20 Web Apps to Help You Learn More and Study Less

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to study everything you need to know to ace a class. Fortunately, there are tons of web apps that can help you learn more without putting in too much study time. Here are 20 apps to try throughout the school year.

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1. Popling


Popling is perfect for people who need to learn but hate to study. This web application displays pop-up flashcards on your desktop so that you can memorize important information while you complete other tasks on your computer.

2. Cramberry


Cramberry is an interactive flashcard application. You can use it to make your own flashcards or study pre-made sets of cards. Cramberry is one of the 'smarter' flashcard apps online: it picks cards you seem to need more help with and reminds you when it is time to study.

3. FlashcardExchange

flashcard exchange

FlashcardExchange is a web-based flashcard program used by hundreds of thousands of students. You can create flashcards to study on the web or on your iPhone. You can also browse through more than a million pre-made flashcards to save more time for studying.

4. Quizlet


Known as the app that 'eats flashcards for breakfast,' Quizlet can be used to study vocabulary and other things you need to memorize. You can create your own Quizlet flashcards and share them with your friends or study group.

5. Learn That Word

verba learn

Learn That Word is a 'personal vocabulary coach' that helps you know when to use and how to spell words. Take quizzes designed for your knowledge level and even get free tutoring.

6. RIA Materials


Created by the Center for Language Education and Research at Michigan State University, RIA Materials are perfect for foreign language learners. These rich Internet applications can be used to record, upload, mix and memorize new foreign language vocabulary words and phrases.

7. Livemocha


Livemocha combines social learning with web applications to help language learners master new vocabulary words and phrases. You can collaborate with native speakers, take lessons online and much more.

8. Lingro


Lingro is an amazing web-based dictionary that can help you translate and learn foreign language words and phrases. The application also offers games, quizzes and tools for faster language learning.

9. Lang-8


Lang-8 is a great way to learn the right way to write in a foreign language. Users can submit their writing to Lang-8 for correction by native speakers.

10. Genius


Strictly for Mac users, Genius helps you organize information and memorize things quickly. Genius works especially well for people who are trying to memorize foreign languages, speeches, long bits of text, historical dates and vocabulary words.

11. Posti.ca


Posti.ca allows users to create sticky notes on the web. You can attach files to sticky notes, share notes via Twitter and distribute reminders to yourself and other people.

12. NoteMesh


NoteMesh is a note-taking app that allows students who share the same classes to share and collaborate on notes.

13. Evernote


The ultimate note-taking device, Evernote allows you to take and save notes using your computer, phone and the web. Evernote captures things fast and makes it easy to organize notes later.

14. Empressr


Empressr is a free presentation tool that can be used to make study slides. Slides can include text, photos, music, video and audio.

15. Calcoolate


Calcoolate is a simple-to-use online calculator that can calculate and convert almost anything. It also saves a history of your calculations so that you can go back and see your previous work.

16. Sage


Sage is an open source math system that offers a way to learn more about basic and advanced applied mathematics online. It works well for studying everything from algebra and calculus to advanced number theory and cryptography.

17. ChemCollective Virtual Lab

virtual lab

The ChemCollective Virtual Lab is a simulator for people who want to conduct virtual lab experiments. It doesn't work in your browser like most web apps but the download is free and easy.

18. Stellarium


Stellarium turns your computer into a planetarium. This open source application shows you a realistic, 3D sky with more than 600,000 catalogued stars.

19. Seterra


Seterra is an educational program with more than 70 different geography exercises. It is available in multiple languages and makes learning world geography a cinch.

20. Learn Hub

learn hub

LearnHub is more of a social learning network than a web app, but it is still a great place to learn more and study less. The site offers learning communities and experts that can help you prepare for standardized tests and complete your homework assignments.

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