Unhappy With the Activities at Your College? Start Your Own!


1. Because Your Interests Aren't Represented

Do you have a favorite hobby or interest that you want to keep up in college? A club or intramural team is a great way to keep that interest alive. But what if you get to school and find that there is no group, club or team that fits in with your interests? Don't pout… start your own group! This is one of the best reasons to start your own extracurricular activity. Chances are that there are other folks on campus who share your interests, and are equally disappointed that they can't get together with others who feel the same way. Someone should take the initiative to bring all these people together, no? Why shouldn't it be you?

2. To Make New Friends

Making new friends in college can be really tough, especially for kids who aren't exactly socially confident. Having an extracurricular activity to do can really help break down social barriers and bring you closer to the kind of people you're most likely to get along with. Starting your own group will likely require you to work with others, which can help lead to social confidence. You'll probably make friends in the dorm and through class, but it's always nice to know that you have a group of friends with whom you can share your interests.

3. For the Experience

The leadership, initiative and organization it takes to form and lead a group is impressive, and can be a valuable experience that might help you in your post-college job search. Employers like hearing about people with a take-charge spirit, and there aren't many things you can do in college that are more 'go getting' than starting an extracurricular activity. Beyond being impressive on a resume or in an interview, having the experience of starting something like a club or team can give you skills, knowledge and confidence that you might not otherwise have gained.

4. To Change Things Up

Are you finding yourself in a rut that you can't seem to shake? If you're developing habits that you don't really like, and are having trouble finding ways to break the cycle, throwing yourself into an extracurricular activity might be a good way to mix things up and get started down a new path. Whether you're getting into habits that you don't like, hanging around friends who don't really do it for you or generally feeling malaise, having the distraction and responsibility of your own extracurricular activity is likely to help.

5. For Fun!

Don't forget - you're supposed to be having fun in college, too. Extracurriculars don't have to be all about life changes, social obligations and resume padding. You can also form a team or club that's all about having fun as a way to blow off steam from academic pressures.

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