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Air Traffic Controller Promotion Opportunities

Air traffic controllers are an important part of safety and scheduling for the nation's air travel services. With training and proven experience, air traffic controllers can move up through the career's professional ranks.

Airline Jobs for Retirees

Retirees who wish to work in the airline industry could pursue one of several positions regardless of their background. Positions available to retirees may include security, sales, and inventory specialists. Read more below.

Aviation Jobs that Pay Well

Some people love planes and love to fly, and they may be interested in a career in aviation. They may also be interested in jobs that earn a solid income. This article explores careers that involve operating and working with aircraft, and that...

Best Paying Driving Jobs

There are a number of career options for people who enjoy driving. Although some driving careers do not pay high salaries, there are jobs in construction and transportation with strong salaries that are discussed here.

Best Paying Trucking Jobs

There are many very lucrative careers in the trucking and transportation industry, and many positions do not require a four-year degree. Read on to discover some of the best paying jobs in ground transportation.

Best-Paying Jobs in the Navy

The best-paying jobs in the Navy cover a wide spectrum of different positions. We will explain the responsibilities for each job listed, their classification, salary, and requirements for advancing.

Bus Attendant: Job Description, Salary & Requirements

In this article, we'll cover the basic duties and work environment of a bus attendant. You can also learn more about the skills, education and training needed for the job along with current pay and job growth information.

Career Information for a Degree in Transportation and Distribution

Transportation and distribution is generally a program that teaches students about the different systems used to send and deliver goods to places around the world. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary...

Career Information for an Aeronautics or Aviation Degree

Aeronautics or aviation is generally the science of flight, and this field may also include the manufacturing and design of airplanes and helicopters. Continue reading for an overview of the training, as well as career and salary info for some...

Careers for Former Navy Nukes

The skills that Navy Nukes accrue during their time in the Navy are admissible in civilian careers. With little or no additional education, a retired Navy can easily slip into one of them. This article describes five of these careers.

Charter Pilot vs. Airline Pilot

Charter pilots and airline pilots are the both the captains of their ships, as they transport passengers around the world. While airline pilots fly the ticket-buying public, charter pilots fly based on requests of specific groups of clients.

Coast Guard Jobs that are In-Demand

The Coast Guard provides valuable services that protect our national security around waterways. Read on to learn about jobs in the Coast Guard that are in demand to see if any are right for you.

Coast Guard Nursing Jobs

The Coast Guard provides some of the most advanced healthcare services to its personnel, which requires highly trained and experienced personnel. Nurses, particularly, are needed to offer care to ill and wounded soldiers. Below are some Coast...

Coast Guard Off-Duty Employment

Learn about jobs that Coast Guard members can do while off-duty, and get information for each job, including the median salary, job duties and required skills.

Combat Careers in the Navy

A combat position in the U.S. Navy performs critical tasks used to protect this country from harm. This article explores the duties and salaries of five combat careers in the U.S. Navy and explains their role in making troops prepared for war.

Driving Jobs for Retirees

In retirement, many individuals seek part-time employment opportunities. For those who enjoy being on-the-go, driving jobs provide a dynamic work environment.

Drone Pilot Jobs & Salary

Drone pilots fly specialized unmanned aircraft, often for the military. Learn more about drone pilots' job duties, required education and skills, and get salary and projected job outlook statistics.

Entry-Level Maritime Jobs & Salary

Those looking to enter a maritime career can choose from a few different boating-related jobs, as well as marine design jobs. Compare and contrast the job duties, median salaries and education requirements of some of these jobs.

Flight Dispatcher vs. Air Traffic Controller

We all want a smooth and safe day of airline travel, and a lot of that depends on the expertise of flight dispatchers and air traffic controllers. Dispatchers plan the timing of flights, while controllers manage aircraft traffic, on the runway...

Helicopter Pilot vs. Airplane Pilot

Helicopter and airplane pilots are both aircraft captains that are responsible for safe air travel. While airplane pilots work for airlines or commercial charter companies, helicopter pilots work for industries that include the news media and law...

Highest-Paying Driving Jobs & Careers

While some people find driving a vehicle to be stressful, many find it to be relaxing. There is a wide variety of well-paying jobs that include driving. Take a look at some of the options available.

Highest-Paying Jobs in the Air Force

Air Force pay is determined by rank and the amount of active duty served. This is a list of the five highest-paid enlisted ranks in the Air Force. We will cover each rank's pay rate and the requirements needed for promotion into each rank.

Irradiated-Fuel Handlers: Courses, Training & Certification

Irradiated-fuel handlers are trained to work with nuclear fuel. This article explores their typical duties, as well as the training involved in preparing for this type of career. Read on to learn how to become an irradiated-fuel handler.

Jobs that Involve Driving

Driving careers are not necessarily limited to the transportation industry. Continue reading to explore a number of careers in several industries that feature driving as a regular part of their duties.

Jobs that Involve Scuba Diving

SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving is an underwater diving activity that allows participants to breathe underwater. Here we discuss a handful of the different jobs involving scuba diving and how they incorporate the...

Jobs that Require a Chauffeur's License

A chauffeur's license is applicable to various driving careers, though opportunities may vary by state. This article covers the educational requirements and key job duties for several positions that are highly relevant to individuals with a...

Jobs that Require a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

There are a number of professions that involve driving vehicles. Individuals who operate large vehicles are required to have a commercial driver's license (CDL), and this article explores some of the career options for drivers with a CDL.

Marine Corps Jobs that are In-Demand

The United States Marine Corps has a variety of positions that are in demand, and they are offering incentives for those who are interested in pursuing those jobs. In-demand positions include both enlisted and officer ranks. Read below to learn...

Medical Careers in the Air Force

There are various medically-related careers that are available to members of the United States Air Force. We will look at details related to medical careers in the Air Force by focusing on salary statistics, job responsibilities, and necessary...

Navy Jobs That Are In-Demand

Within the Navy, there are a multitude of careers, in everything from food service to rescue swimming. There are several that are currently in high demand, according to in September 2019. Keep reading to learn more details.

Pilot Opportunities for Advancement

Pilots are responsible for guiding and ensuring safety on aircraft. They may wish to consider other flight positions or scientific positions working with aircraft.

Principal Transportation Planner: Job Description & Salary

Principal transportation planners can work in a variety of venues. This article explores the types of duties principal transportation planners have, the training needed to become one and what salary to expect when employed in this field.

Project Manager vs. Delivery Manager

You can explore the responsibilities, job growth, salaries, and degree requirements for project managers and delivery managers, both of which may keep project teams focused, even when challenges arise.

Railroad Jobs for Veterans

Military talent is highly sought after in the transportation industry and railroad companies are particularly making an effort to fill out their ranks with more of them. Below is a description of a number of railroad jobs that veterans can take up.

Release Train Engineer: Salary, Job Description & Responsibilities

As the tech industry continues to advance, new roles are developing. One of the key roles in the popular Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the release train engineer (RTE). This article details the required education and skills and salary info for...

Rideshare Driver: Job Description & Salary

You probably drive on a daily basis to commute for work or pleasure. If you love driving, then you could consider working as a rideshare driver in your spare time.

Top Job Industries for Former Marines

The skills, knowledge, abilities and experience acquired during service with the military are also sought after in the civilian job market. We analyze top industries to which U.S. Marines can leverage their skills and experiences.

U.S. Air Force Jobs that are In-Demand

The U.S. Air Force has a demand for a variety of positions, and they are open to applicants with different education backgrounds. Positions available include tactical training specialists, air controllers, special forces, and law enforcement....

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