Mechanic and Repair Technologies

ATM Repair Course and Training Information

Aspiring ATM (automated teller machine) repairers can gain necessary skills by taking courses in general electronics repair. However, those interested specifically in ATM repair often gain training on the job, especially by shadowing an...

Aeronautical Maintenance Technology: Coursework Overview

Find out what you can learn in a course or program in aeronautical maintenance technology. Get details on a few of the courses that are part of a training program in aeronautical maintenance technology.

Aircraft Mechanic: Coursework Summary

Aircraft mechanics maintain and alter aircraft as dictated by federal regulations. Coursework for aspiring aircraft mechanics is taken as part of a full diploma, certificate or degree program.

Appliance Repair Classes and Courses Information

Appliance repair courses typically cover troubleshooting and repair techniques for major household appliances. Some courses include preparation for industry certification exams. Continue reading to learn about popular courses for prospective...

Asphalt Technology Class and School Information

Asphalt technology involves the use of machinery to spread concrete or asphalt in order to create paved roadways, bridges, buildings, levees and runways. Continue reading to learn about some common types of courses for those interested in asphalt...

Auto Upholstery Training and Class Information

Auto upholstery classes are typically offered through automotive technology training programs where students learn the fundamentals of automobile construction, design, repair and customization. Read on to learn more.

Automotive Collision Repair Classes and Training Programs

Classes and training programs in automotive collision repair help students gain the skills necessary to repair, restore and refinish automobiles that have been damaged in accidents. This article discusses the most common automotive collision...

Automotive Electronics Courses and Training Program Information

Automotive electronics studies are offered through undergraduate and graduate programs and as individual continuing education courses. Learn about the most commonly offered automotive electronics courses and training program classes.

Automotive Technology: Coursework Overview

Automotive technology coursework is designed for those interested in performing routine maintenance and repairing vehicles as an automotive service technician or mechanic. Training courses in automotive technology are frequently found in...

Bicycle Repair Classes and Training Programs

Students can learn to maintain and repair bicycles by taking courses like the following which teach bicycle maintenance, bicycle operation, and how to build a bike from scratch.

CNC Operator Courses and Classes Overview

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) courses teach students how to set-up, maintain, operate and dismantle machining tools that are controlled by computers. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common courses in this field.

CNC Programming Class and Training Program Information

Computer numerical control (CNC) programmers create and write programs that are used to operate manufacturing tools and equipment. Applicable coursework can be found through certificate programs in CNC programming.

Car Painting Courses and Classes Overview

Car painting courses are offered through associate degree and certificate programs in auto body repair, collision repair, and painting or auto body technology. Students typically take car painting courses as preparation for careers in auto body...

City Inspector Courses and Training Programs

Students looking for formal training that prepares them to become a city inspector can find programs at many 2-year colleges and 4-year universities. Relevant degree and certificate programs include home inspection, construction technology and...

Commercial Building Inspector Training Programs and Courses

Commercial building inspectors make sure that commercial structures comply with local ordinances and codes. This article profiles the most common training programs and courses for aspiring commercial building inspectors.

Computer Maintenance Class and Course Information

Courses in computer maintenance cover the fundamentals of troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware and software. Keep reading to explore some popular computer maintenance course offerings.

Computer Technology Courses and Classes Overview

Those interested in becoming computer and information systems managers can take college courses that teach them how to implement new technology. They will learn how to coordinate, administer and direct computer, network and software activities...

Construction Estimating Classes and Courses Overview

Construction estimators analyze various pieces of information to predict the time and cost of construction projects. Construction estimating courses focus on specialized technical knowledge that prepares students for careers in the construction...

Dental Equipment Repair Training Programs and Courses

Dental equipment repair training is included in biomedical equipment technology programs, where students also learn how to repair other devices, such as defibrillators, x-ray machines, ophthalmic equipment and electric wheelchairs. To learn more...

Electric Meter Installation Courses and Classes Overview

Courses in electric meter installation are usually available as part of certificate and associate degree programs in electrical construction and maintenance or electric power technology. However, they can also be found in the form of conference...

Electrical Inspector Training Programs and Courses

Training programs and courses for electrical inspectors teach students how to effectively inspect and evaluate electrical systems and their components. Read on to learn about the most popular courses for aspiring electrical inspectors.

Facilities Management Courses and Classes Overview

A career in facilities management requires the ability to plan, coordinate and manage projects as well as people. Several colleges and universities offer courses in facilities management. Some of the most popular courses are profiled in this...

Furniture Repair and Upholstery Classes and Courses Overview

Furniture repairers and upholsterers restore and fix a variety of furniture, including sofas, ottomans and chairs. The following courses in furniture repair are often available in trade schools and 2-year colleges.

Golf Cart Repair Classes and Courses

Coursework that pertains to golf cart repair is often included in certificate and associate degree programs. To learn more about common golf cart repair courses and related program options, read on.

Guitar Technician Courses and Classes Overview

Guitar technicians are generally responsible for setting up guitars for musicians prior to a performance, but they can also work in guitar building and guitar repair. While many guitar technicians learn their vocation simply from hands-on...

Hardware Installation and Repair Courses and Training Programs

Many colleges and universities offer courses and training programs that prepare individuals for careers in computer hardware installation and repair. Read on to learn about the most popular course offerings and training options in the field.

Home Building Classes and Courses Overview

Classes for aspiring home builders can be found at several colleges and universities. Read on for an overview of the most commonly available home building classes.

Instrument Technician Courses and Classes Overview

Instrumentation technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of industrial and scientific equipment. Detailed in this article are some common courses for aspiring instrumentation technicians.

LCD TV Repair Classes and Courses Information

Courses in LCD TV repair are usually not available through traditional TV repair training programs. However, courses in television servicing, network technology and electronics repair instruct students on areas that are relevant to LCD TV repair....

Learn Precision Carpentry: Course and Training Program Overviews

Carpenters are woodworking professionals with skills that allow them to work in a variety of construction jobs, from building new houses to remodeling commercial projects. Although many carpenters still learn the trade on the job or through...

Marine Engine Repair Classes and Courses Overviews

Many community colleges and technical schools offer classes in marine engine repair. These classes teach students how to service and maintain the engines and other systems of many types of watercraft. The most popular class offerings in the field...

Masonry Courses and Classes Overview

Masonry courses are usually found in masonry diploma programs, along with professional certification options, at technical or trade schools. Masonry courses introduce students to the fundamentals of the trade.

Metal Fabrication Course and Career Information

Courses in metal fabrication are offered at various technical schools and community colleges in welding and metal fabrication or metal fabrication technology programs. Read on to learn about some common courses in metal fabrication.

Overview of Courses for Facilities Directors

Facilities directors, also known as facilities managers, are responsible for several tasks related to the management of companies and buildings, such as monitoring operations, overseeing renovation projects and managing staff. Read on to learn...

Overview of Glass Painting Courses and Workshops

The art of glass painting goes back to practices used to create medieval stained glass. The process involves using a number of specific techniques to create a finished work of art. Glass painting courses and workshops are often offered through...

PC Maintenance Course and Class Information

PC maintenance and repair technicians configure, install and troubleshoot computer network, software and hardware problems. Read on to explore some common PC maintenance courses, which are offered at a variety of community colleges, technical...

PC Repair Course and Training Program Information

Personal computers (PCs) are computers, including laptops, desktops or tablets, that are directly operated by the consumer. Courses and training programs in PC repair teach students how to troubleshoot, install and configure PC software, networks...

Pipe Fitter Training Program and Course Information

Similar to plumbers, pipe fitters work with several types of piping systems used for residential and commercial projects. Read on to learn about training programs and courses that are available for aspiring pipe fitters.

Residential Property Management Courses and Career Info

Residential property management courses are available through community colleges and universities, typically as part of a continuing education or degree program. Those looking to enter or advance in the field can find favorable career prospects...

Satellite Installation Course, Training and Certification Program Info

Satellite installation courses are available through certificate and associate degree programs in satellite communications, electronics or digital home technology. Read on to learn about the most common course, training and certification options...

Shoe Making and Repair Classes and Courses Overview

Shoe making and repair classes can be found as part of a certificate, associate, bachelor's or master's program in footwear, fashion or accessory design. These classes cover a variety of topics, such as pattern making, textiles and design...

Television Diagnosis and Repair Course and Training Information

Courses for individuals interested in diagnosing and repairing televisions are offered at many community colleges and technical schools. These courses can typically be found in certificate, diploma and associate's degree programs in electronics...

Upholstery Classes and Courses Overview

Upholstery classes teach student to replace the fabric that covers sofas, chairs and other seating, cut and prepare industrial cloth, and develop sewing patterns. Keep reading to learn about commonly available upholstery classes.

Vehicle Painter Courses and Classes Overview

Courses for aspiring vehicle painters are available at several community colleges and technical schools. Read on to learn about the most common vehicle painting courses and the topics they cover.

Welding Inspection Courses and Classes Overview

Welding inspection courses train students on welding techniques so that they can understand and identify the properties and processes associated with the different kinds of metalwork. This article summarizes the most common types of welding...

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