Medical and Health Professions

Adult Education Programs for Integrative Medicine

Integrative medical training is available not only at natural and alternative healing centers, but also at traditional colleges, universities and schools of medicine. These programs are typically designed for health professionals and medical...

Adult Education in Alternative Medicine & Homeopathic Studies

Homeopathy and other alternative medical treatments are gaining popularity as more and more people seek a different course of treatment from that prescribed by traditional medicine. Whether you already work in the healthcare field or you just...

Alternative Medicine: Common Adult School Programs for Alt Medicine

If you are fascinated by all of the different types of alternative healing, such as massage therapy and herbal healing, you could enroll in a course of study and learn how you can become an alternative healer. Courses offered at specific colleges...

CPR Adult Education Programs: An Overview

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is perhaps the most important type of first aid that can be given to victims in cardiac arrest or who are not able to breathe on their own. CPR training is important for everyone, and CPR skills can be learned...

Clinical Training Adult Education Programs

Adult education programs focusing on clinical training will provide you with on-the-job experience and a realistic insight into your chosen profession. Depending on your profession, you may find funding through a stipend, hourly salary or receive...

DVM & MSc Dual Degree

You can go beyond a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine by enrolling in a dual degree program that will allow you to also earn a Master of Science. Learn more about the coursework you will need to complete during your DVM & MSc dual program.

Dental Assisting: Overview of Dental Assistant Adult Education Programs

If you would like to prepare for a secure, well-paid job in less than a year, you might enjoy a career as a dental assistant. Your certificate in dental assisting can be earned in a matter of months from a community college, trade or vocational...

Dental Tech Hygiene: Overview of Adult School Programs

Dental hygiene programs are most commonly available at the associate's degree level at technical schools, community colleges and universities. Completing a program is required for licensure to work as a dental hygienist. Learn about degree...

First Aid Training: Course Summary for First Aid Training Programs

First aid training programs generally focus on one aspect of first aid care, such as wilderness first aid or training for professional emergency responders.

Graduate Degrees in Bioethics in California

In the state of California, students who wish to pursue graduate education in bioethics might earn a Master of Arts, or pursue a specialization as a component of a medical or legal degree. Read on to learn more about some of the specific programs...

Graduate Degrees in Nursing in California

You can pursue a variety of graduate nursing degrees at California universities. See what options are available for you to continue your nursing education.

Graduate Degrees in Physical Education in Maryland

There are several institutions in the state of Maryland that offer graduate programs in physical education. Some programs may include teacher certification while others offer a focus of interest.

Health Science Adult Education: An Overview

Many different careers are available these days in the fast-growing field of health science. If you can decide which area of health science is the right one for you, you will be sure to find the program you need at a college or university near...

Healthcare MBA Programs in California

Within the state of California, a range of options exist for students who wish to earn a Master of Business Administration focused on the healthcare industry.

Healthcare MBA Programs in Georgia

Students in Georgia who are interested in managerial positions in the field of healthcare may choose from several MBA programs with healthcare concentrations. Learn how to apply and what makes a handful of these programs stand out.

Healthcare MBA Programs in Illinois

Illinois offers a variety of MBA programs in healthcare that usually provide students with flexible coursework online or in the evenings. Learn about some of these programs, their curriculum, hands-on experiences, and how to apply.

Herbal Remedies: Overview of Adult Education Herbalist Programs

Adults can learn about herbal remedies by taking herbalist classes offered at adult education centers and schools that specialize in natural health and healing. Learn about common courses in herbalist programs and how these programs work.

Herbal Studies: Overview of Adult Education Programs

Adult education programs in herbal studies teach the history and use of herbal remedies. Learn what types of herbal studies programs are available for adults and where to find them.

Herbalism Adult Education Programs: An Overview

Herbalists use plant preparations and herbs to promote health and healing. Learn about herbalism courses and certificate programs designed for adult students.

Herbalist Adult Education: Overview of Common Herbology Programs

Herbology is the art and science of using herbs to promote health and healing. Learn about a few common courses in herbology and where to find programs for adult learners.

Holistic Training: Adult Education for a Career in Holistic Medicine

If you are interested in alternative medicine and think that mind and body wellness are interconnected, you may feel a call to holistic healing as a profession. Both adult education programs and courses in holistic medicine are available.

How to Become an Ultrasound Technician: Programs, Certification & Course Requirements

Ultrasound technicians, sometimes known as sonogram technicians, use complex equipment to probe the human body and assist doctors in diagnosing illnesses and monitoring the growth of babies. Learn how to become an ultrasound technician and the...

Iridology Studies: Adult Education Overview

In iridology the eye is used as a map to diagnosing the health of a patient's mind and body. You can study to become an iridologist at a natural or alternative medicine or holistic healing center. Read about common certificate program...

MBA in Healthcare Management Programs in Florida

At least 3 different cities in Florida are home to universities that offer MBA programs in the field of healthcare management. Here we discuss some of these schools and the programs in detail, including application procedures and credit...

MBA in Healthcare Management Programs in Indiana

Since healthcare is a fast-growing field, its future leaders should consider the importance of earning an MBA in Healthcare Management. Find out about program options in Indiana, how to apply, and requirements for each program.

Medical Career Training & Adult Education Info

Medical training programs are offered at community colleges and trade and vocational schools, and some specialties can even be studied online. Read about the types of careers you could pursue, including their educational requirements and career...

Medical Sciences Graduate Degrees in Texas

Medical science is a broad field, and Texas is home to a range of graduate degree programs in the field that are heavy in science and research. Learn about some of the program options, their graduation requirements, and some basic admission info.

Natural Health Adult Education: An Overview

Natural health and healing is becoming a very popular alternative to traditional medical practices these days. If you would like to explore a career in natural medicine, you may wish to enroll in a program or course in alternative medicine...

Naturopathy Adult Education: An Overview

Naturopathy is a medical specialty in which the practitioner tries to get the patient's own body to heal itself. If you are interested in the medical field, but would like to use more 'natural' forms of treatment, you may wish to enroll in a...

Nursing Adult Education: Overview of Nursing Career Education Programs

Your opportunities in the nursing field are only limited by how far you are willing to advance. You could work as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP) or nursing administrator. Keep reading for an...

Online MBA in Healthcare Management in Florida

Earning an MBA in healthcare management online is an easier process if you know where to look. Explore these online programs in Florida, including admission requirements and specialization course topics.

Prerequisites & Requirements for LPN Programs

Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs, are critical staff members in hospitals and other healthcare facilities who perform basic tasks that help monitor patients and keep them comfortable. Learn what it takes to get into an LPN program and gain the...

Reflexology Adult Education: An Overview

If you are searching for a new career in health and wellness, reflexology could be the career choice for you. Certificate programs in this field are available for practicing massage therapists, as well as for those who may want to later enroll in...

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