20 Campuses with Excellent Student Support Services

Colleges generally try to help their students in every way possible, but some colleges do it better than others. Depending on what your personal needs are, there's a college out there with support for someone just like you. All you have to do is know where to look. So, what do you need support for?

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By Laura Allan

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For Handicapped Students

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As far as disabilities go, this college has been historically key in helping out. It was the first school to open a department specializing in education on rehabilitative services. Today, it still boasts a wheelchair friendly campus and a series of programs tailored to get those with physical disabilities through school.

University of California at Berkeley

This campus as well is a physical-disability-friendly place. It has several programs that focus on empowering students who face physical challenges and helping them graduate. It also has a housing program specifically for the handicapped that teaches them to live independently.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

The residence program here for handicapped students is outstanding. They offer personal assistance and a wheelchair sports program to keep people active. They even have a fleet of specialty vans for getting handicapped students to their classes as well as anywhere else they want to go.

For Student Parents

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Having a young child and taking college classes can be rough, but this college makes it easier. They offer a wide range of babysitting services, both on and off campus. They also offer financial aid for mothers and have programs that both parent and child can participate in together.

Wilson College

Wilson has a special program for students who have a child that is 20 months or older. There is student housing specifically for student parents and activities that include the child and parent. You can teach your children about horses at the equestrian center or go with them on field trips to museums and parks.

Mills College

This college focuses a bit more on making sure you have a place to live and food to eat. There is specialty housing close to campus made specifically for student parents, with all the amenities needed for baby care. There are inexpensive meal programs for your baby and student-babysitting services available at all times, day or night.

For Students with Learning Disabilities

Landmark College

Landmark has a goal when it comes to those with learning problems: turn disabilities into assets. They work on developing all areas of life, not just in the classroom, and have counseling services available to those who are still struggling. They even offer special study abroad programs to students with learning disabilities.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona features a special program for students with learning troubles. Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) offers technology workshops, lots of tutoring, help with time management and specialists ready to alter classes to suit student needs. There are plenty of online resources available too through the college's website.

Curry College

This college too has a special program. Theirs is called the Program for Advanced Learning (PAL) and helps not only those who feel behind in classes, but also those who are ahead. Individualized learning programs help students to push forward with their areas of strength without being held back by their weaknesses.

For Career Services

University of Washington

Some colleges are late getting on board the technology train, but not the University of Washington. Their career blog alerts students to new jobs and internships as they become available, gives student perspective pieces and offers career advice. You can also talk in person with advisors or use the blog to discuss pressing issues and questions.

University of Oregon

Like the University of Washington, University of Oregon uses a blog and their website to help with career advice. They offer job and internship listings, and help students discern between useful and useless information. That have many forms you'll need available online and offer office meetings with advisors if you want a more personal touch.

Ithaca College

This college features a program called Opportunity Knocks. Their career offices offer aptitude testing, job and internship help, personal meetings and contests where students can win career-furthering tools. Their online blog offers great advice columns and announces events like job fairs and info meetings.

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For Financial Aid

Swarthmore College

As far as money goes, Swarthmore has plenty to give. This year they expect to give at least $29 million in financial aid. About 70% of students will get some sort of aid to help with their education and the college has many loans available too. Students can apply during 5 different application periods and can get more aid over their four years.

University of Virginia

The university website offers guides on estimating your college costs and applying for aid. There are many different options for financial assistance, both merit and need based. There are also a few different work-study programs. You can even reappeal for aid if you're turned down or get an advisor to help you fill out forms and write essays.

Columbia College

Columbia's financial aid office exists both in persona and online. You can apply for aid entirely through their website, saving yourself the higher fees other colleges charge for applications. This includes loans. There is also FAFSA information available and several different grants and scholarships that students already in college there can apply for.

For Counseling

College of William and Mary in Williamsburg

Because this college focuses on studies in psychology, it makes sense that their counseling services would be strong. They offer professional counseling offices as well as student-to-student counseling programs. They also offer referrals to outside specialists that have good standing with the college.

Pennsylvania State University

No matter what your problem is, Pennsylvania State University has a special counselor for that. Whether you're going through rehab after an injury or you just are feeling the college studying blues, the counseling center is trained to assist you though your times of mental struggle. You can also set up regular meetings, in case you feel your problem is a long term one.

University of Wisconsin in Madison

This college focuses on mental health and its link to physical health. They offer relaxing massage if you're stressed and personal counselors to help you with your problems. There is also a more informal drop-in counseling program called Let's Talk, which has locations all around campus for the convenience of students.

For Social Media

John Hopkins University

In this age of information, it makes sense that colleges should look to the Internet for their student services. John Hopkins has done it a little better than other schools. They offer an assortment of blogs on many different topics and an email system that lets students stay in touch with their professors and each other. They even have something called Hopkins Interactive, which links to places like Twitter and Facebook while offering their own news and information as well.

Stanford University

Stanford has gone out of its way to get in touch with all sorts of social media. They have their own YouTube channel and iTunes page. They also link to Twitter and Facebook with all their different departments as specialized pages and groups. Their own website also offers a place for students to accept financial aid, alter their classes and discuss with other students.

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