Behavior Analysis Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Graduate certificate programs in behavior analysis are designed to provide social workers, behavior specialists, educational consultants and other human services professionals with a solid understanding of how to analyze and change human behavior.

Behavioral Analyst Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Graduate certificate programs in behavioral analysis are typically designed to offer experienced counselors additional training in the principles of behavior modification, as well as hands-on experience working with clients receiving such treatment.

Behavioral Studies Degree and Certificate Program Options

Degrees and certificates in behavior studies usually relate to the study of human behavior, often called behavioral health. Degrees range from the associate's to master's level and certificate options are available for both undergraduate and...

Certificate Programs in Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis certificate programs explore how to participate in interventions and assist individuals with a variety of disabilities, injuries and disorders. Schools offer both undergraduate and graduate-level certificate programs.

Certificate Programs in Health Psychology: Education Information

Certificate programs in health psychology examine behavioral medicine and its applications in patient care. Health psychology certificate programs are only available at the graduate level and require at least a bachelor's degree.

Certificate in Applied Forensic Psychology: Overview and Requirements

Some forensic psychology certificate programs are for individuals holding, or working towards, a bachelor's degree. Other certificate programs are for individuals who have graduate-level degrees in a relevant field.

Certification for School Social Workers: Overview and Information

There are several different certification paths for school social workers. Continue reading for an overview of the qualifications necessary for certification, as well as job growth and salary info for a few career options for certified...

Child Psychology Certification: Program Summary

Child psychology can be studied at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In order to become a licensed psychologist, the minimum education requirement is typically a doctorate, which includes a Ph.D. and a Psy.D.

Clinical Child Psychology Training and Certificate Programs

Clinical child psychology training and certificate programs combine coursework with extensive supervised clinical experience and research. Students may pursue a degree at the master's or doctoral level, while post-doctoral certificates allow for...

Clinical Psychology Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Students interested in clinical psychology can pursue a master's degree, doctoral degree or post-doctoral certificate in this field. Programs are research-intensive and focus on clinical experience. Candidates must hold a doctorate to be licensed.

Consciousness Studies Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Consciousness studies master's degree programs offer an academic perspective on the impact of human belief and culture on consciousness. Learn about the program, common coursework and employment outlook.

Criminal Psychology Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs related to criminal psychology examine the relationship between the law and human behavioral issues. Learn about degree programs in forensic psychology at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels, as...

Forensic Psychology Certification and Certificate Program Summaries

Forensic psychology post-graduate certificate programs provide advanced training on how to manage the psychological elements of the criminal justice system. Students in these research-focused programs will examine topics such as interrogation.

General Psychology Degree and Certificate Program Information

General psychology programs are most commonly offered at the bachelor's degree, graduate certificate and master's degree levels. In each program, students learn about human development and behavior, as well as mental and behavioral disorders.

Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Studies: Program Summary

Bereavement studies programs train students to apply knowledge about death, bereavement and counseling to help dying individuals and their families, friends and caregivers understand the experience of dying and grief management.

Graduate Certificate in Business Psychology: Program Information

Business psychology involves applying principles of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology to the workplace. Graduate certificate programs in business psychology aren't common at not-for-profit schools; those in I-O psychology are an option.

Graduate Certificate in General Psychology: An Overview

A student seeking education in psychology beyond a bachelor's degree can pursue a graduate certificate in general psychology, which prepares students for further studies in psychology or for a career requiring a psychology background.

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology: Program Summary

Graduate certificate programs in gerontology provide students and working professionals with an overview of gerontological issues or train registered nurses to become nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists in gerontology.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Training Program Information

In industrial and organizational psychology master's and doctoral programs, students learn to analyze workplace behavior and implement strategies for improving workplace productivity. Graduates can pursue careers in human resources and management.

Medical Psychology Programs: Degree and Certificate Overviews

Medical psychology is rarely, if ever, taught at the degree or certificate level. Programs are more widely available as post-doctoral fellowships where students engage in research in the field and attend seminars.

Pediatric Therapy Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

After earning a master's degree, students interested in becoming pediatric therapists can pursue a doctorate in physical therapy or a residency in pediatric physical therapy. These programs teach various methods to treat infants and children in...

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