Liberal Arts and Humanities

Behavioral Economics Graduate Programs

In behavioral economics programs, students learn how to analyze and predict the factors that influence financial-decision making in various populations through traditional coursework and research.

Behavioral Economics Masters Degree Programs

While there are no master's degree programs specifically in behavioral economics, interested students may pursue a master's degree in economics with a specialization in the field. Get information about these programs and future options for...

Best Schools with Ancient History Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Learn which are the best schools offering graduate degree programs in ancient history. See what makes these schools special. Find out more about degree and program options, too.

Best Schools with Cultural Anthropology Graduate Programs

Review a selection of the best schools for earning a graduate degree in cultural anthropology. Learn about the degree types and curriculum formats available at these schools.

Best Schools with Graduate Programs in Philosophy: List of Schools

Philosophy is the study of theoretical issues regarding knowledge, morals, logic, the brain, and existence. Read on to learn about schools where you can earn a graduate degree in philosophy. Find out what makes these schools distinctive, and see...

Best Schools with Military History Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Learn about three of the top schools to offer military training graduate degree programs in the U.S. Get program details, school locations and rankings, as well as opportunities afforded to graduate students studying military history at these...

Best Theology Graduate Schools: List of Schools

Read on to learn which graduate theology schools are highly ranked. See more about degrees offered and program options. Find out why these schools are distinctive.

Cartography Masters Degree Program Overview

There are no master's degrees specifically in cartography, but interested students may enroll in a Master of Science program in Geography with a specialization in the field. Find out what these programs entail and what you must do in order to apply.

Child Life Specialist Graduate Program Options

Master's degree programs in child life are commonly offered through colleges or departments of education. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and possibilities after graduation.

Diplomacy Graduate Degree Program Options

A Master of Arts or Master of Science in Diplomacy may include a focus in international relations or law, with a strong concentration in communication. Careers in this field include corporate communications or public diplomacy officer.

Forensic Anthropology Masters Programs: Degree Summaries

A master's degree program in forensic anthropology is a rare, but fascinating program that primes students to analyze data and evidence in law enforcement inspections and historical research. This program commonly supplements the pursuit of a...

Graduate Certificate in Childcare Management: Program Info

Graduate certificates in child care management do not exist. However, students interested in day care and child care management careers can look into undergraduate certificate programs and associate's degree programs in child care management....

Graduate Degrees in Human Services: Program Options

Master's degree programs in human services accommodate a variety of interests, but generally cover an assortment of social science topics. Review information about the program, requirements, career information, and salary.

Graduate History Classes and Courses Overview

Graduate students of history may be seeking careers in scholarship, teaching or research. Graduate history programs provide a multitude of choices for study and specialization that accommodate any of these goals and interests.

Graduate Program Options in Interdisciplinary Studies

As part of a master's degree program in interdisciplinary studies, students can select their own courses across several disciplines, design their own degree and pursue their academic interests in a more diverse way.

Graduate Programs in Human Rights: Program Options

Human Rights graduate certificates and master's degree programs offer courses in human rights throughout history and international laws regarding human rights. Learn more about the program requirements, the course curriculum and what to expect...

Human Rights Masters Degree Program Information

If you want to study social justice at the graduate level, a master's degree in human rights may be right for you. Learn more about degree options, graduation requirements, and opportunities for students after graduation.

Liberal Arts Masters Degree Program Information

Master's degree programs in liberal arts can be customized to meet the student's needs, interests, and career goals. Find out about core requirements, as well as areas of flexibility within these programs.

List of Top Colleges with Master of Social Work Degrees

Get the specifics of Master of Social Work degree programs at three top universities. Learn about school rankings, program options and internship opportunities at these schools.

List of the Top Christian Graduate Schools in the U.S.

Read about three of the best Christian graduate schools in the nation. Learn more about the schools and their rankings, as well as degrees and majors offered and corresponding program details.

MBA in Finance & Governance: Degree Overview

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Governance program typically includes courses that teach students about governance and its effect on an organization. Discover information about the program and career statistics.

MBA in Public Administration: Degree Overview

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in public administration prepares students for issues pertaining to business practice and administration. Read more about the program requirements, the course curriculum, and...

Master of Arts (MA): Diplomacy Degree Overview

Diplomacy programs are commonly offered in conjunction with related areas of study, such as international relations, law or military studies. These programs address interactions among nations with regard to issues such as culture, economy and...

Master of Arts (MA): Military History Degree Overview

Master of Arts degree programs in military history offer students the chance to increase their knowledge of warfare through the ages, including causes, effects and strategies. Learn about the program, courses and job outlook.

Master of Humanities: Degree Program Info

Students who are interested in interdisciplinary liberal arts training at the master's degree level can enroll in a Master of Humanities (MH) program. Find out about program requirements, specialization possibilities, and future options.

Master of International Studies: Degree Overview

A Master of International Studies (MIS) is a professional and terminal degree. The program is typically designed to expand on the curricular groundwork from a previous degree related to the field to prepare graduates for careers in foreign policy.

Master of Management: Public Administration Degree Overview

While a Master of Management degree in public administration doesn't exist, students who are interested in studying the subject at the graduate level can enroll in a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program.

Master of Public Administration: Degree Overview

A Master of Public Administration program can help students understand administrative concepts, policy enforcement and political management. Learn about the program, career opportunities, and salary information.

Master of Science in Nursing - Case Management: Degree Information

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program with a case management specialization typically teaches students about the organizational structure of case management. Students can find careers in hospitals, outpatient centers, and home healthcare.

Master's Degree in Anthropology: Program Overview

Anthropology is the interdisciplinary study of human societies from cultural, historical and biological perspectives. Interested students may obtain a Master of Arts or Master of Science in Anthropology in 1-2 years at a university.

Master's Degree in Christian Leadership: Program Overview

In pursuing a master's degree in Christian leadership, students study theology, Christian principles, and leadership. A practicum or research project is often required of students in order to graduate.

Master's Degree in Community Leadership: Program Information

A master's degree program in community leadership typically focuses on communications, community organizing and management. An internship and thesis may be required for this master's degree.

Master's Degree in Forensic Archaeology: Program Overview

Forensic archaeology is the study of the archaeological excavation of human remains and their application to medical and legal contexts. Students may obtain a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) in Forensic Anthropology in two years.

Master's Degree in GIS: Degree Program Information

An advanced degree in geographic information systems (GIS) can enhance many career paths. Technology-based courses are included in this degree to help students familiarize themselves with software applications and GIS techniques.

Master's Degree in Gender Studies: Program Overview

Master's degree programs in gender studies focus on how gender and culture interconnect to influence social norms. Topics covered include gender, race, class and sexuality in history, religion, family life and politics.

Master's Degree in Human Development: Program Overview

Students in human development master's programs examine the biological, social and psychological aspect of human development. Some programs emphasize education, while others focus on scientific study or the social sciences.

Master's Degree in Intercultural Studies: Program Information

A master's degree program in intercultural studies is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students about different cultures. Students learn about how to communicate across cultural differences, which will prepare them for a range of careers.

Master's Degree in Public Policy: Program Overview

Public policy is the study of how public servants analyze societies, political systems and economics in order to achieve policy changes via advocacy. Graduate students interested in this field may earn a Master of Public Policy (MPP) or Master of...

Master's Degree in Social Science: Program Information

At the master's degree level, social science programs combine broad interdisciplinary study with specialized research in a particular field. Find out more about curriculum options in these programs, as well as future opportunities for graduates.

Master's Degree in Sociology: Program Overview

Master's degree programs in sociology prepare students for careers in a variety of fields ranging from business and public policy to education and criminal justice. Explore degree requirements and concentration options below.

Master's Degree in Worship Studies: Program Information

Worship studies master's degree programs give students develop their leadership skills as well as their theoretical understanding of worship traditions, using a prior knowledge of scripture and Christian ethics. These programs last 2.5 years.

Master's in Divinity Studies: Program Overview

For students who want to pursue advanced academic study in religion and theology, a master's degree in divinity can be a great educational option. Learn what this degree entails and what students choose to do after graduation.

Masters Degree in Child Development: Program Overview

If you are interested in pursuing advanced studies in the field of child development, you may consider a master's degree in the field. Get more information about application and graduation requirements, as well as job prospects for graduates.

Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Development: Program Info

The two main child and adolescent development master's programs are a Master of Arts and a Master of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in child and adolescent development. Students in these programs will research key aspects of the...

Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology: Program Information

Cultural anthropology is the study of living peoples, their cultures, societal differences and economies. In a master's program, students will examine the social and political environments of different cultures and peoples to prepare for future...

Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development: Program Info

If you want to study early childhood development in graduate school, a master's degree program in the field is a great place to start. Find out what this program entails and how graduates use the skills they gain in their careers.

Masters Degree in Human Services Management: Program Information

Students who are interested in becoming human services managers may pursue a master's degree in human services administration. Find out what you will learn in these programs, what you need to apply, and what you can do after you finish the degree.

Masters Degree in Military Studies: Program Information

Graduate programs in military studies can be found in the form of Master's of Arts programs. Students learn about military history and political science as well as more theoretical aspects, such as the ethics and philosophy of the field.

Masters in International Policy Degree Program Information

If you are interested in studying political science at the graduate level, you may consider a master's degree in international policy. Learn more about program requirements and post-graduation prospects.

Masters in Political Management: Info for Graduate Students

Master's degree programs in political management are designed for students seeking an active role in politics. Find out about prerequisites, program coursework, and post-graduation opportunities.

Museum Studies Master's Degree Program Information

A master's degree program in museum studies explores the history of museums, exhibits, curatorial research, management and operations, community education and outreach. These graduate programs prepare students for careers such as museum curator...

Organizational Resource Management Graduate Degree Program Info

Students interested in studying organizational resource management at the graduate and post-graduate level can enroll in a master's degree or doctoral program in human resources management. This field also includes physical and financial resources.

Religious Studies Masters Degree Program Information

Master's degree programs in religious studies combine interdisciplinary studies in the social sciences and humanities with specialized training in the student's field of interest. Learn more about these programs and common post-graduation pursuits.

Social and Community Services Masters Degree Program Information

The master's degree options that are most relevant for students interested in social and community services are the Master of Social Work (MSW) and the Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) degree. Learn more about these programs.

Top Schools with Anthropology Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Learn about the top universities in the nation that offer anthropology graduate programs. Obtain school rankings, degree possibilities and location info, so you can make an informed decision on your education.

Top Schools with Archaeology Graduate Programs

Learn about graduate degree programs in archaeology offered by three of the top schools in the U.S. Discover the schools' rankings, degrees offered and program curriculum.

Top Schools with Forensic Anthropology Graduate Programs in the U.S.

Learn about school rankings for three top schools with forensic anthropology graduate programs. Find out about the program requirements and research facilities at these schools.

Top Schools with Geography Masters Programs: List of Best Schools

Find out the degree and concentration options for master's degrees in geography at two top schools that offer these programs. Discover school rankings and programs requirements.

Top Schools with Graduate Programs in Religion: List of Schools

Learn about highly ranked schools that offer graduate programs in religion. See what sets these schools apart, get program details, and decide if one of these schools is right for you.

Top Schools with International Relations Graduate Programs

Discover the similarities and differences between three top schools with graduate programs in international relations. Learn about school rankings, program offerings, and other information about these schools.

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