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Art & Design Masters Degree Program Overviews

Graduate students interested in studying art and design can enroll in a master's degree program that covers advanced artistic techniques. Continue on to learn about art and design master's programs, concentrations, careers and doctoral programs.

Best Graduate Schools with Acting Programs: List of Schools

Learn about universities offering the best graduate-level acting programs, which lead to a master's degree in the performance field. Learn about the rankings, degree program options and course offerings for quality acting graduate programs in the...

Best Schools with Cinema Studies Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Learn about the best schools with cinema studies graduate programs in the nation. Get university rankings, location information and degree possibilities, and compare similarities and differences between schools to make an informed decision.

Best Schools with Ethnomusicology Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Ethnomusicology is a specific area of musicology that focuses on the social and cultural facets of music and dance. Which schools offer the best graduate degree programs in this area in the US? We'll cover these, their locations and ranking,...

Best Schools with Graduate Programs in Design: List of Schools

Discover the graduate-level options for studying design at top schools. Research the programs, the schools, the rankings and the locations to make an informed education decision.

Fashion Masters Programs: Degree Overviews by Specialization

If you dream of working in fashion, you may consider enrolling in a master's degree program in fashion studies. Get more information about the curriculum of these programs and future opportunities for graduates.

Graduate Degrees in Musical Theatre: Program Options

Graduate degree programs in musical theater combine classroom study with practical training in musical theatre performance. Students develop their skills in acting, voice, dance and related subjects. Program details and career information follow.

Graduate Programs in Film Directing: Degree Options

These programs are designed to train students in film directing proficiency and give them the skills to succeed in the industry. A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film Directing takes two years to complete and covers many aspects of film.

Graduate Schools with Art Management Programs: How to Choose

Graduate programs in art management prepare students for managerial, administrative and other leadership roles in visual and performing arts environments. Students may consider several options when choosing an art management school, including the...

MFA in Painting: Degree Program and Course Information

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Painting programs are sometimes combined with drawing programs, but students may concentrate their studies on painting. Once they graduate, they can pursue art-related careers.

Master Photographer: Diploma Program Information

Becoming a master photographer requires many years of practice; however, the skills needed to become a master photographer can be learned through a variety of photography degree programs. Photography training is available from the certificate...

Master of Arts (MA): Communication Arts Degree Overview

Communication arts master's programs explore ways to enhance the process of communicating within corporations, communities and educational institutions. Most communication arts programs are interdisciplinary, offering a variety of emphasis areas.

Master of Ethnomusicology: Degree Overview

Master's degrees in ethnomusicology combine the fields of music, anthropology, and cultural theory as a means for understanding human interactions. Students conduct research on various specializations such as the music of specific geographic...

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Poetry: Degree Program Information

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) programs with concentrations in poetry can help students further and refine their prose reading and writing abilities with traditional coursework, internships and a poetry thesis. See common coursework and the job...

Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Degree Program Info by Specialization

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs offer graduate level training to students in a variety of fine arts disciplines. These programs include lecture courses and extensive studio requirements to prepare graduates for careers as professional artists.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Graphic Design Degree Overview

A Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program explores design methodologies, design media and visual communication theories. Students in such programs hone their artistic skills and develop an extensive portfolio of work to show employers.

Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture (MFA): Degree Program Overview

Students in Master of Fine Art (MFA) programs that allow for a concentration in sculpture can explore their calling as professional artists and collaborate with peers, critics and art curators.

Master of Graphic Design: Degree Overview

Master of Graphic Design and Master of Arts in Graphic Design programs inform students about the creation and theoretical application of media technology with hands-on experiences. Continue on for program details and salary information.

Master of Photography Degree Program Information

Master's degree programs in photography allow students to further develop the technical and artistic skills needed to work as photographers or teachers. They gain proficiency through seminars, studio work, and teaching assistantship opportunities.

Master of Photography: Professional Photography Degree Overview

Though a Master of Photography isn't typically available, students wishing to explore photography at the graduate level can enroll in a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Photography program.

Master's Degree in Music Business: Program Summary and Course Info

Several schools offer master's degree programs that focus on the business aspect of the music industry. The program consists of general business and industry-specific courses, and often include experiential learning opportunities.

Master's Degree in Theatre: Program Summary

Master's degree programs in theatre offer comprehensive training in the field so that students can pursue work as actors, directors, playwrights or design technicians in a number of settings. Learn more about the curriculum and the outcomes for...

Masters Degree in Digital Photography: Program Overview

Experienced photographers who want to pursue graduate-level study may be interested in a master's degree in digital photography. Learn more about the training these programs provide and what students do when they finish the degree.

Masters Degree in Film and Video Editing: Program Overviews

Aspiring film editors may consider a master's degree program in film and video. Learn more about the curriculum of these programs, graduation requirements, and possible careers for graduates.

Masters Degree in Graphic Arts: Program Information

Aspiring artists may consider enrolling in a master's degree in graphic arts. Learn more about the curriculum, graduation requirements, and future opportunities for students who complete the program.

Masters Degree in Illustration: Program Overviews

Experienced art students may pursue a master's degree in illustration. Find out what you need to do to apply, what programs expect of students, and what you can do with your degree after graduation.

Masters Degree in Media Arts: Program Overview

Media arts is an interdisciplinary field that challenges students to use emerging technologies to create works of art. Learn more about getting a master's degree in this topic, including prerequisites, graduation requirements, and future prospects.

Masters Degree in Music: Program Overview

There are several degree options for students who want to study music at the graduate level. Find out more about the prerequisites and curriculum for each so you can make an informed decision.

Masters in Advertising Design: Degree Program Information

While there are no master's degree programs specifically in advertising design, it can be pursued as a concentration within a broader master's degree program in advertising. Learn more about these programs and prospects for graduates.

Masters in Interior Decorating: Degree Program Overview

Master's degree programs in interior decorating do not exist, but interested student can pursue a degree in interior design, a similar subject. Learn more about program requirements, application materials, and prospects for graduates.

Media Production Masters Degree Program Information

Master's degree programs in media production allow students to hone their creative and technical skills and to obtain insight into the theory of media production. The primary mediums covered in this degree are television, audio and film.

PhD Programs Related to Fashion: Program Information

Ph.D. programs in apparel design allow students to study fashion at the doctoral level. Learn more about prerequisites and program requirements so you can decide whether this program fulfills your educational needs.

Top Schools with Art History Graduate Programs

Learn about the top schools with art history graduate programs. Examine university rankings, school locations and degree possibilities so you can compare your study options and find the right school for you.

Top Schools with Graphic Design Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Find out about graduate-level graphic design study options. Learn about the schools, their rankings and their degree options for this field of study, and compare similarities and differences to make an informed decision.

Visual Communications Graduate Program Options

Graduate students in visual communication programs gain advanced theoretical and practical experience in the creation of designs, animations and illustrations for web, print and related media. The most widely available level of graduate study in...

Visual Communications Masters Degree Program Information

Aspiring artists may consider a degree in visual communications. Learn more about what you need to apply, the classes you could take, and how to continue your education.

Visual Merchandising Graduate Degree Program Options

Visual merchandising is the practice of arranging retail products in a manner designed to increase their attractiveness to buyers. There are few, if any, graduate programs that specifically cover visual merchandising, but the subject is covered...

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