37F MOS Civilian Jobs

Jan 11, 2018

There are five civilian jobs that are similar to the Army's 37F position. Specific salaries, job growth statistics, and listed military skills will provide more insight for armed forces members pursuing one of these occupations.

Former Army members who served as a 37F MOS psychological operations specialist will find that this field easily translates into the civilian work field. In some way, every job title listed requires workers to possess similar knowledge, expertise, and abilities. The table below further explains some of these applicable choices.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Public Relations Specialists $58,020 9% Customer service, management, active listening, time management, coordination, dependability, organizational, interpersonal, problem solving
Market Research Analysts $62,560 23% Decision making, active listening, problem solving, critical thinking, customer service, management, analytical thinking, dependability, detail-oriented, communication
Operations Research Analysts $79,200 27% Management, critical thinking, active listening, decision making, analytical thinking, dependability, communication, interpersonal, problem solving
Management Analysts $81,330 12% Customer service, management, critical thinking, decision making, active listening, analytical thinking, flexibility, communication, interpersonal, problem solving, time management
Marketing Managers $131,180 10% Active listening, critical thinking, flexibility, dependability, communication, decision making, interpersonal, organizational, creativity, customer service, management

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Relevance to Military Background

Service members who once served in the Army may want to explore several civilian jobs that resemble the 37F MOS position. Jobs that mirror this military position mainly focus on researching and analyzing information for marketing or management purposes. Therefore, past experience as a psychological operations specialist may help veterans crossover into one or more of these professions.

Public Relations Specialists

Public relations specialists fit the 37F MOS civilian position in the sense that they also focus on the development and dissemination of information. Professionals in this field are known to create a positive image for an organization or business through speeches, social media, press releases, and other forms of communication. They typically work in an office, but sometimes the demands of the job require them to travel. A workday may include analyzing public opinion of a client, increasing favorable reviews, responding to media interviews or requests, and crafting supportive broadcast material. For the most part, these professionals help companies or individuals maintain a good standing among consumers, followers, and the community through the use of media.

Market Research Analysts

As a market research analyst, former Army members will be able to use analysis and research skills learned from the 37F MOS military position. This particular civilian career involves gathering information about consumers, which may help with promoting products and services for clients and determining market performances. Some of this data may be related to customer purchasing habits, needs, or demographics. Market research analysts typically monitor sales trends, gather details on competitors, collect information through customer surveys or questionnaires, analyze marketplace data, and develop effective marketing solutions. Most specialists in this occupation may work in a high-pressure environment as a team or individually.

Management Analysts

This 37F MOS civilian job also incorporates supervision duties into their daily work activities. Similar to a psychological operations specialist, these analysts form solutions, but for financial reasons. Management analysts ensure that organizations are achieving maximum revenue potential by solving internal issues. Usually, they visit companies, collect data on issues, interview staff, review finances, implement better procedures, and monitor the success level of new systems. Analysts in this field normally work out of their office and travel to visit clients.

Operations Research Analysts

Like the 37F MOS psychological operations specialist position, this job title also focuses on functioning and management concerns. However, an operations research analyst assists organizations with finding solutions to healthcare, logistics, and business issues. Tasks may involve recognizing problems, examining business sales, interviewing staff, forming fixable methods, and providing advice to managers on how to overcome stumbling blocks. Individuals in this field typically work in offices or travel to meet with clients. Overall, these analysts make sure that an organization is operating effectively.

Marketing Managers

Former Army soldiers who want to work as marketing managers will be able to identify with similarities this field has with the 37F MOS position. Both jobs fulfill duties related to planning and directing. Marketing managers, however, coordinate policies or programs for business and companies needing to promote products to new customers. These professionals also monitor the trend of a product or service offered by a business and it's competitor(s). While working in a manufacturing or wholesale trade, marketing managers may be expected to examine financial details of products, produce pricing strategies, and develop or direct marketing initiatives.

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