Mechanic and Repair Technologies

A C Technician Certificate Program Overview

Many community colleges, technical schools and vocational schools offer AC technician certificate programs. The didactic and practical courses taught in these programs prepare students to work competently on these electrical systems.

A Plus Certification: Overview of Computer Technician Programs

CompTIA A+ Certification is an optional credential for computer technician professionals. Get some quick facts about the training and experience necessary to qualify for computer technician jobs.

A+ Certificate: Program Overview

A+ certificate programs teach students about a variety of computer service topics, including hardware, software, installations, security, maintenance, problem solving and operating systems.

ATM Repair Technician Degree and Certificate Program Information

In an associate's degree in electronics technology, aspiring ATM repair technicians learn about microprocessors, integrated computer systems, electronic circuits and other technology involving ATM machines.

Aeronautical Maintenance Technology Certificate: Program Summary

Aeronautical maintenance technology certificate programs combine hands-on experience with classroom learning to teach students about various types of aircraft and prepare them for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

Aircraft Machining Degree and Certificate Program Information

Available through technical schools and community colleges, general machinist training is available at the certificate and associate's degree level. Programs specifically tailored to aircraft machining are not currently available.

Airframe and Powerplant Technology Certificate: Program Summary

Certificate programs in airframe and powerplant technology can be completed in one or two years. These programs teach students how to repair, maintain and troubleshoot aircraft structures and propulsion systems.

Apartment Manager Certifications and Certificate Programs

Certificate programs and certifications in apartment management provide aspiring apartment managers with training, although it is not necessarily required for professional work in the industry.

Automotive Service Excellence Certification Programs

Automotive service excellence certification requires passing an exam and meeting specific education and experience requirements. Individuals who want to prepare for certification may enroll in an automotive technology certificate program. In...

Automotive Technician Certificate: Diesel Technician Program Overview

An automotive diesel technician certificate program teaches students the basics of repairing and maintaining diesel engines, and learning how to use the tools, machines, and equipment required to work on such engines. Learn more about program...

Automotive Technician Certificate: Program Overview

Automobile technology certificate programs teach students to diagnose and repair problems with car engines, brakes, transmissions, suspension systems, and electrical components. Students learn through both lecture-based courses and hands-on...

Automotive Technology Certificate - NASCAR Technician

Aspiring NASCAR automotive technicians can enroll in certificate programs in high performance or motor sports automotive technology, which are available at some schools. There are currently no training programs specific to NASCAR.

Automotive Technology Certificate: Program Overview

Automotive technology certificate programs provide the technological training required to diagnose, repair, and maintain automobile engines. The program is comprised of classroom lectures and hands-on training.

Avionics Certificate Program Overviews

Some schools offer a single avionics training program, while others focus on either airframe or power plant technology. Graduates of certificate programs are equipped with practical knowledge and skills to work as mechanics in the avionics industry.

Boat Technology Degree, Certificate and Training Program Summaries

Boat technology training is available through certificate and associate's degree programs in marine technology. These programs are available through technical schools and community colleges.

CNC Programming Certification: Program Outline

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer training can be found through certificate and associate degree programs often available in community colleges and trade schools. Learn about courses, careers, and continuing education for these programs.

Cable Installation Training and Certification Program Info

Cable installation technician training and certificate programs are available at several schools and colleges. Review common coursework in these programs, as well as professional certification opportunities and BLS data on salary and job outlook.

Collision Repair & Refinishing Certification: Program Overview

The certificate programs in collision repair and refinishing teach students about frame-straightening, replacement of electrical and mechanical components, door and fender repair, glass replacement, final surface preparation and painting....

Computer Repair Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Computer repair programs are usually available as on-campus programs due to the hands-on, technical nature of the courses, but a few schools may offer online learning options. Explore certificate and associate's degree programs including topics...

Copier Repair Technician Course and Certificate Program Info

A certificate in electronics prepares students to repair, maintain and troubleshoot copy machines and other types of office equipment. Discover more information about the program, courses, salary, and continuing education information.

Electrician Certificate: Overview of Programs

Students in electrician certificate programs learn about job safety, tool and equipment use, electrical hazards and basic first aid. Sometimes the training required for licensure as a journeyman electrician is included.

Electricity Management Certification and Certificate Options

Certificate programs in energy resource management teach students how to properly manage energy resource. These programs are designed for those who work in the fields of construction management, electrical engineering and design.

Electronics Certificate in Computer Technology & Telecommunications

Electronics certificate programs focusing on computer technology and telecommunications provide students with a solid understanding of established networking concepts. These programs' requirements and career outcomes are profiled below.

Forklift Mechanic Certification and Training Program Information

Forklift mechanic training is usually offered through diesel technician or heavy equipment training certificate and associate degree programs. Find out about professional certification, what other popular career options are available, and...

Gunsmithing Degree and Certificate Program Summaries

Training options for prospective gunsmiths include gunsmithing associate's degree and certificate programs. Learn about each program, coursework and employment outlook.

HVAC Technician Certificate Program Overview

Earning an HVAC certificate can prepare students for entry-level positions in the refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning industry. Curriculum includes a mixture of hands-on training as well as classroom-based instruction.

HVAC Technology Degree and Certificate Program Information

Prospective heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) workers may choose from a variety of training programs, including a certificate or associate's degree program. Learn more about these programs, as well as career options, salary rates,...

TV Repair Certification and Certificate Program Options

In TV repair certification programs, students learn about the design, operation and troubleshooting options for a variety of devices, products and equipment. Dive into program objectives, requirements, coursework, and more.

Truck Repair Certification and Certificate Program Information

Many community colleges and trade schools offer certificate programs in truck repair, truck technology and truck maintenance. Review coursework and program objectives in a truck repair certificate program, career options, salary, job outlook, and...

Vehicle Maintenance Certificate: Program Overview

Earning a vehicle maintenance certificate can prepare graduates for careers involving the repair and maintenance of buses, trucks, cars and heavy equipment. Learn about certificate coursework, job outlook, and ASE certification.

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