10 Ways You Can Make a Big Difference on Your College Campus

College students have many opportunities to impact others while in school by taking on leadership roles and serving in different ways. If you're unhappy with what you see at your college, be proactive by doing something to bring necessary changes. The following suggestions could help you make a difference at your school.

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1. Become a tutor.

First, find out what your strengths are and help other students obtain the same skills. If you are great in math or English, become a tutor in your school's writing or math lab. There are many students who prefer seeking guidance from a peer rather than a professor.

2. Get a job on campus.

Find out what part-time jobs are available on campus. You'll not only be making some money, you'll also be able to include that job experience on your resume, which may benefit you in the long run. Check for jobs at your school's library, technology department, student services department, or food court. On-campus employers may be more flexible than those off campus because they recognize important dates, such as midterms or finals week.

3. Start a club.

Bring your interests and hobbies alive at your school by starting a club. You may also want to start an organization that's aligned with your major, which could allow you and others to network and build on prior knowledge.

4. Attend student-faculty events.

Get to know other students and professors by attending mixers or on-campus events. You'll get an opportunity to make new friends and meet your professors outside of the classroom setting. Find out what events are coming up by reading your college's newspaper or signing up for certain organizations or clubs on campus.

5. Become part of the student government.

Your voice can be heard by joining your school's student council. Signing up allows you to bring concerns to the table and recommend necessary changes that ultimately benefit the student body.

6. Become a student mentor.

Many undergraduate students struggle academically or socially and need guidance from their peers. It's much more beneficial to get feedback and tips from someone who has gone through the same things, which is why becoming a mentor can greatly impact many students.

7. Publish!

Are you a great writer? Do you enjoy putting your ideas on paper? Would you like others to read what you have to say? Find out which newspaper is distributed on campus and share your love for writing with the student body. Many English departments publish journals as well, and submissions are accepted from all students regardless of major.

8. Organize a fundraiser.

You can organize a fundraiser for a club or association of your choice, or even for a charitable organization you're passionate about. It never hurts to gain some experience in event organization, particular when it's for a good cause.

9. Join an intramural team.

Even if you're not a star student athlete, most schools have intramural teams that are open to the student body. All kinds of sports are represented, from fencing to kickball. Team sports are a great way to build morale, make new friends and have fun in the process.

10. Volunteer.

Find out what volunteer opportunities are available on campus by asking your professors or visiting your school's career center. Even though you won't be getting paid, the work you do will help students, and you'll gain valuable skills that may benefit you in future jobs.

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