Child Psychology PhD Programs: Info for Doctoral Students

Although differences exist between programs, Ph.D. programs focused on child psychology generally cover issues including behavioral and emotional assessment techniques and developmental psychology. Most programs include a significant research...

Christian Colleges with Doctoral Degrees in Psychology: How to Choose

Offered as either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), psychology doctoral degree programs are offered by only six American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited Christian colleges in the nation....

Degrees in Health and Wellness Psychology: Program Info

Bachelor's degree students in a health psychology or related program of study get a foundational knowledge of how psychological factors can affect physical well-being. Students may also pursue master's and doctoral degrees in health and wellness...

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and organizational psychologists study and assess the behaviors of employees to ensure that businesses run smoothly. The most common type of advanced degree offered at this level is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Industrial and...

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD): Degree Overview

A Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree is needed to begin clinical practice of psychology. These programs differ from Doctor of Philosophy programs by focusing more on the practice of psychology and less on research.

Doctor of Psychology: Clinical Psychology Degree Overview

Students in a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology program gain the theoretical and clinical skills to treat psychological disorders and other issues. They generally explore a wide range of topics, like psychopharmacology, case...

Doctor of Psychology: School Psychology Degree Overview

A Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program in school psychology teaches students to work in clinical settings, where their goal is helping children thrive in early childhood settings, elementary schools and secondary schools.

Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology: Program Overview

There are multiple degree options for students who are interested in educational psychology. Get information about the curriculum and possible career opportunities.

Doctoral Degree in School Psychology: Program Summary

There are two degree options for students who want to study school psychology at the doctoral level. Learn more about program curriculum, graduation requirements, and future prospects for graduates.

Doctoral Degrees in Business Psychology: Program Overviews

While there are no doctoral degrees specifically in business psychology, there are multiple Ph.D. programs that offer relevant training for students interested in the field. Get more information about these programs and possible careers.

Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Forensic Psychology: Program Overview

There are several schools that offer Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) programs in clinical psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology.

Doctoral Degrees in Community Psychology: Program Overview

Community psychology is a branch of clinical psychology that focuses on how humans interact within their communities and social groups. A Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the terminal degree in this field.

Doctoral Degrees in General Psychology: Overview of Options

Through a Ph.D. program in general psychology, students gain knowledge about the concepts of and theories behind the central areas of the field though lecture-based coursework and advanced research.

Doctoral Degrees in International Psychology

It is not possible to pursue a Ph.D. in international psychology, but a Ph.D. in general psychology might be able to meet your needs. Find out how you can tailor your studies toward this specialization and what you can do after graduation.

Doctoral Programs in Organizational Psychology: An Overview

Although organizational psychology is not usually offered as a Ph.D., you can enroll in a similar program. Find out what you will learn in these programs and what you can do with your degree.

Doctorate in Forensic Psychology: PhD Degree Program Information

Forensic psychology combines psychotherapy and psychological assessment with criminal investigation to help solve crimes and provide services to offenders and crime victims. Several schools offer PhD programs in forensic psychology or clinical...

Health Psychology PhD Programs: Info on Doctoral Programs

If you are interested in the intersection of physical and mental health, a Ph.D. in health psychology is a relevant educational option. Find out what to expect from these programs and what you can do with this degree.

How Long are PhD Programs in Psychology?

Graduate studies in psychology offer a broad range of topics, and psychology programs are often competitive. They usually take several years to complete. Depending on the area of interest in psychology, graduate students may choose from clinical,...

Part-Time Psychology PhD Programs: How Do These Programs Work?

Part-time psychology Ph.D. programs are often meant to prepare students for work as either psychology professors at the university level or as licensed clinical psychologists. A part-time doctoral program in psychology extends the amount of time...

PhD in Applied Psychology: Program Summary

Applied psychology is a discipline focused on the application of psychological research to practical issues in fields such as business and industry, education, employee training and human resources, marketing and healthcare. Graduates may seek...

PhD in Criminal Psychology: Program Summary

Students who want to understand criminal behavior can pursue a degree in criminal psychology. Although there are currently no PhD programs specifically in criminal psychology, there are PhD programs in forensic psychology, a field that links...

PhD in Gerontology: Degree Program Information

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Gerontology is a terminal degree where candidates complete diverse programs of study, pass examinations and defend their dissertations. Learn more about the program, coursework and job outlook.

PhD in Human Behavior: Program Overview

Although there are no specific Ph.D. programs in human behavior, students may pursue a similar degree in human behavior and design. Find out about prerequisites, common curriculum, and career prospects for graduates.

PsyD in Applied Behavior Analysis: Degree Program Options

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs are rare; more common, and quite similar in scope, are Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in ABA programs. Learn about the programs and career opportunities.

PsyD in Child and Adolescent Psychology: Degree Program Overview

Aspiring clinical psychologists who want to work with children and adolescents may pursue a doctorate in the field. Find out more about this degree, what you need to apply, and what you can do when you finish the program.

PsyD in Geropsychology: Degree Program Information

Geropsychology is an emerging branch of clinical psychology devoted to the research and treatment of psychological disorders in older adults. Learn about the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program in geropsychology and job outlook.

Top Schools with Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs: List of Schools

Take a look at the top schools that offer doctoral degree programs in clinical psychology. Review the institutions' rankings, degree requirements and other basics so that you can compare similarities and make an informed decision.

Top Schools with Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Programs

Find out about three top schools that offer doctoral degree programs in psychology. Get information about the school and program rankings that make these institutions stand out.