Behavioral Psychology Graduate Program Options

Behavioral psychology is a psychological perspective suggesting that all aspects of human behavior are learned. Master's and doctoral programs are available in this field.

Business Psychology Masters Program Information

While there are no master's degree programs specifically in business psychology, interested students can consider Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Learn more about curriculum options and future prospects for graduates.

Counseling Psychology Graduate Program Options

Graduate level counseling psychology students learn to assess and treat patients. They gain an understanding of various counseling techniques through coursework and research.

Environmental Psychology Masters Program Information

Environmental psychology programs are rare, though a handful of schools do offer Master of Science programs. Keep reading to learn about program requirements as well as the employment and continuing education options awaiting graduates.

Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Programs in Psychology: An Overview

If you want to fast-track your education in psychology, you may consider a five-year combined bachelor's/master's degree program. Find out what these programs entail and what graduates can do when they finish.

Graduate Programs in Medical Psychology: Program Options

Closely related to clinical psychology, the field of medical psychology is concerned with treating psychological disorders using psychotherapeutic and physical treatment methods. Graduate programs in medical psychology are offered at the doctoral...

Health Psychologist Graduate Program Options

Health psychologists analyze a client's personality and coping mechanisms to see if there is a correlation between this and their physical health. Graduate programs use classes, research and field experiences to train students in this profession.

Health Psychology Masters Program Overview

At the master's degree level, there are several program options for students who want to pursue studies in health psychology. Find out more about these programs to decide whether they meet your educational needs.

Human Behavior Masters Degree Program Information

Students who want to pursue interdisciplinary studies in management and psychology may consider a master's degree in human behavior. Find out more about degree options, coursework, and future opportunities for graduates.

MBA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Program Information

There are joint degree programs that award a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology. They stress workforce human resource principles, economic and business patterns from industrial and psychological...

MBA in Organizational Psychology: Degree Overview

Organizational psychology programs that lead to the MBA degree are rare. Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) degree programs in industrial/organizational psychology are more common.

MS in Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy: Degree Overview

In Master of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy degree programs, students explore professional and scientific ethics, counseling and therapy. Graduates are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health disorders in a wide array of...

Master of Arts (MA): Clinical Psychology Degree Overview

Typically, a 2-year Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program provides a theoretical and practical background in mental health. A concentration in marriage and family therapy may be available.

Master of Arts (MA): Counseling Psychology Degree Overview

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology programs often focus on human development theories, research methodologies, and ethical standards. Review counseling psychology programs, possible career choices, and continuing education opportunities.

Master of Arts (MA): Forensic Psychology Degree Overview

A Master of Arts (M.A.) program in forensic psychology teaches students the basics of victim counseling, treatment methods, criminal motives and psychological health evaluations. Read about degree requirements, courses and continuing education...

Master of Arts (MA): School Psychology Degree Overview

Students in a Master of Arts (M.A.) in School Psychology program study theories and practices related to the development and behavior of individuals in academic settings. Students learn about intervention strategies, problem solving methods and...

Master of Gerontology: Degree Overview

A master's degree in gerontology is the advanced study of the psychology of human aging. Students in this program may choose to focus their studies through interdisciplinary programs to get a greater sense of how certain sociological variables...

Master of Psychology Degree Overview

Master's programs in psychology offer students general coursework in the discipline as well as courses in psychological assessment, while developing skills in research and problem solving.

Master of Psychology: Counseling Psychology Degree Overview

A Master of Science in Counseling Psychology degree program can prepare graduates to provide various kinds of counseling and intervention services to individuals, families and groups from diverse backgrounds. Various specializations, such as...

Master of Science (MS): Psychology Degree Overview

The two-year Master of Science (MS) in Psychology degree program provides students with the psychological knowledge needed to become psychologists, researchers, counselors or therapists. Students can pursue psychology Ph.Ds. or master's-level...

Master's Degree in Applied Psychology: Program Overview

If you want to focus your psychology graduate studies on a particular real-world application, a master's degree program in applied psychology may meet your needs. Find out about degree options, curriculum, and future prospects for graduates.

Master's Degree in Community Psychology: Program Info

Community psychology master's degree programs are often combined with studies in school psychology, cultural psychology or social psychology. Students learn how to facilitate beneficial relationships and improve harmful situations.

Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

If you are interested in the applications of psychology to business, consider a master's degree program in industrial and organizational psychology. Get more information about prerequisites, coursework, and job prospects for graduates.

Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology: Program Overview

Master's degree programs in transpersonal psychology broaden students' understanding of the diverse ways by which humans relate with people and nature, demonstrate knowledge and communicate. Find out what activities are involved in this field and...

Master's Degrees in Behavioral Medicine: Program Info

If you want to become a counselor, you can benefit from a master's degree in behavioral medicine. Get more information about these programs and next steps toward becoming a licensed psychologist.

Master's Degrees in General Psychology: Program Summary

Master's degree programs in general psychology help students gain foundational knowledge on the study of the mind. Learn more about the program requirements, coursework and career options available to psychologists or counselors with at least a...

Masters Degree in Behavioral Health: Program Overviews

If you want to pursue a graduate degree in a field that combines studies in the biological and social sciences, you may consider a master's degree in behavioral health. Find out more about these programs and future prospects for graduates.

Masters Degree in Behavioral Psychology: Program Information

A master's degree in applied behavioral analysis may be a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology or a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. These programs prepare students to help patients with autism, learning disorders, behavior...

Masters Degree in Educational Psychology: Program Overviews

Students who want to study educational psychology at the master's degree level have several program options. Learn more about these choices, and find out what you need to apply and what you can expect after graduation.

Masters Degrees for Aspiring School Psychologists: Program Information

A Master of Science (M.S.) in School Psychology program primes students to work in educational settings to evaluate and assess child and adolescent behavior and learning.

Masters Program in Child Psychology: Degree Overview

If you want to pursue advanced study in the field of child psychology, a master's degree may be right for you. Learn how these programs prepare graduates for counseling careers or doctoral psychology programs.

Masters Programs for Behavioral Specialists: Degree Overviews

If your career goal is to become a behavioral specialist, you can enroll in a master's degree program and choose a concentration in behavioral psychology. Find out about the educational opportunities this degree provides.

Masters in ABA Therapy: Info on Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs

A Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis program addresses ways in which organizations can use knowledge of human behavior to improve efficiency and communications. Learn about the program, common courses, and current job outlook and pay.

Masters in Criminal Psychology: Program Overview

Criminal psychologists, also called forensic psychologists, apply knowledge of the human psyche to legal issues; most states require psychologists to hold a doctorate. Learn more about a master's and its associated careers, as well as doctorates.

Online Counseling Psychology MA Degree Overview

Research an online master's degree program in counseling psychology. Learn about classes, prerequisites and job opportunities to make an educated career choice.

Psychology Graduate Classes and Courses Overview

Graduate courses in psychology are offered on both the master's and doctoral levels and cover many in-depth psychology topics. Options for different concentrations are offered in graduate programs, preparing students for either clinical or...

Sports Psychology Graduate Program Options

Sports psychology is typically offered as a concentration within a master's or doctoral program in clinical psychology. Students in this specialty gain the necessary skills and knowledge to help clients improve their mental health and performance.

Top Graduate Schools with Forensic Psychology Programs: List of Schools

Graduate degree programs in forensic psychology include Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Arts (M.A.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) programs. Learn more information about three of the best schools to offer...

Top Graduate Schools with Social Psychology Programs: List of Schools

Social psychology is the study of how the real or imagined presence of other people can affect human thoughts and behavior. Discover several highly regarded graduate schools where you can study this discipline. Get information on each school's...

Top Schools with a Masters in Clinical Psychology Program

Learn about some of the top schools to offer master's degree programs in clinical psychology. Read on to educate yourself on the types of clinical psychology programs available, the schools that offer some of the best programs, and their rankings.

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