Career - November 2011

10 Common Mistakes in Job Interviews

With today's crowded labor market, job candidates need to give themselves every possible advantage in the employment hunt. That includes setting yourself up for success during the interview. To start you off, here are 10 frequent mistakes to avoid.

10 Job Fields That Will Grow with the Economic Stimulus

The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, more commonly known as the economic stimulus plan, promises to create jobs in many different fields. Opportunities will open up for teachers, education administrators, accountants, engineers, technology specialists, and other professions. Read on to find out which jobs fields are most likely to grow with the economic stimulus.

10 Jobs for Globe Trotters

Do you love to travel abroad? Maybe you're daydreaming of an overseas trip even as you read this. Unfortunately, it can be tough to fit foreign travel in with a busy career. With these jobs, though, seeing the world can be an essential component of your work.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Career

Picking a career can be a daunting, stressful, and overwhelming task. Read on to learn about some questions to ask yourself when choosing a career and how to make the process a bit easier.

10 Things to Consider Before Changing Careers

Thinking about a new career? Make sure to do your homework first. There are many important things to consider before changing careers, such as your job prospects, salary expectations, and what additional education or training you might need. Read on to learn more about how to evaluate whether or not a career change is right for you.

10 Things to Never Do if You Want a Job

The current job market is more competitive than ever. You'll find yourself competing against individuals who may have more education as well as more years of experience, which makes it difficult for recent college graduates to outshine the rest. Stop making the following mistakes in order to increase the probability of landing a great job.

12 Ways to Know Your Job is in Trouble

If you managed to hang on to your job through the last recession then you know that it's a good idea to be on the lookout for signs that your company is struggling to make it in a tough economy. While there isn't very much that you can do about the economy, there are ways of recognizing that your job is in jeopardy. Here are 12 signs of recession in the workplace.

13 Ways for New College Graduates to Gain Job Experience

It can be difficult to get a job in this competitive market, especially when you don't have an extensive resume. The 13 strategies outlined here can help you land an interview and gain crucial job experience. Read on to learn more.

15 Community College Programs to Get Retrained Quickly

Community college programs have been a huge help to the thousands of people who have been laid off and forced to change careers. If you are interested in joining the ranks of newly trained professionals, there are many different community college programs that offer the education you need to launch an alternate career. Here are 15 specific programs that provide fast training for in-demand professions.

2 Ways Picking a Major Early Could Get You a Better Job

College students often begin taking classes as 'undeclared' or 'undecided' majors. However, deciding on an academic path early on could help degree seekers get a better job upon graduation.

40 of the Best Websites for Young Writers

Looking for writing help, peer review, grammar tips or just a little bit of advice from the World Wide Web? Don't miss these 40 helpful websites for young writers.

45 Proven Job Interview Techniques for Landing Your Next Job

To get a job, it's critical to make a good impression during your interview. Find out what you need to know about interviewing and get techniques to ace your interviews here.

5 Cool Jobs That You've Never Heard Of

Are you the kind of person who eschews conformity for out-of-the-box thinking? You can extend your preference for the extra-ordinary to your professional life. Learn about 5 careers that can not only be a lot of fun but also pay the bills.

A Healing Touch: Speaks With a Massage Therapy Professor

In celebration of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, tracked down Paula Jilanis, an associate professor in the therapeutic massage program at Allegany College of Maryland. Read on to learn what she has to say about the healing power of massage and how you can become a massage practitioner.

A Novel Career: Ten Novels that Highlight Careers

Regardless of profession, most people sometimes wish for more adventure when it comes to the workaday routine. Reading novels about different jobs can deliver a satisfying combination of professional life and fantasy. Here are ten you can check out.

A Training Shortfall: New Report Shows that America's Workforce is Not Prepared for Tomorrow's Jobs

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce just released a major report exploring job projections in the U.S. through 2018. Their analysis suggests that American colleges and universities are failing to produce enough graduates to satisfy the requirements of the 21st century workplace.

Adjunct Faculty Organization Campaigns for Unemployment Benefits

The New Faculty Majority, an advocacy group for adjunct faculty, recently launched the National Unemployment Compensation Initiative. The group is lobbying to change a clause in federal unemployment law that makes it easy to deny contingent faculty unemployment benefits between academic terms.

Air Traffic Control and 4 Other Hot Careers That Don't Require a Degree

In this economic downturn, lots of jobless individuals have turned to college to fill time and get career training. But with tuition costs on the rise, many people can't afford a 4-year university education and are hesitant to take on large student loans. Luckily, there are other options available for people who are out of work or just seeking a career change. This article explores some of the best paying jobs that don't require a college education.

Alternative Jobs for Humanities PhDs

With colleges and universities still struggling to recover from the recession, academic jobs have become frighteningly scarce. So what's a humanities Ph.D. to do? Read on to discover seven career paths that can take you outside of the academy.

America's Best Colleges to Work For

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released the results from their annual Great Colleges to Work For survey. Read on to discover what makes a good academic workplace and which schools topped the list.

Apprenticeships Can Be Lucrative, But Not Everyone's Winning

The state of the U.S. job market has left many, including college graduates, unemployed or underemployed. This has led more and more people to pursue apprenticeships. The Education Insider reviews how these programs can be more lucrative than university training.

Are U.S. Colleges Failing to Meet the Demands of the Labor Market?

A paper that was presented at the American Economic Association conference seems to indicate that American colleges are only 'moderately responsive' to the labor market's changing needs.

Art Majors Doing Better in Job Market Than Expected

Are you considering a major in studio art, theater, dance, music or design? If so, you might be a bit worried about your ability to get a job after college. According to a new report, you shouldn't be as worried as you might assume. Arts program graduates are finding gainful employment at an encouraging rate.

Avoid the Fastest Dying Occupations for this Decade

Although employment is expected to rise by 14% between 2010 and 2020, there are certain occupations that are projected to rapidly decline. Read on to find out what these dying occupations are as well as what better alternatives are out there.

Back to School: Choosing the Right Career Education Program

For a lot of young people, the opportunity to secure a decent career provides major incentive to go to college. However, working adults too can take advantage of the benefits of a college education in order to further their job prospects. If you find yourself doubting your job's future, you may want to think about revisiting higher education.

Beth Olson at the University of Houston Teaches About Media and Communications

Dr. Beth Olson is the current director at the University of Houston's Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. We recently caught up with her to learn more about this first-rate program and Dr. Olson's own work in the field of media, journalism and communications.

Can Vocational Training Really Solve Unemployment?

The job market's bleak right now, but still prospects improve with education. In theory, then, the most career-focused education would give you the best chances of finding employment. Entrepreneur and tech blogger Jason Calacanis has come up with a seemingly golden plan to retrain a significant portion of America's underemployed and kick-start the economy. What is it, and can it work?

Can You Be Successful Without Earning a Degree?

Earning a degree is an important part of success in many career fields. But valuable skills and a good work ethic are also important, and can sometimes be overlooked in the emphasis placed on formal education. There are plenty of examples of extremely successful individuals without college degrees whose achievements are based on skill rather than education.

Can You Trust Your College's Career Center?

College career centers offer students an array of services designed to help them find a job. However, it should be noted that none of the services offered guarantee employment. They are there to provide guidance only.

Career Coaching Sessions: How To Prepare, What To Expect

So you've decided a career coach is the way to go and you've scheduled your first session. Since you'll be paying good money for this service, you'll want to make the most of your time. Follow these tips in order to be fully prepared before your first session.

Career Outlook Good for Green Jobs

The Obama administration just announced a multi-billion dollar award for clean energy manufacturing projects. Funding 183 separate projects across the U.S., the tax credits aim to benefit the environment as well as the economy by creating tens of thousands of new 'clean tech' jobs.

Career Planning for College Students

Are you confused about what career to choose or what kind of work you'll enjoy? Like you, there are many college students and adults searching for the right career fit. Follow these steps to begin defining your path from college to career.

Career vs. Family: Do You Really Have to Choose?

It's no longer a given that women will devote their lives to raising a family. Instead, young women get to choose whether they'll pursue a career before, or instead of, having children. But the decision isn't always so easy for those who want both.

Careers for Animal Lovers

If you've had, or wanted to have, a pet, you might have wondered if there's a way to turn your enthusiasm for animals into a career. There are many career paths that can lead to you working with animals. This article gives some examples of the varied jobs that animal lovers can have.

Careers for Number Lovers

Do you dream of the quadratic equation and count sheep even when you're awake? If you find visions of numbers dancing in your head, you may want to consider a career as an accountant, actuary or mathematician. Read on to learn more about these and other math-intensive careers for number lovers.

Careers for Reading Lovers

Are you the type of person who checks out more books from the library than you could ever possibly read? Do you wake up on weekend mornings and start reading before you've even had your coffee? Read on to discover five exciting jobs that let you call yourself a professional reader.

Careers in Art

Calling all artists, art historians and art lovers: Learn how to turn your passion for the arts into a satisfying career. From graphic design to art therapy, there are tons of creative careers waiting for you.

Careers in Computers

Innovation in technology influences how we live as much as any other aspect of modern life. Computers perform increasingly complex tasks that have the potential to improve our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Read on to learn about five employment areas where you can turn a love of computers into a career.

Careers in Cooking

Thinking about cooking up a career in the culinary arts? If you love cooking for friends and family, going pro may be a good career choice. But there's a difference between cooking for fun and cooking as a career. The following steps are a good recipe for finding out if working as a professional chef will work for you.

Careers in Football

If you're a football fan, you can understand peoples' passion for the sport. But did you realize you can turn your love of football into a career? Here is a list of careers that cater to football fanatics.

Careers in Museums

Museums are great places to visit, but have you ever thought about the work that goes into making them so interesting? A team of professionals is responsible for making every museum appealing and informative for its guests. If you love going to museums, you might also enjoy working in them. There are a variety of careers available to museum enthusiasts. Read this article to learn more!

Careers in Music

Does music move you more than business or banking? Don't miss these 10 exciting musical career opportunities for performers, educators and industry professionals.

Careers in Politics

Do you spend your days cruising political news sites, or find yourself arguing with the TV as pundits unravel partisan spin? If you're one of those people who are already fired up about the 2012 elections, then you may be a political junkie. Fortunately, you have the chance to make a career out of your passion. Here are some jobs to consider.

Careers in Social Work

Have you ever thought about a career in social work? If you like helping others in need, you might consider the field. Here are a few of the discipline's positions, along with a description of the work and educational requirements.

Careers in Statistics

Are you a statistics guru? Data is an integral part of our lives, and the need is great for people who can understand and interpret all that information. Read on to learn where a major in statistics can lead.

Changing Lives Through Music Education: Charles Lewis Introduces Ethos Music Center

Ethos Music Center is a non-profit center in Portland, Oregon dedicated to bringing the transformative power of music education to low-income and rural students. The Education Insider recently caught up with the founder of Ethos to learn more about how this inspiring organization is helping young people improve their lives (and their grades).

Chef Rudi Eichler Talks About Baking and Teaching with

Chef Rudi Eichler is a pastry and baking professor at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), which has a top-rated culinary arts program. recently caught up with him to learn more about his baking career and the expertise he brings to the classroom.

City vs. Country: Where Is It Better to Work and Play?

Since not all urban and rural areas are equivalent, it would seem paramount to first ask 'which city and which country town?' The answer to the question of city versus country is subjective and comes down to personal preference and factors such as location, employment viability, cost of living, entertainment options and recreational activities.

College and Career Standards Implemented Across the Country

A recent report shows that the number of states that have adopted college- and career-readiness standards in high school education has grown exponentially since 2005. However, many states are still lagging on other important measures such as graduation requirements, assessments and comprehensive accountability systems.

College and Jobs: Is More School the Solution to Unemployment?

The current economic downturn has led to higher numbers of unemployment than have been seen since the Great Depression. Professional opportunities are as scarce as ever, leaving some to question the wisdom of heavily investing in a college education. With so many people searching for work, will a degree improve your job prospects?

Connecting People With Jobs and Dignity: Speaks With REDF

REDF is a nonprofit that links struggling individuals with social enterprises to help them find work and get back on their feet. We recently caught up with REDF president Carla Javits to learn more about the great work they're doing, and how they do it.

Connecting People With Knowledge: Speaks With an Academic Librarian

In celebration of National Book Month, is interviewing librarians to find out what's going on with libraries - and books! - these days. Read on to hear the academic side of the story from Miriam Rigby, Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Oregon.

Continuing Education: Do You Need It?

When deciding on a career path, it's important to find out if your potential profession requires ongoing continuing education (CE). From massage therapy to counseling to law, many professionals must stay up to date through courses, workshops, or other types of CE throughout their careers. Read on to learn what types of professions require CE and how to get it.

Conversation Counts: Improve Your Conversation Skills and Job Prospects

Great conversations can leave us feeling energized and informed. They can also help us connect with others in very practical ways. That cocktail party, for example, can also be the perfect networking forum. Here are suggestions for improving conversation skills and turning social situations into professional opportunities.

Cool Jobs in Open Education: Director of Multi-Platform Broadcasting

Open education is becoming increasingly popular as technological innovation allows for the digital sharing of information and student interaction. As more and more institutions of higher education seek to put their courses online and take advantage of a wider global audience, they are faced with the need for someone to manage the latest information technology and methods of content creation and delivery. Schools can address this need by bringing on a Director of Multi-Platform Broadcasting.

Cool Jobs in Open Education: Open Education Program Manager

The disruptive technology of open courseware has created an expansion in the open education field. The open education movement has created new opportunities for education professionals, including managing the educational and technological operations of the growing number of e-learning and open education programs. One such opportunity includes Open Education Program Manager. Learn more about it here.

Corporate Leaders Give Thumbs Up to Productive Gap Years

Can taking a productive year off during college help or hinder when it comes to pursuing a career? For the most part, the answer depends on who's being asked. The Education Insider weighs the positives and negatives of college gap years as seen through the eyes of corporate CEOs.

Could Your Debt Lose You a Job Offer?

Employers researching the history of potential employees is nothing new: background checks, especially for criminal activities, have long been a staple of the job hunt. But a new kind of check has infiltrated that process for many employers: the credit check. Why do employers care about your credit history, and what can you do about it?

Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts

Preparing a job application? The cover letter is crucial for making a strong first impression. Check out these dos and don'ts for a crash course on writing an effective cover letter.

Department of Education Releases Proposal on Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education has finally released their proposed regulation defining the 'gainful employment' requirement for federal student aid. The new rule has been met with intense resistance from the for-profit sector in higher education, but is being championed by consumer advocates who feel that it will reduce student debt.

Dr. Karli Peterson Talks About Educating the Chickasaw Nation with

Ada, Oklahoma's East Central University services a diverse cross-section of its state's residents, including many members of the nearby Chickasaw Nation. Because of the assistance the university's given to their business enterprises, the Nation recently gifted funds to establish an endowed professorship there. spoke with Dr. Karli J. Peterson, the first recipient of that professorship.

Dr. Michael Frank Explores Learning, Research and Neuroscience with

Dr. Michael Frank is a professor and researcher at Brown University. Working alongside some of his students, Dr. Frank recently published a study on how advice effects human learning and decision making. caught up with him to learn more about his research and the fascinating field of cognitive neuroscience.

Dress for Success: How to Dress at a Job Interview

Is dressing for a job interview as simple as putting on a suit? Not necessarily. While this level of attire is important for pursuing some positions, other interviews may call for a more relaxed standard. Keep reading to find sartorial guidance for the all-important job interview.

Earnings by Degree: The Best Investment

On average, individuals holding a bachelor's degree earn 84% more than those with only a high school diploma. A recently released study suggests, however, that in addition to race and gender gaps in earnings for undergraduates, economic returns can vary between majors by more than 300%.

Economic Downturn Casts Doubt on the Value of Higher Education

Country Financial's latest Financial Survey reveals that the number of Americans who see college as a good investment has plunged since the current recession began. Rising tuition, the struggling economy and a change in personal savings priorities have all cast doubt on the economic returns of postsecondary education.

Employment in the Next Decade: The Word from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

In tough economic times, it may seem as though the job market's future is hopeless, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that's not the case. What does the future hold for America's workforce, and how can job-seekers prepare themselves?

Expert Advice from Career Counselor Patrick Chidsey at the University of Washington

College students, self-learners and job seekers: Are you still searching for the right career? Do you want to know how to get the most out of the Web in your job hunt? Need advice on getting through the recession? Don't miss this interview with Patrick Chidsey, senior career counselor at the University of Washington (UW).

Fewer Job Opportunities and Higher Tuition Don't Deter Prospective Law Students

When it comes to shrinking job opportunities and lower salary prospects for graduates - not to mention increases in tuition - that would likely impact most college programs, law schools are seemingly made of Teflon. Nothing, it seems, can deter droves of students from entering law school even as these stark realities continue to make the news. How can a field that's been hit hard by the recession still draw students to pay large amounts of money and earn a diploma they might not be able to use?

Finding the Right Career Might Take a Few Tries

With the number of people laid off in this country, many are able to reflect on what they'd really like to do in their professional lives. Those who are fortunate to have a job may decide that they'd like to pursue another career entirely. The Education Insider takes a look at how finding the right vocation might take more than one try.

Finding Work Abroad: What You Need to Know

Finding employment overseas might be right for an individual looking to make a serious career move. However, the transition, while potentially incredibly rewarding, can be simultaneously terrifying.'s Education Insider provides some tips to keep in mind to make securing an international job a little easier.

Finding Work: Summer 2010

Whether you've just graduated from college or are a student looking for the perfect internship, we've gathered data from Forbes, Vault and Business Week to find you the best summer job and internship opportunities.

Five Growing Health Care Careers That Might Be Right for You

Interested in health care but daunted by the prospect of medical school? Don't worry, there are many other career options in health care - one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. While nursing is one of the most popular alternatives to becoming a physician or surgeon, there are a host of other options. Read on to discover five fast-growing health care careers that may interest you.

Former Garbage Truck Driver Nominated for Prestigious Writing Prize

Recently shortlisted for the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, 'Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives' offers a hard look at the foibles and failings of a mélange of characters.'s Education Insider recently caught up with Brad Watson to learn more about the book and how the author balances writing with teaching at the University of Wyoming, Laramie.

From Fullback to Bass-Baritone: Keith Miller's Remarkable Career Change

'Opera News' has lauded 'the smoldering presence and sharp, booming delivery' of Keith Miller. This high praise has been bestowed on the bass-baritone despite the fact that he has only five years of performing experience. Perhaps even more remarkable: Miller has transitioned to opera from a career in professional football.

Fun Internship Opportunities That Prepare Students for Careers

Internships don't have to just be about making copies or getting coffee. There are plenty of fun internships out there that can give students from a variety of fields the chance to take part in useful hands-on training.

Get Career Happy: Speaks to Anne Follis, Resume Builder Extraordinaire

Last week we spoke to Bethany Mooradian, the self-starting 'Queen of the Random Job' who went from puppetry to mystery shopping to a successful career as a multi-trade, work-from-home professional. This week we're talking to Anne Follis, a work-from-home professional who runs a resume building and career consulting business and can tell you how to start making your work-from-home dreams a reality.

Get Inspired! Speaks With a Professional Writer

It's National Novel Writing Month! To help you find inspiration, tracked down a professional writer for tips on crafting a good story, pursuing a writing education and becoming a professional writer.

Hope on the Horizon? Employment Reports Suggest Job Prospects May Be Improving for 2010 Grads

As the National Association of Colleges and Employers releases pieces of the results from their 2010 student survey, a hopeful picture has begun to emerge. The percentage of recent college graduates with job offers climbed from 2009 to 2010, with fields such as business and technology showing the best prospects.

How Do I Choose a Career Coach?

If you're looking for a job, you know the competition is tough. A good career coach can give you the edge you need to land a great position. Read on to find out if a career coach is for you, and how to find one that's qualified to meet your needs.

How Much is Your Degree Worth?

There will always be proponents and opponents of higher education. But with the rising cost of college tuition, challengers are scrutinous about the issue of return on investment. The Education Insider takes a look at the value and worth associated with a college degree.

How to Ask Your Professors for a Job Recommendation

Are you intimidated by your professors or just unsure how to approach them for a letter of recommendation? Read on to learn how to choose the right profs, approach them confidently, and come away with a glowing recommendation.

How to Find Jobs and Internship for College Students through Craigslist

Employers use Craigslist all the time to post job openings, since the site reaches more than 550 cities. It is widely considered to be one of the most effective job boards on the web. Read on to find out how you can find jobs and internships through Craigslist.

How to Get Hired in the New Economy

Finding a job - much less a career - has never been as hard for graduating college students as it is in today's economy. Read on to discover what industries are hiring, what the best majors are for job prospects and how you can get ahead of the game before graduation.

How to Get the Perfect Job in a Brand New Field

Many Americans, including those who have lost their jobs due to the recession, veterans returning to the civilian workforce, college graduates entering the workforce and those who have lost interest in their careers, are looking to make a fresh professional start. Changing careers can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Here are a few key strategies for finding a completely new career.

How to Pay for Job Training Without Spending Your Own Money

In today's job market, many adults are looking to increase their job skills. But the question of affordability often comes to mind. The Education Insider reviews various ways adults can gain job training without having to spend their own money.

How to Work in the Arts Without Starving

The myth of the starving artist is seen as anything from a noble pursuit to a punchline. But if stability matters to you - and who could blame you - you don't have to give up on your creative dreams. There are a few different routes to take to avoid the path of the starving artist.

How Your Hobby Could Become Your Career

When it comes time to select a career, people are frequently told to think about what activities they enjoy the most and use that as inspiration. Education Insider takes a look at some hobbies and interests that, surprisingly, could translate into jobs.

If You Have a Degree Will He Want to Put a Ring on It?

Historically, people without a college degree were more likely to get married at a young age. However, a recent study by the Pew Research Center found that this trend has reversed. The Education Insider examines possible causes, including economic forces and the changing role of gender differences.

Indiana Core Assessments for Educators

Learn more about the Indiana Core Assessments for Educators with this article. You'll get information about what these exams are used for, what they consist of and how you can prepare for them.

Innovations in Reading Award Winner Scott Lindenbaum Explains the Origins of Electric Literature

Of all the industries altered by an increasingly digital world, few have had to adapt as heavily as those in mass media. When it comes to film, music or the traditional printed word, the Internet has transformed the way we consume popular culture, some industry figures would argue much for the worse. Writers Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum, however, have found ways to embrace both digital and print media with their innovative literary anthology 'Electric Literature.'

Interview Dos and Don'ts

Calling all job seekers: Got a big interview coming up? This is your chance to shine! Here are some must-dos (and don'ts!) to help you prepare for the interview and follow up after.

Job Growth in the Next Decade: Corporate Finance

Given the United States' recent economic troubles, it may seem odd to talk about job growth. Yet according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain professions may be looking at a worker shortage by 2018. In a four-part series, will take a look at the employment sectors where the BLS predicts the most opportunities. Up today: corporate finance.

Job Growth in the Next Decade: Information Technology

As the United States economy begins to turn around, there are areas of employment with strong job growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain professions may be looking better than others. takes a look at the information technology sector, where the BLS predicts better-than-average employment growth from 2012-2022.

Job Growth in the Next Decade: Medical Research

Given the United States' recent economic troubles, it may seem odd to talk about job growth. Yet according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain professions may be looking at a worker shortage by 2018. In a four-part series, will take a look at the employment sectors where the BLS predicts the most opportunities. Up today: medical research industries.

Job Growth in the Next Decade: Practical Medicine

Given the United States' recent economic troubles, it may seem odd to talk about job growth. Yet according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain professions may be looking at a worker shortage by 2018. In a four-part series, will take a look at the employment sectors where the BLS predicts the most opportunities. Up today: practical medical applications.

Job Resumes 2.0: Creating a Video Resume

A video resume can allow you to get you face-to-face with potential employers and may give you the edge you need to get your foot in the door. Learn the ins and outs of creating a video resume here.

Jobs That Can Give Students Much Needed Flexibility

Being a student already means having to balance a lot between classes and coursework. Many students also need to work in order to meet all of their financial obligations. Luckily there are some flexible jobs out there that can make it easier for students to find the time to work during their busy schedules.

Learn from the Best: Unlikely Entrepreneurs and How they Succeeded

There are more ways to find success than becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Check out these inspirational tales of five unusual entrepreneurs who cast off the shackles of the office and made careers doing what they love.

Looking for Work? Try Higher Education - Job Openings Jumped in the First Half of 2010

According to second quarter 2010 reports from, the number of advertised jobs in academia experienced 'significant growth' during the first half of this year. The reports also indicate that the higher education sector has experienced some growth over the recession in spite of the decline in the rest of the U.S. job market.

Loving Books and Staying Young: Speaks With Award-Winning Author Brian Katcher

Brian Katcher is the winner of the 2011 Stonewall Children's and Young Adult Literature Award from the American Library Association. We recently caught up with Brian to find out about his influences and inspirations, and get a teaser from his next project.

Making Libraries Better: Speaks with Daisy Porter, Manager of Innovation

Still deciding on a career path? How does 'Manager of Innovation' sound? recently caught up with Daisy Porter, Manager of Innovation at the San Jose Public Library. Read on to learn more about what she does and how you might follow in her footsteps.

Missouri Teacher Certification (MEGA)

Those seeking to teach or attend an undergraduate teaching program in Missouri must pass MEGA tests to illustrate their competencies. Read on to learn about the MEGA requirements you'll need to meet in order to ultimately obtain state certification.

Nathan Kono, Aspiring Teachers of Color Fellowship Winner, Talks to

A senior at Boston College, Nathan Kono has been awarded the Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color. This fellowship will enable him to complete his graduate degree, which will begin in the fall, then embark on his teaching career. In this interview, we talk with Nathan about his interest in teaching, winning the fellowship and the role of teachers of color in education.

No Job Experience? No Problem

In the job hunt, little is more frustrating than the inescapable reality that you've got to have experience to get a job, but you've got to have a job to get experience. That's especially troubling for recent college graduates, who haven't really had a chance to accrue any kind of relevant work experience - or have they?

No Job? Become Your Own Boss!

A 2011 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that approximately 14 million people were without jobs. Interestingly, this figure accounted for about the same number of Americans who were also self-employed. The Education Insider reviews some of the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.

Nursing in the 21st Century: How the Role of Nursing is Evolving

As many career-seekers know, healthcare is one of the most rapidly expanding fields, and a projected nurse shortage is making nursing a very attractive education option. But the number of jobs isn't the only thing growing in the industry: Many people also envision a new, expanded scope of practice for today's nurse practitioners.

Pay Attention in English Comp: 10 Ways You'll Use Writing in Your Career

Just because you're not planning a career as a novelist or journalist doesn't mean you won't use writing every day in your work. If you're feeling checked out of English class, don't miss these ten ways that writing is essential to any profession.

Post Grad: Who's Using Their Major in the Work Force

Recently documented a few of the financial issues currently troubling institutions of higher learning. Their problems don't stop with money, though. Schools now also have to face potentially mounting student dissatisfaction with what they're offering. Is a college degree still relevant?

Reading With Pictures' David Rapp Talks to

With Free Comic Book Day approaching this Saturday, presents a three-part interview series with various figures in the comic industry. Up today: Northwestern University psychology professor David Rapp, one of the directors of Reading With Pictures, a Chicago-based nonprofit group dedicated to 'getting comics into schools and schools into comics.'

Recent Grads: Still Hunting For a Job? Try Relocating

Many college graduates are facing a difficult time landing a good job. However, relocating is one way to beat the odds and find the right position for you. The following factors can help you decide if relocating is a smart option.

Resume Dos and Don'ts

Resume writing can be challenging, but it's an essential skill for anyone in the job market. Whether you're searching for work now or just making some updates and improvements, the following tips can help you build an irresistible resume.

Retirees Take on New Career: Teaching

The expression 'you're never too old' certainly applies to the thousands of individuals who have decided to take on another challenging career after retiring: teaching. Some schools actually recruit retired persons to fill teaching positions. Education Insider takes a closer look at people over the age of 50 choosing teaching as a second or 'encore' career.

Rising to the Challenge: Bethany Mooradian, Queen of the Random Job

Working from home can be difficult, but for people who have ever dreamed of breaking free of the 9-5 routine, it can also be very rewarding. Meet Bethany Mooradian, self-declared 'Queen of the Random Job,' who started with a bachelor's degree in puppetry and has spent the past decade running several successful work-from-home ventures. Don't miss Ms. Mooradian's excellent words of advice for people considering striking out on their own.

Second Careers: 10 Steps to Beginning a New Career

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Maybe your current job just doesn't fulfill you in ways that it used to. Or perhaps you'd simply like to try another line of work that interests you. Whatever the case, launching a second career demands a lot of preparation. Learn steps you can take to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

So You Want to Be an Astronaut: NASA Offers Undergrads a Chance at Reduced Gravity Flight

Undergraduates: Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? NASA is offering a chance to see what it's like with their Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. Read on to learn more about the program and how you can get involved.

Stay Balanced: How to Balance Family, Work and Education

Drawn by the potential for career advancement and increased earning power, more adults than ever are taking college classes part-time. However, some adults considering this route fear that family and work responsibilities make college attendance impossible. Read on to learn how you can achieve your academic goals without missing out on important family and work time.

Stay Fluent: 10 Ways to Maintain Your Foreign Language Skills

Learning a foreign language is a major achievement that requires hours of study and hard work. All too often, though, people who don't immediately use their new language skills in everyday life forget much of what they learn. Being fluent requires reinforcing language lessons with use. Here are 10 ways you can keep language skills fresh.

Students Believe They Will Earn Less Money Than Their Parents

Researchers at the John J. Heldrich Center For Workforce Development at Rutgers University found that new college graduates' attitudes towards career choices and college have been affected by the recent economic uncertainty. Most graduates expressed doubts about the ability of college placement offices to assist students. Additionally, a large number admitted they would have done something different to increase their chances of employment.

Study Explores Job Satisfaction Among Adjunct Faculty

A recent study sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers surveyed part-time and adjunct faculty nationwide. The project looked at the profile, working conditions and job satisfaction of this rapidly growing group of academic professionals.

Study Explores Student Views on the Future of Business

IBM just released the results of their first Global Student Study. The company surveyed college students from around the world, asking them many of the same questions that they asked current executives in their biannual Global CEO Study. The report paints a picture of the attitudes and experiences that are shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

Study Measures Faculty Job Satisfaction by Gender and Field

The latest data set released by Harvard's Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) rates pre-tenure faculty job satisfaction by academic discipline and gender. Professors in the physical sciences and humanities ranked the highest among their peers in most areas measured by the study, and, overall, women reported lower job satisfaction than men.

Taking Classes After College? But Why?!

What would your college experience have been like if you could have taken only the classes that interested you? It's fun concept to think about, and while it general education requirements will probably always have their place in American universities, there is a time and place to take only the classes you want take. Unfortunately, that time is generally after you earn your degree. We asked our readers who are taking courses post-graduation to tell us what they're learning and why.

Teacher Training: Experience May Be More Valuable Than An Advanced Degree

Overwhelming evidence suggests that teachers with master's degrees are not more effective than teachers with bachelor's degrees. Policymakers are actively looking for other ways to improve teacher training and boost student achievement.

Teachers Likely to Receive Pink Slips in March and April

Education Secretary Arne Duncan expressed concern over looming teacher layoffs during yesterday's meeting of the National Governors Association. Nobody is sure yet how many teachers may be let go, but some school systems are estimating a 10% reduction in teaching staff.

Teachers on Teaching: Survey Asks Teachers to Weigh in on the State of American Education

A recent study by Scholastic and the Gates Foundation surveyed over 40,000 teachers across the U.S. The report explores key issues of education reform, such as performance evaluation and common standards, from the point of view of the educators who are at the center of the debate.

Teaching in America: The Lives of Today's Public School Teachers

National Teacher Appreciation Day was May 4, 2010. Teachers play a crucial role in our nation's education system, and understanding their status can help us support them as a community. As we celebrate their contributions, explores the latest survey from the National Education Association (NEA) on the personal and professional lives of the American public school teacher.

Tenured Faculty Less Likely to Focus on Teaching

A study released at the American Educational Research Association's annual conference examines 'latent' faculty identities based on their scholarly activities. Researchers found that the few who focus primarily on teaching tend to share certain characteristics - including teaching without tenure.

The Career-Changer Checklist

Changing careers involves a lot more consideration than just looking for another job. There are a number of issues to ponder when choosing another professional path. offers a helpful checklist for aspiring career changers.

The Coolest Job Titles in America

As the knowledge economy grows, niche jobs and special experts have become more common in our culture. Read on to discover 10 of the coolest job titles in America - some of which you may even aspire to.

The Great Teach for America Debate

Every year, the Teach for America (TFA) program sends thousands of recent college graduates into troubled school districts to help low-income students. Due to some generous government grants and tremendous public relations, they've become a notable name in education nationwide. However, not everyone's on board with what TFA offers. What are the arguments behind this debate?

The Job Hunt from A to Z

A lagging economy has led to many people being out of work or underemployed for a long period of time. According to a recent survey, though, 42 percent of American companies plan to hire additional workers in the next six months. Here are some terms for getting into the job hunting frame of mind.

The Job Hunt: Your Major May Make All the Difference

Like most college students, you're probably hunting for a job, or worrying about finding one after graduation. It turns out that your academic major may be the biggest factor in whether you find yourself employed by the time you graduate. Read on to find out which majors are getting the most job offers.

Think Teaching Is Easy? This Blog Proves You Wrong

Economic troubles have put public education under remarkable strain. Public school teachers are facing strong scrutiny as school districts cut faculty jobs and salaries to make ends meet. Charles Ripley is a teacher on a mission to advocate for his profession. Using his blog, Mr. Ripley hopes to paint a more realistic portrait of what it's really like to work as a public educator.

Tips for Recent College Graduates in a Shrinking Job Market

We're embroiled in the toughest employment market we're likely to see in our lifetime. Things are especially tough for new college graduates, forced to compete with other jobseekers who have years of work experience. Find out what you should do to get a leg up in a shrinking job market.

To Join or not To Join: The Costs and Benefits of Professional Organizations

No matter what career you choose, chances are there's at least one relevant professional organization you can join. Often a nonprofit, professional organization is a collective of people who work in the same field. The goals of each group vary, but most are interested in advancing their respective industries. Read on to find out more about these organizations and how they can help your career.

Top 10 Job Sites For Recent Grads

Job hunting is always a challenge for recent college grads, especially with the economy and job market struggling to recover. Read on to discover some of the most useful (and free!) career resources on the Web for students and graduates.

Top Law Firms Create New Kind of Lawyer

Stand before a group of first-year law students and tell them that when they complete their studies, they are going to work for a top law firm in a major city; however, they will remain associates their entire careers and work for half the pay of partner-track associates. There was a time when such a statement would have fallen on incredulous ears, but not for these students. It's an all-too-possible and even attractive future. Introducing: a new kind of lawyer.

Top Ten Careers in Arts and Humanities

Career fields in arts and humanities have a wide span, from photography to interior design. Keep reading to learn more about potential career options in arts.

Top Ten Legit Work-from-Home Jobs

With email, video chat and instant messaging, telecommuting has become incredibly easy - and more and more work-from-home jobs are opening up. But how do you tell the real opportunities from Craigslist scams? Read on to discover ten legitimate ways you can earn a living from your living room.

U.S. Students Unprepared to Fill Growing Jobs in Healthcare

The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia recently released the Healthcare Science and Jobs Survey, which found that many of America's high school students are intimidated by careers in healthcare and the sciences. Since these fields are experiencing some of the fastest job growth in today's economy, the University has urged the community to improve outreach and education efforts.

Understanding Money: Study Examines the Effectiveness of Financial Literacy Education

Worried about growing student debt, many college campuses have started offering financial literacy classes, but few have explored whether or not they change student behavior. In her recent dissertation, Kimberly A. Brown examined the effects of money management training on health professions students and found that they had a moderate influence on students' financial decisions.

Unpaid Internships: What's Fair?

Unpaid internships are a rite of passage for many in the United States. It is legal to hire an intern and offer no monetary compensation. However, the Department of Labor has a set of guidelines that must be followed to ensure legality. But even if an internship is in compliance with these guidelines, is it really fair to expect someone to work without pay?

Vocational Classes Help Students Perform in Academic Subjects

Conventional education is not for everyone. In high school, this has led many students to enroll in career and technical educational (CTE) programs. Such vocational classes have helped students perform better in academic subjects and helped improve graduation rates.

Want a Job? Get a Master's Degree

With a miserable job market that doesn't look like it will improve any time soon, many job seekers choose to increase their chances of landing a position by attending graduate school. But is it worth it? And, more importantly, does it guarantee employment?

When Should College Seniors Start Their Job Search?

Many college seniors lack the necessary work experience to land a job right after graduation. In addition, they face a difficult job market with strong competition. Therefore, college seniors should start their job searches as soon as possible in order to maximize opportunities. The following steps can help you prepare for the job market.

Who Do You Want to Work For? Universum Reveals the World's Most Attractive Employers

International employer-branding company Universum has released the 2010 results of its 'global talent attraction index.' Surveying almost 130,000 students at top universities around the globe, the company ranked the 50 most attractive business and engineering employers in the world.

Who's Hiring?: The Best and Worst Industries Dissected by Job Sites

One of the easiest ways to tell which industries are ripe with jobs and which are not is by perusing job boards. Industries that are hiring tend to post a lot of listings; industries that are frozen by the recession do not. Here are the best and worst industries to find work according to the number of jobs of being posted on Monster and CareerBuilder, the internet's two largest job search sites.

Why Universities Make Great Workplaces

Last month ''The Chronicle of Higher Education's'' 2011 Great Colleges to Work For report was released. ''The Chronicle's'' report recognized 111 colleges, both 4-year and 2-year, as great places to work based on survey responses from almost 44,000 faculty, professional staff and administrators at 310 institutions. Read about some of the schools that were recognized and why they are great places to work.

Why Writing Skills are More Important Than Ever

Digital technology makes a lot of things simpler. It's also causing some cherished forms of communication, like letter writing, to become almost obsolete. But a surprising paradox of digital technology is the emphasis it places on writing skills.

Will the New Gainful Employment Rules Discriminate Against Minority Students?

A new analysis by Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and, suggests that the affordable debt restrictions in the Department of Education's proposed gainful employment rules may unfairly impact minority and disadvantaged students.