10 Jobs for Globe Trotters

Do you love to travel abroad? Maybe you're daydreaming of an overseas trip even as you read this. Unfortunately, it can be tough to fit foreign travel in with a busy career. With these jobs, though, seeing the world can be an essential component of your work.

travel jobs globe hopping foreign travel careers

Travel Writer

Becoming a travel writer is often #1 on the list of dream jobs among people who love visiting other countries. For those who are able to hack it, the travel writing life can provide fun encounters with locals, memorable experiences with food and many other adventures.

English Teacher

One of the most common ways that people travel and live abroad is by teaching English in other countries. Opportunities are widely available in dozens of countries. Teaching can not only be very rewarding, but it also allows you to learn from students about different cultural aspects of a location.


Another job in which your English skills can definitely come in handy is that of translator. These linguistic professionals are needed in countries throughout the world. Because they provide services for many different organizations, from government to business, translators often enjoy variety in their work. This profession does require proficiency in at least one other language.

travel jobs globe hopping foreign travel careers


Whether it's a television update from London's Houses of Parliament or a newspaper story on Sao Paulo, the work of many journalists allows them to experience other nations firsthand. Not only that, these media professionals often have the opportunity to witness historic global events in real time.

Tour Guide

Most people experience foreign countries as tourists - outsiders who are in need of information about different attractions. Becoming a tour guide is a way to take on the role of insider during overseas stays. The job can help you to see another place through locals' eyes.

Travel Agent

People who are travel agents can receive pleasure helping others plan great trips. But they also map out fun excursions of their own. With the scoop on airline, hotel and cruise deals, these professionals typically have ample opportunity to head abroad to explore different destinations.


Becoming a pilot requires a lot of training, but it can definitely improve your credibility as a cosmopolitan person. Depending on your flight assignments, you can do your globetrotting while getting paid. Or, you could gain the same travel benefits by becoming a member of the cabin crew.

travel jobs globe hopping foreign travel careers

Armed Services

Many people who join the Armed Forces have the opportunity to travel extensively. Service members are stationed in or may visit countries all the way across the globe. If you want to see the world, consider a career with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.

Civilian Contractor

Civilian contractors are often hired by the Department of Defense to support military personnel. These professionals might serve as police, manage supply lines, oversee construction projects or perform other operations in foreign countries.

Foreign Services

Individuals in the Foreign Service are employed by the Department of State to live in other countries while carrying out the business of our government. These people work as diplomats, consulate officials and other professionals supporting U.S. interests and citizens in foreign locales.

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