a career in social work, community health or public service may pursue a degree in human growth and development. A bachelor's degree is sufficient for entry-level positions and a master's degree or graduate certificate is...

Human Services Administration Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Most programs emphasizing human services administration skills are found at the graduate level, but a select number of baccalaureate programs are also available. These programs prepare students for leadership roles in the human services field.

Human Services Management Degree, Training and Certificate Program Info

Studies in human service management usually take place at the bachelor's degree level, although certain master's programs and graduate certificates also provide education in this area. These programs focus on project management, leadership and...

Human Studies Programs: Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Human studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines family dynamics and personal growth. Students explore topics in philosophy, psychology, life sciences, education, economics and communication at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Latin American History Certificate and Degree Program Summaries

U.S. students wishing to study Latin American history probably will be best served by entering a Latin American studies program. Undergraduate certificate programs, bachelor's, and master's degree programs are available; each provides varying...

Overview of GIS Technician Certification and Certificate Programs

Students who are interested in becoming GIS technicians might consider enrolling in a GIS certificate program at a 4-year university to supplement their bachelor's degree.

Park Naturalist Training and Certificate Program Information

Park naturalists are usually required to have a bachelor's degree in a field such as environmental studies, though related associate's degree programs can help students start their career. Learn more about these program options and the job...

Pastoral Administration Certificate and Degree Program Summaries

Pastoral administration programs are open to ordained clergy and laypeople interested in fostering communities of faithful followers of Jesus Christ. These programs are offered at the graduate certificate, master's, and doctoral levels.

Physical Anthropology Certificate and Degree Program Summaries

Most physical anthropology programs are at the graduate level and lead to master's degrees, Ph.D.s and specialized graduate certificates. Details about these programs follow, as well as career info, including recent salary and career outlook...

Recreation Studies Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

Recreation studies programs are offered at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree levels. Students learn navigation and wilderness skills for potential careers as park employees.

Religious Studies Degree and Certificate Programs

Individuals interested in exploring the role and impact of religion in society may explore various degree options, such as an undergraduate certificate, bachelor's degree, or master's degree program.

Russian Studies Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

Russian studies is an interdisciplinary program combining Russian history, politics, economics and language. Individuals can pursue courses available in different levels depending on their needs and interests.

Seamstress Certification, Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Although many seamstress positions offer on-the-job training, completing a seamstress certificate program or an associate's degree in fashion design can better prepare students for entry-level positions in the industry.

Sewing Machine Mechanics Training and Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in sewing machine maintenance and repair do not exist in the United States, however, training programs in small appliance repair - offered through community colleges, technical, and vocational schools - may cover sewing...

Social Sciences Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Degrees in social sciences explore topics across many fields within the humanities. Available at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, social sciences programs can prepare students for many occupations.

Urban Archaeology Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Urban archaeology involves the excavation, preservation and study of cities. Explore the undergraduate and graduate degree program options, common coursework and employment opportunities.

Women's Studies Degree and Certificate Program Information

Women's Studies programs are available at the bachelor and master's degree levels, while some schools also offer graduate certificates in this area. Graduates from all levels often go on to careers in journalism, social work, and academia.

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