Visual and Performing Arts

Acting Career Information: Becoming an Actor or Actress

Learn the steps for becoming an actor. Research the various education requirements, training information and experience required for starting a career in acting.

Actor vs Musician Comparison

Actors and musicians are talented individuals who perform for others. Read about the similarities and differences between these careers along with other career information.

Actor vs Stagehand Comparison

Actors and stagehands often work in close proximity, and they are both involved in creating a successful live or filmed production, but their responsibilities are very different. however. Learn more about job duties, median salary and employment...

Actors vs Performers Comparison

Entertainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from formal actors to diverse types of performers. This article gives information about the education and responsibilities of these professionals.

Advancement Opportunities for Interior Designers

Interior designers work to create functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces. After working in this field, they may wish to advance their career in design by specializing in an area such as set design, exhibit design, or industrial...

Advancement Opportunities for Photographers

Photographers are creative professionals who use cameras to take a variety of still photographs. The creative and technical skills demonstrated by photographers can be applied to a wide range of occupations, several of which are presented here.

Alternative Careers for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers considering a career change may be interested in the careers explored here. Those studying graphic design may also be interested in knowing what other types of careers they can pursue that involve similar skills and training.

Architect vs Graphic Designer

Both architects and graphic designers use elements of design to produce what clients or employers want, although they work in different fields and for different purposes. Find out more about what makes these design careers similar and different.

Architectural Photographer vs. Real Estate Photographer

Many professional photographers choose to specialize in a particular field. Read on for more information about architectural photographers and real estate photographers, which are two of these specialized careers.

Art Careers in Science

Different fields of science offer the opportunity for artists or those interested in art to put their interests and talents to use. Find out about some of the art careers in science, as well as their median salaries and education requirements.

Art Careers in the Film Industry

There are a variety of art careers available in the film industry that vary greatly in job duties and artistic techniques. Find out about some of the available jobs, their median salaries and education requirements.

Art Director vs Graphic Designer

Art directors and graphic designers do some work together, but have very different roles in the design field. Learn about the similarities and differences as well as important career information for each position.

Artist vs. Illustrator: What's the Difference?

Technically, an illustrator is an artist but not all artists are illustrators. Illustrators are fine artists who specialize in illustration. Find out the differences and overlap between these two careers.

Associate Art Director vs Art Director

Associate art directors and art directors begin their careers with similar academic backgrounds, however, they both have different responsibilities. This article discusses those differences as well as some important financial information.

Associate Creative Director vs Creative Director

Associate creative directors and creative directors sounds like two jobs that work for the other, but the truth is both are very different. This article provides a comparison of these two careers and other key job information.

Associate Producer vs. Executive Producer

Confused by all the producer credits on your favorite shows and films? Associate producers work on sets ensuring that each day goes smoothly, and they answer to an executive producer, who oversees projects from inception to release.

Augmented Reality Designer Salary

A career as an augmented reality designer could appeal to individuals interested in creating simulated environments. Read on to discover the educational requirements and job tasks associated with this career.

Brand Director vs Creative Director

Marketing is considered a highly profitable career field. Brand directors and creative directors make major contributions to the marketing profession. These two marketing careers are compared and analyzed in this article.

Career Alternatives for Art Historians

Art historians considering other careers can find work in museums, art studios, postsecondary institutions and more under various job titles. We discuss a few of the alternative careers for an art historian, as well as their education requirements.

Career Info for a Degree in Cinematography & Film Production

Cinematography and film production degree programs generally teach students about editing, lighting and sound equipment and techniques. Continue reading for an overview of possible majors as well as career and salary info related to some career...

Career Info for a Degree in Interior Design

Interior design is typically offered as a four-year undergraduate degree program. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Info for a Photography, Film or Video Degree

Degrees in film, video and photography help students turn ordinary events into something amazing. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for these graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Advertising or Commercial Design

Advertising and commercial design degrees typically cover communications, persuasive writing, and mass media technique. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for advertising and...

Career Information for a Degree in Commercial Photography

Degree programs in commercial photography teach students to express ideas and feelings through the lens of a camera. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for commercial...

Career Information for a Degree in Design and Applied Arts

Design and applied arts is generally offered as an associate's or bachelor's degree. Continue reading for an overview of the programs as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Fashion Design

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a fashion designer. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about degree programs and job duties to find out if this is the career for you.

Career Information for a Degree in Graphic Design

Graphic design is generally a creative and technical field. Continue reading for an overview of the training, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Illustration or Drawing

Degree programs in illustration or drawing typically cover art history, digital art and drawing skills. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for illustration or drawing...

Career Information for a Degree in Industrial Design

Industrial design careers require formal education. Learn about the degree, job duties and certification requirements to see if this is the right career for you.

Career Information for a Degree in Visual Communications Design

Visual communications design degree programs generally cover illustration, graphic design, art direction and animation. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as employment and salary statistics for some career options for...

Career Information for a Degree in Visual and Performing Arts

Degree programs in the visual and performing arts generally combine classroom instruction with practical experience in the field. Continue reading for an overview of these degree programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options...

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Musical Arts

Musical arts degree programs may help prepare individuals for a music-oriented career. Continue reading for an overview of the potential majors as well as employment outlook and salary statistics related to some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Photography

Learn about the preparation needed to become a photographer. Get a quick view of the requirements for a career in photography as well as details about optional degree programs and certifications to find out if this is the career for you.

Career Information for a Master of Arts Program

A Master of Arts is a respected degree that can boost an individual's salary considerably and lead to increased opportunities for employment and career advancement. Students who have obtained a Master of Arts degree can work in a broad range of...

Careers Involving Art & Design

Most career minded people want to be employed somewhere where they can display what they do best. Artistic people are the same. If these individuals are looking for an outlet for their skills, they may find it by combining their artistic skills...

Careers Involving Art & Fashion

Art and fashion careers may involve creating original designs and products, displaying those designs or choosing which designs will be sold in stores. Continue reading to learn more about jobs that involve art and fashion.

Careers Involving Art & Music

Driven by a love for art and music? Whether you are the creator of art or spreading your knowledge of it, there are plenty of career options. This article explores a few related jobs in art, music, teaching, radio and museums.

Careers Involving Art & Performing Artists

There are many careers available in the performing arts world. Whether you want to be the star of the show or work behind the scenes, there are many different things you can do.

Careers Involving Dance

If you have a passion for dance and want to include that passion in a career, there are more options than just being a dancer. Take a look at this article to explore some other career options that involve dance.

Careers Involving Fashion & Travel

There are a number of different careers that involve both fashion and travel. Generally these careers are based within the fashion industry and have a large travel component built in to them.

Careers Involving Math & Music

Math and music might not seem to go together, but a number of careers intertwine these disciplines. If your interests lie where these two worlds collide, you might find a career that brings math and music together.

Careers Involving Math and Design

Careers that involve both mathematics and design are available in several different industries. Individuals who are skilled in both of these areas may want to consider pursuing one of these paths.

Careers Involving Music & Science

Have you ever wondered how to turn your love of both music and science into a career? You might be shocked at how many different job opportunities combine both worlds!

Careers Involving Travel & Photography

Individuals who like to explore the world and have an artistic eye may be interested in careers that involve travel and photography. This article talks about some career options for people who like to travel locally and abroad, and who would...

Careers Involving Video Editing

People interested in working with video and film editing can choose from roles as editors for television, motion pictures, or commercials. Other editing jobs might include becoming a senior editor in charge of an editing team or a multimedia...

Careers Involving Writing & Photography

Writing and photography goes hand in hand whenever one thinks of newspaper journalism. However, these jobs together are a growing need in such arenas as magazines, technical writing, and graphic design.

Careers That Involve Art and Cars

Although they are not typically thought of as a regular pairing, art and cars can come together in a few careers across different fields. Explore some of the jobs involving art and cars, their expected job growth rates and median salaries.

Careers That Involve Creativity and Design

Careers that involve creativity and design are available in a number of different fields. This article explores several options and discusses what each career entails.

Careers for Actors

Actors have skills that can be advantageous in other career fields, and those that are looking for a different career may want to consider opportunities in entertainment, education, communications and sales.

Careers for Artists with No Degree

Artists without a degree can find several different careers that involve creativity and artistic ability. Learn about a few of these career options and their specific job duties, as well as salaries and job outlooks.

Careers for Drummers

Drummers are often very talented and coordinated musicians who can apply their skills and knowledge to several different careers. Learn about a handful of the career options for drummers, as well as their median salaries.

Careers for Former Actors

Those who perform on stage and screen may decide on a change of pace in their career while still wanting to maintain a grip on the creative arts. Many options are available to those who decide to step away from the spotlight!

Careers for Guitarists

While playing the guitar may only be a hobby for some, other individuals may want to turn their playing into a career. Fortunately, guitarists have a number of career options to choose from.

Careers for People Who Love Music

Individuals who love music may want to work in a career field that involves it. Continue reading to learn about careers that involve performing, promoting or selling music, as well as other career options music lovers may be interested in.

Careers in Culture and Arts

A number of career options are available in the fields of culture and art, such as museum and performing arts work. Learn about the skills and training needed for these jobs, along with the career outlook.

Careers in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

Explore career options for those interested in working in the fashion and beauty industry, which focuses on using clothing, hairstyles, makeup and accessories to present a desired style. Read on to learn more about careers in this field.

Careers that Involve Singing

There are a number of careers that involve singing, including performance and teaching jobs. We will discuss the educational requirements necessary to obtain these jobs, as well as what responsibilities and duties are associated with each position.

Character Actor vs Method Actor Comparison

Actors who take their work seriously spend tremendous amounts of time researching and preparing for a role. This article discusses the work of character actors and method actors, both of whom create roles but with different approaches and outcomes.

Cinematographer vs. Cameraman

Working as a cinematographer or a cameraman requires an ability to focus on the visual aspects of live action. The work setting may be different for each profession, but there is also plenty of overlap. Read more to see why.

Cinematographer vs. Videographer

Though both are artists who tell stories, cinematographers and videographers differ in the content they capture. Keep reading to learn about the different responsibilities and salaries for these two types of camera operators.

Copywriter vs Graphic Artist

The work of a copywriter and a graphic artist is similar in that both careers are sometimes involved in advertising. Although these positions are somewhat similar, the work they do is very different. Find out more similarities and differences.

Craft Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Craft jobs require the ability to create; this could mean putting words together to make a story or joining objects to make an artistic display. A number of work-from-home craft job opportunities are explored here.

Creative Director vs Senior Designer

Creative directors and senior designers often collaborate on artistic projects. This article gives you information on the responsibilities and differences between these two design positions as well as their outlook for the future.

Creative Lead vs Creative Director

Creative leads and creative directors often interact during a creative endeavor, but their job duties differ. This article compares the different responsibilities of each career, as well as their yearly salaries.

Creative Producer vs Creative Director

Every great project starts with an idea. Whether the end product is a film or a marketing campaign, a creative someone must come up with an idea they believe in. This article compares two such careers and gives you some vital information on both.

Creative Strategist vs Creative Director

Creative jobs don't always mean you're working in paint or film. All good marketing needs strategists and analysts and this article gives you information about two skilled careers in the creative marketing field.

Dancing Career Information: Becoming a Professional Dancer

Find out how to become a professional dancer. Research the training requirements, and learn about the experience you need to advance your career in dancing.

Design Director vs Art Director

Design directors supervise the creation and execution of digital design elements, while art directors manage design directors and other artistic team leaders to ensure overall artistic production that lines up to client and company expectations.

Design Director vs Creative Director

Creative directors and design directors work for a variety of companies to produce products that are appealing artistically. Learn about these two director positions, what they do and what they pay in the following article.

Design Jobs in the Film Industry

Those who enjoy or specialize in design of various kinds can find several careers within the film industry. Learn about some of the available careers, their job duties, education requirements and median salaries.

Design Manager vs Art Director

Design managers and art directors both have design experience, but work in different industries with different tasks. Here you can learn more about each career option and employment information.

Difference Between Artist & Actor

Being an artist or actor takes creativity, though artists typically express their ideas through various media, while actors portray characters through performance. See the similarities and differences between these two careers in the arts.

Difference Between Artists & Artisans

Artists and artisans work in the same field, but produce different products. This article focuses on the differences in these two artistic jobs and some career information on both.

Difference Between Author & Illustrator

Authors and illustrators are storytellers who rely on their artistic talents. The main difference between authors and illustrators is the medium they use to tell their stories to an audience.

Difference Between Character Designer & Concept Artist

Concept artists and character designers both rely on artistic skills to develop projects, but use very different creative processes. This article compares the salaries, degree requirements, job growth, and basic duties of these careers.

Difference Between Composer & Conductor

If you're interested in doing something with music that requires talent or skill, think about becoming a composer or conductor. Continue reading for an overview of these careers, including details about what differs between them.

Difference Between Composer & Producer

Composers create the soothing music we enjoy. Producers make sure the voices and instruments we hear are more than just weird sounds. This article compares these two careers and gives some vital information on both.

Difference Between Copywriter & Art Director

Art directors lead a team of creative professionals that includes copywriters. One takes charge, the other creates words. This article breaks down the differences between art directors and copywriters so that you can choose the career that fits...

Difference Between Creative Director & Art Director

Creative directors and art directors have similar duties, though they work at different levels and stages. Read about these career options, salary information, and education requirements.

Difference Between Illustrators & Concept Artists

Creative artistic people are always looking for fulfilling jobs. Illustrators work with pencils and pens, while concept artists work with computer art programs. This article focuses on these career fields and offers some pertinent information.

Difference Between Layout Artist & Graphic Designer

Layout artists and graphic designers work together to create a visual piece that can be used in media. Here you will find information on each career option, along with an explanation of how they are similar and different.

Difference Between Lead Actor & Supporting Actor

Actors live for the applause whether they're the leads or just in support roles. This article compares what it takes to become an actor and what the major differences are between leads and supporting roles.

Difference Between Music Composer & Arranger

Know your music inside and out, from theory to performance? Music composer and music arranger are two potential jobs that may be for you. Composers create original works of music, while arrangers adapt the composition to fit specific settings.

Difference Between Musicologist & Producer

Music makes the world go around. There are a lot of careers available in music from education to recording to performance. This article covers and compares two very different fields of music employment.

Difference Between Producer & Director in Theatre

Producers and directors in theatre work with actors, cast and crew to enact a script for an audience. While they share some tasks, these two occupations have some unique differences, which you will read about below.

Difference Between Producer and Executive Producer in Music

Music producers and executive music producers differ in their focuses because the former are interested in supporting creative development, while the latter bring in the finances to support a project.

Difference Between Production Artist & Graphic Designer

Production artists and graphic designers follow similar education and employment paths but there are differences. This article compares these career graphics jobs that are prevalent in marketing, business and entertainment.

Difference Between Screenwriter & Director

Screenwriters and directors work together on a film production, but do different jobs. Learn more about the salary and growth of each profession as well as information about each career.

Difference Between Talent Agent vs Talent Manager

Agents and managers make their money by working for entertainment clients. This article compares talent agents and managers, including what they have to offer a client, their duties, and possible salaries.

Difference Between Web Designer & Graphic Designer

Web designers and graphic designers use their creativity to produce designs that clients can use for their organizations. While they have some similarities, these occupations have many differences. Learn more about each career option.

Difference Between Writer and Producer in Music

Writers and producers work together to make music, but their responsibilities and the timing when they join the process are very different. Read more to compare these two musical careers.

Digital Artist vs Graphic Designer

Digital artists and graphic designers both use their artistic abilities to portray ideas though art. Learn more about how these two occupations are similar and different.

Director of Photography vs. Camera Operator

Directors of photography and camera operators are crew members who make films together. Explore the similarities and differences in their education, duties and career information.

Director of Photography: Description, Responsibilities & Salary

A career as a director of photography may appeal to individuals with a passion for photography. This article will detail the road map of how to become a director of photography and will also highlight the career's job duties and salary.

Entertainment Engineer Job & Salary

If you disassembled electrical products and built forts as a child you might be interested in becoming an entertainment engineer. These engineers combine design and technical skills to produce sophisticated mechanical systems. Read on to learn more.

Entry Level Music Industry Jobs

There are many entry-level jobs in the music business you can get right out of high school or college. This article presents information about some of these careers, job descriptions for each and what you need to qualify for them.

Entry-Level Fashion Jobs: Salary & Positions

The fashion industry offers entry-level positions in business, design, modeling and more. Here we discuss some of the entry-level fashion jobs, their median salaries and education requirements.

Entry-Level Television & Entertainment Jobs & Salary

Those wishing to enter the television and entertainment industry have a few careers to choose from that range from writing to acting. Learn about some of the available careers, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

Executive Creative Director vs Creative Director

Executive creative directors and creative directors work to design and develop creative work for clients. Learn more about their similarities, as well as their differences.

Filmmaker vs. Cinematographer

Filmmakers and cinematographers work together towards a similar vision for a film, but their key responsibilities, salaries, and career outlooks tend to differ. Explore these two movie careers in detail.

Graphic Designer vs Animator

Graphic designers and animators use creativity in their occupations, though much of the work they do is done for different purposes. Learn more about how these two occupations compare.

Graphic Designer vs Art Educator

Graphic designers and art educators both use art in their daily work tasks, although in different ways. One uses art for design publications, while the other instructs students about art. Find out more about these varying careers.

Graphic Designer vs Book Designer

Graphic design can be a large umbrella that covers designers and book cover artists. This article addresses the comparison and contrast between these two careers and what it takes to become one.

Graphic Designer vs Graphic Artist

Graphic designers and graphic artists are professional artists who use computers to help them create their visions, but each has a different purpose. This article gives information about these two careers and some other vital info.

Graphic Designer vs Illustrator

Graphic designers and illustrators both work with art, although graphic designers work with many elements of design while illustrators focus on artwork. Gain more insight into how these careers are similar yet different.

Graphic Designer vs Product Designer

Graphic designers and product designers both create designs that a client can use. Read more to learn about some of the similarities and differences between these two careers.

Graphic Designer vs Programmer

Graphic designers and programmers work with computers to produce images or software for clients and employers, although in different capacities. Find out more about the similarities and differences between these computer-centered careers.

Graphic Designer vs Stage Designer

Design work in graphics and stage have many similarities and a few differences. Designers create visuals based on ideas and collaboration as their work. This article gives details on the differences and the job responsibilities between graphic...

Hands-On Design Jobs

If you are interested in finding a job that allows you to work in a hands-on capacity with design, there are several diverse options from which to choose. You'll see that education requirements range from a high school diploma to graduate...

High Paying Jobs in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry provides several high-paying jobs that vary greatly in job duties and responsibilities. Find out about a few of these careers, their education requirements, median salaries and more.

Highest Paying Design Jobs

Individuals can pursue design-related careers in a wide variety of fields, from fashion to computing to engineering. Many of these career options also offer attractive salaries, especially for those who make it to the top ten percent of their field.

Industrial Designer vs. Architect

There are vast differences between industrial designers and architects, and these reach beyond degree requirements and career outlooks. The responsibilities of each are outlined here in order to demonstrate these differences.

Interior Design Jobs for People Without a Degree

Interested in interior design but don't have a degree? Not to worry, your design skills and impeccable tastes will be appreciated in many industries, including real estate, entertainment, and retail.

Jobs Involving Movies

Movie productions provide a wide range of jobs that are needed to fulfill very specific roles in the creation process. Learn about the median salaries, expected job growth and education requirements for a few of these jobs.

Jobs That Incorporate Art

Beyond art and design careers, there are occupations in architecture, education and healthcare that involve using art or working with art regularly. This article explores some occupations that incorporate art.

Jobs That Involve Art and Creativity

There are a number of jobs that involve both art and creativity, as the two concepts are generally interrelated. From actually creating art to managing art, there are several options to choose from.

Jobs That Involve Creativity and Design

People interested in careers involving creativity and design have plenty of options to choose from. Learn about a few of the available careers, as well as their median salaries and education requirements.

Jobs for Music Lovers

German writer Heinrich Heine once wrote that ~'where words end, music begins~'. This quote captures a near universal experience of anyone who is musically inclined, and if it resonates with you, a musical career might be a great fit! This article...

Jobs for People Who Love Movies

There are a number of career possibilities available to individuals who love movies. We'll explore the respective salaries, job growth potential, and educational requirements for a handful of options.

Jobs for People with a Photographic Memory

A photographic memory isn't mandatory for any job; however, it can be an advantage in many careers that rely on professionals who can recall details clearly. This article discusses some occupations that may appeal to those with a photographic...

Jobs in the Film Industry That Pay Well

There are a number of diverse career choices within the film industry, a number of which come with high salaries especially for those who are able to climb to the top of their field. Find out more about the education requirements and duties for...

Jobs that Involve Art & Interior Design

There are a number of career paths that involve art and interior design. We will look at several of these career options and discuss what each job entails, as well as their educational requirements and median salary.

Jobs that Involve Drawing

In addition to working as a professional artist, there are a number of career fields where drawing skills are valued and can be utilized regularly, and some of these careers are discussed further here.

Jobs that Involve Music & Traveling

Those with musical talent usually have dreams of applause from an audience in an arena somewhere far away. This article discusses five careers for musicians and the travel involved with each. It also sheds light on median salaries for these jobs...

Jobs that Involve Watching TV & Movies

A wide range of professionals are involved in making movies and television shows, and all of the professionals involved may watch films and shows as part of their work. These careers and others that involve viewing movies or TV are explored here.

Layout Artist vs Graphic Designer

Graphic designers and layout artists work together to fulfill design ideas, but each plays a specific role. Here is a comparison of these two careers, including areas of overlap between them.

Lead Designer vs Art Director

It takes quite a few creative designers and directors to make media projects successful. This article looks at several such positions and analyzes the differences and similarities of the two including their financial options.

Lead Designer vs Creative Director

Art has come a long way since pencils and ink on paper. Computer artists these days specialize and this article compares a couple of career options for artists looking to become lead and/or creative designers.

Lead Graphic Designer vs Senior Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are integral to a company's branding, advertising and marketing. Lead and senior graphic designers work in the same department, but have slightly different responsibilities.

Manager vs Agent for Screenwriting

Agents and managers for screenwriters help sell scripts and develop writers' careers, but in different ways. This article compares these two positions, highlighting the differences and overlap between them.

Music Jobs in the Film Industry

Most, if not all, films include music of some kind and require several different individuals working music-related jobs. Learn about a few music careers in the film industry, including their job duties, education requirements and median salaries.

Music Technology Jobs

There are several positions that involve both music and technology, including performance careers and jobs behind the scenes. This article highlights five of these music technology positions and covers their job duties and salaries.

Musical Careers that Pay Well

Individuals who are interested in pursuing high-paying careers that involve music have a number of options to choose from. We will discuss educational requirements for these careers, as well as what each career entails.

Opportunities for Advancement for Fashion Designers

Fashion designers must have a creative sense of design and be business savvy. After working as a designer, some may wish to grow their careers to other fields in the fashion world.

Opportunities for Advancement for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers work in marketing, advertising, and publication, using text and images to visually express their clients' ideas. With their educational background, strong computer skills, and a diverse portfolio, many graphic designers are able...

Opportunities for Advancement in Acting

An actor who seeks another role in their domain has a few options available. You could move up the industry ladder and become a director or a producer, or take what you have studied and teach it to aspiring actors.

Photography Careers that Pay Well

While many photographers may be self-employed, there are other types of positions in the field that may pay well. While some positions may require a college degree, there are several available to applicants with a high school diploma. Read more...

Photography Jobs in the Military

There are a variety of different jobs in the Army, Navy, and Air Force that involve photography in some capacity. While some positions may directly involve photography, others entail reviewing and approving photographs for media releases.

Production Designer vs Art Director

Production designers and art directors walk in big shoes. Directors take charge and visualize a main idea. Production makes that idea come to life. This article contains a comparison of these two careers.

Production Designer vs. Director of Photography

Production designers and directors of photography both work to make films, but their salaries, job outlooks, and daily responsibilities can be very different.

Production Designer vs. Graphic Designer

Those interested in a career as a production designer or graphic designer can learn about the duties, degree requirements, salaries, and career outlooks for these positions.

Production Designer vs. Production Manager

Production designers and production managers both work on movies and television shows, but there are few other commonalities between their main responsibilities. Read more to learn about the duties, salaries and expected growth in these two...

Production Designer vs. Set Designer

As they work together, production and set designers determine the look of a film. See how their salaries, career outlooks, and education requirements compare.

Production Designer: Job Description, Duties & Salary

The look and feel that's established through visual designs or set pieces in things such as films, advertisements or video games is determined by a production designer. Read on to learn about what these professionals do, earn and more.

Professional Illustrator: Career Information & Requirements

Learn how to become a professional artist or illustrator. Research the job description and education requirements to find out how to start a career in illustration.

Senior Designer vs Art Director

Both senior designers and art directors involve artistic design, leading others, and meeting some tight deadlines. However, while the jobs can be very similar, we'll explore some key distinctions between the two careers.

Social Media Producer: Job Description & Salary

Social media producers ensure that appropriate, timely content is provided through social media platforms and websites. What their job entails is explored further here, along with the needed education and typical salary.

Stable Art Careers

Traditional art careers, such as a painter or sculptor, generally do not generate thoughts of great job stability. However, we explore a few art careers that are expected to be more stable than others.

Talent Development Manager: Job Description & Salary

To retain qualified staff and ensure that their employees perform their duties as effectively as possible, companies may opt to hire a talent development manager to focus on employee development. Read on to learn more about this career.

Technical Jobs in the Film Industry

Individuals interested in working in a technical job in the film and movie industry have several options. We'll explore the respective duties, salary and estimated growth of a few selected careers.

UI Designer vs Graphic Designer

UI designers and graphic designers both create layouts for consumers. UI designers prioritize how users interact with digital tools and graphic designers focus on aesthetics of both print and digital designs. Find out more about these design...

UX Designer vs Art Director

Those interested in working in the field of design may want to consider a career as a UX designer or an art director. This article compares these two careers and provides helpful information, such as salary and education requirements, for both.

Videographer vs. Photographer

Videographers and photographers work to capture subjects and engage audiences, but they differ in the artistic medium they utilize, as well as their salaries and degree requirements.

Videographer vs. Video Editor

Videographers and video editors may work together on a project and have similar degrees, but their main responsibilities, salaries, and career outlooks tend to diverge. We'll explore the differences and similarities between these two fields.

Videographer vs. Video Producer

Professionals in these careers share some common goals when it comes to making films. Compare their responsibilities, degree requirements, salaries, and expected job growth.

Visual Development Artist vs. Concept Artist

While seemingly similar, visual development artists and concept artists have different focuses and responsibilities. We'll explore both careers and highlight their respective educational requirements, job outlooks, salaries, and duties.

What is an Art Consultant? - Job Description & Salary

Art consultants look after art-related transactions. They need to have a strong base of knowledge about art and artistic techniques so that they can assist clients with the purchase or sale of art. Read on to learn more about this career.

Articles About Careers - Visual and Performing Arts Related Articles

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