20 Must-Have Mobile Apps for New College Students

Are you getting overwhelmed just thinking about starting as a college freshman? Between more advanced schoolwork, different procedures and possibly being in a whole new location there can be a lot to adjust to. Before you get too stressed, you might want to download some of the mobile applications listed below to help make your transition easier.

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By Jessica Lyons


1. CalorieSmart Calorie Tracker

Pretty much everyone has heard of the infamous and unwanted 'freshman 15.' If you're worried about falling victim to this weight gain, you can purchase CalorieSmart Calorie Tracker for $3.99. It will help you keep track of how many calories you eat and burn. You can use it to record the calories you consume each day and can input your exercise and weight loss goals.

2. iFood Assistant Recipe Widget

This free app is perfect for students who are going to be out on their own for the first time. While in high school, you might not have had to worry about cooking very often and instead enjoyed home cooked meals each night. Once you're out of your parents' house, you'll have to start doing your own cooking. You can access daily recipes using iFood Assistant Recipe Widget.

3. Pocket Budget

College students aren't known for having a lot of money, which means keeping a tight budget can be very important. To help you do just that, you can get the free app Pocket Budget. You'll be able to plug in your monthly expenses and income to see what your spending habits are. This will assist you in making sure you're not living outside of your means.

4. Coupons for Shopping - MobiQpons

If you find you're having a hard time staying within your budget, using the app Coupons for Shopping - MobiQpons could help you find the savings needed to better keep your spending in control. With this app, you'll plug in your location and will then get coupons for a variety of businesses, like restaurants and grocery stores, that are within ten miles of you. Once the coupon is on your phone, you'll just have to show it to the cashier.

5. Work Organizer

As a college student you're going to have a lot of classes and assignments to keep up with, and you might not want to rely just on your memory. For $3.99, you can get some support from Work Organizer. You can use this app to keep track of your homework assignments and can put in their due dates and descriptions. This app also lets you prioritize your assignments and mark their status as not started, in progress or complete.

6. MapQuest

Are you going to a college that's out of your hometown or even out of your home state? If so, then you might want some assistance navigating your new surroundings. The free MapQuest app can provide you with walking and driving directions. You can also look up nearby businesses like restaurants or gas stations.

7. Fifty Quick Cleaning Tips

If you've grown accustomed to turning to mom every time you spill something on your shirt so she can save the day and clean it for you, you might want to check out the $1.49 app Fifty Quick Cleaning Tips. You'll get access to tips like how to get out certain stains. Now you can check your phone for cleaning advice.

8. College News

Want to keep up to date with all of the news going on in the world of higher education? Then download College News, which is a free app. Along with being able to read articles, you can access various tips relevant to being a student.

9. College Finance Professional

One of the most intimidating factors when it comes to starting your college career is dealing with your finances. For $4.99, you can download College Finance Professional, which will give you information about federal student loan consolidation and student loan comparison. There is a 'What-If Analysis' feature that lets you look into possible futures, and you can save your results and e-mail them to yourself.

10. Moving College Dorm Planner

This $.99 app can help you get ready for your big move into campus dorms. You can create lists, add items or tasks and prioritize what you need to do. You can also set alarms to remind yourself of things that you need get done.

11. Oxford American College Dictionary & Thesaurus of Current English

You might be so focused on all of the books and supplies that you'll need to get started in college that you forget about a dictionary. There are definitely going to be times you'll need to look up words or check definitions, so it's always a good idea to have a dictionary readily available on your cell phone.

12. MyMajors

Are you beginning college without a declared major? You might want a little extra trying to decide which major is right for you, which is where the mobile app MyMajors comes in. You can use it to look at a list of majors or can take a quiz that's designed to show you what careers could be right for you.

13. FoodMap

Even if you start to master some of your own cooking, there are still going to be times when you'll want to eat out. FoodMap can make it easier to find a yummy destination. In addition to being able to look up restaurants, you can see related pictures and comments.

14. CollegeTracker

Organization is going to be a major part of your college years. CollegeTracker can assist you by helping you store the names of your professors, your class schedule and your grades. You'll be able to track your courses and even figure out your grade point average.

15. Alarm Clock Connect

Whether you need to get up in time or just need reminders for things going on throughout the day, some form of an alarm clock on your phone is a must. With Alarm Clock Connect, you can set up various recurring alarms for different days of the week. You can even select music from your iPod to use as your alarm. The app includes a calendar and gives you weather information.

16. BugMe! Notes and Alarms

Worried about remembering everything you're going to need to get done? You can use BugMe! Notes and Alarms to program messages to yourself about things you need to finish and can even mark notes as urgent. You can then set alarms to serve as additional reminders.

17. Cheap Textbooks Price Search

In high school you got used to your teachers just handing you the books you needed, but in college you'll have to worry about buying them yourself. Using Cheap Textbooks Price Search you can see where the best deals are for buying books new or used, renting them or getting e-books either at your local bookstore or online. You can also get information about selling back your own books.

18. Class Buddy Lite

This app can help you manage your class schedule as you adjust to your new school setting. While storing information about your classes you can keep track of your attendance, which could help you make sure you don't miss too many sessions and violate your professors' attendance policies. As with other apps, Class Buddy Lite can also help you calculate your cumulative GPA.

19. Microsoft OneNote

For students who need help storing notes and reminders, this is another handy app to have on your phone. You'll be able to create notes, such as when a paper's due or when you have to meet your academic advisor, and have easy access to them on your phone. The notes are also searchable. This is definitely easier than keeping track of a bunch of scraps of paper in your room.

20. Virtual Recorder

There's a good chance that at some point during your college career you're going to be in such a rush that you forget your notebook, pen or both. The free Virtual Recorder app can record up to ten hours of sound, so you'll have plenty of space for lectures. You can even convert the recordings to mp3 files to save them.

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