Physical Sciences

Bachelor of Science (BS): Math and Physics Degree Overview

A bachelor's degree in math and physics prepares students for careers in aerospace, engineering and mathematics, as well as education opportunities at the master's and doctoral level.

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Mgmt

In these bachelor's degree programs, students explore the protection, preservation and management of wildlife species and habitats, as well as the development and maintenance of ecosystems. Students can find a career in conservation or forestry.

Bachelor's Degree in Conservationism

Conservation bachelor's degree programs include science-intensive coursework and training experiences that can prepare students for a range of careers and certifications in fields including forestry and wildlife biology.

Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Protection and Conservation

Environmental protection and conservation is a subset of environmental science that focuses on solving problems arising from the interaction between humans and environmental systems. These programs are available at the bachelor's level and...

Bachelor's Degree in Forest Sciences: Program Summaries

In a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Forest Science program, students learn about plant, forest and wildlife conservation and gain in-depth knowledge of environmental systems.

Bachelor's Degree in Natural Resources Mgmt

Bachelor's degree programs in natural resources management focus on the balance between environmental conservation and the demands of humanity. Keep reading to learn how they prepare students for entry-level conservation and research careers.

Bachelor's Degree in Physics: Program Overviews

Physics is a natural science that uses mathematics to quantify changes in energy and matter. People who earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science sometimes specialize in a particular aspect of the field, like astrophysics, quantum mechanics,...

Bachelor's Degree in Sound Engineering: Program Overview

A bachelor's degree program in sound engineering will provide graduates with a background in musical theory, musical instruments and sound recording technologies to prepare for future careers in the music industry.

Bachelors Degree in Geology: Info for Geology Majors

Students in bachelor's-level geology programs get the basics of Earth science, learning about Earth's makeup, history and resources for all living organisms. Learn about the programs as well as career options.

Bachelors Degree in Oceanography: Program Information

A bachelor's degree in oceanography focuses on oceanic systems; programs often include specializations the field. Determine if this program fits your needs using the program information and employment options.

Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Conservation: Program Summary

An undergraduate degree program in wildlife conservation is ideal for any student who wants to learn how to conserve, protect, and manage various types of wildlife environments.

Best Schools for Physics Majors: List of Top Schools

Physics tends to be identified as a graduate field, but there are also opportunities for undergraduate students looking to major in physics. Discover the best schools for pursuing a major in this field.

Environmental Science Major: Information and Requirements

Undergraduate programs in environmental science combine elements of physical science, environmental affairs, and liberal arts. Learn more about courses in this degree program as well as popular careers and employment statistics in the field.

Forensic Chemistry Major: Information and Requirements

A bachelor's program in forensic chemistry prepares students to analyze evidence in law enforcement investigations. Students gain research skills, explore criminology, and have direct experience in laboratories.

Natural Resource Management Majors: Information and Requirements

Bachelor's degree programs in natural resource management provide interdisciplinary instruction in the natural sciences, mapping technology, and resource economics. Get details on the curricula and possible employment options for graduates, as...

Physical Science Major: Information and Requirements

The physical sciences encompass such disciplines as chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology. Most undergraduate physical science programs focus on providing a background in each of these fields to aspiring elementary and secondary school...

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