4+1 MBA Programs

Jun 25, 2019

A 4+1 MBA program is an accelerated pathway of study for students interested in completing undergraduate and graduate coursework simultaneously. Learn more about this type of program, the common coursework, and the entrance requirements.

4+1 MBA programs will let you earn both a bachelor's degree and an MBA within only five years. The first three years will be spent earning credits towards your bachelor's degree, and then you will be able to apply to the 4+1 MBA program. Once accepted, your fourth and fifth years will be spent earning undergraduate credits in order to finish your bachelor's degree and graduate credits, which will go towards your MBA degree.

4+1 MBA Program Information

For the 4+1 MBA, you will need to take enough credits to earn a bachelor's degree. Usually, this undergraduate coursework will include required business-related credits that will be applied to your MBA. You will also need to take specific graduate-level coursework to fulfill the rest of the MBA requirements. Although individual 4+1 MBA programs will differ in terms of specific coursework, these programs will have some certain topics of study in common. Below, we will discuss some of the upper level core coursework that might be required.

Quantitative Analysis

One of the core courses that is usually required is that of quantitative analysis. This course teaches students how to understand different kinds of data sets and how to apply that knowledge to making business decisions. Different topics that could be covered include forecasting, decision analysis, correlation, statistics, and chi-square analysis.

Global or International Business Practices

4+1 MBA programs might also require that you take a course on global or international business practices. These courses give students an overview of the ways and practices of international business in terms of labor practices, culture factors, trade practices, and political considerations. They will also cover topics about the ways global financial institutions function and might also touch on concepts of leadership in the context of a multi-cultural environment.

Marketing Management

Marketing management is another kind of course that could be included in a 4+1 MBA program curriculum. These courses will give students an understanding of different marketing strategies and the best way to implement those strategies. They might also cover the duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager as well as how they create and oversee marketing programs.

Organizational Behavior

Many 4+1 MBA programs will offer classes in the subject of organizational behavior. These types of courses examine the intersection of management theories and human behavior within the context of the business world. Basically, organizational behavior courses help students understand the human factor of business, and how individuals behave in a group and how their behavior impacts the larger business. These courses will cover such topics as diversity, communication skills, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and leadership skills.


Economics is also a course that might be part of a 4+1 MBA program curriculum. Some courses will take a broad look at economics or will focus on macroeconomics, microeconomics, or both. Topics that could be covered in an economics course include supply and demand, employment, market structures, consumer theories, and theory of markets.

Common Entrance Requirements

Many 4+1 MBA programs require that you apply for admittance during your junior year and that you have already completed prerequisite core coursework, some of which are the topics and courses that we covered above. Usually, for admittance, 4+1 MBA programs will also require a total of 90-93 completed credit hours and will have minimum GPA requirement, which could be having a 3.0 or 3.2 GPA or above. Other application materials could include letters of recommendation and GRE or GMAT scores, but these will vary by program.

Normally, an MBA degree would take one to three years to earn, depending on the specific program; however, a 4+1 MBA program will allow you to earn this degree while also earning your bachelor's degree in only five years. The 4+1 MBA program is the perfect choice for those who want condense the MBA process and earn two degrees in a relatively short amount of time.

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