Abnormal Psychology Major: Information and Requirements

While colleges and universities typically do not offer an abnormal psychology major, courses in abnormal psychology are common, and some Ph.D. programs allow you to specialize in it. Learn about various programs, licensing requirements and careers.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Behavioral Science Degree Overview

Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science programs teach students how to analyze human behavior. Programs provide instruction in a variety of methodologies and approaches to prepare students for careers in social services.

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Psychology Degree Overview

Students in a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program learn about concepts, theories, strategies and tactics that apply to human behavior. They also gain fundamental training in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Bachelor of Clinical Psychology: Degree Program Overview

As an undergraduate, students can start on the path to clinical psychology with a bachelor's degree in psychology, where they will learn basic principles, concepts and theories of the discipline and have direct training in an internship.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Behavioral Science Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science program involves the study of concepts found in psychology and sociology. In addition, this program emphasizes health services management, community health and gerontology.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Forensic Psychology Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Forensic Psychology program provides students with a broad background in principles of psychology applied to the legal system. Learn about program details, common courses and job outlook.

Bachelor of Science (BS): Psychology Degree Overview

A B.S. in Psychology program teaches students about the brain, human behavior and social interactions. Learn about some of the entry-level career and continuing education options available to students who earn one of these degrees.

Bachelor's Degree in Adult Psychology

Bachelor's degree programs in psychology with an emphasis on adult psychology teach students about the social, psychological, and cognitive factors influencing adults, with some programs specializing in aging and older adult psychology.

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology: Program Summary

Bachelor's degree programs in applied psychology give students foundational knowledge of psychological theory and research methods and how they are utilized in real world situations.

Bachelor's Degree in Health Psychology and Behavior: Program Overview

A bachelor's degree in health psychology and behavior provides an introduction to a variety of psychological, health and ethical topics. Students also learn research skills that are vital to many entry-level health psychology careers.

Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Psychology & Development

Bachelor's degree programs in organizational psychology and development teach students to understand, motivate and communicate with employees to create the best possible group dynamic. Get information about courses and career options.

Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Psychology: Program Overview

There are two bachelor's degree options for students who are interested in studying organizational psychology at the undergraduate level. Get more information about these programs and future options for graduates.

Bachelor's Degrees in Applied Behavioral Science: Program Options

Those interested in the motivations for human behavior may consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in applied behavioral science. Topics in this program may include how mental illness or living below the poverty level affect a person's quality of...

Behavioral Psychology Major: Information and Requirements

Prospective behavioral psychology majors could choose to enroll in a Bachelor of Science program in behavioral science. Keep reading to learn about these programs' course requirements and the variety of employment options available to graduates.

Criminal Psychology Major: Information and Requirements

Students enrolled in a criminal psychology bachelor's degree program develop an understanding of the motivations behind illegal behavior. Courses examine how familial, societal and cultural factors may perpetuate and facilitate criminal...

Gerontology Major: Information and Requirements

A bachelor's in gerontology program prepares students to advocate and administer care for the elderly, as they learn about aging, social policy, healthcare and mental health.

Health Psychology Major: Information and Requirements

Few schools in the U.S. offer an undergraduate health psychology major. Those that do offer it as a Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology. Students study human behavior and learn a variety of skills designed to help other people.

Overview of a Bachelor's Degree in General Psychology

A bachelor's degree program in general psychology provides instruction in the fundamental principles, major figures, and seminal research findings in psychology.

Glossary of Bachelor's Degree Programs - Psychology Related Articles

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