10 Questions to Ask an Enrollment Advisor

Choosing a college isn't an easy decision. It's important to get all the information you can about schools to make an informed choice. Admissions professionals can be an important source of insight. Here are 10 questions to consider for your conversations with enrollment advisors.

1. Visit your first choice school twice, if possible.

This isn't a question, but it's vitally important to remember. Taking multiple trips to schools you like sends two messages - admission officers see that you're as interested in them as they are in you, and that you want to see the real campus. Don't rely on what you learn during the 'bells and whistles' visitation days.

Remember to send a thank-you note and list any additional questions you have immediately following your visit. It goes a long way.

2. Are there organizations on campus that support my interests?

Rather than spout off a list of campus organizations, see if you can find out some specific information about what you love to do. There may be leadership opportunities you never thought available.

3. I'm interested in a few potential majors. What does this school offer in those subjects?

This question allows you to learn how the school can meet your particular academic needs.

4. Tell me about the typical student.

This question helps you gain perspective on student demographics. It also allows admissions officials to tout any special features of the student body, like a high level of diversity.

5. Tell me about the campus atmosphere.

From the material you've seen, you should already know a lot about the school - available majors, political vibe, Greek life participation. This question can help you learn about campus quirks you won't find in the literature, such as traditions, popular events, and student-led programs.

6. How do students at your school make college affordable?

College costs are on the rise, so finances are a big concern for the majority of students. When talking with an officer, ask about scholarships and other funding sources an institution offers. If you're planning to work in college, ask about campus employment opportunities.

7. What's your favorite thing about this school? What could the school do better?

Admissions officers know a campus in a unique way. Take a moment to see what they see beyond the standard selling points.

8. Do students graduate in four years? What kind of support do you offer students who are struggling?

College is expensive, and this is a fair question to ask. You might even ask how many students transfer at the end of their first year. When you ask about support services, you can get important information about tutoring centers or other school programs that help students succeed.

9. Who typically teaches freshmen?

Here, you'll find out how many lower-level classes are taught by graduate students and teaching assistants, and how many are taught by adjunct faculty and professors.

10. Tell me about the admissions process - what can I expect when I submit my application?

You can save yourself some anxiety by clearly understanding the admissions process and when to expect a decision.

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